Champion Shooters Supply Catalog 2011-2012

Champion Shooters Supply Catalog 2011-2012



This Catalog contains special

competitive shooting equipment and

accessories. We are pleased to announce

that we are in production of the

original Freeland products. Please do

not be confused with “look alike Copy

Cat” imitations. Watch for new and

improved Freeland Products coming soon!

(Dealer prices are available for this

catalog.) We request $1.00 to cover


We stand behind our products. This

means that we have replacement parts

for all of our items and that we will

repair items if needed.

We also supply a general industry

shooting catalog. It includes items

such as clothing, reloading, supplies,

scopes, guns, and ammo. You will find

brand names such as Remington,

Winchester, Lee, Sierra, Lyman, etc.

This 1,000 + page CD-Rom catalog is

available for $2.00. The on-line

version of this catalog can be found at

Flyers are often distributed with your

orders, at matches, or shows we may

attend. Flyers cover new and used

specials currently available. Also, be

sure to check the web site for specials

and used equipment (usually updated

every month).

See last page for ordering


We at Champion Shooters Supply want you

to “Be A Better Shooter” and remember

that “Freeland Products are “For A

Shooter By A Shooter.”



Thank You for Your Loyalty!

Table of Contents: Page

Adhesives. . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Ammunition . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Anschutz Rifles . . . . . . . .1-5

Magazines & Accessories 5-7, 40

Sights & Accessories. . . . 7-10

AR-15 Accessories. . . . 35-37, 39

Bases & Rings. . . . . . . .7,8, 10

Bedding Compound . . . . . . . . 39

Bench Rest Stands. . . . . . 25, 41

Blinders . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Books, Audio, Video. . . . . .30-31

Boots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Brass, & Accessories . . . . . . 32

Bullets. . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Bullet Trap. . . . . . . . . 28, 29

Butt Plates. . . . . . . . . . . .7

Cartridge Holders. . . . . . 11, 26

Cart (Range Cart/Handtruck). . . 28

Coats/Clothing. . . . . . . . 11-13

Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . .36-40

Dewey Products . . . . . . . . . 37

Gear Bags. . . . . . . . . . . . 35

Glasses & Frames . . . . . . . . 19

Gloves & Mits. . . . . . . . . . 13

Gun Cases. . . . . . . . . . .39-41

Gun Vise . . . . . . . . . . .40-41

Handstops. . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Hats . . . . . . . . . . . . .4, 27

Hearing. . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Irises . . . . . . . . . . . .9, 20

Kneeling Rolls . . . . . . . . . 17

MTM Products . . . . . . . . .40-41

Mats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Magazine Holder. . . . . . . . . 40

Noptel Training Systems. . . . . 28

Off Hand Stands. . . . . . . . . 26

Optical Attachment . . . . . . . 20

Palm Rests . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Pants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Pellets. . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Pistol Boxes . . . . . . . . .40-41

Rail Sections. . . . . . . . . . 16

Reloading . . . . . . . .31-33, 41

Rifle Bipod / Forks. . . . . 15, 25

Rifle Scopes . . . . . . . . . . 22

Safety. . . . . . . . . 19, 27, 35

Sight Black. . . . . . . . . . . 35

Sinclair . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Slings and accessories . . . .14-15

Scope Covers & Boxes . . .21-22, 26

Scope Stands & accessories. . 22-25

Scoring Gauge. . . . . . . . . . 29

Spotting Scopes. . . . . . . .20-21

Stripper Clips . . . . . . . . . 35

Sweaters . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Targets. . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Timer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

Weights. . . . . . . . . .7, 16, 25

Anschutz is the most well known target

rifle manufacturer in the world. This is

due to their long term commitment to

the sport and to the shooters by making

the best possible equipment.

Anschutz’s superior R&D efforts

coupled with their high quality

production has given them a very long,

never-ending list of World Records and

Olympic medals. Anschutz repair

service is also unbeatable. Anschutz

has factory trained, certified Gunsmiths

all over the world that attend all of the

major shooting events such as NCAA

championships and the National

Matches. In conclusion, if you’re not

shooting an Anschutz Rifle you will be

beat by one.





The .22 Cal. Barrel Actions

64 – This action is the next step up from

the 1451 action. It has a shorter lock time,

increased accuracy, and a better 2 stage

trigger. This action is capable of getting

you to the sharpshooter/expert


54 – This action is the one used in the

Olympics. Its lock time is superior to even

electronic triggers and more reliable. The

accuracy is also unmatched. With this

action ammunition quality is now the

weakest link to accuracy.

54s – This is the square action version of

the 54. This gives you the capability to

change barrels and adjust headspace. It

weighs slightly more then the 54 action.

This action is ideal if you want different

barrel lengths or to test ammunition lots

with different barrels.

BIA- This is the top of the line action

designed for biathlon. It has a quick

cocking bolt that is needed for biathlon.

.177 Cal Air Gun Actions

8002CA – This is the top of the line

action that they use in the Olympics.

You can get 300+ shots from a

single cylinder. No internal moving

parts and no recoil makes it a very

reliable, low maintenance and

precise action. The new trigger has

ultra-short locktime and more safety

features. A patented air filter has

also been added to protect the

pressure regulator and valve against


8001CAJ – This is the miniature

version for young shooters. Same

accuracy as 8002CA, but it is

smaller and lighter. You can get

200+ shots from a single cylinder.

9003CA – Has all the advanced

features in the 8002 + comes with

case and extra accessories.

Barrel Length

The theory of a short barrel is that

the bullet gets out of the barrel

quicker thus is more accurate in

non-stable positions like standing.

However, you lose your sighting

line if you do not put a tube or sight

line extender on it, which is needed

for iron sights. Some shooters

believe that these tubes/extenders

can hurt accuracy and are high

maintenance. Long barrels have

been proven to work best in stable

positions like prone. Unless you’re a

high master shooter you probably

will not see any noticeable

difference between barrel lengths.


Where the barrel length truly ends

and the bullets flight begins.

B.A. (Barrel Action) Length

This is the length of both the barrel

and the action. This is your sighting


Rifle Weight

Heavier guns are more stable and

have less recoil. However, too much

weight can be a problem.

Remember, you can always add

weight to light stocks, but you can’t

remove weight from a heavier stock.


Butt Plates

4709 A & B – Rubber Butt plate,

model B has more arch.

4759 – Designed to meet rules set for

a standard rifle and air rifle

competition. Tilts, horizontally and

vertically adjustable. Arch is


4758 – same as 4759 but arch is not


4765 – Designed to meet free rifle

rules. Completely adjustable, also

comes with hook.




5065 – New improved adj. 2 stage

trigger for air rifle wt: 100g (3.52 oz)

5098 – Adjustable match 2 stage

trigger. Trigger blade adjustable in

length. Weight is set at 280g (9.86 oz)

5018 – The best trigger made. Weight

and pull of each stage can be adjusted.

The trigger blade is adjustable in

length and can be tilted up to 15

degrees. Weight is set at 100g (3.52


5020 – same as 5018. Weight is set at

500g. (17.6 oz)

5104 – Same as 5098 trigger; designed

for biathlon gun. Weight is set at 550g

(1.2 lbs)


Walnut stocks – A proven stock that

has been around for many years and

works very well.

Laminated Wood – Works like

walnut but with more vibrant color.

ALU – The new metal stock.

Anschutz metal stocks come complete

with a vibration-dampening block

between the action and the stock.

Rules now allow for an adjustable

grip. These stocks come with wood

plates to keep the look and feel of the

wood stock.

Hardwood – Used to keep the cost

down but still deliver a quality stock.

Pistol Grip size on ALU Stocks.

Most people can shoot with either grip.

Large grip – This is the standard grip.

Medium grip – Slightly smaller grip.

Recommended for young adults and/or

women or if you prefer a smaller grip.

Palm Rests

Palm rests are permitted on free rifle only, due to rules. Palm rests cannot be used

on standard rifles or air rifles. Since the stocks on standard rifles are deeper and

flush with the trigger guard a palm rest is not really needed. Free rifles need some

type of palm rests because the stock is very close to the barrel action. This is good

for 3 position shooters; but it is difficult to shoot standing without something

raising the gun up to a level position.

The following table lists the various models available. The previous page explains the differences in stocks,

triggers, barrel actions etc… Anschutz gun prices may vary as market conditions change and will be priced as

each shipment is received. Prices will increase or decrease accordingly. If you would like to see this table in

color go to our web site at At our web site, you can get larger pictures of each of the

Anschutz Rifles as well as even more detailed information.

Key Length (cm / inch) Weight (Kg. / Lbs. )

Barrel Barrel



Action Length Rifling Length Trigger Version Weight

Picture Order # $ Stock Color Butt Notes Shooter

64 MPR .22 Cal 64 65/25.5 65/25.5 110/43.3 5098 Repeater-5 Shot 4.1/9

2194002 $1175 Hardwood Dark 4709-A Forend rail, 2 stage trigger RH

1903 Small Bore Match Rifle 64 65/25.5 64/25.5 109/43 5098 Single Loader 4.4/9.8

000271 $1210 Walnut non-stained 4709-A Single loader RH

000280 $1210 Walnut non-stained 4709-A Single loader LH

1907 Small Bore Target Rifle 54 66/25.9 66/25.9 113/44.4 5018 Single Loader 4.8/10.6

000123 $2315 Walnut Dark 4759 RH

000139 $2315 Walnut Dark 4759 LH

1912 Small Bore Sport Rifle 54 66/25.9 66/25.9 107/42 5018 Single Loader 4.9/10.8

000148 $2690 Walnut non-stained 4765



while supplies last

1914 Small Bore Sport Rifle 54 66/25.9 66/25.9 106/42 5018 Single Loader 4.9/10.8

011905 $2950 Walnut non-stained 4765 New 1918 Cheek Piece RH

1907 w/1918 ALU Precise 54 66/25.9 66/25.9 106-111 5018 Single Loader 5.25/11.57

010859 $3350 ALU Silver Black 4765 Med pistol grip RH

010860 $3350 ALU Silver Black 4765 Med pistol grip LH

1913 w/1918 ALU Precise 54 69/27.1 69/27.1 113/44.4 5018 Single Loader 5.8/12.8

010863 $3500 ALU Silver Black 4765 Large Grip RH

010864 $3500 ALU Silver Black 4756 Large Grip LH


Key Length (cm) Weight (Kg. / Lbs.)

Barrel Barrel



Action Length Rifling Length Trigger Version Weight

Picture Order # $ Stock Color Butt Notes Shooter

1913 Super Match 54 69/27.1 69/27.1 112-115 5018 Single Loader 5.6/12.4

008267 $3170 Walnut Dark 4765 w/Palm rest, No Sights RH

2007/660 w/2018 ALU Stock 54s 69/27.1 69/27.1 106-111 5018 Single Loader 5.7/12.5

010861 $3995 ALU Silver Blue 4765 Medium Adult Pistol Grip RH

2013/690 w/2018 ALU Precise 54s 69/27.1 69/27.1 109-114 5018 Single Loader 6.2 / 13.6

010862 $3395 Alu Sliver Black 4765 Adult Pistol Grip RH

Anschutz Air Rifles, the best air rifles in the world!

9003 CA S2 ALU Target Air Rifle 9003 64/25.2 42/16.5 108-111 5065 Single Loader 4.4 / 9.8

007844 $2890 ALU Black Adult Grip 4759 Extra Weights & Stock Designs RH

007845 $2890 ALU Black Med Grip 4759

Biathlon Rifles and Accessories - Special Order Only – Call 800-821-4867 to reserve one.

1827 Fortner Sprint Biathlon BIA 55/21.6 55/21.6 104/40.9 5020 Repeater 3.7/8.14

009791 $3360 Walnut non-stained Biathlon Sprint and nitride steel barrel RH


Gun Case, Sights

while supplies last RH

9003 CA S2 Precise Air Rifle 9003 64/25.2 42/16.5 106-111 5065 Single Loader 4.5 / 10

011402 $3590 ALU Black Adult Grip Precise RH

011444 $3590 ALU Black Adult Grip Precise

Extra Weights & Stock Designs

Gun Case, Sights

8002 CA S2 ALU Target Air Rifle 8002CA 64/25.2 42/16.5 108-111 5065 Single Loader 4.6/10.2

009259 $2325 ALU Silver Black 4759 Sights, Silver Cyl, Adult pistol grip RH

011357 $2325 ALU Silver Black 4759 Sights, Silver Cyl, Adult pistol grip LH

009255 $2325 ALU Silver Black 4709 Sights, Silver Cyl, Med pistol grip RH

We stock all of the color options, however to guarantee your preferred color please order a month before you need it.

8001 CA S2 Club Air Rifle 8001CA 64/25.2 42/16.5 107-110 5065 Single Loader 3.9 / 8.7

010695 $1570 Walnut non-stained 4758

L/R Stock, basic butt,

Includes sights

8001 CA S2 Junior Walnut 8001JW 53/20.8 42/16.5 95-98 5065 Single Loader 3.7 / 8.2

010696 $1660 Laminated non-stained 4758

BIA-CAS Biathlon Soft Case 9210 100.00

BIA-SL 4738 Target Sling w/Handstop 174.00

IS-6827 Biathlon rear sight & snow cover 325.00

BIA-HAR 1827-9000 Harness 245.00

BIA-CS 1827-45 Cartridge spender 50.00

BIA-MAG 1827-U22/1 mag w/cartridge 65.00

BIA-FPT 4729 Tool for firing pin Fortner 55.00

BIA-FP 1827F-6 Firing Pin Fortner 60.00

BIA-ADF 1827F-40 Adapter for dry firing 30.00

Junior; L/R Stock basic butt

Includes sights



010166 $3360 Walnut non-stained Biathlon nitride heavy barrel, gun is 8.8 lbs RH






54 Action Classic Rifles No Sights 23” Heavy Barrel

(dia .83”) weight 8 lb. Single Stage Trigger

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2202095 1710D HB 5 shot 22 lr $1685

2222095 1717D HB 4 shot 17hmr $1800

Meister Grade (select wood) Models below

2202096 1710D HB 5 shot 22 lr $1980

2222096 1717D HB 4 shot 17hmr $2065

3702000 1770D HB 5 shot .223 $2150

54 Action Monte Carlo Rifles With Folding Sight 23”

Barrel (dia .70”) Single Stage Trigger

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2202030 1710DKL MC 5 shot 22 lr $1800

2222030 1717DKL MC 4 shot 17hmr $1800

Meister Grade (select wood) Models below

2202040 1710DKL MC 5 shot 22 lr $2065

2222040 1717DKL MC 4 shot 17hmr $2065


1770 MC

(no sights)

5 shot .223 $2150

1712 Silhouette Rifle, Monte Carlo, 21.6” Barrel (dia

.70”) weight 7.3 lbs, 2 stage trigger

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2201033 1712 Silhouette 5 Shot 22 lr $1800

2221033 1717 Silhouette 4 Shot 17hmr $1800

64 Action Beavertail Rifles No Sights 23” Heavy

Barrel (dia .75”) weight 6.2 lb. Single Stage Trigger

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2174005 1416 D BVT 5 shot 22 lr $940

2214005 1517 D BVT 4 shot 17hmr $1100

64 Action Classic Rifles No Sights 23” Standard

Barrel (dia .63”) weight 5.5 lb. Single Stage Trigger

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2312023 1517D Classic 4 shot 17hmr $1100

2213095 1517D LH Cl. 4 shot 17hmr $1100


64 Action Classic Rifles With Sights 23” Std. Barrel

(dia .63”) weight 5.5 lb. Single Stage Trigger

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2172020 1416DKL 5 shot 22 lr $940

2173060 1416 DKL LH 5 shot 22 lr $940

Forend Rail

64 MPR (Multi-Purpose Repeater) & 1517 MPR

25 ½” Barrel (dia .89”) weight 9 lb. 2 Stage Trigger

Adjustable Butt Plate, Forend Accessory Rail

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2194002 64 MPR 5 shot 22 lr $1175

2214102 1517 MPR 4 shot 17 hmr $1200

New 64 Action Bench Rest Rifle

Flat BR Forend

64 BR (Bench Rest Repeater) & 1517 BR

20” Barrel (dia .89”) weight 9.5 lb. 2 Stage Trigger

The 1517 has 22” Barrel. Adjustable Butt Plate.

Order # Model Magazine Cal Price

2196000 64S BR 5 shot 22 lr $1325

2216000 1517S BR 4 shot 17 hmr $1445

A2 A5 A3


Beautiful 2 color 8000 stitch embroidery emblem, on

quality cap with 4 choices.

CAP-A1 Blue cap with gold and black logo 11.95

CAP-A2 Black cap with silver and black logo 11.95

CAP-A3 Red & Black cap black & silver logo 11.95

CAP-A5 Gray & Black cap black & gray logo 11.95

Anschutz Sporting Rifle prices may vary due to exchange rates and market conditions. Please confirm

prices as they are subject to change. Some rifles have been hard to get and may not be readily available.

New Anschutz Center-Fire Rifles



The Model 1770 incorporates a complete newly

designed action and is developed from the ground up for

center fire cartridges. The six locking lug action provides

a large locking surface for added strength and reliability.

It also allows a short 60° bolt lift for fast and smooth

loading. The action incorporates several pressure vents

that redirect gas away from the shooter in case of

cartridge failure. The Match trigger, which has been

successfully used in many ANSCHÜTZ Target rifles, is

an adjustable, single stage trigger set at 1200 g / 2.5

pounds, but can be set by professional gunsmiths from 2

to 4.5 pounds. The hardened and finely polished trigger

parts, along with the low part weight insure a crisp,

repeatable trigger pull. The 22 inch barrel (diameter

18mm) is precision cold hammer forged and

incorporates a recessed target crown. The rifle has a

detachable three-shot, in-line magazine, insuring

dependable loading. The receiver is machined with an 11

mm wide, grooved rail in the new Wave style and is

additionally drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The

stock is walnut and has select Meister grade wood with

an oil finish.

3701000 1770 HB Classic .223 MG 2150.00

3702000 1770 HB Monte-Carlo .223 MG 2150.00

Weatherby Mark XXII

The Weatherby Mark 22 has a very attractive Monte

Carlo walnut stock with high gloss finish, checkered

pistol grip and for-end. The rifle comes with a 5 shot test

group under a dime at 50 meters making it a very

accurate sporting rifle. Gun weight is 6 1/2 lbs. The rifle

is drilled and tapped for Weaver 91 scope mounts or you

can use the 11mm rail on the receiver to mount a scope.

It comes with an adjustable trigger and a 5 shot clip. 10

shot clips and single shot adapters are also available. If

you’re looking for a really nice looking & accurate

sporting rifle that won't break the bank this is it.

DXT22LR3O Weatherby Mark XXII .22 LR 825.00

MAG-W22-5 Weatherby 5 Shot .22LR Clip 50.00

MAG-W22-10 Weatherby 10 Shot 22LR Clip 55.00

MAG-CA-1 Clip Adapter Singe Shot 22LR 17.00

The .17 HMR version comes with a 4 shot magazine.

