Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns


Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

Teacher Carol

They are divided in :


( used before a noun)

I My Mine

You Your Yours

He His His

She Her Hers

It Its Its

We Our Ours

You Your Yours

They Their theirs


( never follow a noun)

Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives.

1) Where are ___________ YOUR friends now? (you)

2) Here is a postcard from ____________ MY friend Peggy. ( I)

3) She lives in Australia now with __________family. HER

( she)

4) ___________ HER husband works in Newcastle. (She)

5) ___________ HIS company builds ships. (He)

6) ___________children THEIR

go to school in Newcastle. (They)

7) ___________ MY husband and I want to go to Australia, too.


8) We want to see Peggy and ___________ HER family next

winter. (she)

9) ___________winter! OUR (We)

10) Because it is ___________ THEIR

summer. (they)

a) This book is ____________ YOURS (you) .

b) The ball is ____________ MINE (I) .

c) The blue car is ____________ OURS (we) .

d) The ring is ____________ HERS (she) .

e) We met Paul and Jane last night. This house is

____________ THEIRS (they) .

f) The luggage is ____________ HIS (he) .

g) The pictures are ____________ HERS (she) .

h) In our garden is a bird. The nest is ___________ ITS (it) .

i) This cat is ____________ OURS (we) .

j) This was not my fault. It was ____________ YOURS

(you) .

1. These grammar books are different. _______

has 278 pages, but _______ has only 275.

a) Yours, mine

b) Your, my

c) Yours, my

d) Your, mine

2. This bird has broken ________ leg.

a) it's

b) its‘

c) hers

d) its

3. Junko has already eaten his lunch, but I'm saving

________ until later.

a) hers

b) her

c) my

d) mine

4. Was ________ grammar book expensive?

a) your

b) yours

c) your's

d) you

5. Jody has lost ________ books.

a) mine

b) her

c) hers

d) theirs

6. We gave them ________ telephone number, and

they gave us ________.

a) ours, their

b) our, their

c) ours, theirs

d) our, theirs

7. ________ pencil is broken. Can I borrow


a) Mine, yours

b) Your, mine

c) My, yours

d) Yours, mine

8. ________ computer is a Mac, but ________ is a PC.

a) Your, mine

b) Yours, mine

c) Your, my

d) Yours, my

9. You can't have any chocolate! It's ________!

a) your

b) its

c) her

d) mine

10. My telephone is out of order, but ________

is working.

a) your

b) our

c) his

d) their



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