Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Further to my email of the 12th April 2012, I would like to apologise for the delay in

providing a response to your enquiry.

NHS Swindon’s Head of Medicines Management had advised me to speak to the

Assistant Director for Mental Health Commissioning. I have now received a response

and in a position to feedback to you.

As you have correctly stated in your email the statutory drug and alcohol services no

longer provide services for involuntary tranquilliser addiction. However, there are

currently plans to re-commission the drug and alcohol service in Swindon. This will

include providing a service to support those patients who are either prescribed or

purchase over-the-counter tranquilliser medication through detox. Patients will need

to be referred by their own GP in order to access the drug and alcohol service for an


There is also a national organisation for patients who may wish to

self-manage their detox for involuntary tranquilliser addiction. It has been advised by

the Inclusion Drug Service Manager that the Ashton Manual which is available online

should be used as a reference guide.

‘Battle Against Tranquillisers’ is a helpline that can provide information and advice

for involuntary users of tranquillisers. They can be contacted on 0844 826931.

I hope you find the above information useful.

Kind Regards

Melissa Probets

PALS/Complaints Administrator

NHS Swindon

Tameside and Glossop PCT PARTIAL - This PCT employs an in-house benzo reduction worker to support

withdrawal but compared to the magnitude of the problem this would be insufficient if all those in the PCT

iatrogenically addicted needed support.

Please find attached response letter to your recent FOI request.


Jackie Gordon

Risk and Complaints

Tameside and Glossop NHS

Telford and Wrekin PCT No – I spoke to the service manager of Shropshire Drug and Alcohol team and they

do not provide services for ITA sufferers. They only provide services for illicit use.

Dear Mr Perrott

My understanding from my colleagues that the GP’s will refer patient’s to the Substance

Misuse Team.

There is a web site and below is the link to the page


Alternatively you can contact the team direct on 01743 255740

Kind regards


Self Care Management/PALS Lead

NHS Telford & Wrekin

Trafford PCT NO - I rang Phoenix Futures and they treat illicit use

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