DXT17H3O Weatherby Mark XXII .17HMR 895.00

MAG-W22-4 Weatherby 4 Shot 17 HMR Mag 60.00


Bench Rest Stocks for Anschutz 54 Barrel Actions

We are bringing together two of

the best names in accuracy to

make one great bench rest rifle.

Anschutz’s world record setting

54 barrel action and Kelbly’s world famous bench rest

stock are now compatible with each other. If you’re a

target shooter thinking about getting into bench rest this

is the stock for you. All you need to do is take your

barrel action off your Anschutz 54 action target rifle and

drop it into this stock and you are ready for bench rest

competition. The stock comes complete with trigger

guard, recoil lug and action screws. The trigger guard

has a flat design on the back side so you can pinch the

trigger if you desire. The fore-end is a bit longer than the

Anschutz BR stock for additional balance adjustment if

needed. Stock weight is 2 lbs. Any round single shot 54

Action will fit this stock. Here is a list of compatible

Anschutz models 1407, 1411, 1413, 1807, 1811, 1813,

1907, 1911, 1912, 1913.

Stocks are available in Black, Blue or Red.

STK-K54-BK Kelbly 54 BR Stock Black 455.00

STK-K54-RD Kelbly 54 BR Stock Red 455.00

STK-K54-BL Kelbly 54 BR Stock Blue 455.00

A54-BRK Anschutz 54 Action + Stock 2180.00

All you need to do is take your barrel action off your

Anschutz 54 action target rifle and drop it into this stock

and you are ready for bench rest competition. Laminated

stock comes complete with trigger guard, recoil lug and

action screws. Stock weight is about 4 lbs. Any round

single shot 54 Action will fit this stock. Here is a list of

compatible Anschutz models 1407, 1411, 1413, 1807,

1811, 1813, 1907, 1911, 1912, 1913. (we can special

order 2007/2013 stocks - same price as 54 BR Stock)

STK-A54-LM Anschutz 54 BR Stock 665.00

A54-BRLM Anschutz 54 Action + Stock 2390.00

* Walnut Stock version may be available

22 LR Barreled Actions

Model Barrel Length Weight

1907-U6 660mm / 25.9” 6.1 lbs. 1540.00

1913-U2 690mm / 27.1” 6.8 lbs. 1725.00

2007-U6 660mm / 25.9” 7.0 lbs. 2200.00

2013-U2 690mm / 27.1” 7.4 lbs. 2200.00

ALU Stocks

Model Weight

2213 ALU for 1907-1913 Action 4.8 lbs. 1550.00

1918 ALU for 1907-1913 Action 5.1 lbs. 1800.00

2313 ALU for 2007-2013 Action 4.8 lbs. 1550.00

2018 ALU for 2007-2013 Action 5.1 lbs 1800.00

2213/2313 Extra Grips standard or youth 195.00

1918/2018 Extra Grips standard or youth 265.00

Cleaning Rod Guides for Anschutz Rifles

64 Action (64 mpr, 1903 64 MSR, 1416 etc.)

54 Action (1407, 1411, 1413, 1807, 1811,

1907, 1912, 1913, 2007, 2013, 1710, 1712)

CLG-64 Cleaning Rod Guide for 64 action 17.00

CLG-54 Cleaning Rod Guide for 54 action 17.00

Air and moisture

release valve for

CA Cylinders



CA-ACM Compressed Air Cylinder w/meter 195.00

CA-WR Compressed Air Release Valve 33.00

Yoke to DIN Converter

The adapter pictured in the top left is

used to convert a standard scuba tank to

the European DIN system thus allowing you

to fill with the adapter that comes with

your gun. There are many different

European gun adapters but they should all

work with this converter. It’s best to buy

the scuba tank from the location you are

going to get it filled. If needed there is

a sticker that says “not for dive use”

CA-YD Yoke To DIN Converter 48.95

CA-GAR Extra Gun Adapter for CA Rifle 44.00

CA-STK not for scuba diving use sticker 2.00



MAG-A22-5 1420/U5 22 LR 5 Shot 50.00

MAG-A22-10 1420/U13 22 LR 10 Shot 55.00

MAG-A22M-4 1515/U3 22 Mag. 4 Shot 60.00

MAG-A22H-5 1430/U4 22 Hornet 5 Shot 75.00

MAG-A222-3 1530/U4 222 Rem. 3 Shot 75.00

MAG-A223-3 .223 Rem 3 shot 95.00

MAG-AMS-5 1808 22 LR 5 Shot (red grip) 60.00

MAG-CA-1 Clip Adapter Single Shot 22 17.00




4505 Extra FAT wrench will accept

Key many other standard bits.

TL-4506 Torque Wrench w/4mm Key 85.00

TL-4505 Extra 4mm Hex Key for 4506 13.00

553-556 F.A.T. Torque Wrench 10 bits 46.95


7 Sizes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm

TL-563M Metric Fold-Up Allen Wrench 19.95

4406 – used to get the same

tension on each action screw

by using the weight of the gun


4mm T handle


TL-4406 Action Screws Torque Type 4mm 10.00

TL-6mm 6mm Allen Wrench 1.50

TL-4mm 4mm Allen Wrench 1.50

TL-2.5mm 2.5mm Allen Wrench 1.50

TL-2mm 2mm Allen Wrench 1.50

TL-T4mm 4mm T Handle Allen Wrench 4.75

Fast Clamp Devices

Add quick adjustment to your rifle without

the need for a 4mm wrench.

ANS-FCL Fast Clamp for Cheek/Butt 23.95

ANS-FCLH Fast Clamp Device for Hook 23.95



BUT-4759-C 4759 Carrier Assembly 125.00

BUT-4765-C 4765 Carrier Assembly 125.00

BUT-4709A Rubber butt plate flat 60.00

BUT-4759 4759 Butt Plate Assembly 175.00

BUT-4758 4758 Butt Plate Assembly 120.00

BUT-2213GP 2213 Guide Plate for 4765 88.00

BUT-4765-U4 Hook Butt Plate Complete 270.00


Stock and carrier not included.

BUT-4765 Butt Plate, Hook & Guide 325.00

BUT-4765-U3 Hook only for 4765 84.00

BUT-5000 Precise .22 Rifle Butt Plate 380.00

BUT-5010 Precise Air Rifle Butt Plate 280.00






Butt Plates

4759 4758



5000 5010

An after market

rounded cheekpiece

to replace

the angular ALU


CKP-2213A 2213 Rounded Cheek Piece 65.00

CKP-2213C 2213-8200 30mm Carrier 125.00

CKP-MG 2213 Cheek piece mount 50.00

Butt plate for 1903’s, 64 MPR’s, and 64 BR’s

BUT-S2 2 Butt Screws for spacers 5.00

BUT-S2L 2 Butt Screws Extra Long 5.00

BUT-4709P Butt Plate Spacer 8.00

BUT-4709A Rubber butt plate flat 60.00



5 ¼”






½” thick

Freeland Sure Grip Butt-Plate & Guide

This is the Freeland Butt-Plate that is used on many

of the Winchester 52’s and other American made

target rifles. If you have lost or damaged your butt-

plate this replacement butt-plate is just what you

need to restore your firearm. This butt-plate is

vertically adjustable and comes with a sure grip

rubber recoil pad. The Freeland butt-plate guide is

mounted with 2 wood screws to the stock.

BUT-F1 Freeland Rubber Butt Plate 60.00

BUT-F1G Freeland Guide Plate for F1 45.00


Bolt Knobs and Weights

Colored Bolt Knob: red, purple,

gold, blue, green




75g stock weight for 2013, 2213,

& 2313 rifles.

Airgun weight square 68g



Trigger shoe and blade for Anschutz.

AHG-6202 New Trigger Blade 63.00


2" wide x 21" long

black elastic mirage

band with a mounting

device and chain.

Eliminates heat waves

off the barrel, which

allows for a clear sight picture. Now

available with chains on both ends.

CSS-MB Mirage Band 26” Stretch 6.50

CSS-MBL Mirage Band 30” Stretch 6.50

CSS-MBC Mirage Band 26” Stretch 2 chains 6.50

CSS-MBCL Mirage Band 30” Stretch 2 chains 6.50

This sight is for .22 LR

rifles. Target knobs scribed

in 1/4 min. has audible click.

Adj. zero scales. Quick

release slide. For adjustable

irises see Merit Iris on pg. 9.

IS-L90 Lyman 90 MJT 82.00

IS-L540 540 Base 1” receiver 13.20

IS-L640 640 Base 15/16 Receiver 13.20


IS-USS 7020/20 Universal Sight Set 495.00

IS-USS-R 7020/20 Universal Rear Only 440.00

IS-6834 Match Sight Set w/6832 front 340.00

IS-6805-10 Ans. Match Rear Sight Only 265.00

6832 M18

Universal Sight Set

7020/20 Universal sight set

complete with globe front

sight 6832, universal 7002/20

rear 20 clicks per turn, and

set of metal apertures. Can be

changed to 10 clicks per turn.

Cant Adjustable. Specify right

hand or left handed version.

Eyeshade not included.

Match Sight Set

Match sight set is same

as universal but it

comes with the 6805 10

click rear sight. It is

not able to adjust for


Used to

mount via


groove on

Used to

mount via

US scope

block base

rifle barrel. 9759 M18 standard diameter

9763 M22 Large diameter

AHG-6832 Globe Front Sight/Groove M18 70.00

AHG-9759 Globe Front Sight/Block Mt M18 70.00

AHG-9763 Globe Front Sight/Block Mt M22 75.00

Sight Riser Blocks



For Anschutz rifles with

the 11mm groove. The

6817 is 8mm high. It

comes with both rear and

front risers.

6917 is 10 mm high.

AHG-6817 High Block Set 6817 for Sights 70.00

CSS-6917 High Block Set 6917 for Sights 55.00

Rubber eye cup

for rear sight

Old # 6700-20

New # 9700

AHG-9700 Rubber Eye Cup 11.00

93 Match Sight Scope Base Mount .550 High

20 MJT Dovetail Slot Mounting, .700 High

and both includes 7 Anschutz type aperture


IS-L93MS Lyman 93Globe Front Sight 48.40

IS-L20MJT Lyman 20 MJT Globe Sight 37.80





A great high power rifle sight. Apertures

sold separately in a set of 6 metal

apertures: 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 3.0 3.2 3.4mm.

Uses standard scope mounting base. Now

threaded in front for Anschutz and Gehmann

M22 Sight Accessories.

IS-TFS22 Tompkins M22 Front Sight 50.00

IS-TFAS Tompkins M22 Aperture Set 15.00

Old # 6852

New # 9513


Magnifies bull and also aperture. One

may need a larger aperture when using

a lens. Threaded on both sides. Fits

Anschutz M18 front sights, M22 fits

larger sight.

AHG-9513-03 Optical Lens 1.25X M18 50.00

AHG-9513-05 Optical Lens 1.5X M18 50.00

AHG-9505-03 Optical Lens 1.25X M22 50.00

AHG-9505-05 Optical Lens 1.5X M22 50.00

9503 18mm

9504 22mm

6830/1 18mm

ANS-6830/1 Spirit Level for 6832 (inside) 85.00



Spirit Level (outside) 18mm

Spirit Level (outside) 22mm



Anschutz Metal Aperture, Specify Size 1.8,

2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9,

3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7,

3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5,


AHG-6522A Anschutz Metal Aperture 3.50

Posts, Sizes 1.7, 2.0, 2.3, 2.6

AHG-6522P Anschutz Metal Posts 3.50

*Metal post inserts are to be discontinued

18mm Anschutz Plastic Aperture:

PAA-9720 Clear Sizes: 2.8, 2.9, 3.0,

PAA-7721 Yellow 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5,



3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0,


4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.6, 4.8

AHG-9722-1 Extra Clamp Ring 18mm 10.00

22mm Anschutz Plastic Aperture




Sizes: 2.8, 3.0, 3.2,

3.4, 3.6, 3.8, 4.0, 4.2

Extra Clamp Ring 22mm




Colors: Yellow, Amber, Green, Blue, or

Red. Call for color, limited availability.

Sizes:.060, .070, .080, .090, .095, .100,

.105, .110, .115, .120, .125, .130, .135,

.140, .150

Specify Sight, Color and Size:

PAF-# Freeland Plastic Aperture 5.00

A rotary-type plastic holder is available to

keep the inserts clean and free from

scratches. These plastic sight inserts have

been used to set many world records since

their introduction in 1974 and are now

being used all over the world.

Set of ten apertures from 2.4 - 4.2 clear

PAS-ACA Set of ten with case for Anschutz 20.00

PAS-ACRI Set of ten w/case Redfield Intl. 20.00

PAS-CAS Case for set of ten Apertures. 8.00





Redfield Olympic

Redfield Globe

Lyman 17A

Duo Sight is adjustable inside & outer

ring independent of each other.

AHG-9750 Duo Aperture Sight 2.8-4.8 198.00

AHG-9760 Duo Glass Aperture 2.8-4.8 198.00

AHG-9762 Duo Glass Aperture 2.8-4.8 198.00

Adjustable iris for any European

M18 or larger M22 front sight.

The 9523 is ideal for highpower.

AHG-9520 Adjustable Iris 2.5-5.0 M18 89.00

AHG-9523 Adjustable Iris 1.8-4.3 M22 108.00

Adjustable for

cant, adjustable


AHG-9735 Adjustable Iris Ap. 1.8-4.3 M18 135.00

AHG-9736 Adjustable Iris Ap. 2.5-5.0 M18 135.00

AHG-9734 Adjustable Iris Ap. 1.8-4.3 M22 135.00

Adjustable glass aperture

9744 & 9733 for M18

9749 for M22 Front Sight

AHG-9744 Adj. Glass Iris Ap. 2.8-4.8 M18 135.00

AHG-9733 Adj. Glass Iris Ap. 1.8-4.3 M18 135.00

AHG-9749 Adj. Glass Iris Ap. 1.8-4.3 M22 135.00


Good Rear Iris Adjustment

The best results are achieved between 1.0 and 2.0 If the

eye is very far from the sight then 2.0-3.0 might be

useful. The iris range 0.5-3.0mm gives you 100% round

peep picture.

9775 9779 9780 9781

AHG-9775-S AHG Iris Compact .05-3.0 65.00

AHG-9779-S Iris + 5 Color .05-3.0 125.00

AHG-9780-S Iris + Polarizer 0.5-3.0 125.00

AHG-9781-S Iris + Polar + 5 Color Filter 165.00

9786 9787

These irises let you mix colors to get the most choices.

AHG-9786-S Iris .8-1.8 + 10 Color Twin 165.00

AHG-9787-S Iris .8-1.8 + 10 Color + Polar 190.00

9530 9575

Irises + 1.5x optical magnifier with focus

AHG-9530 Iris 0.8-2.2 + Optical -3.5/ +3.5 150.00

AHG-9570 Iris + 5 Color + Optical 205.00

AHG-9551 Iris + Polar + Optical 195.00

AHG-9575 Iris +5 Color +Polar +Optical 240.00

Master Disk

Target Disk


A 12 leaf shutter opens and closes without

changing the point of impact. The shutter

leaves are supported at each end to withstand

heavy recoil. Variable aperture

.022-.125, internal spring click and

Neoprene light shield of 1-1/2". Standard

U.S. thread, 7/32-40.

M-3MD Merit #3 Master Disc 58.00

M-RS Merit Master Replacement Shield 11.00

Merit #3 Target Disc. has no neoprene.

M-3TD Merit #3 Target Disc 49.00

US Sight and Scope Bases


US-175-A .175 A 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-225-B .225 B 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-275-C .275 C 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-325-D .325 D 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-375-E .375 E 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-425-F .425 F 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-475-G .475 G 3 hole combo .562/.860 10.00

US-525-H .525 H 3 hole combo .562/.860 11.00

US-600-I .600 I 3 hole combo .562/.860 11.00

US-795-M .795 M 3 hole combo .562/.860 11.00

2 Step Bases

US2-175/229 3 hole 2 step base 175 & 229 20.00

US2-175/283 3 hole 2 step base 175 & 283 20.00

US2-275/329 3 hole 2 step base 275 & 329 20.00

US-175-A1 .175 A1 1 inch long .562 10.00

US-225-B1 .225 B1 1 inch long .562 10.00

US-275-C1 .275 C1 1 inch long .562 10.00

US-325-D1 .325 D1 1 inch long .562 10.00

US-375-E1 .375 E1 1 inch long .562 10.00

US-425-F1 .425 F1 1 inch long .562 10.00

US-475-G1 .475 G1 1inch long .562 10.00

These bases have a square

notch cut out.


Hole Spacing Height Price

.560 .300 12.00

.560 .320 12.00

.560 .340 12.00

.560 .360 12.00

.560 .380 12.00

.560 .400 12.00

.560 .440 12.00

.750 .200 12.00

.860 .200 12.00

.500 .400 12.00

S - Standard X -Extended


RSB-52 Win. Model 52 Receiver Sight Base 20.00

RSB-AS .490 height 20.00

RSB-BS .590 height 20.00

RSB-BX .590 Extended 24.00

RSB-CS .670 height 20.00

RSB-DS .800 height 20.00


11mm Anschutz Receiver Scope Base Mount

A new receiver mount for the Anschutz rifle, used to

mount Leupold receiver type scopes. The best feature is

this one will return to zero! It allows you to mount

scopes that are bigger then 40mm. It also extends your

eye relief adjustment. Works with the Anschutz 11mm

tip off rings. Now Available for Left Handed Actions!


11mm Receiver Scope Base


Right Hand

ANS-6911L 11mm Receiver Scope Base Left 69.95

Anschutz Tip Off Rings for 1” & 30mm Scopes

These rings are specially designed to fit directly to the

11mm Anschutz Sight rail. It also is a perfect fit for the

6911 receiver scope mount listed above. Height 0.6” to

bottom of ring. 1.1” to center. These 1” rings can mount

32mm-42mm objective target and hunting scopes as well

as some 44mm objective scopes. The rock-solid design

assures you that nothing will come lose or move on you.

ANS-TOR Anschutz 11mm Tip Off Rings 1” 27.95

ANS-TOR3 Anschutz 11mm T.O. Ring 30mm 27.95

Steel Bases, Rings & Swivels for Anschutz Sporting Rifles

If your gun is drilled and tapped on the action just add these

bases and you will be able to add all steel Leupold STD Rings.

Quick detachable sling swivels for Anschutz Sport Rifles.

