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• Sir Llew to bow out as Chancellor in 2009

January/February 2009 Volume 61

Members bid farewell to the University’s Secretary & Registrar, then Mr and now Dr Douglas Porter and his wife Dr Janet Porter at

the 2008 joint Alumni Friends and AFUW Qld Christmas Party. Photograph L. Norris

Douglas Porter retires after twenty-two twenty two years of exemplary service to

The University of Queensland


• 2008 Christmas Party Photographs

• President’s Message

• Major Changes at UQ

• Longstanding UQ Library special discount lost to our members

• Changes to the UQ Sport member privilege

• We want YOU to nominate for the Executive Committee


Alumni Friends of The

University of Queensland Inc.

Building 91C, St Lucia Campus




ABN 52 009 543 214

Honorary Life Members

(and year conferred)

Mrs Lisbeth Hopkins OAM (1987)

Miss Nancy Shaw (1989)

Mrs Mary Murphy (1990)

Prof. Em. Ralph Parsons AO (1990)

Mrs Rosalind Parsons (1990)

Mr Blair Wilson (1992)

Adj. Prof. Adrian Heyworth-Smith


Mrs Joan Cribb (1997)

Miss Deidre Brown (1999)

Dr Stephen Papas (2002)

Hon. Assoc. Prof. Lesley Williams AM


Mrs H. Rosemary Venton (2003)

Dr Rosamond Siemon (2004)

Miss Joan Benson (2006)

Mrs Marie Lonergan (2006)

Mr Bruce Blocksidge (2007)

Mrs Nancy Logan (2007)

Mr Rob Hitchcock (2008)

Office-Bearers 2008/9


Ms Feona Walker

Senior Vice-President

Ms Dalma Jacobs


Mrs Patricia Jones

Honorary Treasurer

Mr John Quinn

Honorary Secretary

Miss Deidre Brown

Immediate Past President

Dr Maureen Aitken

Publications Committee 2008/9

Mr Don Barrett Editor

Miss Deidre Brown

Mrs Margaret Mapp Convenor

Ms Lynne Norris Design & Production

Ms Feona Walker ex officio

From the President

Dear Alumni Friends,

A new year has begun. I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday season.

The new year, 2009, has already thrown us some challenges which are

spelled out elsewhere, namely the apparent sidelining and/or ignoring of

the Alumni Friends by sections of the University which have benefited

from our gifts and donations over the years. For those of you who are interested

there is a list of all donations given to the University by the Alumni

Friends/Alumni Association since its inception in 1967. This is available

on the association’s website or hard copy can be

mailed to those who do not have access to the internet. The Association’s

generosity over the past four decades has been considerable.

There are various ways of our receiving money, some of which are earmarked

for particular awards. However, the bulk of the benefactions we

give come from the main funds, which are predominantly UQ Alumni

Book Fair results, plus your donations. The Executive Committee has been

reviewing our benefactions policy, particularly where the money goes and

the benefits we receive in the form of acknowledgements. I believe that

extra discounts and/or benefits are one form of acknowledgement.

Another important matter. The Executive Committee needs a better

balance of female to male members. The elections are coming up (see

inside back cover) so I am asking all our men to give very serious consideration

to coming onto the Executive Committee. Meetings are the 3 rd

Tuesday of each month, 7.30-9.30pm. Also, remember, we are now

“Friends” so please ask your friends to join us, no matter what the level of

education reached. We need community input and interest.

I would welcome all comments on the above subjects or any other you

might wish to raise.




As at 9th December, 2008

We welcome the following members to Alumni Friends of The University

of Queensland, and trust their membership will be rewarding…

Mrs Michelle Adamson BPsych (Hons) QUT 2000; MEdPsych UQ 2002

Dr Rodolfo Baggio Laurea Milan 1976; PhD UQ 2008

Mr Benjamin Bell

Mrs Belinda Ann Daniel BMus UQ 1985; BA UQ 1990; GradDipArts UQ 1996;

GradDipMusStudies UQ 2000;

