Fully Insulated Tools Adjustable spanner with handstop ... - ShipServ


Fully Insulated Tools Adjustable spanner with handstop ... - ShipServ

Fully Insulated Tools

Adjustable spanner with handstop

Adjustable Spanners

Adjustable Spanners Bahco

Adjustable Torque Wrench

Allen Keys - insulated T bar

Bolt Cutters - insulated


Brushes - angled or straight

Cable & Core Cutter

Cable & Core Cutters with Levered Linkage

Cable Coring Knife - with ceramic blade

Cable Coring Knife - with curved blade

Cable Croppers

Made of chrome vanadium steel measurement scale on jaws to

size nuts and pipes cross section of the knurl is tapered to give

a smoother and more precise action.

Made of chrome vanadium steel measurement scale on jaws to

size nuts and pipes cross section of the knurl is tapered to give

a smoother and more precise action

Made of chrome vanadium steel

measurement scale on jaws to size nuts and pipes

cross section of the knurl is tapered to give a smoother and

more precise action

Manufactured of alloyed and hardened steel socket secured by

expanding ball bearing customised socket sets available

suitable for all types of screwdriver heads adjustment

tolerence can be +/- of the nominal value anti clockwise

operation without limitation professional multi coated

insulation other Nm. Sizes on request

Tommy bar allen keys : For use with hex screw heads in cable

connectors and cut outs heavy-duty, SW 10 and over with

metal re-inforcement in bar handle. T handle offers max

torque metal parts of CV steel with rust-proof surface

professional multi coated insulated tool 1000V.

For cutting rods hot drop forged, precision hardened and

tempered chrome-molybdenum alloy steel blades, rust

resistant black oxide finish tube steel body electrostatic mat

powder coated ergonomic plastic grips non slip blades to hold

rods firmly while cutting

additionally induction hardened and precision ground cutting

edges which are exchangeable and adjustable

professional multi coated insulation

Specially designed for the Fire & Rescue Service provides

protection for the user in potentially hazardous areas up to

1000V maximum blade tension and blade replacement can be

easily undertaken by using the wing nut device supplied with a

protective plastic blade sleeve ergonomically designed for ease

of use. Complies with EN60900: 2004

With replaceable head (except 1" straight brush)

handle with professional multi coated insulation

for cleaning and maintenance plastic brush available with fixed

angled head. Case for Brushes made of red plastic with press

stud suitable for insulated brushes of up to 400mm.

Controlled cutting power by means of carefully selected

leverage material high tensile forged steel. Cuts aluminium and

copper earth cable, plastic and rubber insulated up to 27mm

diameter, professional multi coated insulation.

For smooth cutting of copper and aluminium conductors

replaceable cutting blades razor sharp cutters guarantee a

smooth and effortless cut. Cutting without crushing the cable,

leaving the cable end with very little deformation blade made

of chronium molybdenium tempered steel professional multi

coated insulation.

For stripping cables fully insulated high cutting capacity

minimum production quantity applies

with built in blade cover.

Blade manufactured of tempered stainless steel

curved blade for easy stripping,excellent cutting quality - stays


Specially designed cutting edges ensure ends of cable do not fray

for soft cables only. (Not to be used on cable with a hard

core/outer eg. steel) insulated tool 1000V

Cable Cutter

Cable Knives - heavy duty blade

Connector Holding Tools - adjustable

Connector Holding Tools for Insulation Piercing


Core Alignment Tools - cable core twisters

Core Alignment Tools - core bending bars

Core Separator

Diagonal Side Cutter

Dummy Fuse Link

Electricians' Scissors with LED warning

End Wire Stripping Pliers


Gas Pliers

Gear Wrench Spanner - fully insulated

Hacksaws - insulated


Hole Cutter - insulated

Long and heavy-duty for two-handed positioning heavy U.S. type

for rough handling and maximum requirement for copper and

aluminium cables only insulated tool 1000V

General stripping applications - including cables

easy grip handle

Designed for use with straight or round connectors

for live mechanical cable jointing. PVC insulation provides secure

gripping of connector. Nylon insert on handle prevents damage

to connector. Professional multi coated insulation

For use with branch connectors, professional multi coated


Used to manipulate bare or insulated cable cores

aligns the cores prior to jointing. Produced in nylon

For use on sectoral cores, for bare and insulated cores

professional multi coated insulation.

Suitable for three core cables where a conventional wedge

cannot be used. For solid aluminium or larger stranded core

cables and for cables which have become over-tensioned after


For hard and soft wires, inductively tempered blades, cutting

power approx. 62 Hrc, polished chrome head

professional multi-coated insulation.

Manufactured from non conductive orange plastic. It prevents

current flow between cut out blades and allows cut out lid to be

fitted securely in place.

The permanent built in red LED warning light is designed to warn

the user of any live voltage presence.

Working temperature - 10/+50º, rel humidity 20/90%

working range 50 - 1000V AC.

With fine adjustment screw, made of tempered steel, polished

chrome head, for solid and stranded conductors of up to 5mmØ

or 10mmØ. Professional multi coated insulation

Designed to remove the oxide layer from aluminium conductors

prior to jointing multi coated insulation.

Designed to grip pipe work of different sizes, multipurpose tool

which includes a joint cutter two curved serrated sections to grip

pipes of varying sizes ‘V’ notch in front of each jaw to grip wire

cropper located near pivot handles shaped to form a pipe reamer

and turn screw respectively. Insulated tool 1000V.

