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Welcome to PDK Fundraising’s 2013 catalogue, bringing you as

ever the best products at best value for money for all your

fundraising needs.

Please visit us online at www.pdkfundraising.co.uk to see our full

and constantly updating range of great fundraising items. We

give 10% discounts for your organisation’s first online order –

the more you spend, the more you'll save!

PDK's success enables us continually to expand our range of

stock, always aiming to bring you highest quality at best

possible prices to raise maximum funds. We offer an ever

increasing range of pocket money toys, inflatable toys,

children’s art & craft items, soft toys, face painting kits,

children’s tattoos, balloons, bunting and party products, duck

races, race and quiz night DVDs, side shows and outdoor

games, glow products and those fundraising accessories you

need to keep things running smoothly.

Our tombola games are, as always, made up with quality prizes

to make you quality fundraising profits. We are pleased to be

able to continue offering our friends in the Lions Club our

popular 15% discounts on our PDK Lions Game and other lion


PDK Fundraising can also help you raise funds at Christmas

time. We can supply you with great value presents for your

Santa’s Grotto – check out our website in the Autumn to see a

full range of suitable toys and games.

Our customers value the quality of the goods and service we

offer and we try hard to maintain that. In the event that we fall

below the desired standard, you may of course return goods in

good and re-saleable condition for a refund. And our tombola

games continue to be available on a sale or return basis – send

us back game prizes in good and re-saleable condition and we’ll

refund you. Those are no nonsense, no quibble, guarantees!

If you like what we do at PDK Fundraising, why not also visit us

online at www.pdkboardgames.co.uk, which offers board games

and puzzles for all ages and many occasions – you'll find a very

wide stock range, very good prices and you'll already know

what kind of service to expect!

We wish all of our customers, whether longstanding or new,

every success in their fundraising for 2013.

Anne and Alistair Scott






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Art and Craft Kits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Face Painting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Inflatable Toys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

Balloons, Bunting and Parties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

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Games Evenings and Duck Races . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

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What our customers say...

“We buy from PDK regularly. We’re very pleased with

their service and their products – our customers love

them and it helps us to serve our community. We’d

recommend them wholeheartedly”

Beryl Roberts, President,

Beaumaris Menai Aethwy Lions Club

“For many years now we have bought fundraising

supplies from PDK for our Summer and Christmas

Fayres – PDK always offers a friendly and reliable

service with good quality products at reasonable


Sally Hughes, Bradley Barton Primary School

“Delighted! Every year we sell ten tombola games in

three days”

Les Westlake, Bridgwater Lions Club.

“Over the years, we’ve also bought some items from

other fundraising companies and have never found

them to be as good as PDK – by any measure”

Beverly Gray, PTA Chair, Walter Daw School

“Friendly, first class service and great toys which sell

every time – we’re delighted”

Brian Smith, Boston Lions Club

“On behalf of the Whitehaven & District Lions Club,

I would like to thank you for your prompt, efficient

service. We had a busy but profitable weekend and will

have no problem in recommending your firm whenever

and wherever possible”

Christine McManus, Whitehaven & District Lions Club

“Many thanks. Toys arrived and they were hugely

successful. Sun shone and we had a brilliant day”

Marilyn Skennerton, Hayling Island Lions Club

“We have used PDK for many years and have always

had great success with their fundraising products.

People regularly comment on the quality of the soft

toys in the tombolas”

Meriel Fishwick, Force Cancer Charity

Order by phone on 01392 829890

About Tombola Games

Our tombola games make fundraising so easy! PDK tombola games stand out from the rest at any

fundraising event! Our prizes are of outstanding quality and, if displayed well, will draw the crowds in with

children desperate to win a prize. We provide you with quality prizes, a set of tickets and a free winning

numbers poster. We give you a suggested price for each ticket but you are free to set your own price – the

more you charge, the more profit you make. Our full tombola games come with 1250 tickets, our half sets

with 625 tickets.

It’s easy to run a PDK Tombola Game – all you need is enthusiastic helpers to set up the stall displaying all the

prizes, to draw in the crowds and sell the tickets. When the ticket is torn open, the ticket number is checked against

the winning numbers poster and the lucky winners get the prize corresponding to their ticket. The more prizes you

have on display, the more tickets you will sell, so buying two sets is a good idea.

It can also be a good idea to have pocket money toys or sweets as consolation prizes for those children who are

disappointed when they have bought more than one ticket but have not been lucky enough to win.

All of our high quality soft toys are available individually at very good prices and make excellent raffle

prizes or prizes for sideshows.

We offer all our tombola games on a sale or return basis so there is no risk involved in buying a

PDK tombola game, If you still have prizes on your hands at the end of the day, you can sell them

off, raffle them, keep them for your next event or return them to us for a full credit refund.

Credit will be given for unused goods in original condition (including complete sets of

tickets). You are responsible for payment of carriage and delivery of returned goods and they

must reach us not more than 7 days after your event date.

Football Game

We offer the choice of inflated or uninflated

footballs. The uninflated balls are cheaper and

offer greater profit potential – you simply need a

volunteer to inflate them with the handheld pump

which comes with the game. Please note that,

due to postal logistics, the inflated football game

is not available for postal delivery, but can be

collected from our premises in Exeter.

