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Mastic Asphalt News

latest news from the mastic asphalt council

The natural choice

for green roofing

With its immense durability and outstanding green credentials, mastic

asphalt is rapidly becoming the logical choice for architects and key

specifiers looking for eco-friendly waterproofing solutions.

Its longevity has always made the material

one of the most cost-effective waterproofing

membranes of its kind and its manufacturers

are constantly striving to lessen the impact

of mastic asphalt on the environment.

Once laid, mastic asphalt promises to last

the design life of the roof, far outperforming

any other membrane on life cycle costs.

Emphasising its outstanding green credentials,

the entire mastic asphalt industry recently set a

precedent for others to follow by achieving the

CarbonZero standard – the first time a whole

industry has managed such a feat.

This means the world-beating waterproofing

solution can comfortably be specified on any

green project, safe in the knowledge it will

minimise the threat of climate change.

Perfect for roof gardens

Highly versatile, mastic asphalt can be laid

over flat, curved or sloped surfaces to offer

outstanding waterproof protection to even

the most ambitious concepts. Once laid, the

membrane promises to outlast the substrate,

often in excess of half a century. At the end of

its design life, it is totally recyclable.

Its seamless application makes it perfect for

roof gardens, paved areas and any other

situation where form must meet function. By

integrating thermal insulation measures, as a

warm roof or inverted, mastic asphalt can also

help architects hit critical U value targets.

Mastic asphalt

makes Unicorn

a reality

Ponding is usually the last thing you need

on a flat roof – but there are exceptions.

With what is claimed to be the UK’s first

ever purpose built roof pond, measuring

20 square metres, mastic asphalt has

again proved its credentials as the

ultimate waterproofing membrane –

with a promise to keep shoppers at

Manchester’s Unicorn Grocery store dry

for decades to come.

Burton Place

drives home

green benefits

A revolutionary energy saving car park

deck has delivered the ultimate green

waterproofing solution for Staffordshire

Borough Council. It is an unrivalled

system that met every one of the public

sector client’s environmental goals, with

an integrity and durability that is second

to none.

Tasked with resurfacing Burton

Place’s rooftop car deck and keen

to exhibit its green eco-friendly aims,

the local authority demanded a material

that was totally recyclable and used

within a CarbonZero framework –

both characteristics that make mastic

asphalt the world’s leading

waterproofing solution.

The works carried out in this newsletter have been undertaken by MAC members.

A full list of members can be seen on

Low-melt just the ticket

Faced with a poorly finished concrete substrate,

a MAC contractor has ensured two prestigious

international rail ports stay on track with a

faultless low-melt mastic asphalt application.

Mastic Asphalt

puts the chill on

global warming

MAC has unveiled a revolutionary

low-melt mastic asphalt that cuts working

temperatures by up to 13% – offering massive

energy savings and making the world’s

favourite waterproofing solution even greener.

Stratford and Ebsfleet stations now have

18,000 metres of passenger platforms coated

two layers of the next generation of low-melt

mastic asphalt.

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Mastic Asphalt News

Mastic asphalt has ensured the newly

installed roof garden at Edinburgh’s

historic old Waverley Gate building

remains as timeless as the iconic

structure itself.

Located in the heart of Edinburgh’s

World Heritage Site, it forms part of

the building’s landmark £100 million

redevelopment. Now complete, the roof

garden offers visitors and staff stunning

views over the historic city.

In total 200 tonnes, or 1000m², of

polymer modified mastic asphalt were

Confined space –

maximum impact

A custom blend of low-melt mastic

asphalt and coloured aggregate has

delivered a stunning Terrazzo finish

to the renovation of Barnet’s

Granville Road housing development.

Over 1,000 square metres of the

eye-catching material were used for

paving and flooring on the apartment

block’s internal areas, walkways and

balconies. A true work of beauty.

Mastic asphalt – historically better

laid to the roof.

It was applied in three coats, to a total

depth of 30mm, over a glass fibre mat,

which acted as a separating membrane

to the concrete substrate. A further

three coats, with a total thickness of

20mm, were applied to all upstands.

The fully insulated roof was completed

with another isolating membrane, laid

over all mastic asphalt surfaces to the

top of soil level, and followed by 120mm

thick boards of thermal insulation on

both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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