ANS-153 Anschutz 153 Steel scope bases 22.95

LEU-49897 Leupold 1” Low STD Rings 22.95

LEU-49900 Leupold 1” Med STD Rings 22.95

LEU-49903 Leupold 1” High STD Rings 22.95

LEU-49960 Leupold 30mm Med Rings 33.95

LEU-49961 Leupold 30mm High Rings 33.95

UM-1403-2 QD swivel 1” (pair) for Ans. 9.95

UM-1403-3 QD Swivel 1 1 1/4” (pair) Ans. 9.95

Weaver Base and Rings For Anschutz

If your gun is drilled and tapped on the action just add 2

Weaver # 91 bases and you will be able to add any Weaver

style rings.

WB-91 Weaver Base 91 Base (need 2) 4.95

420081 Burris Steel Zee Rings Med 23.95

49140 Weaver Sure Grip Rings Med 21.95


It has a cordura shell, heavy quilted

inner lining, gripper gray pads on shoulder,

elbow, and side area to minimize

slipping. The area where the arm bends has

stretchable fabric. Quick release take up

straps aid in comfort and support. Sizes

in even numbers 28-52. Specify right or

left hand. Aprox. weight chart for sizing

of an average height person.

C-NRA-BS NRA Rifle Coat blue & silver 210.00

C-NRA-GT NRA Rifle Coat green & tan 210.00

C-HGR 3/4” Thick Heavy Duty Hanger 10.95


Same as the above coat with fine quality

leather shell. It is dark brown with bone

color back. Sizes in even numbers 30-52.

Specify right or left hand.

Freeland NRA Leather Rifle Coat 310.00

C-NRA-LE Sizes 48, 50, 52 325.00

Approximate NRA Heavy Duty Coat Size Chart

Size Weight Size Weight

28 85 lbs – 110 lbs 42 215 lbs – 235 lbs

30 110 lbs – 130 lbs 44 230 lbs – 250 lbs

32 130 lbs – 150 lbs 46 245 lbs – 265 lbs

34 150 lbs – 170 lbs 48 260 lbs – 280 lbs

36 170 lbs – 185 lbs 50 275 lbs – 295 lbs

38 185 lbs – 205 lbs 52 295 lbs – 325 lbs

40 200 lbs – 220 lbs

This cartridge holder slides in the pocket

of your shooting coat for easy loading in

standing position.

LCH-223 20+2 Leather Cartridge Holder .223 26.00

LCH-308 20+2 Leather Cartridge Holder .308 26.00



This is a stiff, lighter weight version of the Freeland

NRA coat. This coat provides similar support as the

NRA coat but it’s made of a thinner but very rigid inner

body. The outer shell is water resistant. It has

stretchable/breathable material under the arms and at the

arm bends. It has a soft leather panel across the back of

the neck for comfort and clips on the back for name/logo

Color Tan & Gray. Sizes 30-46 Right Handed Shooter

C-NRA-T NRA Light Shooting Coat 169.00

Approximate Classic Canvas Coat Size Chart

Size Weight Size Weight

28 70lbs – 95 lbs 42 200 lbs – 220 lbs

30 95 lbs – 110 lbs 44 215 lbs – 235 lbs

32 110 lbs – 130 lbs 46 230 lbs – 250 lbs

34 130 lbs – 150 lbs 48 245 lbs – 265 lbs

36 150 lbs – 170 lbs 50 260 lbs – 280 lbs

38 170 lbs – 185 lbs 52 275 lbs – 295 lbs

40 185 lbs – 205 lbs


An entry level rifleman coat made of

canvas and new sure grip gray rubber. Take

up straps make it very adjustable and

secure. This coat is designed to be comfortable,

yet rugged and moderately

priced. Even sizes from 28-52. Specify

right or left hand.

C-RC-S Classic Canvas Rifleman Coat 89.00

Replacement buckles for shooting coats.

C-RBC Buckle for Classic Canvas Coat 2.00

C-RBN Buckle for Freeland NRA Coat 2.00


An entry level shooting jacket made of

canvas and sure grip gray rubber. Button

up style conforms to ISSF rules. This

jacket is designed to be comfortable, yet

rugged and moderately priced. The jacket

comes with screw in buttons for quick and

easy fit adjustment. Even sizes from 28-

52. Specify right or left hand.

C-RJ-B Classic Canvas Shooting Jacket 89.00

Freeland International Shooting Coats

A stiff double canvas jacket with everything

you need to compete in ISU/UIT

competition. The jacket comes complete

with leather shoulder straps, sling

holders, and competitor ID clips. For your

comfort this jacket has stretch inserts in

both arm pits and arm bends. This jacket

also comes equipped with screw-in buttons

so you can quickly and easily adjust the

placement of the buttons. It provides

maximum support while meeting ISSF rules.

Sizes 28-52. Ladies Coats also available

sizes 28-40. Specify Right or Left.

C-ISU-R Freeland ISU Coat Red/Black 165.00

C-ISU-B Freeland ISU Coat Blue/Black 165.00

Same as above, but with suede section

added to the front of the jacket.

C-ISU-G Freeland ISU Coat Gray/Black 165.00

Freeland International Leather Shooting Coats

This shooting coat has it all. We use

premium cowhide leather across the front

of the arms and shoulders for durability

and comfort. A leather panel with suede

has been added for enhanced grip when

holding the rifle in standing position.

The back of the jacket is constructed with

the proven double canvas which extends

down the front of the jacket providing the

maximum support for your side, elbows and

arms in all positions. Meets all current

ISSF rules. Sizes 28-52. Ladies Size Coats

available sizes 28-36.

C-ISU-L ISU Leather Coat Blue/Black 200.00

Freeland International Shooting Pants

A stiff double canvas pant especially

designed for the 3 position shooter.

These pants add considerable support for

the shooter in both off-hand and kneeling

position, yet it is still comfortable

because of the stretchable material used

in critical places. The double zipper in

both legs offers additional flexibility

for prone and kneeling position. This

pant is also able to open allowing the

material to be folded away, so that the

pulse-beat in the femoral artery is

reduced. Meets all current ISSF rules.

Sizes from 26-52 US sizing. Or 42-70


PNT-G Freeland ISU Pant Gray/Black 130.00

PNT-R Freeland ISU Pant Red/Black 130.00

PNT-B Freeland ISU Pant Blue/Black 130.00

Button tool for easy buttoning of coat,

simply pull through and rotate tool.

The all metal button comes complete with

screw and washer. Easily place them

wherever they need to go. They can also be

used as a sling hook for shooting jackets.

C-BT Button Tool 15.00

C-MB Replacement Metal Button (each) 2.50



The Sling hook keeps the

sling from sliding down the

arm. This ideal sling hook

design allows the sling to

rest at the natural angle.

Sling Hook For Shooting Jacket 4.95


Perfect fit on elbows and

shoulders without pleats. No

seams at the shoulder.

Padded elbows especially

suited for prone shooting.

Zipper which can be opened

on both sides. Air holes for

temperature compensation.

Specify Size: S, M, L, XL

AHG-193 Shooting Sweater black/silver 95.00


The Freeland Shooting Sweater is for

use with all shooting coats. It helps

to provide additional padding as well

as temperature compensation through

small air holes. It comes complete

with double zipper. Material has

been removed at the arm bends for

more air flow and less resistance for

more comfort. Sizes: S, M, L and XL

CLO-SSW New - Freeland Shooting Sweater 55.00


210 Fingerless Glove

This quality, all leather

shooting glove incorporates

the latest design for comfort,

padding and support. Meets

international rules. Color is


Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

GLV-210 Model 210 Fingerless Glove 25.00

Model 211 Glove

This is the full finger version of the

210 glove. Meets all international

rule requirements. Color is

Gray/Black. Specify Right or Left

handed Shooter Sizes: S, M, L,


GLV-211 Model 211 Full-finger Glove 25.00

The new 311 glove was

designed for extra comfort.

This is a premium leather

glove with the maximum

padding permitted by ISSF

rules. Complete with top grip

soft rubber. This glove

replaced the model 101

glove. Size: S, M, L, XL

Specify Right or Left

Handed Shooter. Color is

Gray and Black

GLV-311 New – 311 Full Finger Glove 35.00


Model 310 Fingerless Glove

The 310 glove is the

latest fingerless leather

shooting glove. A

deluxe glove complete

with top grip rubber.

Sizes S, M, L and XL

For right and left handed


Color: Gray/Black

GLV-310 New - #310 Fingerless Glove 35.00

Champion Shooting Glove

This Leather Shooting Glove is the

best value in the market today.

Extreme comfort, low cost, air

holes and sure grip makes this

glove a great choice. The wide

padded wrist makes it easy to take

on and off. This glove also meets

the latest UIT/ISSF rules. Sizes: S,

M, L, XL, XXL. Right or Left



Champion Shooting Glove



GLV-BK Champion Shooting Glove All Black 29.50

Champion ISU/ISSF Mit

This Leather Shooting Mit is

an inexpensive solution for

low recoil rifles. It does not

have shock absorbent

material like the Freeland mit

but it does have padding.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Specify Right or Left handed


MIT-ISU Champion Basic ISU Mit Black 18.50


Cordura felt padded mit has generous

amounts of gray rubber on front and back.

This mit comes with ample padding between

the thumb and finger area for heavy

recoil. 100% thick cotton inner lining is

cool, absorbent and comfortable.

Sizes: Small, Medium or Large for right

and left handed shooter.

MIT Freeland Shooters Mit 24.50

MIT-LE Freeland Mit Leather 34.00


This 1.5" aluminum sling keeper comes with

a heavy duty stainless steel "slipper." It

provides quick and easy adjustment

securing the sling to your arm exactly

where you want it to go.

SLF-SK Freeland Sling Keeper 9.95

Comes with


sling keeper.


A 1.5 inch high quality leather sling for

the ISU and NRA rifleman. The arm loop has

a bias cut, non-slip gray rubber and it

comes with the easy to use Freeland Sling

Keeper. One size fits all from the

smallest shooter to the tallest adult.

Available for right and left hand shooter.

SLC-D Champion Deluxe Rifle Sling 50.00

SLC-DC Champion Deluxe Cuff Rifle Sling 55.00

Cuff sling

legal for NRA

events only.

Legal for all

shooting events.


A 1.5 inch high quality synthetic, no

stretch sling that is legal for all rifle

shooting events (except where military

slings are required). The new 2010 design

now incorporates our new American made

synthetic belting material that is

superior to all European slings as it is

not laminated & sewn together. This is the

most leather like synthetic sling ever

made; in fact it can even be shortened

without damaging the structure of the

sling (not possible with European slings).

Our synthetic belt will not snag, come

unstitched, separate etc... Since it now

has the Freeland Sling Keeper it is by far

the easiest to use sling on the market.

This one sling will fit all shooters. The

arm loop has a bias cut for comfort.

Specify right or left handed shooter.

SLC-S Champion Synthetic Rifle Sling 50.00

SLC-SC Champion Synthetic Cuff Sling 55.00



This is the most popular and easiest to

use European synthetic sling. The sling

keeper is adjustable and locked into

position with a wing nut. The arm loop has

a bias cut. Available for right and left

hand shooter.

SLA-PROF AHG Synthetic Prof. Sling 55.00


NEW – Latest sling

design. Features:

easy length

adjustment while in

position. The axis

of the sling can

swivel, synthetic no

stretch material.

SLA-SW AHG Swing Sling 95.00

Freeland Buckle Slings

Freeland two piece international 1.5 inch

sling. The 6400 has the same 1.5 inch

sling with a 4 inch cuff. The buckle uses

the weight of the rifle to secure your


SLF-67IS Freeland 67 International Sling 50.00

SLF-6400C Freeland 6400 Cuff Sling 55.00


This is a high quality

1 1/4” military sling.

The synthetic material

is very durable and it

will not stretch.


SLT-MS-S1 Turner AWS Black 54/56" 48.95

SLT-MS-S2 Turner AWS Brown 54/56" 48.95

SLT-MS-S3 Turner AWS OD Green 54/56" 48.95


A high grade leather 1 1/4" oiled military

sling with heavy hooks, 3/4" wide sling

keepers and made extra long. Leather

slings can conform to your body.

SLT-MS-50 Turner Oil Tan or Black 50" 48.95

SLT-MS-54 Turner Oil Tan or Black 54" 48.95

SLF-MS-F Fields Tan or Black 38.00

SLF-MS-SK Extra Sling Keeper 3.00

SLB-SL6K SL6K Boyt Military Sling 1-1/4" 32.00

SLB-SL7K SL7K Boyt Military Sling 1" 32.00


A hand stop that is

4751 contoured for your hand

can be adjusted for right or

left handed shooter. Comes

with one piece swivel.

HSA-4751 Handstop/Sling Swivel 75.00

HSA-4733 Replacement Swivel for 4751 15.00


This hand stop can be

adjusted for right or left

handed shooter. It comes

with a push button

detachable swivel.

HSA-4752 4752 Handstop/Sling Swivel 85.00

HSA-6229 6229 Handstop/Sling Swivel 139.00

Stock Profile

Narrow Deep


Wide Shallow


This new hand stop

can be adjusted in

all directions;

horizontal, vertical

and radial. If your

hand always hurts

this might help.



A jumbo fore-end stop with clamping bar

and quick detachable 1.5" swivel.

Available in two profiles. Wide and

shallow as the Winchester 52 stock is made

and a narrow deeper profile as the

Anschutz stock appears. With some of the

new fiber stocks on the market you will

have to compare models as to which you

will use. There is a choice of two rails.

The Freeland/Winchester type or the

Anschutz type.

Specify right or left hand shooter.

HS-FSCV-1 Wide Shallow Freeland/Win 34.50

HS-FSCV-2 Narrow Deep Anschutz 34.50

HS-FSCV-3 Narrow Deep Freeland/Win 34.50

HS-FSCV-4 Wide Shallow Anschutz 34.50

HS-FSCV-5 Walther Type Special Order 34.50

Same as FSCV only round type stop.

HS-FSCV-R1 FSCV-R1 Freeland/Win 34.50

HS-FSCV-R2 FSCV-R2 Anschutz 34.50

HS-72-V 72-V Viking Swivel Assembly 19.50

HS-FSCV-O FSCV Swivel Only 8.95




The hand stop has an aluminum knurled hand

stop with quick detachable 1.6" swivel and

stud. Designed to provide for the optimum

hand position between the stock, sling and

forend. This hand stop will fit Anschutz

(wide) or Winchester (narrow) style rails.

HSC-S Champion Standard Hand Stop 14.95


Similar to our Standard hand stop with a

larger diameter and more depth to the

knurled stop. Made for Anschutz, but could

be modified to fit Freeland/Winchester.

HSC-D Champion Deluxe Hand Stop 30.95


The Freeland H75 sling hook will accept a

1.5" sling and fit a 1.25" sling loop. The

HW Heavy Wire Sling Hook accepts 2” and

fits a 1.25” Sling loop.

SLF-H75 Freeland H-75 Sling Hook 5.95

SLF-HW Heavy Wire Sling Hooks 5.00

New one piece design

for extra strength.

Set screw

locks it in



Fits both

Rails Types


This adapter lets you mount Harris

adjustable bipods to your accessory rail

on your rifle. Fits either Anschutz or the

Winchester/Freeland rail sections.

New Design will fit the swivel model.

HBA-ANS Harris Bipod Adapter, Anschutz 8.95

HBA-WIN Harris Bipod Adapter, Winchester 8.95

HB-BR Harris Bench Rest Bipod 6-9” 66.50

HBP-L Harris Bipod 9-13” 66.50

HBP-25C Harris Bipod 13.5-27” 81.50

HBP-BRS Harris Swivel Bench Rest 6-9” 95.50

HBP-LS Harris Swivel Bipod 9-13” 95.50


The Champion aluminum rail section is

designed for Anschutz type accessories.

The Freeland/Winchester narrow rail

section is found on Winchester 52’s and

other American made rifles. Each rail

section blank is approx. 15" in length.


Anschutz Blank Rail Section



Ans. Fre/Win

A .400” B .520 C .290 D .870

Freeland Blank Rail Section

A .330” B .450 C .400 D .640


Total movable weight 1.5 lbs.


This stabilizer is designed to be attached

to an Anschutz type rail to adjust the

total weight and balance of the rifle.

Also adjustable for cant. Just the item to

improve your kneeling and standing score.

ACC-S-WT Champion Adjustable Stabilizer 47.50



This palm rest is based on the common

block style palm rest that comes with most

target rifles. However our palm rest can

be adjusted to most any position through

vertical and horizontal adjustments. Our

unique design gives the shooter many

customizing options, including putting the

block underneath the trigger guard. Since

the block is made out of wood you can

easily customize it however you would

like. You can order the block palm rest

either stained or unfinished so you can

paint or stain it according to your needs.

The block attachment is compatible with

all Freeland MR. Cairo palm rest.

Specify rail type (Anschutz or Winchester)

PRF-MRB Freeland Block Style Palm Rest 75.00

PRF-BLK Freeland Block Only for Palm Rest 25.00



The palm rest conforms to one's hand in

most any position and provides for vertical

and horizontal adjustment. Made of

lightweight aluminum alloy. Specify rail.

PRF-MRC1 Freeland #1 Mr. Cairo Palm Rest 59.50


A quality palm rest with vertical, horizontal

and "cant" adjustment features.

Easily adjusted for right or left hand by

reversing the wooden hand hold in the

frame. Rugged, versatile and comfortable.

Specify rail type.

PRF-MRC2 Freeland #2 Mr. Cairo Palm Rest 99.50




Replacement palm rest for Anschutz Rifles.

PRA-4852 Anschutz 4852 Riser Block 120.00


Anschutz 200 mm high and

248 mm long, adjustable,


Make your own custom

palm rest with this

Anschutz rail mount.

Comes with a set of 1½”

10-32 screws & wrench.

PRA-CM Palm Rest Rail Mount for Anschutz 19.95


Attracts and holds moisture through

water crystal technology. Protects

gun safes, closets, bags, cabinets for

up to 60 days before recharging is

necessary. Self-contained and

portable the unit requires no wiring,

(5 batteries or extension cords.

Reusable - Indicator window to show

when to recharge by releasing

moisture trapped in water crystals.

3 /4 x 1 1 /2 x 4 1 /2")

19950 Rem Model 365 Mini Dehumidifier 19.50

Shooting Boot Size Chart

E 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

M 4 5 6 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 10.5 11.5 12 13 13.5 14

L 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9 9.5

Sizes: E = European metric size, M = USA Mens, L = Ladies


A comfortable leather shooting boot with a slightly

concave, flat sole which is made extra long for

individual adaptation in prone and kneeling position.

The projecting sole at toe can be filed to desired angle.

Quick lacing hooks will provide for comfort and

maximum support. The Velcro straps in back allow for

quick and easy adjustment for each position. It also has a

rubber toe for extra grip in kneeling position. This boot

provides excellent support in standing position. Very

similar to other top of the line boots that sell for about

$200. Since we are buying direct we can offer a top

quality boot at almost half the price of other brands.

Select size 36-49 metric. Color: Black/Gray

BT-932 Model 932 Shooting Boot Velcro 110.00



If your boot lace hook gets broken

by being stepped on, crushed etc...

you can now make a quick repair.