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk






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Score with this tombola game – a great

fundraiser! With 212 prizes and a

suggested ticket price of only 25p, your

potential profit is a massive £187 with a

1 in 6 chance of winning a prize. Boys

and girls alike will be keen to try their


PDK Football Game (Full Set) Inflated Un-inflated

80 Inflated Footballs at £1.40 each £112.00 N/A

80 Un-inflated Footballs at £0.90 each N/A £72.00

48 Football Keyrings at £0.13 each £6.24 £6.24

48 Football Yo-yos at £0.13 each £6.24 £6.24

36 Small Soft Footballs at £0.80 each £28.80 £28.80

1 Handheld Football Pump at £1.10 each N/A £1.10

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50 £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £163.78 £124.88

YOUR PROFIT AT 25P PER TICKET £148.72 £187.62

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Football Full Game (Inflated) 25p TGXFF1 1250 £163.78 £148.72

Football Full Game (Uninflated) 25p TGXFF2 1250 £124.88 £187.62

Football Half Game (Inflated) 25p TGXFH1 625 £81.89 £74.36

Football Half Game (Uninflated) 25p TGXFH2 625 £62.99 £93.26






Full refund on any


tombola prizes

Inflatable Toys Game

PDK Inflatable Toys Game (Full Set)

168 Assorted Inflatable Toys at £0.87p each £146.16

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £156.66


Inflatable toys are always draw a crowd at

fundraising events. This PDK tombola game

offers 168 prizes with excellent profit potential

with a 1 in 7 chance of winning a prize. (The

image indicates a selection of inflatables which

you may receive but actual content may vary)


Page 13

for more


Teds Game

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Inflatable Toys Full Game 25p TGXIF1 1250 £156.66 £155.84

Inflatable Toys Half Game 25p TGXIH1 625 £78.33 £77.92

PDK Teds Game (Full Set)

6 Large 35cm Teds at £9.25 each £55.50

14 Medium 25cm Teds at £6.15 each £86.10

34 Small 18cm Teds at £4.60 each £156.40

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £308.50


This great cuddly Teds game is one of

PDK’s best-sellers and is sure to please –

always a winner! With a suggested 50p

ticket price, this game offers 54 prizes and

£316 potential profit.

“PDK’s tombola games are a big draw at

our fundraising events. Their soft toys

have great appeal for all ages – the teds

sell out time and again”

Sylvia McCall, Padstow Lions Club

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Teds Full Game 50p TGXTF1 1250 £308.50 £316.50

Teds Half Game 50p TGXTH1 625 £154.25 £158.25

Order by phone on 01392 829890

Lions Game

This is PDK’s best selling tombola with customers coming

back for more and more. This year we have added more

prizes including a character lion as well as a great value

keychain. The choice of either a 25p or 50p game offers

fundraisers flexibility and the opportunity to increase your

profits if you charge 50p per ticket.

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Lions 25p Game (Lions Club) 25p TGXLF1L 1250 £170.25 £142.25

Lions 50p Game (Lions Club) 50p TGXLJ1L 1250 £305.91 £319.09

Lions 25p Game (Standard) 25p TGXLF1S 1250 £200.30 £112.20

Lions 50p Game (Standard) 50p TGXLH1S 1250 £359.90 £265.10

Any of our Lion soft toys can be purchased

individually in quantities to suit your needs.

As well as the lions in our tombola game,

here is a selection of some other lovely soft

toy lions at great prices. Please see our

website for our full range.

STKLSW4627 Lion 36cm £5.99

STKLL30 Lion 30cm £5.50

STKLS21 Lion 21cm £5.10

PDK Lions Game (Full Set) 50p Game 25p Game

4 Large 50cm Lions at £18.75 each £75.00 N/A

2 Large 50cm Lions at £18.75 each N/A £37.50

12 Medium 40cm Lions at £13.50 each £162.00 N/A

6 Medium 40cm Lions at £13.50 each N/A £81.00

22 Small 25cm Lions at £2.95 each £64.90 N/A

14 Small 25cm Lions at £2.95 each N/A £41.30

38 10cm Lion Keychains at £1.25 each £47.50 N/A

24 10cm Lion Keychains at £1.25 each N/A £30.00

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50 £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE FREE

Less 15% Lions Club Discount -£53.99 - £30.05

Total Cost inc. VAT £305.91 £170.25

YOUR PROFIT (LIONS CLUBS) £319.09 £142.25

Lions International

PDK has been a supplier to UK and Ireland Lions Clubs for over 30 years. We are pleased to have been able

to agree the continuation of our highly popular special 15% Lions Club discount on lion games and products.

“PDK’s Lion Tombola Games are perfect for

raising funds and raising our Lions Club’s

profile. There aren’t any better available. We

bought 22 tombola games from PDK in one

year, raising nearly £3,000 for our Club”

Phil Mobbs,

Great Yarmouth Lions Club.

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk


PDK's pedigree Dogs Game, with best in breed prices and prizes, is now a

suggested 50p ticket price game and offers 64 prizes, with profit potential of

£316. An assortment of breeds is supplied with each game.

“I would thoroughly

recommend PDK with

whom I have been

dealing for many years.

