Working together for a brighter future - Breckland Council

Working together for a brighter future - Breckland Council

Working together for a brighter future - Breckland Council


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Meet the young<br />

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Dog-chipping service<br />

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<strong>Breckland</strong><br />

voice<br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

www.breckland.gov.uk December 08<br />

Let them eat cake!<br />

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55 Percent<br />

recycled paper – <strong>for</strong> a better <strong>Breckland</strong> •

Welcome to the December edition<br />

of Voice.This month the <strong>Council</strong> has<br />

been awarded the coveted Member<br />

Development Charter. We made<br />

Member learning and development a<br />

top priority and I’m delighted that our<br />

commitment, from all parties, has<br />

been recognised. Further in<strong>for</strong>mation<br />

on the charter can be found in the<br />

article below.<br />

We also celebrated a major award<br />

of Healthy Town Status <strong>for</strong> Thet<strong>for</strong>d<br />

which will see major investment<br />

of £900,000 over three years to<br />

encourage health and wellbeing,<br />

exercise and diet. As we work<br />

William Nunn writes<br />

alongside our partners to improve<br />

and develop the town it is fitting<br />

that we now have the opportunity<br />

to build on best practice and make<br />

health a significant part of Thet<strong>for</strong>d’s<br />

development agenda.<br />

In November we launched our Keep<br />

Norfolk Local campaign and website.<br />

Keep Norfolk Local is the campaign<br />

to stop the half-baked proposals<br />

to abolish local councils within<br />

Norfolk and replace them with one or<br />

more mammoth, “unitary” councils<br />

covering the whole of Norfolk and<br />

parts of Suffolk. If any of these<br />

proposals were to go ahead, they<br />

would lead to the creation of one of<br />

the largest unitary councils in Britain.<br />

For in<strong>for</strong>mation on these proposals,<br />

our campaign and how you can offer<br />

your support to help Keep Norfolk<br />

Local please visit<br />

www.keepnorfolklocal.com<br />

We were lucky enough to have the<br />

Light Dragoons launch our Pride in<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> awards and I am pleased to<br />

report that we have already received<br />

a number of nominations containing<br />

heart warming stories about<br />

people who have made remarkable<br />

achievements and shown great<br />

courage. Nominations will be open<br />

until January 31 and there will be a<br />

glittering awards ceremony at Lyn<strong>for</strong>d<br />

Hall, near Mund<strong>for</strong>d, on March 20. If<br />

you would like to nominate someone<br />

in your community more details can<br />

be found on page 10.<br />

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas<br />

<strong>Council</strong> gets special charter<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> has been<br />

awarded the coveted Member<br />

Development Charter. The<br />

Charter is awarded to <strong>Council</strong>s<br />

in recognition of their work to<br />

provide Elected Members with the<br />

support, skills and training they<br />

need to develop and to effectively<br />

manage their local authority’s<br />

budgets and services. This not<br />

only benefits Members individually<br />

– by increasing their understanding<br />

of their strategic roles – but also<br />

means that they are better placed<br />

to serve their local communities.<br />

Mark Palmer, Head of the Charter<br />

Assessment Team, stated “We<br />

were impressed by the <strong>Council</strong>’s<br />

commitment to Member<br />

Development and how it supported<br />

service improvement and effective<br />

delivery. The <strong>Council</strong> is innovative<br />

and <strong>for</strong>ward looking in its approach<br />

to Member Development”.<br />

The work around personal<br />

development planning <strong>for</strong> Members’,<br />

youth democracy and the new<br />

Members’ extranet were described as<br />

being exemplary.<br />

With the introduction of personal<br />

development plans all Members have<br />

an opportunity to identify their own<br />

learning needs and styles, and also to<br />

influence the choice of development<br />

opportunities and the way they are<br />

delivered in <strong>future</strong>.<br />

The <strong>Council</strong> has also successfully<br />

involved young people in local<br />

democracy by encouraging them to<br />

participate in various events during<br />

the past few years. A new <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

Youth <strong>Council</strong> is being established<br />

early next year, which will advise<br />

Members on policies and services<br />

that directly affect young people.<br />

“<strong>Breckland</strong> has made Member<br />

learning and development a top<br />

priority. I’m delighted that our<br />

commitment, from all parties, has<br />

been recognised”, commented<br />

William Nunn, Leader of the <strong>Council</strong>.<br />

“Residents expect a high level of<br />

competence and professionalism<br />

from those entrusted with important<br />

decisions. That’s what our programme<br />

aims to deliver. Effective support is<br />

also vital in encouraging people of all<br />

ages and backgrounds to stand <strong>for</strong><br />

office, so that <strong>Council</strong>s are properly<br />

representative of their areas”.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice brings you<br />

news and views from all around<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> and provides an<br />

important summary of activities and<br />

achievements within the district.<br />

Your comments and ideas are very<br />

welcome, so please contact:<br />

Communications Team,<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong>,<br />

Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke,<br />

Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1EE.<br />

Tel: 01362 656870<br />

Email: communications@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

www.breckland.gov.uk<br />

To advertise in Voice please contact<br />

Juliet Perry at the Lively Crew on<br />

01603 702374. <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong><br />

does not endorse any of the goods<br />

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in this magazine. Each copy of<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice costs less to<br />

produce and deliver than the cost<br />

of a postage stamp.<br />

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Environmentally Friendly<br />

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on recycled paper which<br />

contains 55% recycled fibre from both<br />

pre-and post-consumer sources.<br />

Please recycle your <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice.<br />

The European Flag denotes<br />

which projects have been<br />

part-funded with money<br />

from Europe and <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong>.<br />

How to contact us<br />

Tel: 01362 656870. Lines open<br />

8am – 6pm (5pm on Fridays).<br />

Environmental Health and Housing<br />

Emergency out-of-hours: 01362<br />

697194. Minicom: 01362 656269.<br />

Email: contactus@breckland.gov.uk<br />

Online services available at<br />

www.breckland.gov.uk do it online.<br />

Delivery issues? If you know someone<br />

who has not received their copy of Voice<br />

please contact us on 01362 656870.<br />

Contents<br />

Meet the young entrepreneurs ......... 5<br />

Youth encouraged to have more<br />

of a say .............................................. 5<br />

Encouraging signs <strong>for</strong> the upcoming<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Youth <strong>Council</strong><br />

£900,000 Award <strong>for</strong> Thet<strong>for</strong>d<br />

Healthy Town status .......................... 7<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> development plan ahead of<br />

the Game ........................................... 7<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong>’s Police team wish you a<br />

safe and merry Christmas ................ 8<br />

What will you be eating<br />

this Christmas? ................................. 8<br />

Fancy a change from turkey? Read<br />

what other European countries enjoy<br />

serving over the Christmas period.<br />

An intergalactic fairytale .................. 8<br />

Join Swaffham and sing <strong>for</strong><br />

well-being ........................................ 9<br />

Sing stress away!<br />

What’s on over Christmas ................. 9<br />

Biking to Bollywood .......................... 9<br />

Dragoons launch Pride awards ...... 10<br />

Recognition <strong>for</strong> the work of local<br />

communities<br />

Keeping streets safe and sound ..... 10<br />

Dereham’s Cherry Tree car park gets<br />

a ‘Respect Zone’<br />

Free garage/shed intruder alarm .. 11<br />

Dog-chipping service offered ......... 11<br />

Christmas opening times <strong>for</strong><br />

Customer Service Centres .............. 11<br />

Dereham money fair ....................... 12<br />

Financial advice and the chance to win<br />

a hamper!<br />

<strong>Council</strong> tax exemptions<br />

and discounts .................................. 12<br />

Are you entitled to a reduction in your<br />

<strong>Council</strong> tax?<br />

Conclusion of Audit ......................... 12<br />

Free Sustainable Communities<br />

training courses .............................. 13<br />

Boost <strong>for</strong> breckland business ......... 13<br />

Grants available to help new small<br />

businesses succeed.<br />

Property to let ................................. 13<br />

Let them eat cake! .......................... 15<br />

A cake sale and raffles help raise<br />

funds <strong>for</strong> EACH<br />

Budget Priorities – what you said ... 15<br />

Design a healthy living poster ........ 15<br />

What’s on ...........................Back Cover<br />

Designed & produced by<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

ETT Marcoms www.ett.co.uk<br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice



This voucher entitles the holder to a FREE<br />

JUNIOR SWIM* admission, valid anytime* on<br />

Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th, Monday 29th<br />

and Tuesday 30th December 2008<br />

Participating Centres are Dereham Leisure Centre and <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

