May 2011 - Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

May 2011 - Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Help Battle Copper Crime

Soaring metal prices have been blamed for an increase in thefts of copper and aluminum, primary

components of electric distribution lines. Recent thefts of copper wire and equipment from electric

utilities have been responsible for power outages, additional maintenance and expenses, diminished

service reliability, and, in some cases, serious injury or death.

Copper in wire is appealing to thieves who want to sell the metal for scrap. Burglars will often climb

power poles, scale fences, and break into buildings to steal the precious metal. Needless to say, a 542 percent

increase in the price of copper since 2001 has prompted thieves to become bolder and more inventive.

Incidents are being reported across the country. Members of some electric cooperatives in other states are

facing repair bills of up to $1 million due to copper thieves. Other cases have found potential thieves dead

beneath power poles, electrocuted while trying to cut copper wiring from live transformers or live power lines.

Although no one has been seriously injured trying to steal metal from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

(REC), incidents of theft have occurred.

“To a would-be thief, stealing copper may seem like a quick way to make a buck,” says Maxie Rozell,

REC’s director of safety and security. “But it’s illegal; it’s costly; and it’s not worth a life. Working with any

metal and electricity is a dangerous combination, even for trained employees using proper equipment.”

Stolen wire is commonly brought to recycling centers and traded for cash. Although many

state laws require recycling centers to keep records of transactions, enforcement can be difficult.

With new laws and technologies, police, scrap metal dealers and utilities are working

together to catch copper thieves.

Thieves may not understand that they are risking their lives by taking

copper from substations, where high transmission voltage is stepped down

to a lower current for distribution lines. All power lines carry a potentially

deadly charge. Your Cooperative urges you to follow the guidelines

below to guard against electrical dangers and prevent copper theft.

• Never enter or touch equipment inside a substation; stay away

from power lines and anything touching a power line.

• If you notice anything unusual with electric facilities, such as

an open substation gate, open equipment or hanging wire,

contact your electric co-op immediately.

• If you see anyone around electric substations or electric facilities

other than Co-op personnel or contractors, call the police.

• Install motion-sensor lights on the outside of your house and business

to deter possible thieves.

• Store tools and wire cutters in a secure location, and never leave

them out while you are away.

• If you work in construction, do not leave any wires or plumbing

unattended or leave loose wire at the job site, especially overnight.

• Help spread the word about the deadly consequences that can

result from trying to steal copper or aluminum.

Please help us prevent these thefts.

If you notice anything unusual, call

REC immediately at 800-552-3904.

If you see anyone other than Cooperative

personnel or contractors around

substations or other electric facilities,

call the police. ●


Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

May 2011

REC Recognized as

Only Tree Line USA ®

Utility in Virginia

At REC, one of our main goals is to maintain safely cleared rights of way

up to the Cooperative’s standards as defined by the Tree Line USA®

program. Since 2002, REC has been recognized by the National Arbor Day

Foundation as the only Virginia utility to meet the requirements of its Tree

Line USA program.

“Natural pruning, hazardous tree removal, employee training and

customer education are all very important aspects of our Vegetation

Management program,” explained Keith Forry, REC’s corporate arborist.

“Through our efforts in these areas, REC can reach our primary goal of

reducing tree-related power outages. And, as a bonus, we’re able to invest

in a tremendous natural asset that provides shade, wildlife habitat and

aesthetic value for all of us.”

The Tree Line USA program seeks to promote best practices in utility

arboriculture and public education through five core standards:

Quality Tree Care – follows industry standards for pruning, planting,

removals, and trenching and tunneling near trees

Annual Worker Training – ensures that employees and contract workers

are trained in best practices

Education – sponsors and participates in tree-planting and public-education

programs designed to expand canopy and educate customers about proper

tree planting, placement and pruning

Tree-based Energy Conservation Program – has a formal tree-based

energy conservation program that takes special consideration of the value

of trees in conserving energy

Arbor Day Celebration – sponsors and/or participates in annual Arbor

Day events and collaborates with community groups, where possible

Being recognized as a Tree Line USA utility is a great benefit to

the Cooperative and our members. Proper pruning results in lower lineclearance

costs, improved right-of-way management and increased

reliability of service. ●



The Cooperative

Difference: IS YOUR


301 Market

Abedeljalil, Najeh J.