Remove broken hook, insert hook

in hole and squeeze the grommet.

BT-H1 Boot Lace Hook Single Hole 2.50

If your boot lace hook gets broken by

being stepped on, crushed etc... you can

now make a quick repair. Remove

broken hook, insert hook in holes and

squeeze the grommets.

BT-H2 Boot Lace Hook Double Hole 3.50

If your boot loop gets broken by being

stepped on, crushed etc... you can now

make a quick repair. Remove broken

loop, insert replacement loop in hole

and squeeze the grommet.

BT-H3 Model 932 Shooting Boot Velcro 2.50

Replacement shooting boot lace (Pair)

BT-LACE Shooting Boot Lace 2.50


This is a recommended item for your shooting boots. It

will help keep your boot soles flat. It’s adjustable in

length and sole height. Shoe trees will fit all size boots.

BT-936 Shoe Tree model 936 34.95


This is a good quality and

inexpensive kneeling roll made of

cordura outer shell with a cork filler.

The cork filler gives a good not too

hard and not too soft feel, and can be

easily adjusted for the correct size.

International and NRA legal.

KNR-C Champion Kneeling Roll 19.00

KNR-C-NF Kneeling Roll Without Filler 13.00



Same as above with rubber

around the outside for extra

grip and stability.

International & NRA legal.

KNR-D Champion Deluxe Kneeling Roll 26.00

KNR-D-NF Deluxe Roll Without Filler 20.00


These kneeling rolls are made out

of leather, canvas, and suede.

Slightly smaller diameter then the

champion kneeling rolls but

firmer due to the heavy canvas

outer shell. The suede provides

grip. International and NRA legal.

Specify color: Red, Blue, or Gray

KNR-L Sport Kneeling Roll 22.00

KNR-L-NF Sport Kneeling Roll w/o Filler 16.00


Cork filler gives a good not too hard

and not too soft feel, and can be

easily adjusted for the correct size.

Cork also weighs much less then

other fillers. This is ideal for

transporting on airlines. We use

small chips of cork to give you the

best possible hold in kneeling


KNR-CORK Cork Filler Only 8.00

New improved rubber on our shooting mats!

Our new gray rubber has much more texture

and it’s a bit softer so you sink into it

for the best possible hold. It comes

complete with no stretch backing.

MAT-RBR Rubber sheet only 25” x 21” 38.00

MAT-RBR4 Rubber sheet only 10.5” x 12.5” 10.00


A soil and water resistant mat with sure

grip gray rubber (25" x 21") added to the

shooting area with vinyl waterproof bottom.

A quality roll-up mat for both high

power and smallbore shooting. It measures

26" x 6 feet long.

MAT-RU Champion Shooting Mat 72.00


A soil and water resistant mat with sure

grip gray rubber (25" x 21") added to the

shooting area. In addition it has a vinyl

waterproof bottom, two leg flaps and a

dust flap. It measures 26" x 6 feet long.

It’s a quality mat with an outstanding


MAT-RUD Champion Deluxe Roll Up Mat 78.00


A soil and water resistant mat with sure

grip gray rubber (25" x 21") added to the

shooting area with padding for shooting

from hard surfaces. In addition it has a

vinyl waterproof bottom, two leg flaps and

a dust flap. It folds into thirds for easy

carrying with equipment and has a drag

strap. A very popular mat for the smallbore


MAT-CA Champion Carry-All Mat 82.00


LYM-TGD Lyman’s Digital Trigger Gauge 58.00

X-Treme AR 15 Trigger

The X-Treme AR-15 trigger is the latest 2-stage trigger

made for the AR-15 / M-16 rifles. Here are some key

features: 1) A fully machined trigger (not a casting) 2)

Fully heat treated so the sears will not lose their precise

adjustment 3) Adjustable for 1st stage pull, 2nd stage

pull, and 2nd stage sear engagement 3) Designed as a

semi-auto trigger for target shooting with a 4.0

millisecond lock time 4) Mil spec corrosion protection

and finish 5) Lifetime guarantee.


X-Treme AR-15 Trigger



Service Rifle weight pull

X-Treme AR-15 Trigger Match

Rifle weight pull


CG X-Treme Mod22 & Mod 70 2-STAGE TRIGGERS

This is a true completely adjustable 2-stage trigger that

will attach to a Remington 700 or Rem. 700/40X clones.

You can get it with or without the safety. It comes with

straight/reversible trigger shoe. Since it uses a 3.5mm

Anschutz type trigger rail, any Anschutz 54 trigger shoe

will fit. Adjustable pull weights from 10 oz to over 63

oz! It can also be adjusted to be used as a single stage

trigger. Now available for Winchester model 70 rifles.

TRC-M22S CG Trigger 700 with safety 330.00

TRC-M22 CG Trigger 700 w/o safety 300.00

TRC-M70 CG Trigger Win 70 w/o safety 300.00

Mod 22 Tactical Trigger

A solid trigger shoe with a

safety for non-target

shooting applications like

tactical and hunting rifles

is now available.

The most advanced

trigger pull

gauge available.

Range: 1 oz - 12


Comes with carry


Winchester Mod 70


TRC-M22TS CG Trigger 700 Tactical 330.00


• Practical design

• Easy handling

• Extraordinary solidity

• Various accessories


A wide range of accessories ensures optimum

conditions for all shooters even with strong

visual defects and under extreme light

conditions in the range.

The glasses can be used for rifle, pistol and

open sight shooting. Adjustable lens holder has

angle design for rifle and straight loop for pistol

• Quick and easy change of lens frame - no tool


• The square frame bar prevents the lens holder

from unintentional movement while shooting.

• Eye blinder is adjustable and can be

swiveled in and out of position as required.

• Comfortable ear holders prevent pressure

and sliding.

• Nose bridge can be custom fitted and easily

adjusted for height.

Includes Frames with one lens holder for rifle or pistol,

movable eye-shade, adjustable nose piece and


GLA-9000-31 Complete Rifle Frames 165.00

GLA-9002-42 Complete Pistol Frames 165.00

GLA-9016-31 Lens Holder 31mm Angle 24.00

GLA-9018-42 Lens Holder 42mm Angle 24.00

GLA-9015-31 Lens Holder 31mm Straight 24.00

GLA-9017-42 Lens Holder 42mm Straight 24.00

GLA-9031-31 Yellow Filter for 31mm lens 50.00

GLA-9038-31 Amethyst SAR for 31mm 75.00

GLA-9035-31 Orange Filter for 31mm 50.00

GLA-9086-31 UV 400 SAR for 31mm 70.00

GLA-9040-42 Yellow Filter for 42mm lens 50.00

GLA-9045-42 Amethyst SAR for 42mm 75.00

GLA-9042-42 Orange Filter for 42mm 50.00

GLA-904-42 UV 400 SAR for 42mm 70.00

GLA-9081 Lateral blinders, Translucent 18.00

GLA-9084 Eye-shade, Translucent 15.00

GLA-9033 Adjustable Iris 31mm 68.00

GLA-9034 Adjustable Iris 42 mm 68.00

GLA-9013 Extra Nose Piece 24.00

GLA-9091 Knurled Adjustment Nut 6.00

GLA-9093 Nut Cover 3.00

All the above is also available for PISTOL

and LEFT hand shooter at the same prices.


NEW - 25mm Mono-Lens Holder for Rear Sight

25mm Lens Holder

For 24mm lens

AHG-9450 Mono Lens Holder For Sight 62.00

Neck strap ready

The model 700 shooting glasses

are a stylish economical wrap

around eye protection. Meets

high impact standards + 99.9%

UV protection.

GLA-700 Model 700 Clear Safety Glasses 4.50

GLA-RC Revelation glasses - Clear 12.50

GLA-RA Revelation glasses - Amber 12.50

GLA-RLS Revelation glasses - Light Smoke 12.50

GLA-RV Revelation glasses - Vermillion 12.50


These are great reusable or

disposable sweatbands. They

quickly soak up moisture.

You can also dampen them

with water to help cool you

off on hot days.

• Easy change and

adjustment of lens frame

by a knurled nut

• Secured by specially

designed cover

Jaggi Glasses come with

Glasses Case: Your shooting

glasses are well protected

against damage in this hard

case. Has extra space for 5

filters, 2 lens holders and

other accessories.

The new lens holder attaches

centrically in front of the sight

disc or the iris disc to allow

you to put your prescription

lens directly on the sight.

Warning: this is currently not

legal for ISSF/ISU competition

but is permitted for NRA and

other disciplines.

Comfort, protection and style.

Five position lens angle

adjustment and four position

temple length adjustment for

custom fit. Impact resistant. 99.9

percent UV protection. Soft

nosepiece with self adjusting

fingers. Built-in ventilation

channel minimizes fogging.

ACC-HB Cellulose Sweatband , pack of 10 9.95

ACC-HBI Cellulose Sweatband, each 1.25




Champion Blinder

This is a flexible, black, no glare

polyurethane blinder to eliminate distraction

to the non-shooting eye. The blinder

can be provided with precut hole of 1/2"

(Unertl or Lyman scope), 7/8" (Anschutz or

Gehmann Iris), 1 3/8" (Leupold) or without

hole. Please specify size.

BLD-ISSF ISSF Eye Blinder 7/8” hole 2.95

BLD-7/8 Champion Blinder 7/8” hole 2.95

BLD-1/2 Champion Blinder 1/2” hole 2.95

BLD-L Champion Blinder 1 3/8” hole 2.95

BLD-NH Champion Blinder no hole cut 2.95









An opaque blinder

that clips on your

shooting glasses or

cap bill. Covers nonaiming

eye and

easily flips up out of

the way when not in

use. Blinder can be

cut or shaped.

BLD-DCF Deluxe Clip On "Flip-Up" Blinder 8.95

BLD-DCI Intl. Clip On "Flip-Up" Blinder 8.95



It increases the pistol shooters depth of field. This

provides a clear sight picture and also helps the target

become clearly defined. The aperture varies from .022 to

.156 inches. It has a no scratch suction cup to mount on

any glasses and will pivot out of the line of vision when

not in use.

M-OA Merit Optical Attachment 57.00

M-OARS Replacement Suction Cup 5.95

Lyman’s Basic Optical Attachment (fixed aperture size)

LY-OA Lyman Eyeglass Diopter 19.95

Anschutz Flip-Up Iris

The flip up adjustable

iris has a centering

adjustment as well as

iris adjustment. It

also acts as a blinder.

ANS-9778 Anschutz Flip Up Iris 79.00


S-LPEN Lens Pen Optics Cleaning Device 6.95

Leupold 45 Degree 60mm & 80mm Scopes

60mm SX-1

80mm SX-1

*Waterproof construction *Rubber armor coating *Generous

eye relief with roll-down eyecup *Focuses down to 10m.



Leupold SX-1 60mm 15-45X

Leupold SX-1 80mm 20-60X



CSS Optics Compact 50mm Spotting Scope

50mm An ideal compact rifle or pistol spotting

scope for indoor and outdoor shooting.

This scope focuses down to 5 meters and

out to infinity. It's extremely compact and

has outstanding optics quality for the price.

It comes with no fault warranty and is

waterproof and fogproof. 8" long, 1.4 lbs.

It comes with a soft carry case, lens caps

and an extendable lens shade to prevent

unwanted sun glare.

S-C50A CSS 50mm 12-36x 45 deg. 95.00


Lens Pen features a retractable soft brush

to remove dust and other large particles.

Other end has a soft chamois pad

impregnated with self-replenishing nonliquid

cleaning compound that cleans

lenses of oils, fingerprints and moisture.

Celestron offers high quality waterproof scopes at rock

bottom prices. These scopes will focus down to 10m and

can be used for long range spotting. These scopes come

complete with a scope cover, plus a No Fault Warranty!

This would be a perfect smallbore spotting scope or

entry level highpower scope.

S-C65 Celestron 65mm 18-55x 159.95


Celestron offers high quality waterproof scopes at rock

bottom prices. These scopes will focus down to 10m and

can be used for long range spotting. They come

complete with a scope cover, plus a No Fault Warranty!

These scopes are ideal for highpower shooting. Day or

night, this scope is optimized to provide clear sharp


S-C80 Celestron 80mm 20-60x 209.95

S-C100 Celestron 100mm 22-66x 379.95

New – Celestron Regal 45º Spotting Scopes



Celestron’s new Regal series spotting scopes are the

most affordable high quality scopes we have ever seen.

The extra low dispersion Fluorite lens provides excellent

color correction and razor sharp images while virtually

eliminating chromatic aberration. Because they are

completely waterproof you can feel comfortable using

them in extreme weather.

*No Fault Limited Lifetime Warranty

*ED Glass - to reduce chromatic aberration

*Fluorite - for color correction and razor sharp image

*Rotating Mounting Band for Scope Stand

*Wide Angle Zoom Eyepiece is Standard

*Dual-Focus Knobs for Super Sharp Focus

*Twist-Up Eyecup for use With or Without Eyeglasses

*Rubber Covered for Durability

*Soft Carrying Case and Camera adapter Included

*Waterproof for Protection Against the Elements

S-CR65F Celestron Regal 65mm 16-48X 499.95

S-CR80F Celestron Regal 80mm 20-60X 679.95

S-CR100F Celestron Regal 100mm 22-67X 799.95

Konus Spotting Scopes

Konus scopes are waterproof and fog free. They come

with a rotating band mount to get the desired angle of

the eyepiece. Both focus down to 10 meters. They come

with a basic bench tripod stand, carry case, and


S-K65 Konus 65mm 15-45X Zoom 155.00

S-K80 Konus 80mm 20-60X Zoom 219.00

45 Degree Spotting Scope Covers

The Freeland gray and black

covers have carry handles,

internal padding and a water

resistant outer shell. They

come with 3 heavy duty

zippers for eyepiece,

objective, and mount access.

CAS-G1 Freeland 77-82mm cover 45 deg. 29.50

CAS-G2 Freeland 60-66mm cover 45 deg. 27.50

CAS-G3 Freeland 50mm cover 45 degree 27.50


KOWA High Performance Spotting Scopes



This high-end model has been created using Kowa's

most advanced optical technology. Multi-Coated Lens,

Waterproof, High Resolution, LER & WA Capabilities

and rotating band mount. Select the scope body and the

eyepiece you need.

TSN-82SV TSN-82SV 45 Degree w/o Lens 695.00

This high-performance model has been created by taking

the superior qualities of the TSN-82SV Series and

putting them into a smaller, more compact scope. Multi-

Coated Lens, Waterproof, High Resolution, and rotating

band mount. Select the eyepiece you need.

TSN-661 Kowa 66mm 45 degree w/o Lens 555.00

Z 25 32

661 66mm

EYEPIECES for 82mm & 66mm SERIES

TE-9Z 20-60x Zoom eyepiece 370.00

TE-17HD 25x Long Eye Relief eyepiece 215.00

TE-14WD 30x Wide Angle eyepiece 265.00

TSN-CV-66 See Through Eyepiece cover 70.00


TSE-FL82 MC Objective lens cover for 82SV 55.00

S-MCUV82 MC Obj. Lens Cover +UV 82SV 45.00

TSE-FL66 MC Objective lens cover for 661 35.00

The Kowa green

covers are water

resistant and

they come with

carry handles.


CAS-CNW5 Kowa 82mm 45 Degree Cover 65.00

CAS-CNW9 Kowa 66mm 45 Degree Cover 65.00

CAS-CN13 Kowa 77mm 45 Degree Cover 65.00

New Coach’s Tripod for 100mm Scopes or Larger

If you are looking for the old

tripod stands used with the

100mm Unertl Team Scopes this

is a very close substitute. You

can use it sitting in a chair or

standing. Heavy-duty tripod

features sturdy tripod with

accessory tray and flex cables for

fine vertical and horizontal

adjustments. Coarse adjustments

are also possible. Scopes mount

via sliding 1/4 X 20 mounting

screw for scopes and cameras. The maximum extended

height is 45 inches and the minimum height is 32 inches

SST-100 Coach’s Tripod -Large scopes 99.95

BSA Essential 44mm Target Air Rifle Scope

This Air Rifle Scope is

built to handle the unique

reverse recoil of today's

magnum spring powered

air rifles. Adjustable

objectives that focus down to 7.5 yards which is a

necessary feature. Target-style turrets with finger

adjustable ¼ MOA clicks for windage and elevation.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

AR312X44 BSA 3-12X 44mm Air Scope 95.00

Weaver Optics

A quality rimfire hunting rifle scope

designed to withstand the multidirectional

recoil from the heaviest

spring-loaded high power airguns. Fully

multi-coated, non-glare lenses that

produce edge-sharp, low -light brightness,

even in the duskiest of conditions. All

scopes feature rugged, aircraft-grade,

one-piece aluminum construction.

Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

849398 3-9X 32mm AO Dual-X 230.00

Weaver 40/44 Series Target Rifle Scopes

High quality multicoated lenses

are ground and polished.

Elevation and windage in precise

1/8 MOA click adjustments.

Large knobs. Multiple sealed

nitrogen filled scope chambers. Waterproof, fogproof

and shockproof. Eye relief of 3 inches, length 14.1

inches. Adjustable objective focuses down to 25 yd.

Comes complete with metal eyepiece covers.

849550 6.5-20X 44mm Target Dual-x 195.00



6.5-20X 44mm Target

Varmint Reticle


Weaver V-Series

Fully multi-coated highquality

Japanese optics give


you the brightness (94%

light transmission) and edgeto-edge

clarity needed.

Adjustable Objective goes below 30 feet so its great for

indoor shooting. It has generous eye relief and quickchange

power adjustments. It’s waterproof, fogproof and

shockproof. It has Semi Target Turret Knobs (clickable

low profile knobs).

849410 Weaver V 4-16x42mm cross/dot 305.00

849411 Weaver V 6-24x42mm dplx/dot 355.00

Weaver T-Series

Micro-trac 4 point windage

and elevation system for

precision adjustments.

Fully-multi-coated lenses

for unparralled light transmission and clarity. Fast focus

eyepiece and one-piece tube construction. Waterproof,

fogproof and shockproof. Adjustable Objective. Scopes

have 1/8 MOA finger adjustment.

849974 Weaver T-36 X Dot BR Scope 440.00

849969 Weaver T-36 X Dot BR Silver 440.00


Bushnell AO Elite Target Scope

Waterproof and

fogproof both inside

and out. Rainguard

lens coating prevents

external fogging,

improves image

resolution and boosts

light transmission. Fully multi-coated optics. Features

1/8 MOA fingertip click windage and elevation

adjustments. Audible and resettable windage and

elevation adjustment. One-piece hammer forged tube

made with titanium. The Elite Target scope focuses

down to 10 yds.

E6240 Bushnell Elite 6-24X40 Multi-X 430.00

Leupold VX-III EFR

Leupold’s top of the line VX-

III EFR target scopes.

Adjustable objective focuses

down for indoor shooting.

Index Matched Lens System.