Leisure Centre and Waterworld. Please produce this voucher<br />

upon arrival at reception.<br />

*Participants must be under the age of 16<br />

*Offer excludes 2-4pm daily<br />

at Dereham Leisure Centre<br />

The perfect venue <strong>for</strong> your Christmas<br />

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Lunches Available throughout December<br />

Elegant New Year’s Eve Party To include drinks on<br />

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Please telephone 01842 878351 <strong>for</strong> details<br />

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Meet the young entrepreneurs<br />

Using crayons, paper and scissors,<br />

children in seven <strong>Breckland</strong> Primary<br />

schools have been experiencing how<br />

business works and the role it plays.<br />

The Young Enterprise Programme<br />

funded by <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> and<br />

Norfolk County <strong>Council</strong> aims to raise<br />

awareness among young children about<br />

world trade, imports and exports and<br />

understanding where things come<br />

from, such as school uni<strong>for</strong>ms and<br />

everyday items.<br />

The programme is based around<br />

classes using games, activities and role<br />

play to help the children understand<br />

Promoting local democracy to<br />

young people across the district<br />

is a priority <strong>for</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

councillors, John Labouchere and<br />

Diana Irving. As part of a school<br />

engagement programme the pair<br />

visited Hammonds High School<br />

in Swaffham to encourage pupils<br />

to get involved in the upcoming<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Youth <strong>Council</strong>.<br />

After a rousing speech from Cllr<br />

Labouchere, pupils were invited to<br />

talk to the councillors about being<br />

involved in a school council and the<br />

contribution they could make to the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Youth <strong>Council</strong>.<br />

John Labouchere commented that<br />

the pupils on the school council<br />

“were very interesting and they<br />

and develop skills and capabilities <strong>for</strong><br />

the world of work. At the beginning of<br />

each game pupils were split into<br />

teams, ‘richer’ teams such as America<br />

were given a good supply of crayons,<br />

paper, scissors and money whilst<br />

‘poorer’ teams such as Bangladesh<br />

received just a single sheet of paper, a<br />

pencil and limited funds. Ingenuity<br />

flourished with children selling their<br />

labour to other teams, and others<br />

devising ‘mass production’ methods. At<br />

Mund<strong>for</strong>d Primary School, resourceful<br />

Team Tanzania, who started the day<br />

with £30, a piece of paper and two<br />

pencils, were beaten to the top slot by<br />

challenge winners, Team Austria.<br />

Youth encouraged to have more of a say<br />

had varied answers to our quite<br />

searching questions”. This was<br />

echoed by Diana Irving when she<br />

commented “how fantastic it was<br />

to witness such enthusiasm, how<br />

successful a school council is running<br />

and how effective results can be<br />

achieved”.<br />

Students across the district are<br />

being encouraged to take part in a<br />

programme of events leading up to<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong>’s first youth council next<br />

February. Pupils from five schools<br />

attended the Ecotech centre in<br />

Swaffham to learn more about politics<br />

and citizenship. In the morning the<br />

high school pupils watched a drama,<br />

staged by Solent Peoples Theatre,<br />

that focused on their rights and<br />

responsibilities as young people.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Executive Member <strong>for</strong><br />

Planning and Environment, Ann<br />

Steward, watches the children at<br />

work at Mund<strong>for</strong>d Primary School.<br />

Through taking part in the game,<br />

children gained a greater<br />

understanding of market <strong>for</strong>ces,<br />

learned to work as a team, and were<br />

encouraged to devise innovative<br />

solutions to problems.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Executive Member <strong>for</strong><br />

Planning and Environment Ann<br />

Steward, who visited the Mund<strong>for</strong>d<br />

Primary School session, felt that the<br />

children’s experience had been really<br />

worthwhile. She said:<br />

“This project helped the children<br />

understand inequalities in world trade<br />

and how difficult buying and selling is<br />

<strong>for</strong> poorer countries. I was impressed<br />

at the children’s ingenuity in finding<br />

ways to make shapes more quickly<br />

and efficiently”.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Primary schools in Mund<strong>for</strong>d,<br />

