321 hectares ploughed in 24 hours STX STEIGER - NEZ AGRO sro


321 hectares ploughed in 24 hours STX STEIGER - NEZ AGRO sro


321 hectares ploughed

in 24 hours

In total control all times

Ergonomic, modern controls: fully adjustable

steering column, electronic shifting, information

display in the right cab column. If required,

with performance monitor for full information

on all functions and maintenance intervals.

Smart design - you are

driving the flagship!

Smart because it looks good

and smart because it helps you

save time and effort.

The sloping hood provides easy

access to the service points from

ground level, while the cab

exterior is designed for safe

entry and exit.

Power by tradition

Proven 12.9 litre and 14.9 litre

capacity six cylinder engines from

428hp(cv) / 315kW to 597hp(cv) /

439kW. All engines have four-valve

technology for better performance

and low fuel consumption and

offer torque rise of up to 40%.

All-round visibility from the Surveyor cab

Expansive areas of glass (6.3m 2 ) for perfect

visibility and an ergonomic operator environment

for maximum comfort. The tractor is fitted with

automatic air - conditioning, heated Optima seat

with lumbar support and fully adjustable right

armrest incorporating the most important controls.

Luxury version available with exclusive leather trim.

Low fuel consumption from the world record holder

One tank of fuel is enough for up to 22 hours’ non-stop

work. HID headlights are available to turn night into day.

AutoSkip shifting for smooth acceleration

16/2 Powershift transmission: with nine gears in the central working

range from 5-13kph. AutoSkip will automatically skip gears when

changing up and for rapid acceleration. Maximum speed of 37kph

ensures that a QUADTRAC or STEIGER gets to work quickly.

High lifting and pulling capacity -

low compaction

Three-point hitch with electronic slip

control: up to 8949kg continuous lift

capacity. Extremely heavy duty, centre

pull adjustable drawbar. Optimum

power train through long wheelbase

chassis for ideal weight distribution.

Unbelievable manoeuvrability

Articulation with an extremely wide range

of movement: up to ± 13° frame pivot

angle about the longitudinal axis ensures

constant good ground contact and

optimum weight distribution, up to 42°

frame articulation angle to right and left.




Awesome hydraulic power

High performance hydraulics:

for steering, auxiliary valves,

power beyond port and three

point hitch. Pressure-flow

compensated axial piston pump

with 151l/min or even 208l/min

pump capacity available.

Keep it coming

Designed for maximum

permanent load with an

extremely torsion resistant,

12mm steel frame, 115mm

axle diameter, special large

planetary drive and

reinforced bearings.


Awesome power and traction

Proven productivity

The industry leader in comfort

Backed by the STEIGER tradition

This Series from Case IH combines the tradition of the legendary STEIGER

tractors and the requirements of the 21st century.

No compromise large acreage technology for maximum productivity -

as proven in the industry’s highest accolade: the 24 hour ploughing

World Record.

More choice in the top power class. STEIGER and QUADTRAC tractors

are tuned for maximum performance and offer an ease of operation and

cab comfort comparable only with the Magnum. This STX Series offers

large agricultural operations more choice than ever in the power class

from 389hp(cv) / 286kW to 543hp(cv) / 399kW: six models that differ

not only in their horsepower, but also in their technical conception, in

three variants, making it possible for every enterprise to decide which

model best meets its requirements.

Based on the experience of more than 50,000 tractors built at the

Case IH facility in Fargo, North Dakota, the tradition of STEIGER tractors

continues with two series.

STEIGER – the legendary articulated tractor. Four equally large

wheels, four wheel drive and a long wheelbase transfer all the power to

the ground.

QUADTRAC - the flagship has four independently suspended crawler

tracks and a 3.91m wheelbase. Optimum traction and ground adjustment

at all times with minimum ground pressure make this the tractor for the

heaviest ground conditions.

Case IH has the perfect STEIGER and QUADTRAC Series for your operation. Choose from three major models ranging from 389 to 543 horsepower

in Heavy-Duty wheeled, Scraper and QUADTRAC versions.