I am impressed with the

first class friendly service,

the fantastic dog tombola

game and prompt


Janet Goldring, Chairman,

NSPCC, Sutton

You’d be barking

mad to miss out

on this great

dogs game!”


Dogs Game

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Dogs Full Game 50p TGXDF1 1250 £308.60 £316.40

Dogs Half Game 50p TGXDH1 625 £154.30 £158.20

Cats Game

Our cats are puttfect! Nine out of ten cats

said their fundraisers prefurred them!

PDK Dogs Game (Full Set)

4 Large 45cm Dogs at £11.75 each £47.00

12 Medium 30cm Dogs at £6.30 each £75.60

18 Small 25cm Dogs at £5.75 each £103.50

30 Dog Keychains 8cm at £2.40 each £72.00

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £308.60


“The dogs tombola game has been a great

success – all down to the appeal and quality of

the gorgeous prizes”

Roy Marlborough, Barnstaple Swimming Club.

PDK Cats Game (Full Set)

4 Large 38cm Cats at £8.85 each £35.40

14 Medium 30cm Cats at £8.75 each £122.50

38 Small 22cm Cats at £3.75 each £142.50

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £310.90


Now with even more

prizes, this 50p game

offers 56 prizes and a

profit potential of £314.

“We always buy from

PDK. Their Cats Game

is always a big hit

at our fundraising


Barnstaple & District

Cats Protection.”

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Cats Full Game 50p TGXCF1 1250 £310.90 £314.10

Cats Half Game 50p TGXCH1 625 £155.45 £157.05

Order by phone on 01392 829890

PDK Sealife Game (Full Set)

2 Large 43cm Seals at £7.99 each £15.98

14 Medium 20-38cm Sealife at £5.40 each £75.60

10 Small 14cm Sealife at £2.50 each 25.00

12 8cm Sealife Keychains at £2.40 each £28.80

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £155.88





Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Sealife Full Game 25p TGXSF1 1250 £155.88 £156.62

Sealife Half Game 25p TGXSH1 625 £77.94 £78.31

Wildlife Game

Suggested Cost

Description Ticket Price Code Tickets (inc VAT) Your Profit

Wildlife Full Game 50p TGXWF2 1250 £311.50 £313.50

Wildlife Half Game 50p TGXWH2 625 £155.74 £156.76

Sealife Game

With even more prizes, PDK’s Sealife game is sure to make a bigger

splash this year! An assortment of quality sealife soft toy prizes is supplied

with this game but they may differ slightly from those shown in the image

PDK Wildlife Game (Full Set)

4 Large 40/45cm Wild Animals at £13.75 each £55.00

24 Medium 18/25cm Wild Animals at £4.80 each £115.20

24 Small 14cm Wild Animals at £2.85 each £68.40

26 8cm Wild Animal Keychains at £2.40 each £62.40

1250 tickets at £10.50 per pack £10.50

Winning Numbers Game Poster FREE

Total Cost inc. VAT £311.50


Take a shot at this Big Game –

people go wild for these great

prizes! With a suggested ticket

price of 50p and 80 prizes, this

game now offers even more

prizes and a potential profit of

£315. An assortment of quality

wild animal soft toy prizes is

supplied with this game. Please

note that the image is illustrative

(contents may vary).

“PDK’s super games are so appealing and make

wonderful prize displays. We bought again and

again and sold out every time. Their friendly

service is first class – we are very pleased”

Julie Vout, Wroxham & Hoveton Lions Club

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk


Pocket Money Toys

Football Favourites

PMNRTFB 1 Football Yoyos £1.60 (for 12)

12 small plastic football design YoYos.

4cm diameter

PMPFP6 2 Football Pencils 52p for 6

Pack of 6 pencils with erasers – football design.

PMNEFSE 3 Football Erasers 99p for 12

12 erasers in the design of an England Football

Strip (4cm x 4cm)

PMPMSFB 4 Soft Football £9.95 (for 12)

Soft black and white football. (8.75 cm diameter)

PMNFOU1 5 Football - Un-Inflated £0.90p each

Full size lightweight PVC football (22.5cm) in

assorted colours. Un-inflated, buy with our

handheld pump.

PMWFK1 6 Football Keyrings £1.55 (for 12)

PMWBP1 7 Handheld Football Pump £1.10 each

For use with our un-inflated footballs

PMPFAB 8 Football Activity Book £2.10 (for 12)

12 mini football activity books including stickers,

puzzles, colouring pages

PMNSTF1 9 Football Spinning Tops £2.50 (for 12)

Size 5cm

Pirate Favourites

TAPPI288 10 Pirate Tattoos £5.50

288 removable tattoos in assorted pirate designs

(5cm x 4cm). Easily applied and easily removed.

PMPPPS1 11 Pirate Pencils £0.45p per pack

Pack of six pirate design pencils

PMNPPP1 12 Pirate Pinball Puzzles £1.50 (for 12)

12 mini pirate design pinball puzzles in assorted


PMNPP 13 Pirate Pop Ups £2.75 (for 12)

Turn the rubber pirate Pop Up inside out, set it

down and wait for it to pop up! Simple but fun!

