Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

Liar Unlimited: The lurid history of Bruce Anderson and the Anderson Valley Advertiser


Bruce Anderson’s weekly inventions are the main feature of his

Anderson Valley Advertiser, which is a kind of small-time National Enquirer without

the photos. The Anderson Valley Advertiser was an innocent country weekly

until 1984, when Anderson bought it and turned it into an opinion journal. He

explained: “I’ve always viewed

the newspaper as a political

weapon.” (Los Angeles Times


Almost immediately, Anderson

provoked an advertiser boycott in

the small town of Boonville, the

hub of rural Anderson Valley in

Mendocino County. Outraged

local residents made an effort to

start a competing Anderson

Valley newspaper designed to take

away his local readership. The

Anderson Valley Advertiser (AVA)

survived by cultivating subscriptions

throughout Northern

“Unfortunately, I have the face I deserve.”

California and beyond from –Bruce Anderson, 1996

people who liked off-beat political

attacks, clever insults, and outrageous gossip.

For decades, Anderson has shown he will deliberately lie in order sell papers,

settle scores, or just abuse people for his own pleasure. And when the printed

word has proven to be an inadequate weapon, he has resorted to threats of violence

and actual physical assault.

The key to the AVA’s survival has been to attract attention—any attention, by

any means necessary, including just making things up.

The first big hoax hit on February 3, 1988, when Anderson

published a long front-page interview with local Congressman Doug Bosco. To

give the “interview” more credibility, it was represented as a transcription of a

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