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Very Special Circumstances for Development in the Green

Very Special Circumstances for Development in the Green

Jobs and vocational

Jobs and vocational education Pinewood A Living Community for the Creative Industry Pinewood Studios already contributes significantly to employment, training and production opportunities in the creative industries. The Pinewood development will deliver additional employment directly in the creative industries. It will also provide opportunities and facilities for vocational education, training and employment; for example, through the proposed Pinewood Group Apprenticeship Scheme (a joint venture between Pinewood Studios and other entities) and the Pinewood Screen Crafts Academy (in conjunction with the National Film and Television School and Skillset’s Screen Craft Academies). UK creative industries hub UK government policy has specifically identified the creative industries as a focus for policy, encouraging the development of creative hubs. Creative hubs concentrate talent, skills, learning, employment and facilities, encouraging collaboration and co-operation between people and complementary activities and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The Pinewood vision meets fully the criteria that the government has set out for establishing a creative hub that will be securely established at Pinewood Studios. New technologies for the screen industry Pinewood provides a unique and comprehensive opportunity for the existing Pinewood Studios to embrace a rapidly evolving range of new technologies, for example digital enhancement, that are key to the future of both conventional film and new media. Pinewood has been designed for the future of the creative industries in the UK. It will enable Pinewood Studios to maintain its position at the cutting edge of developing and delivering new technologies to meet the specific demands of film and television production. Social investment A unique feature of Pinewood is that it will provide a dynamic, interactive, social environment that will incorporate streetscapes reflecting a variety of architectural styles and landscapes for location filming. Social interaction and activity of those living and working in Pinewood will bring life and substance to the community. Pinewood will offer affordable and market housing within a unique environment, close to education, community and leisure facilities and amenities. Page 4

1 Introduction Pinewood A Living Community for the Creative Industry 1.1 This paper has been prepared by Pinewood Studios Ltd (PSL) to support its planning application for Pinewood. PSL submits that there are ‘very special circumstances’ for the development in the Green Belt that will generate very substantial benefits (see Appendix 1). 1.2 Pinewood will establish a living and working community for the creative industries. It will be the first of its kind in the world. Pinewood will realise the cumulative benefits that can be achieved from industry focused clusters. It will offer producers and directors a range of atmospheric streetscapes for filming from international locations that have proved popular to film and television makers. 1.3 This paper will outline the objectives that underpin the concept of Pinewood (Chapter 2). It will then review the drivers for Pinewood (Chapter 3). Chapter 4 will explain the key benefits that Pinewood will deliver. Chapter 5 will demonstrate why Pinewood should be located adjacent to Pinewood Studios and finally Chapter 6 will provide a brief conclusion. Where appropriate, further detail is provided in the appendices to this paper. This includes a brief history of Pinewood Studios and Pinewood Studios today (Appendix 2). 1.4 This paper should be read in conjunction with other documents that accompany the planning application, in particular the Planning Statement (Document 1), Design and Access Statement and Sustainability Statement (Document 3), Economic Impact Assessment (Document 5) and Environmental Statement (Document 6). 1.5 ‘Very special circumstances’ exist to justify that the benefits of Pinewood will outweigh the harm to the Green Belt caused by ‘inappropriate development’. Page 5

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