PMPPIRJ 14 Pirate Jigsaw Puzzles £0.99 (for 12)

12 mini pirate jigsaws, assorted designs

12cm x 8cm

PMPPSAB12 15 Pirate Activity Book £2.95 (for 12)

12 Pirate mini activity books (14.5 x 10cm) which

include stickers, dot to dot, word searches,

puzzles and colouring pages



Order by phone on 01392 829890






10 12











8 9









Pocket Money Toys

PMNBJ27 1 Assorted Jet Balls £2.05 (for 25)

25 high bouncing 27mm jet balls in assorted

colours and designs.

PMNFAGL 2 Fairy Gliders £2.35 (for 12)

12 pretty fairy gliders that are simply slotted

together and thrown to soar through the air.

Assorted designs. Wingspan 20cm

PMNFG12 3 Flying Gliders £1.60 (for 12)

12 polysterene gliders with 15cm wingspan in

assorted World War II plane designs.

PMNDIGL 4 Dinosaur Gliders £2.70 (for 12)

This is a combination that all children love -

dinosaurs and gliders. Low cost and simple to fly

traditional polystyrene gliders with 21cm

wingspan in four dinosaur designs.

PMNSTLZ 5 Stretchy Lizards £3.10 (for 12)

12 assorted rubber stretchy lizards (13cm) - they

can stretch up to four times their original size!

PMNSTAL 6 Stretchy Aliens £2.40 (for 12)

12 stretchy aliens in 3 assorted colours (8cm).

Fantastic elastic fun!

7. PMPJITB 7 Wobbling Jitterbugs £2.40 (for 6)

Assorted friendly little insects with jiggling legs

each in his own little wooden home with a

folding lid.

PMPSC1 8 Swap Point Crayon £2.05 (for 12)

A bestselling favourite - 12 crayons each made

up of 11 different coloured crayon pieces (with lid)

PMNBUMA 9 Bubble Tubs £2.65 for 12

12 tubs of blow bubbles. 60ml tubs

PMNMTBU 10 Mini Touchable Bubbles £1.50 (for 12)

12 mini blow bubbles in heart and star shapes in

assorted colours. Blow the bubbles, catch the


PMNGPE1 11 Glitter Putty Eggs £5.40 (for 12)

12 plastic eggs (6cm tall) containing two colours

of fun glitter putty - kids can stretch it, bounce it

and much more....

PMNPRST 12 Princess Stickers £1.40 (for 12 packs)

12 packs of Princess design stickers, each pack

contains 8 stickers. Pack size 10.5 x 6.5cm

PMNSSH1 13 Stickers £1.85 (for 12 packs)

12 packs of stickers – Stars, Smiles and Hearts.

Each pack contains approx. 30 stickers

PMPGS1 14 Gigglestick Tubes £4.99 (for 12)

12 plastic gigglestick tubes which “giggle” when

you move them! Assorted colours. 13cm

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk





Pocket Money Toys

PMNSYY8 1 Smiley Yoyos £1.10 (for 8)

Bag of 8 smiley face yoyos (4cm diameter)

PMNSSM1 2 Stretchy Smiley Men £1.60 (for 12)

Fun stretchy smiley men (5cm).

PMNSWBR 3 Smiley Wooden Bracelets £2.55 (for 12)

12 wooden bracelets in assorted colours with

"smiley" face

PMSSFPO 4 Smiley Pop Ups £2.90 (for 12)

Turn the rubber smiley pop up inside out, set it

down and watch it pop up! Simple but fun!

PMNSFPP 5 Smiley Pinball Games £1.55 (for 12)

Great value pocket money toy. Size: 5cm x 5cm

PMNSPBB 6 Smiley Paddle Bat and Ball £2.20 (for 12)

Try your skill with bat and ball with this fun pocket

money toy (11.5cm)

PMNSMER 7 Smiley Erasers £1.50 (for 12)

12 erasers with assorted smiley faces

PMNBJSM 8 Smiley Jet Balls £2.20 (for 12)

12 high bouncing jet balls in assorted neon

colours with smiley face design.

All our tattoos are safe and non-toxic and are easily applied and

equally easily removed! Sell on your pocket money stall or have a

Tattoo Stall at your Fete. Visit our website for a full range of designs

which will appeal to boys and girls of all ages.

TANBA1 9 Boys’ Tattoos £5.85 (for 12 packs)

12 assorted packs each containing 6-8 assorted

removable tattoos. Ideal for boys

TANGFTS 10 Girls’ Tattoos £6.60 (for 12)

12 assorted packs each containing 6 – 8

removable tattoos. Ideal for girls.

TAPBUT288 11 Butterfly Tattoos £5.99 (for 288 tattoos)

288 removable tattoos in assorted butterfly glitter

designs (5cm x 5cm approx)

TAPMON288 12 Monster Tattoos £5.99 (for 288 Tattoos)

A pack of 288 mini tattoos with assorted monster

designs. 5cm x 5cm approx

TAPGT50 13 150 Girls' Themed Tattoos £6.75 (for pack of 150)

3 packs, each containing at least 50 temporary

tattoos, in 3 themes: Glitter, Fantasy Garden and

Snuggle Buddies

TAPBT50 14 150 Boys’ Themed Tattoos £7.10 (for pack of 150)

3 packs, each containing at least 50 temporary




in 3 themes: Tribal, Pirate, Tattoo Mania

Ideal as a Lucky Dip, presents in Santa's Grotto or as consolation

prizes. Assortment of popular pocket money toys.

