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A Singular,



Nothing symbolizes the

image of a dinosaur

more than the long

necked sauropods. Their

evolutionary claim to

fame is being the largest

animals ever to walk the

earth. These spectacular

creatures capture the

imagination of the visitor

in a way that is thrilling

yet humbling.

A Singular,


The Dana Quarry sauropods are the largest,

most complete skeletons offered for sale! Other

mounted skeletons exhibited in museums around

the world are much less complete and are normally

composites of different individuals. In contrast, all

the Dana sauropods are over 80% complete, professionally

prepared, and fully mounted.

Despite the popularity of these giant dinosaurs,

they are some of the most poorly understood.

Scientists to this day have little knowledge

of how they grew so large, how they moved, and

how they evolved. Every new discovery adds vital

information to the understanding of this fascinating

group of dinosaurs. For example, from these new

Dana Quarry sauropod skeletons we now know

the differences between male and female individuals

and what features represent stages of immature

diplodocids. The critical data associated with these

specimens has changed the way paleontology views

the evolution of these long-necked creatures.


The biological information contained in

the Dana collection is diverse and complete to create

a most spectacular exhibit. The juxtaposition of

the male, female and juvenile would make an important

paleontological statement not attempted

in modern museum exhibition. Examples of sexual

dimorphism and ontogeny are seldom displayed

due to their rarity as fossils as well as controversial

taxonomic implications. Therefore we recommend

a display of all 3 specimens to represent a family

group (see diagram below for one of many possible

arrangements), as it would create a unique museum

centerpiece. The assemblage of these three specimens

together would be a historic first, as this “family”

of dinosaurs were found nearly complete and at

the same location. Such an exhibit would provide

an unparalleled educational experience that would

be endearing and stimulating to young and old

while bringing enormous prestige to any museum.

These skeletons were excavated and pre-

served using current paleontological methods. All

documentation including photographs, maps and

field notes are available for inspection upon request.

Copies of letters and legal documents attesting

to the ownership of the property and the fossils

are also provided.

Purchase of these three skeletons as one

unit would be discounted from the individual prices.

Additionally, extended payment terms can be

negotiated for eligible institutions. Most skeletons

are ready for immediate installation, but a reasonable

lead-time may be necessary depending on your


Paleontological information is available

from our website (dinosauriainternational.com) or

you may request a printed Dinosauria International

Report* copy from us. For further information

please order our catalogue, visit our website or contact

Henry Galiano or Raimund Albersdörfer.

*Galiano, H., and Albersdörfer,

R. 2010. Amphicoelias “brontodiplodocus”,

a new sauropod, from

the Morrison Formation, Big Horn

Basin, Wyoming, with a taxonomic

reevaluation of Diplodocus, Apatosaurus,

Barosaurus and other

genera. Dinosauria International

Ten Sleep Report Series No. 1

December, 2010, 50 pp., 34 figures

At a military armory in Sunbury, PA, more

than five thousand people came to see one

of our remarkable Dana Quarry dinosaur

skeletons. Many visitors, especially the

children, had never seen a dinosaur of that

scale before. This exhibition demonstrated

the incredible public draw and appeal these

gigantic dinosaurs can generate.



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