Ace Auto Truck Parts

Adams, Jesse Lee

Addison, Andre Ginial

Albemarle Const. Corp.

Alexandria Express Inc.

Allen, Charles R.

Alves, Louie P. Sr.

Anderson, John H.

Apac-Virginia Inc.

Arbor Christian Home

Arshad Enterprises

Arthur, Margaret Elizabeth

Ashley, Steve A. Jr.

Associated Directory Serv. Inc.

Atkins Ford & Mercury Inc.

August, Donald F.

Ayala, Anthony

B & D Video Inc.

B P A Corporation

Bahk, Ann Offill

Bailey, Philip L.

Baker, Harry E. Jr.

Baker, Jean R.

Balaji Corp.

Ball, William J. Jr.

Ball, Tom

Ballou, Sanders Montgomery

Barlow, George C.

Barn At Lake Anna

Bartley, Raymond S. Sr.

Barton, Marty K.

Beach Construction West Inc.

Beer, John E.

Bell, Peggy B.

Belt, George H.

Benn, Robert

Benson, Rita C.

Berbert, Louis F.

Berkebile, Fred D.

Berry, William W.

Besancon, Charles E. Jr.

Bischoff, Margarita M.

Bise, Deena Alexis

Blankenship, Thomas Jay III

Bleak Hill Farm

Bledsoe, Charles Warren

Blessco Corporation


Boniface, John Jr.

Booth, Richard Edwin

Booth, Rose L.

Boothe, Sharon Probst

Borntrager, Levi T.

Boucher, Joseph E. Jr.

Boutchyard, Larry D.

Bower, Frank M.

Boyd, James P.

Bradley, Noah Harrison III

Bradshaw, David A.

Bragg, David

Bratton, James Arthur

Braxton, Linda M.

Braxton, Freddie L.

Brent, L. D. Jr.

Briggs, Sylvia G.

Brimigion, Robert S.

Britt, Virginia C.

Brown, Michael T.

Brown, Paul Estus

Brown, Richard W.

Brown, James D.

Bryant, James E. III

Builders Exchg of Va.

Bunch, James Michael

Bures, William G.

Butler, Larry A.

Butzner Construction Co. Inc.

Byiers, Larry W.

Calvert, Michael R.

Campbell Atlantic Inc.

Carmel Church Corp.

Carneal, Thomas W.

Carroll, Craig L.

Carter, Judith L.

Carter, Nancy Mae

Cary, John R.

Caudill, Harold K.

Chalo's Auto Service Inc.

Chappell, Earl Gatewood

Checkered Flag Equipment Sale

Cherry, M. Morgan

Chhina Enterprises Inc.

Childress, Ellis M.

Childress, Robert J.

Chrisman, Keith B. Jr.

Christel Broadcasting

Christiansen, Robert C.

Chudacek, Johnnie

Clark Realty Builders LLC

Clark, Billy Eugene

Clark, Daniel L.

Clark, John G.

Clark, Wade E.

Clark, Ronald H.

Clarke, Alexander M.

Clarkson, George

Clean Cleaners Two

Coeyman, Timothy E.

Cogan, Kenneth P.

Colas, Donna Lyn

Coleman, Harry Jr.

Coleman, E. M.

Collins, Deborah

Colvin, John W.

Comer, Keith Elwood II

Commonwealth Park at Showday

Commonwealth Retirement Center

Conner Homes Corp.

Consolidated Freightways

Consolidated Sales

Continental Care Centers of Va.

Cook, Earle W.

Cooke, Robert T.

Cordrey, Paula E.

Cosper, Floyd R.

Coss, Walter L.

Creek, Othel W.

Crocker, John W.

Cromwell, Carl F.

Cross, Mrs. Robert L.