1/4 MOA click target style

windage and elevation dials.

Waterproof and fogproof.

66570 Leupold 6.5-20 40mm dot 799.99

66565 Leupold 6.5-20 40mm fine dup. 749.99



27”L x 3”D

Receiver type

18”L x 3”D


Finally a solution to storing your target

rifle scopes. This scope cover has a thick

pile lining to cushion the scope, a full

length zipper for easy access and a handy

carry handle. Two sizes available for

receiver type scopes like the Leupold and

longer traditional scopes like Unertl and

Lyman type. Made in USA.

CAS-RSC-R Rifle Scope Cover receiver type 22.00

CAS-RSC-U Rifle Scope Cover Unertl/Lyman 24.00


Unertl recoil springs and stops have been out of

production for many years. We have new ones available

however we only have a limited supply.

S-URS Unertl Recoil Spring 50.00

S-URSS Unertl Recoil Spring Stop 20.00



* Accepts rods from 5/8” – 1.3”

* Leveling Knobs for all terrain

* Can now use Stabilizer.

swivel saddle zoom

The Freeland Regal Bipod stand is the best known stand

in the shooting industry. It is made of aluminum castings

with a brown wrinkle finish and available with either the

saddle head, zoom head, or swivel head assembly. The

saddle head is adaptable to most any scope, holding it in

a clamp ring, while the zoom head is made for scopes

with the "boss" mount 1/4" x 20 Thread. The Regal

Bipod features quick adjustment for elevation and allows

for full panoramic view. It comes complete with one

standard 5/8” x 21" steel extension, tools for adjustment,

carry ball, pan-view collar, thread cap and the new

friction washer system. Weighs 4.5 pounds. Saddle head

is available in standard or large ring clamp.

SSB-SW Freeland bipod w/swivel head 150.00

SSB-SA Freeland bipod stand w/saddle head 125.00

SSB-Z Freeland bipod stand w/zoom head 125.00

SSB-BASE Freeland Bipod Base Only 60.00

Add $12.00 if you want to swap the

standard 5/8” Rod for the 1” Rod

saddle zoom swivel


The tripod stand is designed for the larger and heavier

spotting scopes that are in use today. The new Universal

Regal Head Assembly will work on all rods from 5/8” to

1.3” as well as other uses, see page 24 for options.

* Each leg has independent adjustment for uneven


* Large support area for more stability. Scope stand

weight is not necessary.

* Scope can go lower to the ground. No problem with 45

degree scopes in the prone position.

It comes complete with one 21" steel extension, tools for

adjustment, carry ball, pan-view collar, thread cap, and

the new friction washer system. Weighs only 5 pounds.

SST-SA Tripod Stand w/Univ. Saddle Head 125.00

SST-Z Tripod Stand w/Univ. Zoom Head 125.00

SST-SW Tripod Stand w/Univ. Swivel Head 150.00

SST-BASE Tripod Base Only 60.00

SSA-R-S Standard Scope Clamp Ring 6.00

SSA-R-L Large Scope Clamp Ring 6.00

Extra Freeland Extension rod 5/8” diameter

SSA-SR21 Freeland 21” Extension Rod, Steel 15.00



Freeland Scope

Stands are made

and assembled

in the USA by


1” Rods saddle


zoom swivel

We now have a stand for highpower shooters with very

large scopes. It has a new stabilizer that actively reduces

vibrations caused by wind gusts or bumping the stand.

No other stand base goes lower to the ground. Uneven

terrain is not a problem as the base can be leveled. The

package comes with three 1” steel rods, thread cap, carry

ball, stabilizer and pan view collar.

SST-HSA Tripod Stand w/Univ. Saddle Head 225.00

SST-HZ Tripod Stand w/Univ Zoom Head 225.00

SST-HSW Tripod Stand w/Univ Swivel Head 250.00

The new 1” rod has same threads as the 5/8” rods. The

adaptor allows you to put 1” rods on a 5/8” scope stand.

SSA-1 1” Steel Extension Rod 21” 27.00

SSA-1A Freeland 5/8” to 1” adaptor 7.50

Universal Regal Body Upgrade Unit

If you have a Freeland scope stand

head assembly and you would like to

be able to use it on any size rod from

5/8” to 1.4” simply purchase this body

upgrade unit and attach it to what you

already have for this new feature.

SSA-UBO Universal Body Upgrade Unit 32.00

Universal Pan-view Collar for 5/8” rod to

1.3” rod. This can be used with the new

Universal Head Assembly. It fits

underneath the head assembly to allow you

to look left and right to see how everyone else is doing.

SSA-UPVC Universal pan-view collar 9.95

Freeland Stabilizer for Scope Stand

The new Freeland Rod Stabilizer reduces

unwanted scope stand vibrations very

quickly through our vibration

suppression technology (patent pending).

The Freeland Vibration Suppressor

significantly reduces the amount of time

it takes for the rod to return to a steady position. With

the suppressor the vibrations caused by wind or bumps

are reduced in considerably less time then without. The

stabilizer works best on stands that can be leveled, such

as the new Freeland Scope Stands where each leg can be

adjusted for a perfectly balanced system. It is designed

to work on both our 5/8” rods and our 1” rods.

SSA-SI Freeland Stabilizer for Scope Stand 27.00



New Universal Regal Head Assembly Options

1 1/4”


This new universal regal head

assembly has been created to fit any

size extension rod from the standard

5/8” to 1.37” rods. This gives you

Pipe clamp

the ability to use your head

assembly almost anywhere. It will

allow you to mount it to camera tripods, PVC tubes,

steel pipes, and various other stands/poles. The V

bracket gives you a no slip secure hold capable of

holding even the heaviest scopes.

Freeland Head Assemblies friction

All Freeland Head assemblies allow you

to adjust and set the coarse adjustment

friction you wish the scope to rotate on

the stand. They all come with a fine

elevation adjustment knob.



Fine adj. knob

New Swivel Mount with Adjustable friction settings

The Freeland Swivel head assembly is ideal for 45

degree scopes that do not have a rotating band. The

swivel allows you to orientate your eyepiece a full 180°.

Unlike most swivels on the market that require loosening

and tightening knobs to make adjustments, our mount

allows you to simply move the scope to where you want

it with one hand and it stays where you put it. This is

possible by allowing you to adjust friction settings. You

can independently set the friction for elevation and the

angular adjustments. This enables you to adjust the

scope orientation without knobs while you are in

position. Best of all the ridged construction is nearly


SSA-USWA Univ. Swivel Head Assembly 95.00

The saddle head assembly

clamps around the scope

body. It works much like

the swivel head in that you

can rotate the scope inside

the band to orientate your

eyepiece. There are 2 band

sizes available. Standard 2.25” to 3.25” or Large 3.25”

to 4.25” diameter. It may not work for small body scopes

and can possibly interfere with scopes that have focus

knobs in the middle of the scope. It’s a solution for

scopes that do not have a thread mount or scopes with a

broken mount.

SSA-USAA Univ. Saddle Head Assembly 65.00


The zoom head is ideal for scopes

that have a rotating band built into

the scope body like the Kowa 821 or

Konus spotting scopes. It also is for

scopes where eyepiece orientation is

not necessary. The scope mounts to

the 1/4" x 20 thread.

SSA-UZA Univ. Zoom Head Assembly 65.00

Swivel Only

Zoom Only


SSA-SW-O Freeland Swivel Head Only 53.00

SSA-Z-O Freeland Zoom Adapter Only 27.00

SSA-SA-O Freeland Saddle Mount 27.00

All scope stands come with the below

accessories. These are replacement parts

if you lose an item or wish to get a new

one. The New Friction Washers go in the

upper head assembly of the stand.

SSA-FW New Friction Washer Kit 3.25

SSA-BALL Carry Ball for 5/8” rod 4.50

SSA-BK Large Black Knob 5.50

SSA-UPVC Universal Pan-View collar 9.95

SSA-PVC Pan View Collar for 5/8” rod 6.50

SSA-TC Thread Cap for all Freeland rods 3.50

Saddle Mount for 1/4” x 20 thread camera mount.

This allows you to mount a scope that

does not have 1/4” X 20 thread by

clamping it to the saddle mount. The

saddle mount in turn attaches to the

1/4” X 20 mount found on common

table top video/camera tripods and stands. You can

rotate your scope inside the saddle band for additional

adjustment options. Specify band size; Standard 2.25” to

3.25” or Large 3.25” to 4.25” diameter.

SSA-SACM Saddle mount for 1/4" X 20 Thread 27.00

Saddle Clamp rings are adjustable and are

available in two sizes. Standard 2.25” to

3.25” inches or Large 3.25” to 4.25”


SSA-R-S Standard Scope Clamp Ring 6.00

SSA-R-L Large Scope Clamp Ring 6.00

The Zoom Adapter

Extension allows

the shooter to move

the scope a couple

more inches closer

thus pushing the

stand further away.

This is for the

Freeland Tripod Zoom

Head Scope Stand


SSA-ZAE Zoom Adapter Extension 16.00

Narrow Ground Spike

This ground spike screws into the end of

the Freeland extension rod. The 5" length

and nail like shape makes it very easy to

push into the ground. Can be stored inside

the extension rod.

SSA-GSN Ground Spike Kit 5.00



A compact weight - 7.5

pounds of solid steel.

It will accept the

standard Freeland

extension rod. At

today’s spotting scope

prices, this is

inexpensive insurance.

SSA-WT Champion Scope Stand Wt. 7.5 lbs 30.00


The rifle support

keeps the rifle in the

upright position and

fits any rifle with a

"T" slot channel. Made

of steel with rubber



RS-1 Rifle Support for


Freeland/Win Type Rail

ACC-RS-2 RS-2 Rifle Support for Anschutz 22.00

ACC-RS-RF Replacement Feet, Pair 1.00


This bipod is an inch

higher and wider for a

more level and stable

support then the Anschutz

Model. Only fits the

Anschutz rail type.

ACC-RS-IMP Improved Bipod Anschutz 18.50

The new bench rest block adapter attaches to the

Anschutz rail on the bottom of your rifle to give you a

flat square profile perfect for bench rest stands. Block is

made out of a high strength synthetic material ½”x3”x6”

BR-36A Bench Rest Block for Anschutz 25.00



Rifle rest forks are

used to keep your gun

upright outside for

cleaning or just to keep

the gun out of the dirt. J S

ACC-RFJ Jumbo Rifle Rest Fork 7.00

ACC-RFS Standard Rifle Rest Fork 5.50

A solid BR stand for ammo testing and/or bench rest

competition. The Supreme version has a fore-end stop.

SBR-ST Freeland Standard Benchrest Stand 75.00

SBR-SP Freeland Supreme Benchrest Stand 92.00

The Fire-Control Rests gives you

perfect fingertip control over the

location of your crosshairs when the

trigger breaks by moving the control

arm. Unmatched accuracy, precision

and repeatability in sighting-in, hand

load development or competition.

746-884 Fire Control Front Rest 195.00

100-259 Fire Control Full-Length Rest 220.00

-15 ½ lb cast iron base

- adjustable legs

-fore-end stop

This is a new BR stand for

serious competition shooters.

The rest’s fine elevation

adjustments are made from a

large rotating wheel that glides

on a ball bearings. Its windageadjustable

cradle lets shooters

make fast, smooth horizontal

adjustments. The cradle

features a sturdy bag

tensioning system. It includes a

free three-lobe synthetic bag

for flat-bottomed BR forends.

440907 Caldwell - The Rock Benchrest 159.00

High-quality leather (secure hold)

and polyester (holds it’s shape) Front

and Rear Shooting Bags. Uses hook

and loop tabs on the Front Rest for

quick installation and removal.

Unfilled bags

Narrow and medium for round sport/

varmint rifles. Wide for flat forends.

Fill with fine, dry sand.

226-645 Rear Rest for any BR stand 25.00

391-981 Narrow front bag - sport rifle 13.95

174-122 Medium front bag - varmint 13.95

489-585 Wide front bag – bench rest rifle 13.95


Remember the old Lyman pine wood box? We

now make a box out of Walnut or Cherry,

dark stain and brass type hardware. This

is a beautiful box to store and transport

your scope to and from the range. We make

them to fit Lyman Super Target, Unertl 1

1/2" Target, Unertl 2" Target, Redfield

3200. Made in USA.

Specify model when ordering.

CAS-RSB-A Rifle Scope Box Unertl 1 ½” 79.00

CAS-RSB-B Rifle Scope Box Unertl 2” 79.00

CAS-RSB-C Rifle Scope Box Redfield 3200 79.00

CAS-RSB-D Rifle Scope Box Lyman S.T. 79.00

New Height



Rest can now

be placed at

any height

from 23” to


Heavy duty

Steel Rods!

Flat Platform





This is the finest off-hand stand ever

made. The off hand stand uses the same

adjustable/leveling tripod base as the

scope stand. It comes complete with two

21" steel rods, one 21” height adjustment

rod and a flat rifle rest. The stand also

comes with an adjustable Position Master

and a .22 cal. wooden cartridge block or a

177 cal. Pellet Box. Adjust from 23"-65"

for standing position. Made 100% in USA.

OHS-DL22 Freeland 22 Cal Off Hand Stand 139.00

OHS-DL17 Freeland 17 Cal Off Hand Stand 139.00

Off Hand Conversion Unit to convert your

Tripod Scope Stand to an Off Hand Stand.

Contains a Rifle Rest, Position Master and

Cartridge Block. The new height adjustable

rod is designed for the bases with the 1

inch hole. Use the adapter for 5/8 stands.

OHS-CU-D Deluxe Off Hand Conversion Unit 45.00

OHS-RRF Flat Rifle Rest for Off Hand Stand 16.50

OHS-ROD 1x21” Height Adjustable Rod 32.00

SSA-1A Freeland 5/8” to 1” adaptor 7.50

Rubber feet



The Club Deluxe Off-Hand

stand uses an adjustable

tripod base with steel

rods that extends to

approximately 53”. The

elevated base gives you

increased stability and

drastically reduces

vibration. It comes with

the position master and

either a 22 cal wooden

ammo block or a 177 cal

pellet box. The tripod

folds down and the rods

compress to a manageable

27”. Its low price, light

weight and function all

make this a great value.

OHS-CD22 Club Off Hand Stand 22 Cal. 66.95

OHS-CD17 Club Off Hand Stand 17 Cal. 66.95

For additional height you can add an extension rod.

SSA-SR21 Freeland 21” Extension Rod, Steel 15.00

Flat felt top

rifle rest.



Flat rifle rest for Off Hand Stand

“U” rifle rest for Off Hand Stand




Have your ammo handy in

all positions. Attach

your cartridge block

with two wood screws and

attach the position

master to your off hand

stand. Made in USA.

OHS-PM Position Master for Freeland Stand 18.00

OHS-CB Cartridge Block 50 Round for PM 14.95

Tray lowers to

protect the

pellets shape!

3” x 6”

U shape rest to

cradle rifle

This .177 cal pellet holder holds

100 pellets. The tray lowers for

easy loading. It works by simply

dumping about 150 pellets onto

the holder, sift the pellets until

they are in the pellet holes, pour

surplus pellets back into tin and

close the holder. When you open

the box the tray raises so you can

easily pick up each pellet in

neatly counted rows of 10.

PEL-BOX .177 Cal Final Match Pellet Holder 14.95


A well made wooden cartridge block which

holds 60 rounds plus a 50 round box in the

center. A fine addition to your shooting

equipment. Made in USA.

ACC-CCB22 Freeland Classic Cartridge Block 30.00


For use with large caliber & magnum

rounds. Completely new technology

utilizes a dual shell to minimize

resonance, & achieve maximum high

frequency attenuation. Acoustically

automated super attenuator surrounds the

ear, giving highly effective protection.

Low weight & optimal comfort. Offers

the highest NRR (30dB) on the market.

EAR-P10 Peltor 10 Earmuff 22.50



The ultimate in Stow-A-Way

hearing protection. Computer

designed for lightweight

comfort and noise reduction.


EAR-BEP Bull's-Eye President



Designed especially for the

shooter. A Stow-A-Way hearing

protector with an ultra low tapered

section of the ear cup bottom,

which eliminates interference with

the gun stock. NRR 21dB.

EAR-PB6 Peltor 6 Earmuffs over the head

EAR-PB6B Peltor 6 Earmuffs behind the head

Electronic Stereo


These earmuffs block

out loud sounds like

gunshots but allow and

even amplifies normal




sounds via a volume

control knob.




Caldwell E Max Electonic Earmuff

Peltor Tactical 6 Stereo Earmuff



Ear Muff Holder / Keeper / Clip

Use this to Attach your ear muff strap

to pants, belt, pocket, etc…

EAR-BK Ear Muff Holder / Keeper 1.95


Soft, expandable foam for

comfort and a sure fit in

all sizes of ear canals.

29dB noise reduction rating.

3 Pair with handy storage


EAR-P3C E-A-R Plugs 3 Pair w/ Hard Case 1.50

EAR-P3 E-A-R Plugs 3 Pair Only 1.00

EAR-P50 E-A-R Plugs 50 Pair, paper case 12.50

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Molds in 10 minutes. Soft,

permanent, custom fit. No mess. All

day comfort. Simple, easy to follow

instructions. NRR 26.

CEP002T Custom Molded Ear Plugs 12.50



Pre-molded ear plug with unique

triple flange design. Soft

reusable polymer construction

and washable. One size fits all. It

has a 26dB noise reduction

rating. Comes in a 3 pair pack

with handy carry case. Clear.

Multiple Seals

EAR-TF Tri-Flange Ear Plugs 3 pack w/case 6.95

Olive – Indoor /

Yellow - Outdoor


Designed for US Army & NATO, this plug provides two

types of protection. The olive end has constant 22db

protection, the yellow end has a patented filter that

provides variable level protection for impulse noise

(weapons fire) without blocking normal communications

like range commands. The nonlinearity begins at 110db

and increases to 22db at 170db (outdoors)

EAR-IO E-A-R Indoor/Outdoor Ear Plugs 12.50


An American style ball cap with side flaps and velcro on

top of bill so you can flip the flaps up when not in use.

Cap colors: Blue or Red.

CAP-SC Champion Shooting Cap 12.95


This is the best shooting hat on the market. This

comfortable hat comes with removable/adjustable side

flaps and a removable/adjustable blinder. The Velcro

size adjustment band can be adjusted to any size head

both adult and youth. Available in red/white, or


CAP-SCD Champion Deluxe Shooting Cap 15.00


Hat comes with an adjustable

headband and chinstrap; ventilated

mesh around the top to keep you cool.

The soft round brim protects you from

the sun and can work like side flaps to

limit distractions. Size M, L, XL.

Size L fits most adults.

CAP-R Round Shooting Hat 20.00

Neoprene Shooting Visor

Comfortable, soft, low weight

visor ideal for shooting.

Adjustable headband size.

Corresponds to international

shooting rules.