TLPLD50 15 Bag of 36 x 50p Lucky Dip Toys £16.35

You buy at price equivalent to 45p each.

Contents may vary from image



9 10



Order by phone on 01392 829890










Art & Craft Kits

Here is just a selection from our range of popular art and

craft sets. Please see our website for our full range.

Mini Rainbow Scraper Kits £0.99

Designed for younger scraper enthusiasts - the plastic scraper tool

is safe for all ages. Just scrape away the lines to reveal a beautiful

coloured picture! Age 4+

CKORSGI Giraffe CKORSD1 Dragon

CKORSR1 Rainbow CKORSPR Princess


Mini Scraperfoil Kits £0.99

Engrave a lovely picture in silver or copper by scraping away the

lines. Scraper included. Age 8+. RRP £1.50

CKOCDO1 Dolphin CKOCGIR Giraffe


CKOCDP1 Dog Portrait COKSPIG Piglet



Mini Painting By Number Kits £0.99

Includes water soluble acrylic paints, paint brush and

colour-numbered picture. Suitable for children 5 years+.

RRP £1.50

CKOPDO1 Dolphin CKOPLA1 Labrador


CKOPKI1 Kitten CKOPPU1 Puppy

Mini Felt Tip Pen Kits £0.99

Fun cartoon characters on pre-printed design. Includes 5

washable mini felt tip pens, full instructions. Age 5+

CKOFTBC Coconut the Brave

CKOFTMS Monkey and Snake

CKOFTD Dinosaur

CKWPMI Paint Pottery Mug Set £3.25

Be creative – paint your own design and finish off by

placing the mug in the oven. Set includes mug, 12

assorted colour paints and a brush.

CKPBPDP Paint a Ceramic Dog or Pig Set 0.85p

Each set contains 3 ceramic faces to paint, a brush,

paints and full instructions

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk


Face Painting

11 12 13 14 15

Ideal fundraiser at fetes, discos and parties. Potential big profit sideshow

– we suggest you charge £1 - £1.50 per face (cost of paints per face is as little as 20p!).

Please visit our website to see our full range of face painting paints, kits and accessories.

These long-lasting face paint products are easy to apply and, because they are water based, they are easy to remove with soap and

water. They are non-toxic, are not tested on animals and fully compliant with EU toy and cosmetic regulations. Once open, the paints

will not crack or evaporate, allowing you to use them again and again.

Snazaroo 18ml Face Paint Pots £3.85

FPOSBG18 1 Bright Green

FPOSBL18 2 Black

FPOSBP18 3 Bright Pink

FPOSBR18 4 Bright Red

FPOSBY18 5 Bright Yellow

Snazaroo Glitter Gel 12ml £3.35

12ml pots of glitter gel to add another dimension to face painting

FPOSDS12 11 Dark Blue / Silver

FPOSGD12 12 Gold Dust

FPOSNM12 13 Multicoloured


FPOSCP18 6 Complexion Pink

FPOSLB18 7 Light Brown

FPOSOR18 8 Orange

FPOSSB18 9 Sky Blue

FPOSWH18 10 White

FPOSRR12 14 Regal Red

FPOSSV12 15 Silver

FPOSCW50 16 Snazaroo White Clown Paint 50ml £4.99

Water-based white base make-up for maximum thicker cover

FPOSPK18 17 Snazaroo 18ml Palette Kit £24.50

Professional palette. Paints up to 350 faces. 8 x 18ml colours

FPOSFF 18 Five Minute Faces Book £6.30

Step-by-step guides to painting 30 different faces using easy

techniques. Also contains useful advice about organising a

face painting stall at your fundraising event.

FPOSWB 19 Wild Faces Book £5.99

Comprehensive book with step-by-step guides to painting

over 40 different fantastic animal faces

FPOSFG1 20 Face Painting Guide £1.40

A 16-page guide full of helpful hints and designs to try.

21 Face Painting Sponges

Quality long lasting sponges for smooth paint application

FPOSSP2 Pack of 2 £1.50

FPOSSP10 Pack of 10 £6.25

FPOSBSK 22 Brush Starter Set £2.85

Pack of 3 assorted face paint brushes. Made from synthetic bristle.

Professional Brushes made from Toray, a synthetic soft and durable material:

FPOSFB 23 Fine Flat Brush £3.80

FPOSMB 24 Multi Purpose Brush £4.70

FPOWF1 25 Snazaroo Wild Faces Kit £11.25

Great kit for creating up to 50 Wild Faces. Includes 8 colour

paints, brush, sponge and 16-page face painting guide.

Potential profit (at £1.50 a go) £64.

FPOSMS1 26 Snazaroo Face Painting Starter Kit £34.99

Everything you need to paint up to 300 faces. One plastic kit

box containing 6 x 18ml colours, 12ml silver glitter gel,

Step-by-Step Face Painting Guide, 2 sponges & 3 brushes.