Culley, Malcolm C.

Culpeper Assoc Ltd Ptn-Ship

Culpeper Media Inc.

D M I Industries Ltd.

Daeseung II Inc.

Darrell Oren Freeman

Davenport Insulation Inc.

Davia, Mary L.

Davies, D. M.

Davis, Donald Lee

Deal, John Richard

Deal, Otis C. Jr.

Deane, Robert Edward

Decatur, Randolph J.

Deeds, John W.

Delaney, George Carson Jr.

Delaney, John

Deshazo, Robert Anthony

Di Riccardo, Nessim Cohen

Dickerson, William M.

Dion R R Corp.

Diversified Mailing Services

Diversified Services Group

Dodd, Steven G.

Dodson, Thomas Edward

Dogwood Realty Inc

Dooley, James M.

Dosier, Margaret S.

Dotson, Wanda Luann

Douglas & Dickinson Inc.

Dovell, Carroll R.

Downham, Mary C.

Drennan, Michael L.

Dubray, Allan B.

Duld, Colleen Rae

Dunaway, Douglas Stuart

Dunn, George Robert

Duval, Frankie M.

Duvall, James S.

Dyson, Gale Louise

E F Flagg Inc.

Eakin, Roger Edward

Easterly, Donald F.

Econo Lodge

Simpson, Edgar Donald

Edmondson, James D.

Edwards, E. Terrence

Edwards, J. C. R.

Elite Electric & Utility Corp.

Environmental Restoration Co.

Epps, Vickie Lynn

Erickson, Paul

Estes, Aubrey L.

Evans, Robert B. Jr.

Everette, Brenda C.

Ewald, Theodore J.

Ewing, William S.

Ezzell, Robert L. Jr.

F F F & B

Fairbanks, David Weston

Fairfield Building Systems

Faust, Frank L.

Please check the following list of Unclaimed Capital Credits

to see if your name is included. If you see your name, or

have information on how to locate someone on the list, call

800-552-3904 and speak with a customer service representative.

With your help, we can locate those listed and deliver their

checks. If the member or other person legally entitled to the

Capital Credit does not claim his or her money within 120 days

from publication of the listing, this patronage capital becomes

the sole property of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative.

Ferrell, Gregory Scott

Fields, Stanley A.

Fields, Steven D.

Fillingame, Fred E. Jr.

Firnhaber, Mark H.

First Annapolis Corporation

First United Corp.

Fitzgerald, Michael J.

Flint, Charles C.

Fluor Daniel Inc.

Ford, Aaron

Fowler, Donna J.

Fraser, John A III

Fredericksburg Ribs Inc.

Frogale, Robert J.

Gammon, J. Dabney

General Products Company Inc.

Gentry, Kevin Bryan Sr.

Gheen, Ralph W.

Glas Kraft Inc.

Glover, Franklin D.

Goetz, Paul F.

Golway, Mrs. William

Grassy Knoll Hatchery Inc.

Gray, Emerson M.

Green, William J.

Greenan, Michael

Greene, Burton K.

Greene, Nancy Lee

Greenwood, Lester

Gross, Alexander K.

Gs Communications Inc.

Guest, Frederick L.

Guinot, Luis Jr.

Haas, John S.

Hablutzel, Rudolf

Hall, H. Hugh Jr.

Hall, Lloyd D. Jr.

Hall, Dale K.

Hallum, Maud W.

Hampton, Robert W. Jr.

Harlow, Neil Warren

Harper, Donald R.

Harple, George F.

Harris, Melinda J.

Hart, Marjorie M.

Hatton, George A. Jr.

Haun, Charles W.

Hayes, Richard James Jr.

Hays, Vivian Clyde

Hebler, Gregory W.

Hedge, James M. Sr.

Henderson, Carlos Vhon

Henderson, Marshall W.

Hester, Gerald C.

Hg Farm Property LLC

Hicks, Marion E.

Hilderbrand, Upton L.

Hill, Gary Bruce

Hiter, William Franklin

Hodges, Van

Holden, James P.

