Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

"There is no formal service but the staff at KCA will sometimes provide advice

and support for these patients if the GP is prepared to provide the prescribing

support. I suggest that the person talks to their GP and KCA about this."

I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards

Bobbie Walkem-Smith

PALS Officer

NHS Kent and Medway

Middlesbrough PCT see Stockton-on Tees NO

Milton Keynes PCT same as Buckinghamshire NO – Substance misuse only and harm minimisation

Newcastle PCT NO

Within Newcastle there is Bridge View Drug Treatment Service – this service does not

provide services to patients who do not misuse prescribed only medication. The service is

only available to patients that abuse prescribed only medication and other substances.

I trust that this answers your request.

If you are unhappy with the response you receive to a request for information made under

the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you should contact us as soon as possible giving us

reasons why you believe we have not satisfied the requirements of the act. The matter will

then be considered by one of our executive directors who will respond in writing.

You will receive a letter about the outcome of this review, inviting you to contact the

Information Commissioner if you remain dissatisfied with our response.

Yours sincerely

Nicola Gannon

Information Access/HQ Manager

Norfolk PCT Yes – I had a long discussion with Denise Grimes Service Manager at TADS who

demonstrated a good understanding of the needs of ITA sufferers and commitment to this cohort. TADS

work closely with GPs, are aware that those with ITA may not wish to attend groups along with illicit users

and do clinics at GPs surgeries; they ran a benzo reduction group in Gt Yarmouth and intend to repeat this in

another area. Denise sounded very committed.

I have now had a response from a colleague who has given this response:-

‘the TADS service in Norfolk do work with people with prescribed addictions. This is

usually via a shared arrangements with GP’s to provide specialist oversight of a

reduction regime. The service would also offer counselling for anxiety/ underlying

mental health issues that may accompany the medication reduction’.

I hope this is helps to answer the questions you have raised – I have attached a link

to the TADS service for your information, if I can be of any further assistance in this

or any other matter then please do let me know.

Kind regards

Susan Rixham

PALS – NHS Norfolk and Waveney

North East Essex NO

In response, I am able to provide you with the following answers to your questions.

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