Great profit potential of up to £267 (at £1 per face)

Order by phone on 01392 829890











18 19

20 21











4 5


12 13


8 9




14 15

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk


Sell these inflated toys at your event and children will all want one

of the fun designs! They come in packs of 12 with prices starting at

an equivalent of 77p each. Sell for profit at your event for £1.50 or

more. Or why not set up an inflatables tombola game using a set

of PDK tombola tickets?

INWFBAL 1 Football 55cm £10.75 (for 12)

INNMIC40 2 Microphone £9.25 (for 12)

(4 assorted colours) 40cm

INWGT40 3 Guitar £10.75 (for 12)

(4 assorted colours) 101cm

INWJH36 4 Jelly Hammer £10.75 (for 12)

(4 assorted colours) 91cm

INWHA36 5 Hammer 91 cm £10.75 (for 12)

INNBANJ 6 Banjo £14.35 (for 12)

(4 assorted colours) 93cm

INNPISW 7 Pirate Sword/Cutlass £12.95 (for 12)


INWDB66 8 Duck Basher £10.75 (for 12)


INWLP36 9 Lollipop £10.75 (for 12)

(2 assorted colours) 76cm

INWDB 10 Dolphin £10.75 (for 12)


INNBB106 11 Smiley Baseball Bat £11.10 (for 12)


INNMS48 12 Smiley Mallet £11.75 (for 12)


INNCL60 13 Club £12.60 (for 12)


INNBA80 14 Banana £15.99 (for 12)

80 cm

INNPA48 15 Parrot £9.50 (for 12)


INNWA78 16 Princess Wand £11.60 (for 12)

78 cm

INNSAX75 17 Saxophone £13.60 (for 12)

(4 assorted colours) 75cm





BBHRWB1 Red/White/Blue Pennant Bunting £1.40

PVC pennant bunting. 20 flags, 10m length.

BBHSGB St George England Bunting £1.45

PVC bunting - 20 flags (30 x 21cm), 10m length

BBHUJ1 Union Jack Flag Bunting £1.45

Union Jack rectangular flag bunting. 20 flags,

10m length.

BBHMPB1 Multicoloured PVC Pennant Bunting £1.40

PVC pennant bunting. 20 flags, 10m length.

BBNMCB1 Multicoloured Nylon Pennant Bunting

Nylon pennant bunting, 25 flags, 7m length



BBEBAL50 Coloured Balloons £1.40 (for 50)

Bag of 50 assorted colour balloons

BBHBARWB Red, White and Blue Balloons £7.99 (for 100)

Bag of 100 red, white and blue balloons

BBPPB1 Punch Balloons (Bag of 50) £10.99

50 large balloons in assorted colours on strong

elastic band. Put some "punch" into your fundraising

event by inflating these fun popular balloons to sell

for profit at your event. Children will love them!

Sell inflated for profit at your fundraising event.

Pirate Parties

BBESCBAL6 Pirate Balloons (Pack of 6) £1.99

BBNPBU1 Pirate Bunting £0.99

4 metre length, 11 pvc pennant flags

BBHPH1 Pirate Hats (Pack of 12) £1.60

12 Pirate hats printed both sides in cardboard:


BBPPPB Pirate Party Bags £0.52 for 12

FPOPTP Pirate Theme Face Paint Pack £4.35

Set contains black, white and red face paints and a

brush to paint up to 10 pirate faces.

See our website for our full range of Pirate themed products,

including pocket money toys


Order by phone on 01392 829890

Side Shows and Outdoor Games

Our pocket money toys and soft toys make great prizes for all our sideshow games.

SSTPS1 2 in 1 Penalty Shoot Out £39.99

Experience the tension and excitement of the Penalty

Shoot Out! Charge for a go. Our Football Pocket

Money Toys make ideal prizes. (Remove the front

cover and you have a normal football goal)

SSTGQ1 Garden Quoits £10.99

4 rope rings and a sturdy quoit base. Instructions

included. Charge for a Go at your fete and offer

some of our pocket money toys as prizes for high


SSTSD1 Sports Day Set £19.40

Traditional fun and fitness. Includes: 4 x jumping

sacks, 4 x egg & spoons, 4 x bean bags, 2 x ankle

straps, 1 x start line, 1 x finish line and 4 x plastic


SSXPC1 Play Your Cards Right Game £16.99

"Higher, lower!" Display 12 cards face down.

Charge 20-30p per game. PDK soft toys and pocket

money toys make ideal prizes.

Includes: Playing Card Display Board, Pack of 52

Jumbo Playing Cards (7” x 5”), Instructions.

PLUS FREE Treasure Hunt Poster Game

SSPTH1 Treasure Hunt Game £2.95

Choose the right square to win the Hidden Treasure!

Available free with Play Your Cards Right Game

Suggested price per square 25p (200 squares)

Potential profit: £48 (less cost of prizes).

SSTFTG1 Fete Target Game £13.99

A fete sideshow consisting of 10 hollow EVA

cans & 6 sand bags – easy to set up and run.

Charge for a Go and offer prizes for high scores.

OGHMPUS Giant Pick Up Sticks £11.99

Set of large pick-up sticks (1m long). Ideal

garden game. Have you got a steady hand?

How many sticks can you retrieve without

moving any others?