Holder, William

Holiday Kamp Parks Inc.

Hollins, Sam L.

Holmes, Robert C.

Hook, E. Marie

Horstmann, Glenn G.

Horton, Glenn F.

Hudson, Frances D.

Hughes, David Alan

Hughey, Theodore L.

Humble Oil And Ref. Co.

Hunt, Aubrey F.

Hunter, Esther Mae

Hutchins, Ralph

Hutchison, Charles David

Iverson, Ronald C.

Iwersen, Alfred Jr.

Jackson, Bernard E.

Jackson, Delmar F.

Jacobs, Mitchell

Jake's Country Stores Inc.

Jameison, Robert C.

James Company Inc.

Jamesway Corp.

Javid, Jay

Jay J. Fuels Inc.

Jefferson National Bank

Jeffrey Entertainment Inc.

Jenkins, Frederick W. Jr.

Jenkins, Joseph L.

Jenkins, Timothy G.

John L. Breeden Inc.

Johns, Mrs. Joseph J. Jr.

Johnson, Arthur G. Jr.

Johnson, Joe L.

Johnson, Malchia Jr.

Johnson, Raymond Jr.

Johnson, Ricky Lloyd

Johnson, Thomas William

Johnson, Vernon

Jones, Clarence G. Jr.

Jones, Elmer W. Jr.

Jones, James Gene

Jones, Jasper C.

Jones, Peggy Lee

Jones, Sidney Millard

Jones, Walter H.

Jones, Robert R.

Jordan, Ronald C.

Joseph, Robert Thomas

Joshua, Ada

K & V Inc.

Karuna Sagar Inc.

Kavanek, William C. Jr.

Keim, William J.

Kelley, William H.

Kelly, G. Robert

Kelly, R. D. Jr.

Kensler, Irv

Kidd, Dianah M.

Kilby, Larry W.

King, James W.

Kintner, A. C.

Kinzer, David F. Jr.

Kiracofe, Clifford

Kloss, Stephen

Knight, Charlotte E. Lawless

Kocik, Dennis E.

Koppers Co. Inc.

Kostelnik, Jeffrey William

Kramer, Thomas J.

Krause, Ward Barry

Kudro, Robert W.

Kulick, Danny Michael

L. A. Clarke & Son Inc.

Lad Enterprises Inc.

Lagasse, Mrs. Ned

Lake Anna Family Campground

Lamb, Fred W.

Langston, Ernest A. Jr.

Lann, Debra Reid

Larry D. Silver Management Co.

Lear, Thomas G.

Learned, Bruce

Lee's Hill Partnership

Lefevre, Kenneth Ross

Leonard L. Goins Sr.

Leonard, Lizzie P.

Leonards of Port Royal Inc.

Lewis, George W.

LHS Millwork And Molding

Lin's Garden

Lipscomb, L. A. III

Longshore, Larry J.

Loughridge, William E.

Low Homes & Properties Inc.

Lucas, James Eugene

Lucente, Emanuelle Mark

Luna, Carlos

Lynch, Shannon Keating

M. and T. Chemicals Inc.

M. N. W. Corporation

Macnay, Donald L. Md.

Madison Cablevision Inc.

Maino, Michael H.

Maisonneuve, Lucien

Mangum, Robert A.

Mankovich, Douglas R.

Marshall, Mrs. Robert

Martin Furniture Co. Inc.

Martin, Frederick William

Martin, Gloria Mary

Martin, Kevin Ward

Mason, Gerald F.

Mast, David

Matkins, William R. III

Mattaponi Sand and Gravel Co.

Matthews, W. Nathan

Mavis, Constance W.

McCabe, John H.

McCarthy, Eugene Byrl III

McCarthy, W. Alan

McClung, Judith J.

McCollum, Robert L.

McDonald, Mona C.

McDonald, Paul R.

McElroy, Imogen D.

McEwen,Mary Scott

McFadden, Donald L.

McGhee,Charles W.

McGill, John F. Jr.

McGuire, John M.

McKeon, Robert G. Jr.