Needs as little as 5° of sweep to move a fastener. Surface drive

box end virtually eliminates the rounding of fasteners

one touch directional assistant all metal construction fully


Lightweight, heavy duty frame, professional multi coated

insulation. Spare blades available - see description below (18 &

24 tpi)

Head made of yellow polyurethane, very durable replaceable

head. Insulated red steel shaft, black rubber handle.

Insulation is pierced at a 4 mm diameter and removed. Eliminates

need of piercing insulation with test probe,

lowers risk regarding misreadings and damage to testing device.

Insulation of tough non-brittle plastic

gives a safe measuring point.

Insulated Box Spanner T Bar

'T' bar type - female thread

'T' bar type - male thread

Open Ended Spanner

Ratchet Cutters - fully insulated handles

Reversible Ring Ratchet Wrench

Safety Clamps

Steel Wire Cutter

Tool Box

Tool Bucket

Universal Saw / Depth Gauge Saw

Earthing Equipment

Branch Connectors

Cable Lugs and Direct Terminals

Made of cold-drawn seamless precision steel tube

material: 25 CrMo4, hardened to 110-150 kg/mm2

insulated tool 1000V. DIN 7440

For removal of cable links in underground link boxes

screwdriver type for restricted areas

professional multi coated insulation

T Handle is best selection for applications where max torque is


For removal of cable links in underground cable link boxes

screwdriver type for restricted areas professional multi coated

insulation. T Handle is best selection for applications where max

torque is needed.

Open end spanner DIN 7446 (offset 15º), made of Chrome

Vanadium steel. Professional multi-coated insulation

suitable to use for work on parts under or near voltage of up to

1000V alternating voltage (r.m.s. value) and 1500 direct voltage

respectively. torque testing according to DIN 899, line C. Available

from 6mm - 36mm

Powerful two handed cutter,

double ratchet device with cam gearing, wide ranging virtually

shatter proof, fixed and moving blade for cutting multi stranded

and fine wire multi stranded copper and aluminium cables up to

62 or 80mm diameter. Suitable for use on thin steel sheathing or

steel tape armoured cables (not suitable for hardened steel wire

armoured cable)

handles with professional multi coated insulation.

31 CrV 3 steel: Double sided ratchet wrench, professional multi

coated insulation, strong torque for heavy duty also available

with insulated head uninsulated available on request. insulated

handle - also available with insulated head

Available in four lengths. Rubber contacts in jaw to protect

insulating material, joint with special guide ring,

material made of non brittle plastic for use with orange neoprene

or transparent shrouding .

wire rope and spring wire cutter for cutting wire rope 3/16" DIA.

spring wire 1/16"

splash proof , large capacity, removable tote tray, full length, fold

down handle, steel fastening latches

Manufactured from heavy duty nylon fabric with hard plastic

base. Supplied with strap and hook for suspending on ladders.

With internal pockets to hold tools

For cables with sheet steel / aluminium sheathing, adjustable

cutting depth, replaceable blade, 14 tpi blade for soft materials /

24 tpi blade for sheet metal, fully insulated to EN60900 - 1000V

maximum working

Mostly in low voltage networks it is necessary to branch from a

mains cable without cutting the mains. Underground house

connections are a typical example. Branching may be required for

all cable cores or for single core only. Connectors for these

purposes are either multiple connectors or single connectors. Live

installation has its special part in branching underground cables,

as it may be impossible during branch installation to disconnect

all respective main cable users during installation time.

Electric power cables are conducting current between various

devices required for a trouble free power supply and distribution.

Cables are not only connected to each other but also to

switchgear, fuse sockets, load switches or to overhead lines.

Live Line Tester

Electrical Safety Rescue Hook

Arc Flash Protective Wear and Equipment

Insulating Rubber Apron

Electrical Safety Suit

A Live Line Tester is essentially an operating rod with an

indication device which detects and shows whether voltage is

present on the item to be tested. Single phase contact, i.e.

physical contact with the conductor to be tested is a necessary

part of the test procedure. The voltage detector will then indicate

whether parts of an installation are under operating voltage or

not. All Arcus voltage testers comply with VDE 0681 part 4/8.78

and consequently all requirements of that specification are fully

met as a minimum.

The Safety Rescue Hook can play a vital part in electrical safety. If

a victim of an electric shock is slumped across a live electrical

connection – do not try to pull them away with your bare hands.

Experience shows that such an action can lead to the victim

surviving, whilst the rescuer loses their life. Often there is not

enough time to switch of the power. The Boddingtons Safety

Rescue Hook will safeguard the life of the first aider and save

valuable time responding to the casualty.

Every day, electricians are killed or receive serious burn injuries as

a result of an Electrical Arc explosion. Yet these injuries can be

avoided with training, proper work practices and using protective

face shields, hoods and clothing that are NFPA 70E-2004


Protect workers from low voltage electrical hazards

made from a orange neoprene shrouding

the Insulating Apron includes two bib straps and two waist straps.

Can be used for working on switchgear, underground cable and

many other electrical applications

suitable for KERS system workers.

With regard to ‘Safety Suits made from new material’ a Safety

Suit Combination IPS was developed. Approved by DIN VDE

regulation 0680, Part 1, it reliably protects from electric shocks

when working on live equipment. Its very light weight allows

work to be carried out with little effort. Owing to a newly

developed material mixture, the Safety Suit IPS made of

SYMPATEX is half as heavy as conventional rubber clothing

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