Step up to the best cab entrance on the market.

Light up even the darkest of nights with

the high intensity discharge (HID) light, available

for the centre of the front grille.




















Largest cab in the industry

Excellent visibility

Classic Case IH ergonomics

Intuitive instrument displays

Case IH equip the STEIGER and QUADTRAC tractors with the stunning

Surveyor cab.

From the expansive curved glass and forward sloping hood to the

comfortable Optima seat and ergonomic armrest controls, the Surveyor

cab creates the ultimate operator environment.

A one-piece curved front windshield, ultra-narrow hood and slender

steering column contribute to an exceptional view in row crops.

The back window has the same panoramic view to let you hook-up and

watch the widest implements.

1 Vents to direct air flow

2 Tilt and telescoping steering wheel

3 Shuttle lever

4 Carpeted mat

5 Optima air-suspension seat with lumbar support

6 Padded passenger seat with safety belt (leather seat not offered in UK/ROI)

7 Armrest with throttle lever and hydraulic controls

8 A-post instrumentation (Performance monitor available)

9 One-piece tinted windshield

10 Elevated footrests

11 Front and rear windshield wipers

12 Six power outlets

13 Service window giving access to electrical components in the armrest console

14 Front window step for cleaning windows or changing lights

15 Bracket for mounting additional monitors

Instrumentation in the right-hand A-post is perfectly positioned at eye level

to keep you informed. Monitor basic operating systems and track critical

functions with the standard display or you can specify the advanced

Performance monitor.

The right-hand armrest control console can be fully adjusted to fit your

favourite position. Intuitive placement of controls reduces operator effort.

The entire console moves with the air-suspension Optima seat,

so you can find the perfect position for the job. The new Surveyor cab

has an estimated 75dB(A) sound level.

For excellent night vision, the cab comes with a standard lighting

package that is much more than “standard”.

With 55-watt lamps lighting the way, you’ll quickly see the difference

on your first night-shift.

For those who like to run just as long after the sun goes down, a highintensity

discharge (HID) light for the centre of the grille is available.

Appreciate the panoramic productivity.

When you’re driving a big tractor with big implements, you need a big cab with big visibility… to the front,

sides and rear. That’s exactly what you get from the stunning Surveyor cab.

The Case IH Service Tool laptop computer can

troubleshoot and make adjustments for fine-tuning

the tractor.

A single fuel tank on the rear frame makes it easier,

one-click filling. All models can carry 1136 litres to

the field.





Awesome power from 12.9 and 14.9 litre engines

Power growth of up to 54hp (40kW)

16-speed Full Powershift with Autoshift feature

Transport speeds up to 37kph

At the heart of every STEIGER and QUADTRAC tractor is an engine

designed to deliver maximum horsepower with enhanced efficiency.

The most important factor in a powershift is not the total number of gears

you have to choose from, but how many are in the primary working range.

Electronically controlled engines in the STEIGER and QUADTRAC

tractors ensure peak power growth without burning unnecessary fuel for

lower costs.

Torque rise of up to 40 percent lets you get through tough spots without

downshifting. Drawbar pull holds steady even as conditions change in the

field and torque peaks with 2539Nm at 1400rpm. When engine rpm

The 16x2 Full Powershift transmission features an

electronic control system for optimum shift quality.

drops under rated load, the engine provides additional power to give you

up to 54 more horsepower. With that kind of power growth, you have

the boost you need to lug through low spots and other difficult terrain.

Perfect power transfer. The most important factor in a powershift is

not the total number of gears you have to choose from, but how many

are in the primary working range. That’s where the 16-speed Full

Powershift really stands out with nine gears between 5 and 13kph.

Depending on tyre size, this gives you 0.8kph speed splits in the working

range - and a better chance at finding the perfect speed for any job.