McMakin, Linda H.

McMillan, Helen

McNulty, Ronald S.

McWhirt, M. Lyle

Meadows Homes Inc.

Meadows, John R.

Meredith, E. H. Jr.

Meredith, Rodger

Merwin, James W.

Metro Mobile Park Ltd.

Michelsen, Linda Jeanette

Mickelsen, Paul R.

Mid-Atlantic Cable Co. Ltd.

Midland Machine/Iron Works Inc.

Midway Market Grocery

Miers, Wade E. Jr.

Milbern E. Bryant

Miles, Alfred E.

Miller, Daniel B.

Miller, Robert M.

Miller, Charles K.

Miller, George D.

Milstead, Otho

Miracle, Roxie A.

Mistwood Inc.

Mitchell, Berkley Millard

Mitchell, John D.

Mitchell, Lawrence

Mitchell, Linda Kay

Mitterer, David W.

Mitts, Henry

Mohs, Bradley K.

Monteith, Kevin S.

Moore, Richard C.

Moormont Orchard

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Moraski, Edward T.

Moreth, Paul R.

Morone, Joseph Frank

Morris, Dianne H.

Moss, Laura W.

Mothershead, Gene

Motley, James Coleman

Motorola Inc.

Moynahan, Darlene F.

Mubarak Corporation

Mullens, Delbert W.

Mullins, Jill B.

Multi-Channel TV Cable Co.

Munday, John A.

Murphy, Una E.

Murray, Samuel Robert

Musumeci, Rose S.

Myers, Malcolm E.

Nabors, John B. Jr.

Neal, John R.

Nelson, Duane L.

Netroe, Rachel Elizabeth

New Bank of Culpeper

New Clouds Hill

New Yorker Restaurant

New, John C.

Newett, Annie L.

Newman, Robin A. Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Nilers Usa Ltd.

Nimbus CD International

Nimbus Records Inc.

Noltemeier, Ralph H.

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Noorani Corporation

Noordanus, Johannes

Novak, Robert L.

Nuckolls, Gary Duane

OBP Inc.

Obrien, Margaret A.

Old Dominion Ltd. Corp.

Orr, Randall Lee

Owen, Lorraine E.

Owens, Joyce B.

Ozmore, John C. Jr.

P. C. English Enterprises Inc.

Painter, Ernest M.

Pamunkey Inn.

Pananas, George

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Parrish, H. W.

Parrish, Helen S.

Parson, Edna G.

Partlow, H. W.

Pate, Jon Mark

Patterson, Earl S. Sr.

Patterson, Walter F.

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Pearce, William A.

Peck, Gary W.

Pendergrass, David

Peoples Drug Stores Inc.

Perkinson, William Kenneth

Perry, Patrick J.

Perry, William W.

Petrolane Gas Corporation

Petrolane Gas Corporation

Phono-Vision Co.

Pierce, Arthur A.

Pinpoint Engineering Inc.

Pippin, Larry Curtis

May 2011

Pitts, Todd L.

Policano, Larry Samuel

Polifka, Donald K. Jr.

Pollack, Charles

Porter, Donald M.

Porter, Edward Jr.

Porter, Laverne M.

Potomac Valley Greenhouses Inc.

Potter, Richard Lee

Potter, Kenneth M.

Powell, Thomas

Powell, James Oliver

Prentiss, Michael V.

Primavera TC Inc.

Pritt, Lee S. Jr.

Puga, Walter A.

Quality Motors Inc.

Quesenberry, Quwin S. Jr.

Quigley, William P.

R & G Enterprises

R W Watts Co. Inc.

Rackley, Alvis E.

Racr Inc.

Randall, Ruth W.

Rappahannock Associates Ltd.

Reed Motor Co. Inc.

Reed, Gerald

Regan, Kevin R.

Regency Roller Sports LLC

Renninger Farms Inc.

Richardson, Lancaster

Richardson, Verna Griffin

Richter, David Otto

Riley, Callie J.

Rinker Motors

Rittenhouse, Barry

Roach, J. W.