Ms Karyn Leanne Healy BSc Hons UQ 1986; MoP UQ 1994

Ms Hanh Thi Hoang MA (Tesol) UQ 2005

Ms Susan Jane Kentlyn BA UQ 2003; BA Hons1 UQ 2006

Mr Anthony Martin

Mr Angus Morton

Dr Robert Nicholas Chantler Pfeifer BMedSc (Hons) Nottingham 1999;

MBBSNottingham 2001; MSc UQ 2006

Mr Delaney Michael Skerrett BA UQ 1998; BBus QUT 2006; BA (Hons) UQ 2006;

PGradDipAppLing Monash 2007; MA Univ.Tartu 2007; GradDipSocSc UNE 2008

Ms Amy Smith

Dr Amanda Jayne Twomey BSc Hons UQ 1999; PhD UQ 2008

Mr Ken Wai Lik Yong BSc Hons UQ 2006



UQ Alumni Trust, C J Nash Sub-Fund

$1,820 to the Advancement Office for QUMS to produce a CD of music

UQ Alumni Trust, Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship Sub-


$5,000 for the 2008 Scholarship—Ms Nicole Barnier

UQ Alumni Trust, Friends of Antiquity Donations Sub-Fund

$3,000 to the Advancement Office as a donation to the R D Milns Antiquities


$200 to the Department of Classics & Ancient History as a donation to the

Amphora Conference

$1,500 to the Department of Classics & Ancient History as a donation to

the Zeus Conference

$5,000 to the Advancement Office as a donation to the R D Milns Antiquities


UQ Alumni Trust, General Projects Expenditure Fund

$3,080 to the Advancement Office as a donation to the Courting the Greats


$2,225 to Information & Technology Services for a staff bursary

$3,000 to the School of Engineering in support of the UQ Racing Formula

SAE Melbourne Championship Team

$5,000 to the School of Music as a donation to the September, 2008 concert


$1,000 to the School of English, Media Studies & Art History for the 2008

Daphne Mayo Lecture

$500 to the Graduations Office for the 2008 Graduate of the Year award

$2,000 to the Advancement Office for QUMS to purchase a musical score

UQ Alumni Trust, Richard Hopkins Memorial Prize Sub-Fund

$1,000 for the 2008 Richard Hopkins Memorial Prize in Civil Engineering

to Mr Edward Spraggon

UQ Alumni Trust, David Dunlop Memorial Sub-Fund

$800 for the 2008 David Dunlop Memorial Bursary to Miss Elizabeth


UQ Alumni Trust, Elizabeth Usher Memorial Scholarship Sub-Fund

$2,500 for the 2008 Elizabeth Usher Memorial Scholarship to Mr David


UQ Alumni Trust, SPRA Sub-Fund

$12,500 for 5 scholarships, each of $2,500 as selected by UQ Sport


The Association’s Honorary Secretary Miss Deidre Brown has been unwell, necessitating

a trip to hospital and the surgeon. At the time of going to print, Deidre is

undergoing rehabilitation treatment but informs us that she expects to be back at

her desk at some time during the first part of 2009. Our very best wishes are sent

to Deidre.

The Association’s best wishes are extended to Dr Maureen Aitken who retired as

Principal of The Women’s College at the end of December, after nineteen years at

the helm. Dr Aitken is the Association’s Immediate Past President and has contributed

immensely to the University and the Association. This was recognised

through the conferral of the degree of Doctor of the University honoris causa and a

special Vice-Chancellor’s Morning Tea.


Sir Bruce, a Life Member of the association, was an alumnus of UQ and

King’s College, former member of the University Senate, former King’s

Council President and a recipient of honorary doctorates from both

Griffith and UQ. In 1980, he was appointed Managing Director of MIM

Holdings, Chief Executive Officer in 1981 and Chairman in 1983, following

Sir James Foots’ retirement. He was knighted in 1985 in recognition

of his distinguished service to Queensland industry. In his later year Sir

Bruce’s involvement in philanthropy was extensive, including fundraising

for King’s College, the Queensland Institute of Medical Research,

Brisbane Lions Club, the Scouts Association of Australia and the Queensland

Art Gallery Foundation. He is survived by his wife Lady June

Watson, his daughters Jenny and Sally, son Tim and four grandchildren.


