Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

It’s hard for outsiders to appreciate the chilling effect Bruce Anderson has on

ordinary civic life in Anderson Valley. Faced with the certainty that sooner or

later nasty lies will be printed about them in the Valley’s only publication, countless

people have quit boards and commissions, or avoided any activity that’s likely

to draw Bruce Anderson’s attention. Some have moved away altogether. Not surprisingly,

they don’t want to talk about it on the record.

Eventually most people in Mendocino County just decide to ignore him, if they

can. A year before her death, Judi Bari wrote to a concerned supporter, “I don’t

care what Bruce thinks of my personality or politics. He needs to realize that some

things are bigger than his petty rivalries.” (Letter to Eric Kirk, 2/14/96)

But being ignored is the one thing Bruce Anderson can’t stand.

He responds with the bigger hoax, the more brazen publicity stunt and nastier

insults in an increasingly frantic attempt to make people pay attention. Whether

this will work for him depends on how the people of Mendocino County will balance

their tolerance for a free press with their respect for the right of their neighbors

to live in peace.

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