Roberts, Charles W. Jr.

Robey, William D.

Robinson, Doctor L. Jr.

Rocco's Corner Inc.

Rodina Restaurant LLC

Rogers, Richard J.

Rollins, James E. Sr.

Rolston, Carroll H.

Rose, Herman C.

Rosey Rentals L.P.

Rowe, Michael P.

Rozell Brothers Inc.

Russell, Kevin James

Ryan, J Hugh Jr.

Ryan, A. L. Jr.

S. E. Thomas And Sons

Safley, Amy B.

Salerno, Patricia A.

Salon 2000 Inc.

Salyers, Jeff

Samuels, Georgianna

Sands, Charles D.

Saponi Corporation

Savage, Jerry Lee

Schaeffer, John J.

Schaeffer, Vicki L.

Schenck, M. David

Schiess, Joseph Stephan

Schmidt, William Arthur Jr.

Schnurr, Gerald L.

Schwab, Lloyd Earl

Schwartz, Molly

Scott, Jack Allen

Scott, Wayne

Scott, George T.

Seal, Herbert L.

Sears Roebuck & Company

Sebera, Timothy W.

Seeley, Erwin Clayton

Seiter, Mrs. Dennis W.

Self, Leroy F.

Selph, Eugene C.

Sergeant, Charles A.

Settle, Charles A.

Shannon, Stuart Lee

Sharma, Amar Nath

Sheridan Books Inc.

Sherron, Ronald H.

May 25-31: Hurricane and

Emergency Preparedness

Sales Tax Holiday

During this seven-day period, purchases of items

designated by the Department of Taxation as hurricane

preparedness equipment, including portable generators,

will be exempt from the Virginia sales tax. Portable

generators must be priced at $1,000 or less, and other

eligible items must be priced at $60 or less for each item.

For details, visit Virginia’s sales tax holiday information

center online at ●

Shifflett, Pettie

Shiflett, Robert T.

Shiflett, Michael

Shriver, Bryce L.

Silveri, Dante

Simpson, Benny M.

Singh Brothers Inc.

Sisk, Mrs.Kenneth D.

Sisk, Sheila Yvonne

Sizemore, James Douglas

Skelton, John W.

Sledd, William W.

Small, William L.

Smith, Benjamin F. Jr.

Smith, Floyd S. Jr.

Smith, Lewis E. Jr.

Smith, Linwood Garland Jr.

Smith, Angela Elizabeth

Smith, Bernard C.

Smith, Charles E. Jr.

Smith, Harry Wilson

Snellings, Travis A.

Snyder, Frederick W.

Snyder, Helen M.

Snyder, Robert A.

Somerset Education Foundation

Somerset Homes

Sommers, Linda M.

Sparta General Store

Spellman, Boyd W.

Sprague, Peter Fuller

Sprouse, Michael Wayne

Stagi, William Richard

Stanley, Robert L.

Stanley, Wesley

Stansbury, Ronald Laurence Jr.

Staton, Russell D.

Steigleder, H. R.

Stewart, Mary Elizabeth

Stewart, Travis B.

Stingle, Howard E.

Stirling, Ray M.

Story, Warren L.

Strang, Harvey L. III

Street, Conious

Stricker, Clifford B.

Student Partner Services Inc.

Suburban Propane

Sullivan, Anne Forbes

Summy, Daniel E.

Sutherland, Judith Baxendale

Swisher, Paul Kevin

Switzer, Pamela A.

Tamony, Joseph M.

Tanner, James Manual

Taylor, Leonard L.

Taylor, Peter J.

Taylor, Glen I.

TCI of Virginia Inc.

Testerman, Howard Kenneth

The Poore and Co.

The Spotsylvania Co. Inc.

Thomas, James M. Jr.

Thomas, Barbara Ann

Thomas, Beverly Creery

Thomas, Glenn W.

Thomas, Jesse R.

Thompson Country Store

Thornton, Kathleen M.

Thurston, Robert H.

Tillman, Kay

Town & Country Prop. Inc.