The AutoSkip shift feature for the STEIGER and QUADTRAC tractors

skips automatically every other gear between 4 and 13 to help you get up

to speed for faster transport. Pressing the Select Shift button on the front

of the throttle handle allows single shifts for more-precise speed choices

— ideal for precision-farming operations. You can also get from field to

field faster with transport speeds up to 37kph on the road.

Click through the gears effortlessly using the electronic

Powershift control integrated into the throttle.

Change direction of travel without using the

clutch by simply moving the Powershuttle lever.

Advanced electro-hydraulic controls put remote

functions at your fingertips.

Up to five rear remotes can be factory fitted.

Four additional valves may be field installed.

A 1000rpm PTO assembly can be

added to any STEIGER and QUADTRAC.





Up to nine remotes*. Four additional valves may be field installed

High lift capacity of up to 8949kg

PTO option available on every model

Efficient power transfer to tow wider implements

To make the most of a new Series four-wheel drive, specify high-capacity

hydraulics, heavy-duty hitch and powerful PTO. When you need to lift,

lower, and power implements, these systems help you do more work.

High performance hydraulics. The hydraulic system of a STEIGER and

QUADTRAC tractor provides power for steering, remotes, power beyond,

and the three-point hitch. A standard 151lpm (159lpm on QUADTRAC

530) pump relies on the efficient pressure-flow-compensating (PFC)

system that delivers the correct flow and pressure where it’s needed when

it’s needed. Specify the 208lpm (216lpm QUADTRAC 530) high-capacity

pump for intensive hydraulic operations such as air seeders and beet


Huge lifting capacity, excellent response. To operate mounted tillage

tools, planters or drills, equip this tractor with a factory-installed 3-point

hitch (not available on scraper versions). You’ll instantly have a lift capacity

of up to 8949kg on QUADTRAC models. The raise/lower switch and

position control are within your natural reach on the armrest console.

True pulling power. STEIGER and QUADTRAC tractors have the

advantage where it really matters–at the drawbar. That’s the common

denominator used to size tillage tools to the tractor. The centre-pull

drawbar design efficiently transfers engine horsepower into pulling power.

Unlike competitive units with drawbars mounted much farther behind the

articulation joint, the drawbar of this tractor is just 250mm from the pivot

point for maximum power transfer and increased frame strength.

* to comply with legislation and specification in your country.

Conventional articulated steering gives the QUADTRAC Series full-power

turns within 5.7m with minimal ridging. Easy-effort steering in all conditions allows

you to do more work in less time, without levelling ridges left on headlands.

The QUADTRAC tractor is built to pivot and oscillate

for constant track-to-soil contact over rolling terrain.

The proven track design of a Case IH QUADTRAC

tractor features positive drive, self-adjusting tension

and self-cleaning rubber belts.

QUADTRAC - 5.8PSI with 5.6m 2 ground contact.






Four independent tracks

Full power turns with minimal ridging

Built-in weight for easier ballasting

Choice of tyres or tracks

Case IH engineers first introduced the QUADTRAC design in 1996 and it has led

the industry ever since. Like its predecessors, the STX Series QUADTRAC tractor

continues the tradition of setting new industry benchmarks.

The QUADTRAC 380, 430, 480 or 530 in a version with 76 or 91cm tracks

practically “floats” through the fields, giving you a smooth ride with less soil

compaction. That can result in better seed placement, a healthier root zone,

uniform germination and higher yields.

As weight transfer is the key to putting power on the ground, the QUADTRAC

tractor maintains an ideal 50/50 weight distribution under full draft loads. Unlike

a two-track system, which shifts weight from the front to the rear of the track,

the QUADTRAC design evenly divides the weight under load to an almost identical

PSI load at the front and rear of the track. Two-track systems transfer more weight

to the rear, which decreases traction in the front and increases compaction

at the rear. Another advantage of the QUADTRAC design is the positive drive

system. Lugs intersect with bars on the drive wheel to eliminate internal slippage

and ensure minimal ground slippage.

A QUADTRAC tractor offers full-power turns under load, unlike two-track

systems that vary power to each track during turns. This makes it more efficient

in contour and hillside operations because no additional power is required to turn.

