Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

idea of hard-hitting investigative journalism is to

libel and call people childish names….Mr.

Anderson is nothing more than a bully misusing

the power of the press.” (Santa Rosa Press-

Democrat, 5/1/95) Ten years earlier, Rose made

this comment about Anderson: “When he’s

behind a typewriter he goes nuts.” (Wall Street

Journal, 8/20/85)

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“When he’s behind

a typewriter he

goes nuts.”

—George Rose

When Bari died in March, 1997 from a fast-spreading breast cancer,

there was an outpouring of grief from all over the North Coast, including

many former antagonists. But not Bruce Anderson. He published an anti-eulogy

in his paper (3/12/97), and also as a letter to the editor in the Ukiah Daily Journal

(3/13/97). In it, Anderson called Bari “vain,” “deeply flawed,” and “often not very

nice to people.” He accused her of “vilifying persons she perceived as threatening

to her position as the Northcoast’s top enviro gun.” He accused her supporters of

“distorting her memory on a scale reminiscent of Eva Peron.” Bari was ineffectual

compared to more conventional timber opponents like Helen Libeu, claimed

Anderson, and worse, Bari “capitulated to L-P at Albion and, last summer, to

Charles Hurwitz at Headwaters.”

Remarkably, in a transparent attempt to bolster his credibility when criticizing

Bari, Anderson would write two years later that “I was a good friend of Judi

Bari’s.” (AVA, 9/29/99) As usual, he assumed that his readers’ memories were not

only short, but nonexistent.

Anderson’s theories about the bombing of Judi Bari changed

to match the state of his relations with her.

In the beginning, he espoused the obvious—that she was attacked because of

her political threat to the timber industry:

“I’ve been convinced from the first that the attack on Bari was the work of

Louisiana-Pacific whose leadership and upper-echelon employees have always


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