Brisley, Ashill, Carbrook, Great<br />

Ellingham, Weeting and Caston are all<br />

taking part in the World Trade Game.<br />

If your school would be interested in<br />

participating in <strong>future</strong> events, call<br />

Lindy Warmer 01362 656870.<br />

And in the afternoon <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

councillors were put under the<br />

spotlight in a question and answer<br />

session, covering topics from<br />

transport to community safety.<br />

Steve Askew, Executive Member<br />

<strong>for</strong> Communities said; “I think it’s<br />

great <strong>for</strong> the children to get involved.<br />

It’s important that the council and<br />

councillors are aware of what the<br />

issues are <strong>for</strong> young people and this<br />

is an important way <strong>for</strong> the youth to<br />

get that across.”<br />

For more in<strong>for</strong>mation about the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Youth <strong>Council</strong> and how<br />

you can get involved please contact<br />

Cat Lang or Caroline Cox on<br />

01362 656870 or email<br />

youth@breckland.gov.uk.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 5

Security<br />

solutions <strong>for</strong><br />

homeowners &<br />

businesses of<br />

all sizes<br />

CDB Consulting is an independent, Norfolk<br />

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awareness, & professional, straight<strong>for</strong>ward<br />

and effective solutions <strong>for</strong> countering<br />

threats and risks to key and vulnerable<br />

assets essential <strong>for</strong> the successful operation<br />

We are all vulnerable targets <strong>for</strong><br />

criminals and terrorists...<br />

CDB Consulting will put you at ease<br />

Christopher Davey Best Consulting & Associates are an<br />

exceptional group of security specialists, who have all<br />

had professional careers in the Police, Security and<br />

Intelligence Organizations. They have had many<br />

decades of experience working in Europe, the Middle<br />

East, Far East & Africa, and have built up an impressive<br />

of a client’s business, organisation,<br />

residence, etc.<br />

The challenge in helping our clients to<br />

counter the myriad of threats from, and risks<br />

of, crime & terrorism is enormous. But<br />

integrity, professionalism, experience and<br />

commitment will prevail. Effective<br />

integrated security planning & management<br />

will help contribute towards building a safer,<br />

better and stronger nation.<br />


knowledge and understanding of how to effectively and<br />

efficiently counter the threats from domestic & business<br />

related crime, and serious organised crime including<br />

terrorism, espionage, subversion and sabotage. Between<br />

Christopher, his team and associates, they have over 150<br />

years experience of providing security solutions.<br />


Contact us: Office: 01760 756333 Mobile: 07885 377578<br />

Email: cdbconsult@aol.com Web: www.cdbconsult.co.uk<br />

We believe we have a responsibility to<br />

deliver a relevant, cost efficient and personal<br />

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Be a victor, not a victim: fight, don’t<br />

flight!<br />

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Thet<strong>for</strong>d Golf Club<br />

Memberships available<br />

<strong>for</strong> new members -<br />

only £10 per week.<br />

Tel: 01842 7521679<br />

Ring <strong>for</strong> full details of offer<br />

www.xadance.co.uk<br />

Get fit, have fun<br />

New classes start<br />

8th January 2009<br />

Get ‘Strictly Dancing’<br />

and learn<br />

Ballroom and Latin<br />

at the award winning<br />

Dereham Leisure<br />

Centre. Thursday<br />

8.30-10pm<br />

Tel: 01760 336410<br />

Tutors: Joanna & Xavier Navarre IDTA<br />

£900,000 award <strong>for</strong> Healthy Town status<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d is the only town in the<br />

Eastern region to win the significant<br />

award of Healthy Town Status which<br />

will see a major investment of<br />

£900,000 over 3 years to encourage<br />

health and wellbeing, exercise and<br />

diet. Thet<strong>for</strong>d is one of 9 towns that<br />

successfully secured a share of<br />

£30 million investment from<br />

Government to tackle obesity.<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d’s successful bid focuses<br />

on a range of initiatives including a<br />

community supported agriculture<br />

programme and a ‘Cycle Recycle’<br />

programme, which is a multidimensional<br />

project including<br />

cycle maintenance courses, cycle<br />

leadership qualifications and<br />

programmes to encourage cycling<br />

<strong>for</strong> health.<br />

The initiatives are linked to the<br />

regeneration and large-scale growth<br />

of Thet<strong>for</strong>d and are aimed at<br />

addressing the needs of all<br />

residents, including those in hard<br />

to reach areas.<br />

The funding will mean even greater<br />

opportunity <strong>for</strong> health improvement,<br />

particularly as Thet<strong>for</strong>d expands.<br />

The <strong>Council</strong> is dedicated to ensuring<br />

that the programmes develop to<br />

reflect the diverse needs of the<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d communities and will be<br />