CAP-V Neoprene Shooting Visor 8.95

Squirrel Field Target For Air Guns

Made of heavy steel. When you hit

the yellow bullseye, the target falls

down. Just pull the string to reset the

target upright. Use lead air gun

pellets only. comes with reset string

and securing stakes.

TGT-FTSQ Squirrel Field target for Airguns 19.99

Rocker Pellet Trap For Lead Pellets Only

Metal pellet trap recommended

for airguns under 750 fps.

With five hanging targets in

different sizes and shapes. All

steel construction. For indoor

or outdoor use. The middle

target resets the other 4 targets.

TGT-RPT Rocker Pellet Trap 24.00


The perfect range cart, stows away into next to nothing

yet capable of hauling 150lbs worth of stuff! It goes over

all sorts of terrain with ease. It extends to 39” high with

multiple height locking positions, as you fold the lifting

panel out the 5” wheels pop out and lock in place. To

stow away simply fold the lifting panel in and wheels

spring back inside the frame making it extremely

compact and flat. Weighs 7 lbs.

Collapsed size is only 25”x15”x 2”

MCART Heavy duty collapsible hand truck 30.95



Noptel without a doubt is the best electronic

marksmanship training system in the world.

The Noptel training system comes with the latest

software which has almost all rifle courses of fire

including air gun + a gun and target editor. The target

editing software makes any target size you want even

custom targets, you can reduce the target size to any

distance. This system comes complete with case,

software, and targets. It's compatible with all new pc’s

and almost all old computers, (150mhz or better) either

laptop or desktop running windows 98 or better. Best of

all, you only need 5 meters of distance between the gun

and the target to simulate any shooting distance/course

of fire. The unit comes with a 5 meter rifle and pistol

target as well as a 10 meter rifle and pistol target. The

Noptel Sport 2 training system is the latest design. It

includes a universal mount that can be used with nearly

any rifle/pistol regardless of brand. The new Sport 2

system uses a standard USB interface.

See for more

info.(Computer not included.)

N-SPT2 Noptel Sport 2 training system 2295.00

N-H101 Noptel 10m Rifle Target 35.00

N-H102 Noptel 5m Rifle Target 35.00

N-H103 Noptel 10m Pistol Target 35.00

N-H104 Noptel 5m Pistol Target 35.00


This reflector enables live fire for Noptel

systems. Used for target distances 10-25 m.

The number of plastic reflectors needed

depends on the shooting distance, model of

device and shooting discipline. This is also

ideal for use with custom targets.

N-K105 Sunx reflector for Noptel 40.00


Target # Description Per 100

TGT-TQ-1/1 50 ft. rifle 1 bull 3.70

TGT-TQ-1/5 50 ft. rifle 5 bull 3.70

TGT-A-17 50 ft. rifle 11 bull 9.00

TGT-A-36 50 ft. rifle ISU 12 bull 9.00

TGT-USA-50 50 ft rifle USA/NCAA 12 bull 9.00

TGT-AR-5/5 10 M air rifle 5 bull 6.00

TGT-AR-5/10 10 M air rifle 12 bull 9.00

TGT-AR-4/10 5 M air rifle 12 bull - Daisy 9.00

TGT-A-23/5 50 yd. smallbore 5 bull 20.00

TGT-A-25 100 yd. smallbore 3 bull 32.00

TGT-A-26 50 M smallbore 5 bull 20.00

TGT-A-27 50 yd. reduced A-26 20.00

TGT-A-33 100 yd. reduced 300m ISU 32.00

TGT-A-51 50 yd. reduced A-50 20.00

TGT-A-50 50 M ISU 6 bull 20.00

TGT-SR1-C 100 yd. reduc. of 200 yd 9.00

TGT-SR21-C 100 yd. reduc. of 300 yd 9.00

TGT-MR31-C 100 yd. reduc. of 600 yd 9.00

TGT-SR-C 200 yd. center 17.00

TGT-SR3-C 300 yd. rapid center 17.00

TGT-MR1-C 600 yd. center 52.00

TGT-B-2 50 ft. slow fire pistol 9.00

TGT-B-3 50 ft. timed & rapid fire 9.00

TGT-B-11 50M slow fire reduced 50' 9.00

TGT-B-33 50' Int'l C.F.& Stand A 13.00

TGT-B-40/1 10 M air pistol 1 bull 6.00

TGT-B-40/4 10 M air pistol 4 bull 13.00

TGT-B6-CT 50 yd. slow fire center 9.00

TGT-B8-CT 25 yd. timed & rapid cent 9.00

TGT-BA-A36 Backer for A-17, A-36 6.80

TGT-BA-A23 Backer A-23, A-26, A-27, A-51 10.00

TGT-BA-A25 Backer for A-25 22.00


TGT-PSP-B Black 3/4" Rd. 500/box 2.50

TGT-PSP-C Buff 3/4" Rd. 500/box 2.50


A couple handy wedges

used to keep the target

frame from moving in the

wind by filling any

excess gaps at the base.

TGT-W Target Frame Wedge 3.50


These plugs feature a low profile no-push

ultra flexible handle for self centering

as well as an easy to see scoring flange.

This gauge is the only legal way to score

a competition target. Ideal for both

Smallbore (rifle/pistol) and Highpower

rifle matches.


SG-22 .22 Cal. Plug Scoring Gauge 6.00

SG-22M .22 Cal Plug Gauge w/magnifier 10.00

SG-30 .30 Cal. Plug Scoring Gauge 6.00

SG-32M .32 Cal. Plug Gauge w/magnifier 10.00

SG-38M .38 Cal Plug Gauge w/magnifier 10.00

SG-40M .40 Cal Plug Gauge w/magnifier 10.00

SG-45M .45 Cal. Plug Gauge w/magnifier 10.00

SG-17R .177 Cal Plug Rifle w/magnifier 10.00

SG-17P .177 Cal Plug Pistol w/magnifier 10.00

EE-22 Eagle Eye Scoring Gauge 22/177 cal 20.95

EE-45 Eagle Eye Scoring Gauge 38/45 cal 20.95

Target Scoring Aid Overlays

These aids reconstruct scoring rings that have been shot

out They can also be centered on a group to see what the

score might have been if the gun was sighted in

properly. Each overlay comes with a bullet overlay.

OL-SBO Outdoor smallbore overlay 4.50

OL-PI Indoor pistol overlay 4.50

OL-PO Outdoor pistol score line overlay 2.50

OL-177 .177 Air rifle and pistol overlay 3.00


ACC-OBT-22 .22 LR Only, 10" x 11" 67.00


style target

clips fits wide

target frames


This scoring gauge works like an

overlay with the enhanced sight

of a magnifying glass. It has the

inside and outside gauge for .22

cal. and also a .177 cal. gauge

or 38 cal. and 45 for handgun.

Heavy gauge steel

construction. 10"x11"

target area. For .22

caliber LR rimfire

shooting only. Do not

use with larger


ACC-TC 12 Target Clips Smallbore 1.25” 2.50

ACC-CB 6”x9” Clipboard for field notes 2.50

Bassham’s Mental Management Audio Series

These are the famous "Bassham Tapes" that have taught

shooters all over the world the mental game for over 25

years. Learn what winners are thinking from an Olympic

Champion that has been studying Olympic Champions.

Over 7 hours of mental secrets are presented. All of the

applications are made to the shooting disciplines of

shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery. 6 audio CD’s.

AUD-MC Mental management in 6 CD’s 125.00

BOK-WIM With winning in mind Book 12.95

AUD-WIM With winning in mind Audio CD 28.50


Lanny Bassham’s With Winning In Mind

is the most authoritative book available on

mental training for sports and competitive

environments. For those that do not have

time to read, this book is also available on

audio CD so you can listen to it in your

car or when you work out.

Get a jump on your competitors by

starting to master the mental game

early in your career as a shooter. Most

shooters wait years to begin learning

the information on this CD. By then

they have developed habits that cost

them points and are hard to eliminate.

What Every Shooter Should Know

FIRST About the Mental Game


Freedom Flight, is available in book

or audio CD about Lanny Bassham’s

life changing dialogue on a flight to

compete in the Olympic games. You

will learn 14 principles of attainment

in this 70 minute program

BOK-FF NEW- Freedom Flight Book 18.00

AUD-FF Freedom Flight , 2 Audio CD’s 24.00

DVD video format is now available.

The videos once individually sold now

come in sets. Videos 1-4 cover

winning the mental game, controlling

performance under pressure, goal

setting, and mastering self image.

Videos 5-6 cover mental training for

the performer and the parent/coach.

VD-14 DVD Version of videos 1-4 135.00

VD-56 DVD Version of videos 5-6 67.50

Lanny Basshams Interactive CD-Roms

These CD-ROMs will

turn your Windows PC

into a teaching machine.

Winning in the wind is

authored by Lanny and

L. Wigger. Mastering 3P

by Troy Bassham.

CD-WW CD-Rom Winning in the Wind 34.95

CD-3P Mastering 3 Position Air Rifle 34.95

Successful Pistol Shooting

by Bob Hickey and Art Sievers is

available in a hardback only.

Successful Pistol Shooting is the

most comprehensive book on pistol

shooting. It’s an authoritative

presentation of the latest technical

and physiological teachings on

advanced marksmanship. 662 pages

A great text book for pistol classes.

BOK-SPS Successful Pistol Shooting 42.00


Score book has enlarged

target overlays with

double overlays for 200

and 300 yard rapid fire

stages. Essential data is

arranged in a simple

check-off format. Pages

for 200, 300, 600 and

1000 yard shooting.

BOK-CRSB Creedmoor Rifle Data Score Book 9.95


The high power data book is a

quality score book with 52

complete course entries. The

long range data book has 108

sheets for 600 yards and 108

sheets for long range targets

800, 900 and 1000 yards. Wind

charts for various cartridges and

bullet weights are included.

BOK-OHP Jim Owens High Power Score book 14.95

BOK-OLR Jim Owens Long Range Score Book 14.95

DVD’s – Video Disassembly and Reassembly

DVD covers the disassembly and

reassembly of various guns. The 1911

video covers the 1911 semi-auto family of

guns: Kimber Custom II, Colt Defender

Series 90. Glock DVD covers Glock semiauto

family of guns. The S&W DVD

covers the M&P semi-auto family of guns.

The XD video covers the semi-auto family

of guns.

V-1911 DVD 1911 Assembly Video 11.95

V-GLOCK DVD Glock Assembly Video 11.95

V-MP9 DVD S&W M&P 9 Assembly 11.95

V-XD9 DVD Springfield XD-9 Assem. 11.95


NEW – This 200+ page book is the

most comprehensive book ever

made for 3 position rifle shooting.

This book goes into great detail

regarding the equipment and the

shooter. A must have for your

shooting library.

BOK-WR Ways of the Rifle 2009 60.00



All you need to know about target air

rifles and 3 position competition. Bound

on 204 color pages, with over 1500

photos, drawings and graphics. Structured

according to the current state of coaching

science: Fitness, Outer and Inner Position,

3 Positions, Supported Rest Shooting,

Movement Sequences, the Air Rifle,

Aiming path Analysis, Practices, Psyche,

Training Management, & the coach. Also

includes, important developments and trends in equipment,

rifles, sighting aids, aiming, clothing, ammunition testing…

BOK-ARS Air Rifle Shooting Book 70.00

NEW - Riflemans Guide to Rimfire Ammuntion

A comprehensive book on various

rimfire ammunitions. Samples of each

ammunition were weighted, measured,

disassembled and group tested. 137

different rimfire rounds were tested from

11 different manufacturers. Ammo was

tested in bolt-action and semi-automatic

rifles that included Anschutz, Sako,

Benchrest rifles, and custom 10/22’s and

other sporting rifles. Both 17 and 22 cal.

BOK-RGRA Riflemans guide to rimfire ammo 19.95



This is an excellent 450 page book

that covers all the aspects of

loading for competition shooting.

This is the best book on this

subject that we have seen.

Whether you’re a new shooter or a

seasoned shooter this is a good

book to have on the book shelf.

BOK-HLC Hand loading for Competition 29.95

Competitive AR-15 Builders Guide

An easy-to-read, and detailed book

that will take its reader step-by-step

through the parts selection and then

provides detaild instructions on how

to assemble each component. It is

both an instruction manual and a

textbook for competition shooters.

BOK-BG The Competitive AR-15 Book 29.00


It's not a rewrite or update but takes an allnew

approach, with all new material. Each

and every AR15 system and component is

discussed and dissected, with each parts

group given it's own separate segment.

BOK-NAR The NEW Competitive AR-15 Book 29.95


BOK-RMH Hornady Reloading Manual 31.00

BOK-RMLY Lyman 49 th reloading handbook 20.95

BOK-RMN Nosler reloading manual 22.95

BOK-RMS Sierra rifle/pistol reload manual 29.50

BOK-RMHP Hodgdon Powder annual manual 7.25



Quality trimmer uses standard

shell holder and Lyman cutter

heads and pilots. Trims all

rifle and pistol cases through

.458 Win. Mag. Comes with

9-pilots. 22, 24, 27, 28, 30,

9mm, 35, 44 and 45A.

GAU-ATR Lyman AccuTrimmer w/pilots 51.25

Lyman Reloading Tools

The VLD chamfer reamer allows

all VLD bullets to slip easily into

the case ensuring accuracy.

Primer Cleaner removes fouling.

Uniforming tools have a pre-set

stop collar for perfect depth.

LY-VLD Lyman VLD Chamfer/Reamer 9.95

LY-PPRS Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer S 9.95

LY-PPRL Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer L 9.95

LY-PPCS Lyman Primer Pocket Cleaner S 9.95

LY-PPCL Lyman Primer Pocket Cleaner L 9.95

LY-PPUS Primer Pocket Uniformer Large 15.95

LY-PPUL Primer Pocket Uniformer Small 15.95

RED-ISW Imperial Sizing Wax 8.75

HOR-CL Hornady Case Lube “one shot” 6.95

Lyman Case Tumbler, Media & Gauge

LY-MCG Media Corncob Green 6 lbs. 14.95

LY-MCG2 Media Corncob Green 10 lbs. 17.95

LY-22AF 2200 ProMag. Auto-Flo Tumbler 125.00

LY-ECG E-Zee Case Gauge (70+ case sizes) 16.50

Lee Auto Prime XR hand priming

tool is a fast, safe, and effective way

of priming cases. It uses Lee Auto

Prime shell holders only. Accepts

primers from all manufactures.



New - Lee Auto Prime XR

Set of 11 AutoPrime shell holders




10 % OFF on 5

or more boxes of

Berger Bullets!

MV=Match Varmint (slightly larger HP)

M=Match (small HP)

FB=Flat Base

BCFB=high BC Flat Base


VLD=Very low drag

BT=Boat Tail

22 Cal. 100 Per Box Match Bullets

Order # Gr Desc price 10 %

BB-22408 52 Match FB 22.70 20.43

BB-22418 70 Match VLD 26.65 23.99

BB-22420 73 Match BT 26.95 24.26

BB-22422 80 Match VLD 26.85 24.16

BB-22427 80.5 Match BT Full 26.65 23.99

6mm 100 Per Box Match Bullets

BB-24404 62 Euwin BR Tgt 30.15 27.14

BB-24409 65 WEB BR Tgt 25.45 22.91

BB-24411 68 Match FB 23.85 21.47

BB-24323 88 MV BCFB 28.80 25.92

BB-24425 90 Match BT 31.20 28.08

BB-24427 95 Match VLD 30.30 27.27

BB-24429 105 Match VLD 30.10 27.09

BB-24431 108 Match BT 29.90 26.91

BB-24430 115 Match VLD 35.10 31.59

6.5mm 100 Per Box Match Bullets

BB-26401 140 Match VLD 37.80 34.02

7mm 100 Per Box Match Bullets

BB-28401 168 Match VLD 42.75 38.48

BB-28408 175 Match XLD 44.20 39.78

BB-28407 180 Match Tgt Hyb. 44.30 39.87

30 Cal 100 Per Box Match Bullets

BB-30416 155.5 Match BT Full 41.95 37.76

BB-30410 168 Match VLD 42.40 38.16

BB-30420 175 BT Target L.R. 44.95 40.46

BB-30415 210 Match VLD 45.20 40.68


• Up to 900 9mm

cases in less than 15


•Heated tank & S.S.

cleaning basket.


Lyman's new Turbo Sonic delivers ultrasonic cleaning

that allows the reloader to clean cases inside and out in

less than 10 minutes. The heated tank and Lyman's

specially formulated case cleaning solution deliver

superior case cleaning of case and primer pockets. The

ultrasonic cavitations lifts and dissolves carbon, dirt and

any residue left on fired cases.

7631707 Turbo Sonic Gun Parts Solution 12.50

7631705 Turbo Sonic Case Cleaning Solution 12.50

7631700 Turbo Sonic Ultrasonic Case Cleaner 98.50




HP=Hollow Point BT=Boat Tail

MK=Match King


22 Cal 500 Per Box

Code # Gr. Desc price

BUS-1410 52 HPBT 81.50

BUS-1400 53 HP MK 81.00

BUS-1380C 69 HPBT MK 88.00

BUS-9377C 77 HPBT MK 102.00

BUS-9390 80 HPBT MK 104.00

6mm 500 Per Box

BUS-1537 95 HpBT MK 114.50

BUS-1570 107 HPBT MK 122.50

6.5mm 500 Per Box

BUS-1742 142 HPBT MK 146.50

7mm 500 Per Box

BUS-1930 168 HPBT MK 134.00

BUS-1975 175 HPBT MK 145.00

30 Cal. 500 Per Box

BUS-2156 155 HPBT MK Palma 144.50

BUS-2200 168 HPBT MK 138.00

BUS-2275 175 HPBT MK 145.00

BUS-2210 190 HPBT MK 153.50


BRW-222 222 Remington 29.00

BRW-223 223 Remington 25.00

BRW-22-250 22-250 Remington 40.00

BRW-220 220 Swift 45.00

BRW-243 243 Winchester 42.00

BRW-308 308 Winchester 39.00

BRW-30-06 30-06 Springfield 43.00

BRW-300M 300 Winchester Mag 63.00

BRW-357M 357 Mag 20.00

BRW-9 9mm 19.00

BRW-40 40 S & W 27.00

BRW-44M 44 Mag 26.00

BRW-45A 45 Auto 26.50

BRW-45C 45 Colt 28.00

Lapua brass is the highest quality brass available. Cases

have precise requirements for the neck concentricity,

base straightness and wall thickness tolerances.


BRL-220 220 Russian 86.00

BRL-222 .222 Rem (5.70x43) 53.00

BRL-223 .223 Rem (5.56x45) 53.00

BRL-22250 .22-250 Rem 92.00

BRL-6BR 6mm B R Norma 79.00

BRL-65 6.5-284 112.00

BRL-308 .308 Win.(7.62x51) 67.00

BRL-308P .308 Win Palma 72.00

BRL-3006 .30-06 (7.62x63) 96.00

VihtaVuori Premium Smokless Powders

*This item cannot be mixed

with other items.