Dr Jonathan Chalk MBBS

Mrs Anne Frederick BSc UQ 1942



Sunday, 1st February

Friends of Antiquity – Sunday Series

2pm – Mr Don Barrett - Richard Bentley: Classical Scholar,

Theologian and Academic Brawler

Venue: 139 Goddard Building, St Lucia campus

Contact: Mrs Desley Loch 07-3824 5440

Wednesday, 18th February

5.30 pm Cooke's Tour of Greek Mythology, speaker Professor

Robin Cooke. Room 34, Mayne Medical School, Cost $6.

Friends $5, refreshments. RSVP by10 February to 3365

5423 or by e-mail to

Sunday, 1st March

Friends of Antiquity – Sunday Series

2pm – Dr John Ratcliffe – The Remains of the Roman Legionary

Fortress at Caerleon followed by Dr Dorothy Watts

–Not Just Druids and Wickermen: Another look at Celtic


Venue: 139 Goddard Building, St Lucia campus

Contact: Mrs Desley Loch 07-3824 5440

Wednesday, 18th March

Three Score Club

10am Emmanuel College, St Lucia Campus

Program to be advised

Cost $20 3 Score Club Members; $22.50 guests

RSVP by 17th March to 3365 1562 or

Sunday, 5th April

Friends of Antiquity—Sunday Series

2pm-Dr John Whitehorne—The Legend of Telephus, the

Lost Hero.

Venue: 139 Goddard Building, St Lucia campus

Contact: Mrs Desley Loch 07-3824 5440

Friday, 24th April

UQ Alumni Book Fair, Rare Book Auction

The Women’s College, Sir William Macgregor Drive

6.00pm (See March issue of Alumni News for catalogue)

Saturday, 25th April—Wednesday, 29th April

UQ Alumni Book Fair

Noon opening Anzac Day, UQ Centre, St Lucia campus

More information next issue

Sunday, 3rd May

Friends of Antiquity—Sunday Series

2pm—Adj. Prof. Adrian Heyworth-Smith—Late Roman


Venue: 139 Goddard Building, St Lucia campus

Contact: Mrs Desley Loch 07-3824 5440

Saturday, 16th May

Annual General Meeting of Alumni Friends of The University

of Queensland Inc.

9.30am The Women’s College, St Lucia Campus

Further information next issue.

Wednesday, 20th May

Three Score Club

Program to be advised

10am Emmanuel College, St Lucia Campus

Cost $20 3 Score Club Members; $22.50 guests

RSVP by 19th March to 3365 1562 or



Above, pictured from left: Em.

Professor Mat Darveniza AO,

Mr William Ridley, Dr Mervyn

Hegarty, Dr Elwyn Hegarty,

Miss Ailsa Gillies, Miss Elizabeth

Winfield, Mrs Petra Jones

& Emeritus Professor Ray


Pictured right, from left: Mrs

Meryl Papas, Dr Mary Mahoney

AO, Dr Patrick Mahoney and

Dr Maureen Aitken.

The 2008 Christmas Party

Pictured left: Mrs

Marion Jones,

Mrs Edith

McPhee, Mrs

Susan Blake

(winner of the Best

Christmas Hat

competition for the

second year) and

Mrs Margaret



2008 Christmas festivities continued….

Left: Mrs Petra

(Kip) Jones paying

vocal tribute

to the office of

Registrar through

the singing of an

old Varsity song.

Right: Douglas

Porter opening

the association’s

gift (at the request

of the

President) whilst

Dr Janet Porter

looks on.

Starry, starry night!

From Left: Dr Steve Papas, Mrs Merul Papas, Mr Richard Baptist, Mrs Lyn

Milns, Mrs Desley Loch, Mrs Juliet O’Brien & Em.Prof. Bob MilnsAM.


Pictured, from left: Mrs Alison Langdon,

Mrs Irene Darveniza & to the right, fore,

Ms Dalma Jacobs. Right, mid-photo, Mrs

Mary Ridley in deep conversation with Dr

Margaret Peel, and at the back of the

photo, guests celebrating an enjoyable

evening in good company.

Hand-crafted cuff-links commissioned by

the association for Douglas Porter in appreciation

of his support.