Thanks to its built-in weight, a STEIGER or QUADTRAC tractor offers an advantage

over competitive four-wheel drives. Greater gross vehicle weight reduces the

amount of additional ballast needed for peak performance and pulling power. When

necessary, weight can be added to the front or back by attaching cast brackets to

the tractor frame. With the correct ballast, right tyres and recommended PSI, a

Series STEIGER tractor will respond with more pulling power, a smoother ride, and

maximum fuel efficiency.


In addition to the extensive range of standard

equipment, Case IH offer a comprehensive choice

of dealer installed accessories, which are available

at extra cost.



Displacement (cm 3 ) 12900 12900 12900 12900 14900 14900

Rated engine power [kW/hp(cv)] 286 / 389 321 / 436 286 / 389 321 / 436 362 / 492 399 / 543

Rated Speed (rpm) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

Maximum engine power [kW/hp(cv)] 315 / 428 353 / 480 315 / 428 353 / 480 398 / 541 439 / 597

Maximum torque at 1400rpm (Nm) 1914 2164 1914 2164 2417 2539

Engine torque rise (%) 40 40 40 40 40 40

Power growth [kW/hp(cv)] 29 / 39 32 / 43 29 / 39 32 / 43 36 / 49 40 / 54

Rated PTO power [kW/hp(cv)] 250 / 340 280 / 380 250 / 340 280 / 380 316 / 430 353 / 480

Optimum fuel consumption (l/h) 51.5 ??? 51.5 ??? 60.5 69

Fuel tank capacity (l) 1136 1136 1136 1136 1136 1136


Type 16/2 Powershift 16/2 Powershift 16/2 Powershift 16/2 Powershift 16/2 Powershift 16/2 Powershift


Axle drive Compound with 3 planets Compound with 3 planets Drop Gear with 3 planets Drop Gear with 3 planets Drop Gear with 3 planets Drop Gear with 3 planets

Axle diameter (mm) 115 115 Flanged Flanged Flanged Flanged


Hydraulic pump Pressure-flow compensated axial piston pump

Pump capacity Standard / Option (l/min) 151 / 208 151 / 208 151 / 208 151 / 208 151 / 208 159 / 216

Hitch category IV-N IV-N IV-N IV-N IV-N IV-N

Lift capacity, continuous at 610mm (kg) 8900 8900 8949 8949 8949 8949


Surveyor cab Standard / Option Deluxe / Luxury Deluxe / Luxury Deluxe / Luxury Deluxe / Luxury Deluxe / Luxury Deluxe / Luxury


Total permitted weight (kg) 20864 20864 24494 24494 24494 24494


Wheel base (mm) 3911 3911 3912 3912 3912 3912

Frame pivot angle (°) ± 13 ± 13 ± 13 ± 13 ± 13 ± 13

Frame articulation angle, horizontal (°) ± 42 ± 42 ± 38 ± 38 ± 38 ± 38

Centre line turning radius (m) 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7


Drive Wheel drive Wheel drive 4 independent crawler tracks 4 independent crawler tracks 4 independent crawler tracks 4 independent crawler tracks

Track width Standard / Option (cm) – – 76 / 91 76 / 91 76 / 91 76 / 91

*) To comply with legislation and specification in your country – Not available Case IH recommends lubricants

Safety never hurts! Always read the Operators Manual before operating any equipment. Inspect equipment before using it, and be sure it is operating properly.

Follow the product safety signs, and use any safety features provided.

This literature has been published for worldwide circulation.The standard and optional equipment and the availability of individual models may vary from one country to the next. Case IH reserves the

right to undertake modifications without prior notice to the design and technical equipment at all times without this resulting in any obligation whatsoever to make such modifications to units already

sold. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the specifications, descriptions and illustrations in this brochure are correct at the time of going to press, these are also subject to change without prior

notice. Illustrations may show optional equipment or may not show all standard equipment.

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