DRPHKDU Hook-a-Duck-Game £8.25

An inflatable pond (60cms), fishing rod (48 cms)

and 5 ducks make this a great party game or

can be used at your fundraising event.

OGTROUN Traditional Rounders Set £12.60

Rounders Set in canvas holdall includes 1

wooden rounders bat, ball, 4 wooden posts

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk


Games Evenings

See our website for our full range of products for games evenings.

FECRANT Horse Race Night £11.99

The fourth edition of this top-selling DVD Race Night

series which offers all-new races and raw excitement as

you take a flutter on the horses – without the risk of losing

your shirt! This pack includes a 16-race DVD, money,

betting slips, bookies board, write ‘n’ wipe pen, form

guide and rules. Host a fantastic night to remember – you

only have to provide the players!

FEGBEDR Beetle Drive Game £7.25

Contents: 24 double-sided Beetle cards, 4 pencils, 4 dice

and game instructions. Age 6+.

Any number of players - the more the merrier!

FEGBDPS Beetle Drive Game Sheets £2.85

Pack of additional Beetle game sheets for Beetle Drives.

Contents: 50 double-sided play sheets

FADBNTK Bingo Cards £1.25 per pack

Pack of 100 sheets of individually numbered bingo cards.

Each card has 6 games. Pads in assorted colours

Duck Races

These great plastic ducks are perfect for duck races. Choose 5cm, 7cm or

12cm ducks, which you can buy in whatever quantities are right for you.

Whether you are holding an event with

hundreds of ducks in a river, or a ten-duck

race in a stream, you can make quite a profit

with minimal effort. For small to medium

events a ticket price of around one or two

pounds is a good place to start, and you can

adjust prices according to the popularity of

your event and the prizes you wish to offer.

It’s easy to raise even more money by making

it a fun family event with refreshments, side

shows and PDK Tombola Games.”

DRPRD5 5cm Rubber Duck £0.38 each

DRPPD5 5cm Plastic Ducks £0.35 each

DRNPD7 7cm Plastic Ducks £0.23 each

DRNPD12 12cm Plastic Ducks £12.99 for 10


Please see our

website for full details

and images of

the range of ducks

See our website for “How to Run a Duck Race”

Order by phone on 01392 829890

Fundraising Essentials

Hand Held Collection Boxes £2.25

Secure, plastic, with security seal. 9cm diameter, 21cm high.





See our website for our full range of collection boxes

FAESC1 Collection Box Security Chain £2.10

Metal chain to keep boxes secure.

FAESS1 10 Collection Box Security Seals £1.15 (for 10)

Self-adhesive security seals allow safe use of

collection boxes again and again.

Street Charity Collection Buckets £3.75

Secure plastic buckets with lid, Thank You labels and plastic

security cable ties. 5 litres capacity, 21cm diameter, 19cm high






FAEBUDG Dark Green

FAEST1 Collection Bucket Security Ties £1.10 (for 10)

Small cable ties secure the lid to the bucket and

provide a tamper-evident seal conforming with

street charity collection regulations

Cloakroom/Raffle Tickets

Good quality, easy to tear off double-numbered tickets with a

6-digit security code.

FADCT1000 Book of 1000 Cloakroom Tickets £1.50

FADCT500 Book of 500 Cloakroom Tickets 70p

Cloakroom raffle tickets can be used for a raffle provided you only

sell the tickets during the fundraising event. However, if you wish

to sell the tickets before the event, you must register with the Local

Authority and have your raffle tickets printed.

Raffle Prizes

Why not use any of our quality large Soft Toys as raffle prizes

(any of our tombola soft toys prizes on pages 3-7 can be sold individually)

Tombola Game Tickets

We sell packs of tombola tickets for tombola games in two sizes –

containing 625 or 1250 tickets – so that you can make up your own

tombola games. The tickets are sealed but, with perforated edges,

are easy to tear open. See our website for more details and our

full range of tickets.

Order online at pdkfundraising.co.uk


Glow in the Dark products offer great fundraising ideas and opportunities for parties, discos,

firework events or carnivals. We offer our quality glow products at low prices allowing you to sell

them for a good profit at your fundraising event, at the same time as brightening up the event!

All our glow products are extremely bright and will glow for up to 36 hours.

They comply with stringent safety regulations and carry the CE mark.

GPGGS4 Glow Stick £0.30p each

These glowsticks are 10cm long and 10mm thick and come individually foil wrapped with

lanyard. Assorted colours.

We stock a range of glow products including necklaces,

bracelets and sticks. Please see our website for full details.


We aim to dispatch all orders either on the day of the order or

by the end of the following working day. We cannot guarantee

to deliver on any particular day, but will always try to

accommodate any requests which you might make. Please

see page 19 for details of mail order delivery costs. Delivery

charges for online orders may be cheaper as our online

delivery charges are automatically calculated by reference to

the weight of the products. Standard delivery costs for all

orders to UK Mainland destinations will be £6.99 by mail

order and up to £6.99 online. Orders to UK mainland

destinations weighing less than 2kg will be delivered by Royal

Mail First Class. Delivery charges and methods for UK Off-

Mainland may be different depending on weight and

destination of package. Please note that some Scottish

Highlands postcodes are classified as being off-mainland.

