Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Calderdale PCT NO

Freedom of Information Act 2000

I am writing in respect of your recent enquiry for information held by NHS

Calderdale under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

You asked for the information relating to the patients who are dependent upon

prescribed only benzodiazepine and z drug tranquillisers and sleeping tablets. In

response to your request, please find details below.

Please can you tell me what services your PCT/CCG provides for patients who

are dependent upon prescribed only benzodiazepine and z drug tranquillisers and

sleeping tablets and who do not abuse these or other substances.

Would you please include details of the availability of withdrawal advice and

support including:

1. Conversion to a longer-acting benzodiazepine like diazepam.

2. Provision of withdrawal schedules.

3. Knowledge of the Ashton manual.

4. Provision of appropriate psychological support.

5. Provision of a help-line.

6. Any details of such referral processes.

We do not commission a benzodiazepine/tranquilliser service as such. The substance

misuse service will manage people with this type of addiction if they are also addicted

to street drugs but do not take referrals for this type of addiction only.

The Medicines Management Team have run initiatives (benzodiazepine reduction

clinics) with some GP practices to inform and encourage good management and to

help patients withdraw from benzodiazepines. But day to day management will be

down to the individual GP.

Chair: Angela Monaghan

Chief Executive: Mike Potts

Clinical Commissioning Executive Chair: Dr Alan Brook

There is no current guidance in place to support practices with benzodiazepine

reduction but practices would be signposted to suitable UK guidelines and

information sources as


Yours sincerely

Anna Lewandowska

Information Governance Officer

Camden PCT PARTIAL – patients have access to the Minor Tranquilliser Project at Camden MIND

managed by Melanie Davis which has over 20 years experience but this is only through part-funding

of an outside/voluntary/charitable organisation, insufficient compared with the magnitude

of the problem and not an in-house service provided by the NHS.

Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT NO Also see Wirral. This is substance misuse treatment

and anyone who refers patients to “Talk to Frank” (misuse helpline) as a specialist

helpline as the author of this response has done, does not understand ITA treatment.

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