*Shipping charge with

Hazardous fee is a $40 Flat

Fee for all V.V. powder

orders (Max. 65 lb orders)

*We cannot ship to Alaska or


*Adult Signature Required

VihtaVuori reloading powders are known and respected

as top grade products of consistent quality. VihtaVuori

powders propel ammunition, which earns Gold Medals

in competitions at the Olympics, World Cups and

National Championships in countries around the world.

If you depend on perfect performance in order to

achieve results in competition or hunting then you can

depend on VihtaVuori powders.

We drop ship VihtaVuori powder direct from the

importer to help keep the cost down. Please order a few

weeks before you need it because there is usually about

a 2-3 week delay due to limits on how much powder

can be shipped out each day. Please check our website for availability as powder

has been hard to get and hard to keep in stock.

N105-1 1lb N105 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N310-1 1lb N310 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N320-1 1lb N320 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N32C-1 1lb N32C VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N330-1 1lb N330 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N340-1 1lb N340 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N350-1 1lb N350 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

3N37-1 1lb 3N37 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

3N38-1 1lb 3N38 VihtaVuori Powder 29.00

N110-1 1lb N110 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N120-1 1lb N120 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N130-1 1lb N130 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N133-1 1lb N133 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N135-1 1lb N135 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N140-1 1lb N140 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N150-1 1lb N150 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N160-1 1lb N160 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N165-1 1lb N165 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N170-1 1lb N170 VihtaVuori Powder 28.00

N310-4 4lb N310 VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

N320-4 4lb N320 VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

N330-4 4lb N32C VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

N340-4 4lb N330 VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

N350-4 4lb N350 VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

3N37-4 4lb 3N37 VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

3N38-4 4lb 3N38 VihtaVuori Powder 97.00

24N41-8 8lb 24N41 VihtaVuori Powder 199.00

20N29-8 8lb 20N29 VihtaVuori Powder 199.00

N120-8 8lb N120 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00

N130-8 8lb N130 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00

N133-8 8lb N133 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00

N135-8 8lb N135 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00

N140-8 8lb N140 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00

N150-8 8lb N150 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00

N160-8 8lb N160 VihtaVuori Powder 180.00



Lyman 1200 Digital Powder System III

Combines precision electronic powder

scale with an automatic powder dispenser

in one easy unit. A new Auto-Repeat

setting enables you to throw a charge each

time the pan is returned. Remembers up to

100 favorite loads, by cartridge, specific

powder and weight. No powder calibration

(flow rate) is required. Dispenses powder

quickly and is accurate to +/- 1/10 grain.

LY-DPS Lyman 1200 DPS III 285.00

MTM’s New Pocket Digital Scale

Features include:

• Up to 750 grain capacity with

plus or minus .1 grain accuracy. •

Easy to read, backlit LCD display.

• Includes AAA batteries

• Extended 3 minute auto shut-off,

most scales turn off after 30

seconds. • Powder pan, custom

designed to facilitate bullet, powder and arrow weighing.

• Calibration weight and detailed instructions included. •

Measures in grains, grams, carats and ounces. • A highquality,

foam lined case for permanent storage and

protected travel.

MTM-750 MTM Pocket Digital Scale 25.50

F-1 Chrony Chronograph

Durable steel construction. Folds for compact storage. All

models measure speed from 30 feet per second to 7000 feet

per second. Accurate to .5 percent. Measures speed of bullets,

arrow, pellets, paint ball etc. Velocity stays on display until

you shoot again. Powered by a single 9V battery (48 hours

continuous use). Comes with numbered shots. Can also be

upgraded to any of the other models.

The Alpha Chrony Chronograph is the same as above +

ONE String, from 2 to 32 shot memory (Numbered) Measures

High, Low and Average Velocities, Extreme Spread and

Standard Deviations. Delete individual shots from memory

(with automatic adjustment of Statistics).

The Gama Chrony has the above + Ballistic Chrony Printer.

Memory of 500 shot (divided into 50 numbered strings of 10

shots each). String size change capability. Rapid-fire mode

measures velocity of 1800 rounds per minute. IBM computer

interface. Download Ballistics Program for IBM-compatible

computers. In the timer mode, the velocity is measured as well

as the time elapsed between shots; the time measure is shot

activated, not sound activated.

CHR-F1 Chrony Model F1 Chronograph 79.95

CHR-A Chrony Alpha Chronograph 96.95

CHR-G Chrony Gamma Chronograph 170.95


You may Mix & Match for Case Price 5000+. We sell by the

box of 50 rounds for lot testing. To get the box price move the

decimal point over. Example $155.00 =15.50 a box

ELEY Ammunition Ctn 500 Case 5000

AME-TU Tenex (EPS) 190.00 1780.00

AME-TUP Tenex Pistol 190.00 1780.00

AME-ME Match (EPS) 130.00 1230.00

AME-MEP Match Pistol 130.00 1230.00

AME-TM Team (EPS) 115.00 1075.00

AME-CE Club 75.00 695.00

AME-TA Target 60.00 535.00

AME-SPT Sport Solid 30.00 285.00

ELEY 17 Cal HM2 Ammo Box 50 Ctn 500

AME-HM2 .17 Cal HM2 6.50 60.00

RWS Ammunition Ctn 500 Case 5000

AMR-R50 R-50 155.00 1425.00

AMR-RM Rifle Match 85.00 780.00

AMR-TR Target Rifle 65.00 600.00

AMR-SHP Subsonic HP 65.00 600.00

Wolf Ammunition Ctn 500 Case 5m

AMW-ME Match Extra 69.00 625.00

AMW-MT Match Target 49.00 445.00

Lapua Ammunition Ctn 500 Case 5000

AML-MI Midas Plus 155.00 1420.00

AML-CX Center X 94.00 850.00

SK-Jag Ammunition Ctn 500 Case 5000

AMS-RM SK Rifle Match 65.00 600.00

AMS-PMS SK Pistol Match SPC 62.00 570.00

AMS-PM SK Pistol Match 60.00 540.00

AMS-STD SK Standard Plus 49.00 445.00

AMS-HV SK HiVelocity HP 65.00 600.00

AMS-HVS SK HiVel Solid 65.00 600.00

AMS-SS SK Subsonic HP 65.00 600.00

22 LR Snap-Cap

Other Ammunitions



AMC-MMS CCI Mini-Mag 40gr


AMW-T22 Win. T-22

AMW-PP Win. PowerPoint

AMF-711B Federal 711B Target

Ctn 5c








Case 5m








Tested to last 5 times longer then other snap-caps!

AMP-SC Pachmayr .22LR Snap Cap (24 pack) 7.00



RWS Pellets produced the most medals at the Olympic

Games. RWS also dominated in the # of Gold and Silver

medals. These are high quality pellets at great prices.

RWS Pellets R-10 Tin 500 Ctn 5000

PEL-R10H .177 Heavy 10.75 97.00

PEL-R10L .177 Light 10.75 97.00

Light pellet=.45g,7.0 gr. Heavy=.53g,8.2gr

RWS Meisterkugeln Tin 500 Ctn 5000

PEL-MK-H MK Heavy 7.95 72.00

PEL-MK-L MK Light 7.95 72.00

Code # . 177 Cal. Pellets Tin 500 Ctn 5000

PEL-H Hobby Pellets 7.0 gr 5.50 50.00

PEL-SH Super H Point 7.4gr 7.95 72.00

PEL-SP Superpoint 8.2gr 7.95 72.00

PEL-SD Superdome 8.3gr 7.95 72.00

PEL-SM Super Mag 9.3gr 7.95 72.00

PEL-G Basic/Geco Pellets 7.0gr 4.75 42.00

PEL-D Daisy Pellets (belt clip) 3.50 35.00

Code # . 22 Cal. Pellets Tin 250 Ctn 2500

PEL-2SD Superdome 14.5gr 5.75 50.00

PEL-2SP Superpoint 14.5gr 5.75 50.00

PEL-2HP Super H Point 14.2gr 5.75 50.00

PEL-2H Hobby 11.9gr 5.25 46.00

177 10.5gr Crosman Premier Field Target Pellets

For best accuracy in high-powered

air rifles (850fps and up), use

Crosman premier 10.5gr field

target pellets.

PEL-FT Crosman Field Pellets, 1250 in box 19.95

.177 cleaning pellets

Poke through cleaning

pellets for air guns.

PEL-CP1 177 cal. Cleaning Pellets 100 bag 5.95

PEL-CP5 177 cal. Cleaning Pellets 500 box 23.00


This plastic pellet tin holder is designed to keep the lid

on the tin so your pellets do not spill. It also helps to

protect the tin from denting if it’s dropped.

PEL-SB Pellet Tin Safety Box 4.50

Developed for safe storage of accessories such as sights

and butt plates. The padding of the bag protects your

accessories and prevents them from slipping. The bag

will fit perfectly in the end pocket of the below gear bag.

GB-295 Shooters accessory bag 34.00

This is the ultimate shooters bag. The bag opens from

the top and the middle so you can keep all of your

equipment organized and accessible when you need it.

The bag comes with heavy duty wheels and rigid pull

out handle for easy transport. Each end has a

compartment for smaller accessory items. The bag

comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer,

serviceable in USA! Size:14x15x30 inch.

GB-USB Universal Shooting Bag w/wheels 85.00

Unload mag.

in 5 seconds!

Quickly load and unload your AR-15

magazines by moving lever back and forth.

MAG-QML AR-15 Quick Magazine Loader 25.50

This AR-15 brass deflector easily

snaps on to the handle sight. This is a

must have item if you don’t like

looking for brass.

AR-BDA2 AR-15 brass deflector for handle 20.00

AR-BDA3 AR-15 brass deflector for flat top 20.00

The Accu-Wedge

eliminates play

between receivers to

improve accuracy and

reduce wear on impact


AR-ACU AR-15 / M-16 Accu Wedge 4.50



Single shot followers are used

for longer-than-magazine length

loading for M16/AR15. The new

metal design addresses many of

the problems with existing

single shot followers on the

market. Easy to install and

remove, rides on top of the

existing follower. Works great

in GI metal magazines but may

not work with the cheap plastic

mags. Magazine not included.

MAG-AR-F Sinclair AR Follower Aluminum 16.95

Anti-Tilt Metal Follower

Replace your standard follower

with this Ultra-Stable

polished stainless steel

follower. It has a low drag

design for reliable feeding.

It is self leveling with 4

corner anti-tilt design.


MAG-ATF Anti-Tilt Metal Follower 3.95

All Caliber

Safety Flag


Chamber Block w/Flag


SAF-CB Chamber Block for AR-15 Type 5.50

SAF-CBF Chamber Block with Flag 6.00

SAF-FLG Safety Flag, All Caliber, Yellow 1.50

M1G, M14, M1A

Receiver Insert

For safety, cleaning

and maintenance.

SAF-M1G Receiver Insert M1G, M14, M1A 7.95


Gives a velvety flat black coating to

barrels, sights and other metal surfaces.

Dries instantly. Harmless to precision

sights and all finishes.

SB-BWC Sight Black Spray 3.5 oz 6.25


For use in military or target rifles

with clip slots for any .30-06 or

.308 (7.62). Also the new stripper

clips for .223. Package of two.

These are the good ones!

ACC-SC-308 Stripper Clips .308 3.00

ACC-SC-223 Stripper Clips .223 3.00

DWG-C Wind Gauge with soft case 99.00

Freeland Scope Stand Wind Gauge Mount

Our new 5/8” stand mount allows you to place your

wind speed and/or wind direction gauge directly on your

scope stand. The mounting arm is adjustable in/out, can

be angled up/down and can be rotated on its axis. The

adjustable arm makes it possible to position the gauges

in a location that is easily seen while shooting. Our new

ultra sensitive wind direction indicator will pick up even

faintest breezes. It uses a standard 1/4 x 20 mounting

system so it is very easy to mount just about anywhere

there is a ¼” hole.

SSA-GMA Gauge Mount Arm for 5/8” Rod 15.00

DWG-WDI 1/4x20 Wind Direction Indicator 25.00

Ready to go 5/8” Stand Kit Options


Windtronics 2 digital wind


gauge & 5/8” mounting arm


Directional wind indicator with



Windtronics 2 Digital Wind Gauge

This device delivers a fast, accurate and

easy to read wind speed. It can be hand

held or you can use its standard camera

mount for stationary use. It can even be

used in the rain. By a simple push of a

button you may select one of the following

units: KM/H, KTS, M/S, or MPH.


mounting arm

Ultra Sensitive

Wind Indicator

Windtronics 2 digital wind

gauge, Indicator & mount arm



5/8” Wind Gauge

Stand Mount


Digital Wind Indicator Stand

This device delivers a fast, accurate and

easy to read wind speed and direction. It

uses the Windtronics 2 multi-directional

wind gauge and a precision wind

direction indicator. The wind indicator

moves but the digital display is stationary

allowing you get all the information you

need. Unit comes with a heavy duty

protective case and leveling base.

CSS-DWI Digital Wind Indicator 195.00


CSS-WM Shooters Deluxe Windmill 149.95

Case Master measures case neck

concentricity, case neck

thickness, case length and bullet

runout, all important to


The .22 LR rim thickness gauges

can be used with the case master

or any dial indicator/caliper.

GAU-CM RCBS Case Master 95.00

GAU-22R .22 LR Rim Thickness Gauge 5.95

Digital Caliper

Comes with

carry case.

Shooters Deluxe Windmill

This is the best windmill ever made.

Below are some of the improvements:

tripod base - works much better on

grass, level bubble on the base for a

more accurate reading, extremely

sensitive internal bearings, an elevated

and adjustable pointer (closer to eye

level), and a heavy duty protective

carry case.

Accuracy 0.001 inch

GAU-DC-6 6” Stainless Steel Digital Caliper 29.95

Sinclair is now cutting the caliber

holes with actual rifle throating

reamers. This means a better fit on

the bullet when you are measuring,

and a more accurate measurement

since the comparator duplicates the

throat of the rifle.

Sinclair Bullet Comparator, 6 Caliber:

09-600 224, 6mm, 257, 6.5mm, 7mm, 308 17.50

09-700 172, .204, .224, .270, .308, and .338 17.50

Sinclair M-16 / AR-15 Link

The Link separates the upper and lower

assemblies, but holds them securely

allowing easy breech access for your

rod guide. Made of Delrin and

stainless steel, it is virtually impervious

to solvents. The Link uses the rear

locking pin and rear locking pin hole

and installs in seconds.

CLA-AR-L Sinclair M-16/AR-15 Link 14.95


RIG-UG1 Universal Gun Grease 1.5oz tube 3.50

RIG-UG3 Universal Gun Grease 3 oz 5.50

RIG-UG12 Universal Gun Grease 12 oz 10.50

RIG-RAG RIG Sheepskin Rag 7.25

8/32 Female Threads

Dewey fixed handle 9 ½” solid

brass shaft for AR-15, accepts mops

CRD-CR16 Chamber Cleaning Rod & Brush 12.95

CLA-CB16 Chamber Brush for M-16 AR-15 3.25

CLA-CM16 Chamber Mop for M-16 AR-15 3.95

30 cal Chamber Brush. Does not need rod.

CLA-CB30 GI Chamber brush for M1/M-14 5.80


Cleaning rod comes with J style Jag and Brush Adapter

CRD-17C-11 17 Cal. Rod and Jag 11" Airgun 21.25

CRD-17C-26 17 Cal Rod and Jag 26" Air Rifle 25.00

CRD-17C-36 17 Cal. Rod and Jag 36" Rifle 25.95

CRD-22C-12 22 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 12" Pistol 23.00

CRD-22C-17 22 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 17" Rifle 23.50

CRD-22C-24 22 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 24" Rifle 24.00

CRD-22C-36 22 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 36" Rifle 25.95

CRD-22C-44 22 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 44" Rifle 25.95

CRD-30C-17 30 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 17" MS 24.00

CRD-30C-24 30 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 24" Rifle 24.00

CRD-30C-36 30 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 36" Rifle 25.95

CRD-30C-44 30 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 44" Rifle 25.95

CRD-38C-12 38 Cal Rod, Jag, Adpt. 12" Pistol 22.00


CRD-LB-6 All Caliber Rod and Loop 6" 5.75

CRD-LB-9 All Caliber Rod and Loop 9" 5.95


Specify Calibers for jags, brushes & Mops.

JAG-J# 22, 24, 27, 30, .38-357, 40-41, 44-45 3.25

JAG-JM# 17, 22, 24, 27, 30, 38, 40, 45 male 3.65

JAG-PHM# 22, 24, 27, or 30 Male thread 4.50

JAG-PHF# 22, 24, 27, or 30 Female thread 4.50

JAG-2245L Universal Loop Jag .22-45 cal 2.30

JAG-17L Universal Loop Jag .17 cal 3.25


22 M

CRD-SMBA Small Brush Adapter 22-26 Cal 2.00

CRD-LGBA Large Brush Adpt. .27 Cal. & Up 2.00



Converts 17 cal to use 8/32 22 cal

22 Mil. Brush Adapt. 8/32 X 8/36





CLA-BRS# 17 and 20 cal

10 Brush Order May Be Assorted




22, 24, 25, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm, 30,


8mm, 338, 35, 375, 416, 458

CLA-BP# 22, 38-9mm, 41-10mm, 44, 45 Pistol 1.20

10 Brush Order May Be Assorted 10.00

Nylon Brush

CLA-BNS# 17 cal, 20 cal 1.40

10 Brush Order May Be Assorted 12.00

CLA-BN# 22 cal , 24 cal , 30 cal 1.20

10 Brush Order May Be Assorted 10.00


CLA-MS# 17 cal, 20 cal

10 Mop Order May Be Assorted




22-27, 30-38, 40-45 40-50 BP .410,

54-56 BP 20Ga., 12Ga

10 Mop Order May Be Assorted




Order by 500 or

1000 count bag.

Order # Size, Cal, Style 500 1000

CLP-17S 0.75" 17 Square 4.75 8.00

CLP-22R 1.25" 22 Round 5.00 8.50

CLP-22S 1.4" 22 Square 6.00 10.50

CLP-24R 1.5" 24-27 Round 6.00 10.50

CLP-24S 1.75" 24-27 Sq. 6.25 11.00

CLP-30R 2" 30-35 Round 9.00 15.50

CLP-30S 2" 30-35 Square 9.00 15.50

CLP-38R 2.25 38-45 Round 11.00 19.00


CLG-64 Anschutz 64 Action Rod Guide 17.00

CLG-54 Anschutz 54 Action Rod Guide 17.00

CLG-M16B AR-15, M-16 Breech Rod Guide 20.00

CLG-M17 Marlin 17HMR Rod Guide 16.95

CLG-R17 Ruger 17HMR Rod Guide 16.95


CLG-M14 M-14, fits all M-14's & M-1A's 9.25

CLG-M1G M1G, fits all M1 Garands 10.25

Dewey Adjustable Bore Saver Rod Guide

CLG-ABS-1 Dewey Rod Guide .17-.22 Cal 16.95

CLG-ABS-2 Dewey Rod Guide .24-7mm Cal 16.95

CLG-ABS-3 Dewey Rod Guide .30 Cal 16.95

Sweet’s is a solvent

that has been around

for a while and many

highpower shooters

use it to clean their


Kroil is a new

bore cleaner

used by many


shooters. Good

penetrating oil.

