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musical instruments - the Scientia Review

musical instruments - the Scientia Review

The Family of Strings

The Family of Strings Harps are instruments in which the strings are contained within a frame. 3 Strings Category Zithers are instruments with the strings mounted on a body, Examples: guqin, a cimbalom, an autoharp, or a piano. Lutes are instruments in which the strings are supported by a neck and a bout. Examples: guitar, a violin, a saz.

Methods of Playing Plucking Many instruments, including the banjo, ukulele, guitar, harp, lute, mandolin, and sitar, are played by the method of plucking the string. This category also includes keyboard instruments including the harpsichord. In addition, some instruments normally played by bowing may also be plucked using a technique known as pizzicato. Bowing Bowing is a method used to play some string instruments, including the violin, viola, cello, and the double bass. The bow consists of a rod with many hairs stretched between its ends, which is then dragged against the strings to vibrate the strings. Striking Striking instruments are typically played by a hammer striking the strings. Common striking-string instruments include the piano and dulcimer. Bow instruments can also be struck, as when a violist uses the back of his or her bow to play a musical piece using a technique called col legno. An Aeolian harp Named after the ancient Greek God of the wind Aeolus, this instrument is literally played by the wind. It comprises stretched strings of various thicknesses across a wooden frame with multiple openings. As the wind passes through the instrument, it creates music. This instrument is essentially a modified version of wind chimes.

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