Lounging back in comfortable chairs with the night sky

projected above us was a wonderfully decadent way to

spend a Saturday afternoon, but more than 100 members

and supporters of the Friends of Antiquity did just

that on the 22nd November.

We were at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium enjoying

a presentation, the Stars of the Pharaohs, by the

Curator Mr Mark Rigby.

He explained that the night sky as we view it looked

quite different to the ancient Egyptians because of the

“wobble” of the earth on its axis. We were shown the

sky as the builders of the pyramids would have seen it.

To them the night sky also took on a completely different

meaning as they believed that their gods dwelt

there. I am sure that many of us now look up at night

with an increased awareness.

We were fortunate that the afternoon storms detoured

around the Planetarium that afternoon. However, the

storm that devastated some of Brisbane’s suburbs the

previous week had also damaged much of the Planetarium’s

technology. Luckily for us and owing to the hard

work and skill of the staff in repairing the storm damage,

the show went on, and what an enjoyable one it


Desley Loch



Sir Llew Edwards—Chancellor

See Page 8

A time of change at UQ

Professor Mark Gould—President of the Academic Board

Professor Gould’s term as President of the Academic Board has now been completed. On 1st January he was succeeded by Professor Susan

Hamilton, with Association member, Professor Kaye Basford as Deputy President.

Professor Trevor Grigg—Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International & Development)

Professor Grigg is taking leave prior to finalising his term as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. In commenting on Professor Grigg’s contribution to

the University, the Vice-Chancellor said “Leadership is a key to success in international relations, and UQ’s global profile and infrastructure

have benefited immensely from the stewardship of Professor Trevor Grigg.” Through his responsibility for graduate relations, the Association

fell within Professor Grigg’s portfolio for quite a number of years. This included Professor Grigg’s eight-year membership of the selection

panel for the Alumnus of the Year. We thank Professor Grigg for his past support.

Professor Michael Keniger—From Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Keniger took up the demanding mantle of Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor effective from 1st January. In doing so, his responsibility

for graduate relations has been passed to the newly-created position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (External Relations). Professor Keniger negotiated

the mutually beneficial arrangement with the Association, in conjunction with the Association’s current President Ms Feona

Walker and the Senior Vice-President Ms Dalma Jacobs.

Mr Alasdair McClintock—Director, Property & Facilities

Mr McClintock, known for his offbeat sense of humour, retired from the University on 31st October after twenty years service, twelve as Director

of P&F. In writing his witty farewell in the UQ internal publication Property Press, Mr McClintock commented that, when he first

arrived at UQ, he thought himself jolly important until a colleague said, “Listen mate, a Chinese proverb: you are as significant as a hand in

a pond: when the hand is withdrawn, nobody knows that it’s been there.” He went on to write about his early days at UQ: “It’s easy to forget

what the ‘good old days’ were really like. Twenty years ago there were no pavement cafes in Brisbane, and when, moving with the times,

P&F provided our little food outlet in the Great Court by the Library, there were cries that we had desecrated a sacred site. Now over there I

sometimes see those very wowsers sipping a latte or two. When it rained, ninety percent of our (UQ) buildings leaked and some flooded.

Indeed, the roundabout by the multi storey car parks was always underwater. When it thundered, the power supply was inevitably interrupted.

And then there were the ibises….”

Dr Douglas Porter—Secretary & Registrar

Douglas Porter has served the University well over the past twenty-two years, retiring on 31st December. His outstanding contribution to

the University was acknowledged through the conferral of Doctor of Economics honoris causa at the Business, Economics & Law graduation

ceremony on Monday, 15th December.

Paying tribute to Dr Porter, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield noted, “I thank Douglas for his immeasurable contributions,

which have influenced success in areas including business, research, commercialisation, information technology and residential colleges.”

In recognition of his support of the Association, and especially the UQ Alumni Book Fair, President Ms Feona Walker paid tribute to Dr

Porter and presented him with a set of hand-crafted cufflinks in the design of the University’s crest as a gift from the association.

Professor Ian Zimmer—From Executive Dean, Business Economics & Law, to PVC (External Relations)

Professor Zimmer stepped down as Executive Dean of the BEL Faculty on 31st December and straight into the shoes of the new position of

Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor (External Relations). He will hold this position until 30th June, 2009.