Travelstop of Bowling Gr. Va. In.

Travilian Homes

Trice, Thomas W.

Tri-County Development

Triplett, John M.

Turner, Henry Atwood

Tyler, Harry G.

U S Trans System Inc.

Umet Trust

United Telesystems Inc.

Upton, John H.

Va Wildlife Clubs Inc.

Vaapco Inc.

Valeur, Michael

Van De Graaff, David John

Vandegrift, Bruce A.

Vanhoomissen, Vincent

Varney, Roderic A.

Verne, John R.

Vetter, William F.

Via, G. Duane

Virginia Granite Company

Von Ancken, Susan W.

W. H. Simpson and Son

Waddell, Carl Franklin

Wade, Randolph D.

Wade, Robert S.

Wagner, Roy

Waite, Thomas

Waldron, Monika B.

Walker, James Wesley Jr.

Walker, Robert J. Jr.

Walters, Brenda

Ward, Howard Wesley Jr.

Ware, Robert E. Md.

Warner, L. C. II

Warren, George W. IV

Warren, Nancy S.

Washington, Annie Ruth

Washington, Earnest G.

Washington, Eva R.

Wayland, George E. Sr.

Wayne Homes LLC

Waynesboro Holdings LLC

Weaver, April Lorraine

Weaver, Edgar L.

Weaver, Donald K.

Webster, Robert Alan

Weimer, Dennis R.

Wells, Norman L.

Wells, Terry Lynne

Wentworth, Robert

Westvaco Corporation

Whetzel, Jeffrey A.

White, John Burbridge III

White, Dwayne E.

A lightning strike can take less than a second to destroy your home appliances

and electronics. HomeGuard ® protects connected equipment from power surges*

and lightning strikes or replaces them if anything should happen, all for less than

20 cents a day.

*HomeGuard does not protect against sustained over/under voltage conditions.


White, Robert Alan

Wickouski Brothers

Widener, Larry Newton

Wild, Robert W.

Wiley, John A.

Williams, Allan T.

Williams, Bernard M.

Williams, Gilbert Brian

Williams, James E.

Williams, John E.

Williams, Leonard E.

Williams, Murat W.

Willis, Lewis W. Jr

Willis, Robert Barry

Wilmore, Marie M.

Wilson, Patrick

Wilz, Richard R.

Wimmer, Anna Alice

Withers Enterprises

Witt, John Temple

Wood, George M. Jr.

Wood, Gary

Wood, Herbert S.

Wood, Robert Walter

Woodin, David L.

Woodley, Robert

Woodward, Clyde R. Rev.

Woody, C. T. Jr.

Woolfolk, J. E. Jr.

Word, Barry Q.

Workman, Ronald E.

Wormley, Charles W.

Wren, Billy V.

Wright, Gloria L.

Wright, Timothy Nelson

Wyatt, William H.

Wynn, Keith L.

Yancey, Shirley

Yates, William W.

Young, Robert






Small Change


Big Difference.

With the support of 2,658 Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

members, Operation Round Up ® (ORU) was able to raise just

over $18,000 in 2010. Through the Community Awareness of

Rappahannock Electric Charity, Inc. (C.A.R.E. Charity, Inc.), ORU

was able to help nine worthy, non-profit organizations and five

deserving families in 2010.


Sign-up efforts continue, and as more REC members volunteer to have

their electric bills rounded up to the next whole dollar, ORU will be able to

assist more non-profits and individuals. Yearly contributions average $6

per member and are tax deductible.

Below is the C.A.R.E. Charity, Inc., financial report for 2010.

Thank you for your support, and if you are not a monthly contributor to

Operation Round Up, please consider calling our office, checking the

box on your bill- payment stub, or enrolling online at .

2010 Community Awareness of

Rappahannock Electric Charity, Inc.

