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GNO Dir's Draft 03_11_10 Script

GNO Dir's Draft 03_11_10 Script

QUEEN Good, then

QUEEN Good, then you’ll know we’ll be in conference for a while. But afterwards, he’ll expect to see you. (to Margaret) You too, I should think. Now off you go. Elizabeth and Margaret troop off towards the door. * QUEEN (to Elizabeth) And Elizabeth, find something more appropriate to wear. INT. STAIRCASE - MOMENTS LATER Elizabeth trudges up the thickly carpeted steps, Margaret traipses alongside her. ELIZABETH (mimicking the Queen) Find something more appropriate to wear. Margaret responds with a flat laugh. Elizabeth snorts. ELIZABETH It’s so unfair. The whole country’s celebrating, and look at me - announced, presented. Everything time-tabled. MARGARET It’s better than playing second fiddle. Silly little P2, forever living in your shadow. ELIZABETH I wouldn’t mind living in the shadows. They reach the top of stairs. ELIZABETH I never know what to wear. Or say. Or do. MARGARET Well, it’s only the Frenchies. 4.

ELIZABETH And what do I say to them -- we couldn’t have done it without you. They peel off in separate directions, Elizabeth turns left, Margaret goes right. MARGARET See you at lunch. INT. ELIZABETH’S BEDROOM - MOMENTS LATER Elizabeth opens the doors of her vast walk-in wardrobe. And is confronted by an array of dull outfits. Suit after suit. Jacket after jacket. She steps further into the wardrobe. Reaches out towards the furthest compartment, containing racks of long grey zipped-up bags. She grabs one. Yanks down the zip. A beautiful red ball gown falls out. She opens another, reveals - a yellow gown. And another - this time a blue silk dress. Closing her eyes, Elizabeth feels the material. Then, just as quickly, zips them back up again. INT. STATE ROOM - LATER A gilded room, with a crushing formality. SERVANTS stand to attention. Hushed conversation punctuates the silence. Margaret, smiling brightly, enters. The Queen stares straight past her, aghast as - - Elizabeth stumbles in. Now wearing a grey twin set, pleated skirt and stout brogues. Self-conscious, she looks round. Sees - The middle-aged French AMBASSADOR. And his young WIFE. Petite, elegant, her hair a millimetre perfect, razor-cut bob. A SERVANT prepares Camparis. On seeing Elizabeth he reaches for a bottle of lemonade. 5.

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