The University’s Librarian Mr Keith Webster has written to the Association to notify the withdrawal of the special ten percent discount offered

to the Association’s members when purchasing a Library Card. An extract from Mr Webster’s letter reads:

1. One membership fee for all UQ alumni at a cost of $140 for twelve months or $90 for six months

Currently the Library charges an annual $150 membership fee for alumni. We hope a reduction in membership costs will benefit all our

alumni. I realise that members of Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. currently receive a ten percent discount on their

membership, which would no longer be available. There have been some drawbacks from having separate charges, for both the Library and

our alumni. Many alumni who apply for library membership assume they are automatically ‘Alumni Friends’. The time it takes to clarify

their status and sort out their confusion means a delay in processing their application and the process can be unsatisfying for both alumni and

library staff. Having two charges also creates more complexity for library financial processes.

2. Increase borrowing for UQ alumni to 30 items for 28 days

Currently alumni may borrow 12 library items for a period of 14 days. To enhance services to alumni, we wish to increase the number of

items they can borrow and the length for which they can borrow the items.

In response to Mr Webster’s letter, the Association’s President wrote, in part:

...this discount was provided to our members as a small way of recognising their financial support of the Library, particularly the Fryer Library,

over the past four decades…

Just last year the Association provided a cash donation of $12,500 towards the purchase of papers from the estate of the late Thea Astley and,

the year before that, a cash donation of $17,950 towards the purchase of Janette Turner Hospital papers was made. I would have hoped that

appreciation of these donations would have warranted some minor inconvenience on the part of Library staff.

Also, Alumni Friends of UQ has awarded the Margaret Waugh Memorial Bursary to a UQ Library Staff Member for the last eleven years.

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield AO and the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Keniger were sent copies of

the President’s letter of response. Mr Webster has responded to the letter from the Association’s President and has advised that the original

decision stands.

A full list of donations made by the Association to the University to 28th February of this year, including the many valuable donations to the

Fryer Library, may be viewed online at



The Forty-Third Annual General Meeting of Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. will be held on

Saturday 16th May, 2009 commencing at 9.30am am at

The Women's College, The University of Queensland


Your Right to Nominate



The attention of members is drawn to the following Sections 16 and 17 of the Constitution of Alumni Friends of The University

of Queensland Inc. concerning nomination for office bearers and members of the Executive Committee.


16.01 The following members and other persons shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Association:

(a) The office bearers

(b) Fourteen other members who shall be elected as herein provided

(c) Two other members who shall be elected by the Committee at its first meeting in each year

(d) The President of the Australian Federation of University Women Queensland or her nominee

(e) The President of The University of Queensland Union (or his or her nominee)

16.02 Save as elsewhere herein provided, members of the Committee shall be elected at secret ballot at the Annual General

Meeting in each year and shall retire (but save as elsewhere herein provided, shall be eligible for re-election) at the

next succeeding Annual General Meeting.


17.01 A Nominating Sub-Committee which shall be appointed by the Executive Committee at its first meeting in each

year, shall, with the consent of such nominee, nominate one member as a candidate for each of the offices referred to

in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) of Rule 16 above, and furthermore, any two members of the Association may by writing

signed by them and bearing the written consent of their nominee nominate any member as a candidate for such

office, provided that notice of such nomination or such nominations (as the case may be) shall be placed in the hands

of the Honorary Secretary not less than forty (40) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, and further

provided that the Honorary Secretary shall cause notice of all nominations to be given to all members, along with

notice of the Annual General Meeting.

17.02 If, at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting, there should be an insufficient number of candidates nominated

for any of the aforesaid offices, then the Chairman may accept nominations from the floor of the meeting.

Please forward nominations to The Honorary Secretary, Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc., Alumni

Centre, Building 91C, THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND Qld 4072 by close of business on Monday, 6th April, 2009.



Kim Guerin, Executive Director of UQ Sport, has informed the Association that major changes have been implemented

within this organization. UQ Sport will be incorporated in 2009, and membership, as it is now known, will cease. Ms Guerin

has advised the Association that UQ Sport will honour all current memberships of UQ Sport until they expire, and it is believed

that all of our members who hold current membership of UQ Sport will have been advised directly of this change by

UQ Sport in December.