CLS-SS Sweet's 7.62 Solvent 10.95

KROIL Kroil 8oz can 8.50

KROIL-A Aero-Kroil 10 oz Aerosol spray can 11.50

CLS-CLO Clenzoil 8oz 8.95


Shooter's Choice has some of the best

gun cleaning products on the market.

Many top shooters trust and use these

products for the best clean without the

damage. *Aqua Clean is a new solvent

that contains no petroleum or

ammonia. It will remove copper, lead,

carbon and powder fouling from your

firearms. Not flammable.

Shooters Choice Bore Solvent Bottle

CLS-702 2oz squeeze bottle 4.25

CLS-704 4oz wide mouth bottle 6.35

CLS-AC4 *NEW - 4oz Aqua Clean 7.00

Shooters Choice Bore Solvent Bottle

CLS-716 16oz bottle 17.50

Shooters Choice Copper Remover

works in seconds to strip out copper

from your bore. Just slide patch back

and forth, and the solvent mixed with

oxygen does the rest. No need to let

it set in the barrel.

Shooters Choice Copper Remover Bottle

CLS-CR8 8oz squeeze bottle 6.95

Shooters Choice Lead Remover Bottle

CLS-LR4 4oz wide mouth bottle 6.75

Quick Scrub quickly removes dirt, grease, carbon, oil

and evaporates without leaving a residue. Polymer safe

quick scrub is safe on polymers, plastics, wood finish

and Teflon. Rust Prevent leaves an ultra-thin film

displacing moisture, it preserves all gun metals. High-

Tech Grease clings to sliding metal surfaces and

prevents metal damage; it doesn’t wash off with water.

FP-10 dramatically increases lubricity between moving

parts, without build-up or changes in tolerance. Extreme

clean is ammonia free cleaning foam for firearms.

Quick Scrub III Cleaner/Degreaser Aerosol can

CLS-QS 15oz. spray can 6.75

NEW - Polymer Safe Quick Scrub Aerosol can

CLS-QSPS 12 oz spray can 6.75

Rust Prevent Preservative/Lubricant Aerosol can

CLS-RP 6oz. spray can 4.75

High Tech Gun Grease Syringe

CLS-GG 10CC grease in syringe 4.75


CLS-FP10 4oz. bottle 5.25

Extreme Clean Bore & Action Aerosol can

CLS-EC 12oz Aerosol Bottle 9.25


CLS-301-3 TSI 301 3oz Aerosol 7.25

CLS-301-6 TSI 301 6 oz Aerosol 14.50

CLS-301-8 TSI 301 8 oz Can 18.00

Hoppe’s is a well know solvent

that has been used for years. Their

#9 solvent is used for general

purpose cleaning of all firearms.

TSI-301 Cleaner & Lubricant

Helps to clean and preserve air guns,

firearms, barrels, moving parts etc… It

also displaces water which prevents

rust and corrosion.

Break Free Solvents. Cleaner-Lubricant-

Preservative. Specially formulated synthetic

oils penetrate metal surfaces to lift residue

while cleaning. The long-lasting lubricant

reduces adhesion of sand and grit while

protecting from moisture and rust. Specially

formulated synthetic oils won't lose viscosity,

dry out or stiffen up in extreme environments

CLS-BF6 Break-Free CLP .68oz liquid 2.95

CLS-BF4 Break-Free CLP 4oz liquid 5.95

CLS-BF4A Break-Free CLP 4oz Aerosol 5.95

CLS-BF12L Break-Free CLP 12oz Aerosol 9.95

HOPPE'S Solvents and Oil

CLS-9-4 No. 9 Solvent 5oz 4.95

CLS-9-16 No. 9 Solvent 16oz 9.95

CLS-9-32 No. 9 Solvent 32oz 15.95

CLS-BR9-4 Bench Rest 9 Copper Sol. 4oz 8.00

CLS-BR9-16 Bench Rest 9 Copper Sol 16oz 20.50

CLS-LO-1003 Lubricating Oil 3oz 1.95

JB cuts through the toughest bullet jacket

& powder fouling. Paste formulation

eliminates dripping. It will leave bores

sparkling and won’t eat stock finishes.

CLS-JB JB Bore Cleaning Compound 9.95

1 ¾ oz

squeeze bottle

Multipurpose white lubricant, works for everything that

sticks, squeaks or rusts.

CLA-LWG Lubriplate white grease 3.95

Adjustable Spout Needle Tip

CLA-O Oilier Bottle with quality spout 10.95

CLA-NTO Needle Tip Oiler Bottle ½ oz. 2.50





Nylon Bristle Gun Brush

Nylon Bristle M16 Brush



Bore Snake Pull Trough Bore Cleaner

One pull through does it all: multiple short brushes imbedded

in the floss,160 times more floss than a patch, no assembly,

lightweight, compact, solvent compatible, washable/reusable.

BS-24004 Boresnake 44-45 Cal pistol 13.95

BS-24003 Boresnake 40-41 Cal Pistol 13.95

BS-24002 Boresnake 9mm-357 Pistol 13.95

BS-24000 Boresnake 22 Cal Pistol 13.95

BS-24010 Boresnake 17 Cal Rifle 13.95

BS-24009 Boresnake 17 Cal AG (no brush) 13.95

BS-24011 Boresnake 22,222,223,225 Rifle 13.95

BS-24012 Boresnake 243 Rifle 13.95

BS-24013 Boresnake 257-264 Rifle 13.95

BS-24014 Boresnake 7mm Rifle 13.95

BS-24015 Boresnake 30 Cal Rifle 13.95

Firm Grip Anti-slip spray-on

adhesive. Non-sticky formula

improves hand grip when

sweaty. Also works great on

gloves and other surfaces.


ADH-FG-S Firm Grip 4oz. Spray can 9.95

ADH-FG-P Firm Grip Powder 4 oz 9.95


High density, high bonding

NO SHRINK properties

makes this the best

compound available. The

88A is steel based and the

88B is aluminum based

when weight is a factor. Kit

contains resin and hardener.

Extra thickening agent

available to mix to your requirements. Still being used

by Marksmanship Training Units for building the best

match rifles.

BED-88A-ST Bisonite 88A Steel Kit 24.00

BED-88B-AL Bisonite 88B Aluminum Kit 24.00

BED-THK Bisonite Thickener 2oz bottle 3.00


This well made black gun case has 1-1/2” total soft padding,

full length zipper, and has a durable denier nylon water

resistant outer shell. Height: 4.5” at muzzle, 10” by handle.

CAS-E48 Economy Scoped Rifle Case 48” 12.95



18 oz. water repellent canvas, 40 oz.

cotton padded lining with quilted flannel,

side pocket, leather carry strap, leather

barrel protector, brass rivets and brass

double pull zipper. This is the best soft

case made. Color: OD Green or Tan/Brown

GCB-SR-46 Sig. Scope Rifle 46” 86.00

GCB-SR-50 Sig. Scope Rifle 50” 86.00


Recessed handle and steel hinge pins for

extra durability. Holds rifles with highmount

50mm scopes. Padlock lockable

Dimensions: 48.38 x 11 x 3.38

GC-10470 48” Singe Scoped Rifle Case 19.95


A lightweight case with interior cradle

system providing maximum protection and

rust prevention as no foam contacts the

metal parts. Will hold guns up to 50" long

with target scope mounted! Can sit out in

the rain and your gun will not get wet.

Lockable and airline approved.

GC-AG Air Glide Gun Case 34.50

Now has Wheels for

easy transport!

It doesn’t dent like

aluminum cases do.


This is one of the best gun cases on the

market. It’s lockable and stacks well for

road trips. Dimensions are 52"x 13"x 5.25"

inner Dim. "O" ring seal, pressure relief

valve, airline approved, 6-latch system.

Can hold 2 Anschutz target rifles.

GC-AWRT All Weather Rifle Transporter 137.50


Black Endura shell and lining. Four

magazine pockets with Velcro closures.

Two large zippered pockets. Heavy duty

shoulder strap. Fits Anschutz guns too.

GC-AR AR-15 Rifle Case Black 46” 29.95

Deluxe 4 Gun Target Pistol Case

GC-SL4 Deluxe 4 Gun Target Pistol Case 79.95

This scope holder

kit comes with

everything you need

to mount a spotting

scope to your pistol


This is a lightweight composite case.

It has front and rear bottom

compartment, removable sliding gun

tray, scope holder, carry handle,

padded interior, two key locks.

Dimensions: Outside 16.5" high x

10" deep x 18" wide

Inside: 16" high 9.60" deep x 17.25"

wide, compartment 4.7" deep.

GC-CII-SH Hebard Adjustable Scope Holder 24.00

This Brass Bag can be

mounted on pistol box for

easy pick up of brass or to

hold tools and accessories.

Self threading snaps attach

to Case & the snap closes

for storage.

CAS-BB Brass Bag w/snaps 5.95

Mag-Neat Magnetic Holder

One of these compact powerful 1 1/4” round magnets

will hold a steel magazine firmly without slipping. It will

even hold magazines with plastic bottoms that stick out

on the side. It is quickly mounted with a self threading

1/4” long screw. It comes complete with a protective

cover that eliminates the magnetic pull when not in use.

The protective cover can also be used to hold ziplock

bags for non magnetic items. It will work on or in a

competitor II Gun Case, Gun Cabinets, and other similar

objects. You can mount them wherever you want them.

MAG-MM Mag-Neat Holder 2.75



Has memory recall for

previous time setting. In

count down mode it emits a

loud electronic tone signal.

At matches where signals are

prohibited, it can be used

in count up mode to avoid

audible signals. Has a built

in clock as well as a

upright stand and a magnet.

ACC-WBT West Bend Timer 15.95

The Best Gun Vise was designed to accommodate the

widest possible array of firearms for cleaning,

maintenance, or gunsmithing, and is easily configurable

to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-

15's, and handguns. It is made from high-quality,

solvent-resistant material that is built to last.

GV-BGV Tipton Best Gun Vise 95.00

Lyman’s Revolution Rotating Gun Vise

This versatile gun vise is engineered with a

full range of adjustments; it tilts, clamps

and has inserts to securely hold any

firearm. Padded contact points protect the

firearm during cleaning, maintenance or

gunsmithing, even bore sighting

GV-LYR Revolution - Rotating Gun Vise 72.95

This gun vise is designed for gunsmithing and

maintenance. It offers a fast, clamp down vise with a

non-marring, rubber padded hold. It has 14 separate

compartments and a small divided tray slides out from

the base unit for smaller easy to lose items.

MTM-GV30 MTM Gun Vise, Red/Black 40.50

Organize Your

Cleaning Jags

And Brushes!

MTM-JAG Jag & Brushes Carry Box 2.85

MTM-P100-38 .38/.357 100 Rd Fliptop 2.95

MTM-P100-44 .44/.41/.45 Colt Fliptop 2.95

MTM-P100-45 .45ACP/.40 S&W/.41AE Fliptop 2.95

MTM-P100-9 9mm/.380 100 Rd. Fliptop 2.95

MTM-P50-38 .38/.357 50 Rd Fliptop 1.55

MTM-P50-44 .44/.41/.45 Colt 50 Rd Fliptop 1.55

MTM-P50-45 .45ACP/.40 S&W/.41AE Fliptop 1.55

MTM-P50-9 9mm/.380 50 Rd. Fliptop 1.55

Slip-top ammo

boxes for pistol and

rifle cartridges.

MTM-E50-38 38 Cal Sliptop 50 Rd Sq. Hole 2.15

MTM-E50-45 45 Cal Sliptop 50 Rd Sq. Hole 2.15

MTM-J20-XS .222 to 7.62 x 39 Sliptop 1.70

MTM-J20-M .22-250 to .308 20 Rd Sliptop 1.70

MTM-J20-L .270 to .458 20 Rd Sliptop 1.70



boxes for


MTM-RS-50 .222/.223/.222mag 50rd Fliptop 2.85

MTM-S-50 .22PPC/6BR 50 Rd. Fliptop 2.85

MTM-RM-50 .22-250 to 308 50 Rd. Fliptop 3.00

MTM-RL-50 .220 to .458 50 Rd. Fliptop 3.00

MTM-RSLD WSSM 50 Rd Fliptop 3.00

MTM-RMLD WSM & 45-70 50 Rd. Fliptop 3.00

MTM-RM-60 .22-250 to .308 60 Rd. Fliptop 5.15

MTM-RL-60 .220 to .458 60 Rd. Fliptop 5.15

MTM-RS-100 .222/.223/.222Mag 100 Rd Flip 5.15

MTM-RM-100 .22-250 to 308 100 Rd. Fliptop 5.15

MTM-R-100 .22-250 to .458 100 Rd. Fliptop 11.45

MTM-R-100M WSM & WSSM 100 Rd Fliptop 11.45

The SB-200 is designed for smallbore

competitors. This unit holds 100 .22 LR

plus two boxes in the middle.

MTM-SB-200 200 Rd. Smallbore .22 Cal. LR 10.50


LT150M Retooled



MTM Products

Flip-top ammo boxes

for pistol. Available in

9mm, 38, 44 & 45 Cal

Universal holds 150 and Compact holds 50

MTM-LT-150M Loading Tray, Universal NEW 7.15

MTM-LT-50 Loading Tray, Compact 5.00


MTM-AF-7 7Pc.Powder Funnel Kit All Cal. 12.70

Holds your gun and tools. Dimensions: 29.5"x 4"x 9.5"

MTM-RMC-5 Gunsmith Maintenance Center 33.50

The MTM pistol rest is so versatile that it will

accommodate a Derringer to a 14" Contender. The base

locks into the fork at 20 different positions. Rubber

padding is molded to the fork to protect your handgun.

MTM-PR-30 MTM Pistol Rest, Red/Black 19.60

803 Inner Dimension


MTM-803 Single Handgun Case 3” or less 5.95

MTM-807 Single Handgun Case 6” or less 6.95

808 Inner Dimension


807 Inner Dimension


811 Inner Dimension


MTM-808 Single Handgun Case 8” Revolver 11.40

MTM-811 4 Handgun Case up to 8.5” Barrel 15.40

Champion Shooters CD-Rom Catalog

This catalog contains general shooting

products and outdoor goods. This is a

printed version of our on-line web site You can order,

check prices & availability on-line. The

CD-Rom also has gun manuals, a 22 LR score

book, shooting tips and other content.

CD-CAT 2011 CD-Rom Catalog 2.00

Champion & Freeland Hat Pins

PIN-C Round Champion Hat Pin 2.00

PIN-F Rectangle Freeland Hat Pin 2.00


50% Poly / 50% Cotton Blend

Specify Sizes S, M, L, XL XXL

CLO-ANS-T1 Anschutz Black Shirt White logo 12.00

CLO-ANS-T2 Anschutz Tan Shirt Black logo 12.00

CLO-ANS-T3 Anschutz Birch Shirt Blue logo 12.00

CLO-ANS-T4 Anschutz Red Shirt Black logo 12.00

CLO-EL-T1 Birch T-Shirt Eley 12.00

CLO-GC-T1 Birch T-Shirt Gun Control 12.00



Phone Orders:

Order by Phone 1-800-821-4867 (GUNS)

Customer Service 614-855-1603

FAX 614-855-1209

Web Site


Order by mail:

Use our order blank, if available. Type,

print, or write clearly your name and

exact address.

Give name of manufacturer, if available,

model number and proper name of item,

size, caliber, color, etc.

Shipping: Use UPS Charts and estimate

weight. F.O.B. New Albany, Ohio. Remit

full amount with order. Ohio residents

add Your Local Sales Tax to your order.


All prices in this catalog are subject to

change without notice. Prices AT TIME OF











Back Orders:

We carry a large inventory of every item

found in our catalog. However, at times

some items are in short supply due to

inability of the manufacturer to deliver.

We will back order ONLY THOSE ITEMS THAT




Items Not Cataloged:

We have a general industry catalog,

approximately 1000 pages which is

available on CD-Rom for $2.00 Plus

Shipping. Supply is limited. You can also

see for prices and


Gift certificates are also available.

NRA Award Points:

We accepted NRA award points at $.97 on

the dollar.


Body Measuring Sheet

The measuring tape should not be too tight but it shouldn’t

slide down either. When measuring please use the

underwear you wear when shooting.

Shooter: □Right Handed □ Left Handed

For: □Man □ Woman

Age ______ Height _____________Weight _______

Chest: wrap the measuring tape around the upper

body underneath the armpits, measure around the

widest part of the chest with the tape rising slightly

upwards in the back

Chest ________ Inches

Coat Model _____________________________

A + B

= Size

Hand W: For Width, measure the hand at the fullest

part (pic A)

Hand L: Measure from the tip of the middle finger to

the base of the hand. (pic B) Add A+ B for Size

Hand W _______Inches Hand L _______Inches


A+B 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-13


Waist: take the measurements around the belly


Hip: measure the widest part around the buttocks.

Waist__________ Inches Hip ________Inches

Pant Model ____________________________

Head: measure the circumference around your head just

above your eyebrows Head __________ Inches


20-21 21-22 22-23 23-25

Foot: measure from heal to toe._______ Inches

E 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

AI 9









10 10 10 10


1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4







M 4


5 6 7







10 11


1/2 1/2


1/2 13

W 6






1/2 9

9 10

10 12 13

1/2 1/2




1/2 15

E = Eurpean Size AI = Actual inches of foot, not US Size

M= Mens US Size W=Womens US Size


Purchase Order # __________ Order Date ___________

Notes Customer # ___________

Bill Address




City State Zip



Quantity Order # Description / Options (case/box, left handed, size etc…) Unit $ Total $


Check or money order payable to Champion Shooters Supply

Credit Cards We Accept □ Visa, □ Master Card, □ Discover




Ship Address (use only if different then billing)




City State Zip




Ohio orders, Tax 6.75%

Estimated Shipping


Prices are subject to change, if a price on this order form is incorrect we will notify you of any changes.

Shipping costs are based on UPS and USPS rates, we do not charge additional packing and handling fees.

Please make sure you are complying with all local, state, and federal laws on items you are purchasing.

You must be 18 years or older to place an order. Thank you for your order, we appreciate your loyalty.








Multiply the package length by the width by the

height. If the cubic size of the package in inches is

5,184 or larger, divide the cubic size by 166 to

determine dimensional weight in pounds. If the cubic

size in inches is less than 5,184, use the actual weight

of the package.



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