Financial Report

Balance forward from 2009 $ 5,299.43

2010 Donations $13,217.65

2010 Outside Donations

2010 Disbursements

$ 5,050.00

Organizations (9) $14,675.00

Families (5) $ 2,897.89

Total Disbursements $17,572.89

Expenses $ 25.00

Balance $ 5,969.19 Rappahannock Electric Cooperative


Opening of New Office


recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to

open the Cooperative’s newest local office and

operations center in Culpeper, Va. With over 50,000 members

residing within the Culpeper district, the opening of the new

facility symbolizes REC’s progression over the past year in not

only the number of members receiving electricity, but also in

the advanced technologies and services offered.

The new office is located off Lovers Lane in Culpeper at

13252 Cedar Run Church Road and replaces the facility on

Madison Road. This office provides members a location to

make bill payments conveniently in the office or at the new

drive-through window, to meet one-on-one with customer

service representatives, and to receive information about their

Cooperative. In addition, the fully stocked operations center

allows line crews to have direct access to the equipment required

to efficiently restore power to members in the event of an outage.

When welcoming guests to the ribbon cutting, REC’s

Culpeper district manager, Robbie Beard, said, “Although

members visiting the Culpeper district had grown accustomed

to visiting our original location, this new office has provided

ease and convenience to them that before was not possible.

Since we opened the doors of this building to our members,

they have been pleased with the new additions we have provided

and are comfortable with the familiar faces that operate our

office day to day.”

On hand to celebrate REC’s Culpeper office ribbon

cutting were individuals from Culpeper County government,

the Culpeper County Department of Economic Development,

the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, REC’s board of directors

and many other special guests. ●

May 2011




Look for more information

and your proxy in the July

issue of Cooperative Living.

REC’s Board of Directors, president

and CEO and the Culpeper district

manager celebrate the opening

of the new Culpeper District office

with an official ribbon cutting.

Culpeper district manager, Robbie Beard,

shares the district’s history and the benefits

the new office provides to members.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Liberty High School

6300 Independence Ave.

Bealeton, Virginia 22712



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Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Your Cooperative Offers

Solutions to Keep Costs Down

For over 30 years, REC has been offering

voluntary demand-response programs that

help control the Cooperative’s wholesale power

costs and benefit the environment for future

generations. In 1978, REC was one of the first

electric cooperatives to begin installing load

management switches on electric water heaters

to manage the demand for electricity during

peak periods of electric usage. In 2010, REC

offered another solution to members by

encouraging them to enroll in the air conditioning

load management program. Through members’

voluntary participation, you have helped

save your Cooperative over $65 million in

wholesale power costs and reduced the

demand for electricity, which delays the need

for additional power-generation resources.

Load management switches installed on

electric water heaters and air conditioning

compressors allow the Cooperative to remotely

cycle the unit on and off when energy is at

its greatest demand. You can make a difference

by participating in these programs.

Over the past few years, REC has been

communicating with you about the rising cost

of wholesale power that we purchase to

deliver electricity to your home. Together we

can work to manage the demand and cost

of wholesale electricity. In turn, our efforts

may also help reduce greenhouse gases.

Please join us by doing your part, then

sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that

comes with knowing you have helped the

environment for this and future generations.

When you receive correspondence from

your Cooperative on how to enroll, please

consider taking advantage of the opportunity. ●


In honor of Memorial Day, our offices will be closed on

Monday, May 30. If you experience an outage or power

emergency during this time, our dispatch department is

always available 24 hours a day to take your call.

May 2011

President &

Chief Executive Officer:

Kent D. Farmer

Board of Directors:


Richard C. Oliver

Region VII

Vice Chair

Darlene H. Carpenter

Region III


Linda R. Gray

Region VIII


William E. Lane

Region IX

William M. Alphin

Region I

Thomas T. Grady

Region II

A. Nash Johnston

Region IV

Frank B. Boxley, Jr.

Region V

William C. Frazier

Region VI

Michael W. Lindsay


Christopher G. Shipe


Rappahannock Currents:

Local Pages Editor – Ann M. Lewis

Staff Writer – Casey M. Hollins, CCC

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 7388

Fredericksburg, VA 22404

540.898.8500 / 800.552.3904 29

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