creating opportunities <strong>for</strong> people to<br />

be involved in the planning and<br />

delivery of these projects.<br />

William Nunn, Leader of <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

<strong>Council</strong> added, “As we work<br />

alongside our partners to improve<br />

and develop the town it is fitting that<br />

we now have the opportunity to build<br />

on best practice and make health a<br />

significant part of Thet<strong>for</strong>d’s<br />

development agenda.”<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> development plan ahead of the game<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> has now finalised<br />

its Core Strategy and Development<br />

Control Policies document which will<br />

be at the heart of the new Local<br />

Development Framework (LDF). The<br />

document has been shaped into its<br />

final <strong>for</strong>mat using the 701 comments<br />

we received when we consulted earlier<br />

this year. The next stage is to publish<br />

the final plan at the end of the year<br />

be<strong>for</strong>e an independent Government<br />

Inspector holds a Public Examination<br />

in June 2009. Further details on the<br />

Core Strategy can be found on the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> website.<br />

A key part of the Core Strategy is<br />

strategic growth in Attleborough<br />

including 4,000 additional new homes<br />

by 2026. In September, <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

<strong>Council</strong> held a public meeting in the<br />

Connaught Hall attended by some 280<br />

residents, local District <strong>Council</strong>lors<br />

and members of the Town <strong>Council</strong>.<br />

In<strong>for</strong>mation from the meeting can be<br />

found on the <strong>Breckland</strong> Website. The<br />

meeting was chaired by <strong>Council</strong>lor Ann<br />

Steward, Executive Member <strong>for</strong><br />

Planning and the Environment who<br />

said “The next 18 years will see major<br />

growth <strong>for</strong> the East of England and<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> is ideally placed to<br />

capitalise on this. The Core Strategy<br />

and Development Policy ensures that<br />

we have the plans and policies in place<br />

to deliver the priorities whilst<br />

maintaining the unique character of<br />

the area. Our plan aims to ensure that<br />

existing and new members of the<br />

community have access to high quality<br />

housing, jobs and services and foster<br />

the sense of pride that already exists in<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong>.”<br />

Over the summer we also asked <strong>for</strong><br />

further potential development sites to<br />

be submitted to <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>for</strong><br />

consideration in the LDF. We have<br />

received some 200 new and revised<br />

sites and we will be consulting on<br />

these additional sites early in 2009 –<br />

details will be on-line, in <strong>Council</strong>’s<br />

Customer Service Centres, libraries<br />

and with Town and Parish <strong>Council</strong>s.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice

Christmas message from the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> senior police team<br />

“My hope this<br />

Christmas is that it is a<br />

peaceful time <strong>for</strong><br />

people who live and<br />

work in <strong>Breckland</strong>. My<br />

policing teams and our<br />

partners in <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

have worked tirelessly<br />

this year with our<br />

communities to tackle<br />

anti-social behaviour in<br />

its many <strong>for</strong>ms.<br />

This has included antisocial<br />

use of car parks,<br />

rowdy behaviour by<br />

groups of people<br />

disturbing the neighbourhood and<br />

drink related incidents as people<br />

leave town centres after<br />

a night out.<br />

Police will be patrolling<br />

our neighbourhoods<br />

and Pubwatch schemes<br />

will be making sure that<br />

individuals who cause<br />

problems are not<br />

allowed to return. I hope<br />

that you, the community<br />

will work with us in the<br />

places where you live to<br />

make this a very<br />

enjoyable Christmas.”<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Superintendent<br />