Our standard UK Parcelforce delivery is a 48 hour service,

although this may take up to 4 days to UK Off Mainland

destinations. You have the option to upgrade to a 24 hour

service for UK Mainland and Northern Ireland. Please note

that, although 48 or 24 hour delivery as indicated by

Parcelforce service names is very likely to transpire, we are

unfortunately not able to guarantee this. All Parcelforce

parcels require a signature on delivery, so please give a

daytime delivery address where you know someone will be

available to sign for the parcel. If you wish, you may give us a

different delivery address from your contact address. If you

are buying online, you can add this delivery address to your

online account details when placing an order.

We can ship to the Channel Islands and most countries

outside of the UK - please contact us to clarify delivery costs.

Local customers are welcome to collect orders from our

premises in Exeter.

Special Discounts

We offer a 10% discount for your first online order via our

website for orders up to a maximum value of £1,000 (including

VAT). We also offer a 15% discount for Lions Clubs approved

account holders on certain lions related products.


Order Information

Credit Accounts

We offer the facility for bona fide fundraising organisations to

open a credit account. Where a credit account is granted, we

will dispatch the order together with your invoice which should

be settled within no more than 14 days. See page 19 for

further details.

Returns & Refunds

PDK wants you to be totally satisfied with your goods. If you

are for any reason unhappy with your purchase, please return

the goods to us (unused and in their original packaging)

within 7 days of receipt and a full refund for the cost of goods

will be made. Please obtain a proof of posting certificate when

returning goods to us, as we cannot be held responsible for

goods lost in transit. Please note that the customer is liable for

the cost of returning goods to us unless the goods are

defective or have been sent in error. Your statutory rights are

not affected. See page 3 for Sale or Return on our tombola


Terms of Business

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the current applicable

rate. Claims for shortages or damages must be received by

PDK within 3 days from receipt of delivered goods.

About PDK

PDK Fundraising is operated by PDK Limited from our

premises in Exeter.

Interested in board games and puzzles?

Why not try PDK Board Games

(www.pdkboardgames.co.uk), which offers

a wide range of board games and puzzles

for all ages and tastes, including a great choice of children's

games, family games and party games.

PDK also operates The

Classical CD Exchange

which sells an extensive

range of top quality used classical music CDs - up to 15,000

searchable and browsable titles are catalogued and displayed

at any time and all discs are unconditionally guaranteed.

Order by phone on 01392 829890




Invoice Address:

Daytime Tel No:

Email Address:

Are you a new PDK customer?

If yes, how did you hear about us?


DELIVERY ADDRESS (If different to Invoice Address)

(Please note that a signature is required for all Parcelforce deliveries)


Address (Daytime):




Mail your order together with payment to:



Please make cheques payable to: PDK Limited



01392 434466 829890 (9.00am (8.30am – 5.00pm, Mon - Fri)

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Delta, Switch,

Maestro or Solo.


01392 434466 829890 Mon-Fri 9.00am 8.30am – 5.00pm


www.pdkfundraising.co.uk Special 10% online

discount on your organisation’s first order. Quick

and Easy – all orders confirmed by e-mail.


You are welcome to visit our premises, but we

advise you to phone in advance to confirm

availability of stock. Mon-Fri 9.00am 8.30am – 5.00pm.


info@pdkfundraising.co.uk Tel: 01392 434466 829890

For general enquiries & delivery queries.

Mon - Fri 9.am 8.30am – 5.00pm – 5.00pm



Any bona fide fundraising organisation, charity or

school can open a credit facility with us. All credit

account orders must be over £50 (excluding

delivery charge); maximum credit available is

£1,000 on first orders for new customers and

£1,500 for subsequent orders.

Setting up a credit account is easy. You can

download a Credit Account Account Application form from

our website or request one by phone. phone. Once

completed and signed as necessary, return it to us

& & we will send you an email as soon as your

account is set up. Please allow 5 working days.


Order Form


Cheques to be made payable to PDK Ltd. (All personal cheques must have a

cheque guarantee card number on the reverse)

Or please debit my MasterCard/Visa/Maestro/Solo/Visa Electron

Valid From / Expiry Date / Maestro/Solo Issue No

Security No (3 digits on reverse of card):

Cardholder Name as on card:

Billing Address:

Cardholders Signature:



If you have a credit account with PDK, please enter your Organisations

Account Name:

Product Ref Description Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost

We aim to despatch all orders

within one working day of receipt.

If you require your goods delivered

on a particular date, please specify





UK MAINLAND Parcelforce 48 Hrs/RM 1st Class £6.99

UK OFF-MAINLAND Parcelforce 48 Hrs/RM 1st Class £11.99



Parcelforce 48 Hrs/RM 1st Class £14.99

UK MAINLAND Parcelforce 24 Hrs £7.50


UK NORTHERN IRELAND Parcelforce 24 Hrs £19.99

Please note that delivery charges for online orders may be

considerably lower (depending on the weight of the order).


Sub Total






Alphington Rd


Find Us Here

Alphinbrook Rd


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Budlake Road Hennock Rd

12 Norman Court, Budlake Road, Exeter EX2 8PY.


01392 829890 info@pdkfundraising.co.uk

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