In future, all financial members of the Association will be eligible to purchase UQ products and services at a ten percent concession

rate. This is the same rate that students pay. You will be required to present your current Association membership

card and photo. ID in order to claim this concession. Therefore, fees for UQ Sport will no longer be paid to us, and Letters of

Authority will no longer be issued by the Association.

The Association and UQ Sport have had a close relationship spanning twenty years, particularly in relation to the awarding

of sports scholarships, most of which have been paid from the UQ Alumni Trust. It is very interesting to note that just over

$173,000 in UQ Sport scholarships has been paid through the UQ Alumni Trust since 1st March, 1996.



Sir Llew to step down as Chancellor in 2009

The University of Queensland is paying tribute to Sir Llew Edwards, AC, who will soon bow out as

Chancellor after sixteen years at the helm of UQ's governing body.

Sir Llew announced last night (November 20) that he will not seek reappointment when his fifth consecutive

term as Chancellor expires on 9 February, 2009.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield said no accolades could do justice to his contributions, which

included chairing the Senate (UQ's governing body), presiding at graduation ceremonies and representing

UQ at community, corporate and government events.

“In an era when the relevance of many time-honoured institutions has been questioned, Sir Llew has

single-handedly magnified the relevance of the office of UQ Chancellor,” Professor Greenfield said.

“Without taking a day's pay in almost sixteen years as Chancellor, he has built enormous goodwill not

only for UQ but also for Australian higher education at home and internationally.

“The time he has devoted to graduation ceremonies alone is extraordinary. It is estimated that by the end of 2008 Sir Llew will have:

- presided at almost 300 graduation ceremonies

- shaken the hands of approximately 80,000 graduates (although some preferred to hug him) - almost fifty percent of all current UQ graduates

- presented approximately 80,000 degrees, diplomas or certificates.

“He is one of nature's gentlemen, with humanity and sincerity to match his dedication and propriety. If we could bottle the essence of Sir

Llew, the world would be a much better place,” Professor Greenfield said.

Sir Llew, the twelfth Chancellor in UQ's ninety-nine-year history, assured Senate last night that his commitment to the institution would

continue, and he hoped to make contributions in the lead-up to its centenary celebrations in 2010.

He thanked Senators, the three Vice-Chancellors with whom he has served (Professors Brian Wilson, John Hay and Paul Greenfield), the

long-serving Secretary and Registrar Mr Douglas Porter (who will also retire early in 2009) and his wife Jane.

“I wish the University and all staff every success in the future and thank you for having me as part of your team,” Sir Llew said.

He recalled that, when he first became a UQ Senator in 1984 the then Premier, the late Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, told him to “try to straighten

those lefties out at the University”.

Born in Ipswich, Queensland, Sir Llew was educated at Raceview and Silkstone Schools, Ipswich Grammar and UQ. His first trade was as a

“sparky” in his family's electrical business. He then studied medicine at UQ and worked in hospitals in Queensland, England, Scotland and

Wales before opening a general practice in Ipswich.

He was elected to Queensland Parliament as the Member for Ipswich in 1972, became the Health Minister in 1974 and the Deputy Premier

and Treasurer in 1978, and retired from Parliament in 1983.

In 1984 he was appointed by the state and federal governments as Executive Chairman of World Expo 88 and served full-time until December

31, 1988. Since chairing the hugely popular event, he has held various corporate consultancies and directorships.

The Senate has established a Search Committee to make recommendations to it for a new Chancellor.

Press Release from the University’s Office of Marketing and Communication

Melbourne Cup Day at the UQ Alumni Book House

UQ Alumni Book House volunteers enthusiastically embraced the spirit of Melbourne Cup Day at morning tea. Pictured in

their fine Melbourne Cup millinery—from left - Mrs Ros Craig-Smith, Miss Lorna Williams, Mrs Joan Cribb and Mrs Anne

Mullins. For those not familiar with the Alumni Centre’s kitchen, it can best be described as a relic of a 1950s centre of culinary

excellence. Photograph L. Norris.


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