Islamic Calendar

The Islamic calendar is based on the movement

and observation of the moon. The Islamic year

contains 12 months, none of which can exceed

30 days. Each month starts when the lunar

crescent is first seen after a new moon. Because

12 lunar months multiplied by 29.53 days equals

354.36 days, the Islamic calendar will always

be approximately 11 days shorter than the

Western, or Gregorian, calendar. For example,

1 Muharram, the first day of Islamic year 1434

(known in the West by the Latin term Anno

Hegirae, or A.H.), fell on 15 November 2012; in

A.H. 1435, 1 Muharram falls on 5 November 2013.

Because of lunar observation and differences in

time zones, the observance of Islamic holidays

may vary from region to region.Islamic and

Jewish holidays begin the evening preceding the

date shown unless stated otherwise.

Spelling of Arabic Names and Terms

While there is no universally accepted

transliteration of Arabic names and terms, this

edition of the Counterterrorism Calendar adheres

to a transliteration system that is generally used

throughout the US Government. In this system,

the letters “u” and “a” are preferred over “o”

and “e.” For example, the name of the al-Qa‘ida

operative who was detained on 1 March 2003 is

Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, not Khalid Sheikh

Mohammed. We have retained, however, the

spellings used on the Rewards for Justice and

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Web pages; these are

designed for easy recognition and therefore do

not always conform to these rules.

Map Boundaries

Boundary representation is not necessarily


The information in this calendar is valid

as of 28 September 2012. This publication

contains only information in the public

domain that has been verified and

disseminated by US Government sources.

In the conduct of intelligence activities, the

Intelligence Community (IC) recognizes that

it must protect fully the legal rights of all US

persons, including freedoms, civil liberties, and

privacy rights guaranteed by Federal law. The IC

is not authorized to collect, retain, or disseminate

information about US persons solely based on

Constitutionally protected activities such as

First Amendment speech, and may not do so

based solely on race, religion, or other protected

classification. All individuals in this calendar are

included only because of information linking

them to international terrorism. Individuals

identified as charged or indicted with criminal

wrongdoing are entitled to a presumption

of innocence in the US court system, unless

and until such time as they are deemed guilty

through the judicial process.

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