Katie Elliott<br />

What will you be eating<br />

at Christmas?<br />

Many people in <strong>Breckland</strong> will be<br />

tucking into turkey and all the<br />

trimmings <strong>for</strong> lunch on 25 December.<br />

But <strong>for</strong> many ethnic communities,<br />

turkey is not the traditional<br />

Christmas meal. Here are a few of<br />

the traditional foods some of these<br />

different nationalities will be serving<br />

this festive season.<br />

Many Russians celebrate the Feast of<br />

St. Nicholas. This Christmas Eve meal<br />

consists of a porridge called ‘kutya’.<br />

Made from honey, grains and berries<br />

it symbolises hope and immortality.<br />

Some families throw spoonfuls of the<br />

kutya at the ceiling which, if it sticks,<br />

should ensure a plentiful honey<br />

harvest <strong>for</strong> the following year.<br />

Portuguese families feast on the<br />

national holiday dish of dried codfish,<br />

called bacalhau this is typically<br />

followed by a dessert of rabanadas<br />

consisting of slices of white bread<br />

soaked in eggs and wine, drenched in<br />

sugar, and fried until crisp. The<br />

Christmas Eve supper in Poland<br />

begins with a beetroot, mushroom or<br />

almond soup, carp is often served too.<br />

Other dishes include a variety of<br />

cakes and, in particular, the holy<br />

poppy seed cake.<br />

In the Ukraine, there is an old custom<br />

of fasting <strong>for</strong> 39 days be<strong>for</strong>e the<br />

Nativity. Families wait until they see<br />

the first star to begin a 12-course<br />

supper, one course in honour of each<br />

of the 12 apostles. The courses include<br />

fish, borscht and cabbage stuffed with<br />

millet and cooked dried fruits. A<br />

special Latvian Christmas meal would<br />

usually be cooked brown peas with<br />

bacon sauce, small pies, cabbage and<br />

sausage. It’s traditional <strong>for</strong> Father<br />

Christmas to bring presents on each<br />

of the 12 days of Christmas starting on<br />

Christmas Eve.<br />

Whatever you choose to eat this<br />

holiday season, <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong><br />

wishes you a Merry Christmas and a<br />

Happy and Prosperous New Year.<br />

Intergalactic<br />

fairytales<br />

The Memorial Hall in Dereham<br />

played host to a truly magical<br />

experience on the 25 October with<br />

the presentation of the Sun Dragon<br />

by Gomito productions.<br />

Five action loving story tellers totally<br />

enthral the audience narrating the<br />

adventures of Jacob, a boy who<br />

dreams of flying and his quest to save<br />

a distant planet from darkness. It’s a<br />

truly magical hour of storytelling,<br />

Gomito use real creative flair to<br />

captivate every audience member.<br />

This is a play that should be seen by<br />

every child and every adult whose<br />

imagination needs re-sparking.<br />

The show was organised by Dereham<br />

Town <strong>Council</strong> and partly funded by<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong>. The Town <strong>Council</strong><br />

is developing a programme of live<br />

events at the Hall in order to<br />

understand the role a theatre could<br />

play in the town and surrounding area.<br />

The Sun Dragon is the first of a<br />

number of live events; others planned<br />

include A Pirate Workshop and show<br />

(4-9 year olds) on 18 February, A<br />

Comedy Night on 18 February and<br />

Songs from the Shows (Popular songs<br />

from West End shows) on 28 February.<br />

Further live events <strong>for</strong> all ages are<br />

being planned <strong>for</strong> later in the year.<br />

The above events are in addition to<br />

many others taking place in the<br />

Memorial Hall. Dereham Operatic will<br />

be holding their ever popular and<br />

successful annual pantomime helping<br />

to make the Memorial Hall a well<br />

used and much loved venue.<br />

Join in Swaffham’s singing <strong>for</strong> well-being<br />

The Sing <strong>for</strong> Well-Being course is<br />

aimed at encouraging people to sing<br />

their worries away. The classes are<br />

being held at Swaffham’s Assembly<br />

Rooms and are aimed at people who<br />

love to sing, as well as <strong>for</strong> those who<br />

doubt their singing abilities.<br />

The ten two hour sessions will take<br />

place every Thursday at 7pm from 15<br />

January 2009 with a break at school<br />

half-term. The workshops will include<br />

group singing as well as gentle<br />

exercise and breathing techniques to<br />

warm up the body and voice.<br />

“Singing is proven to be good <strong>for</strong> the<br />

health because of the release<br />

of endorphins otherwise known<br />

as ‘happy hormones’. Research<br />

also shows that singing boosts the<br />

immune system and is a creative<br />

13, 14, 20, 21, 23 and 24 December<br />



Dereham Station, Station Road,<br />

Dereham. Visit Santa in his grotto<br />

<strong>for</strong> a special Christmas present.<br />

Seasonal refreshments will be<br />

available. Tickets: £9.00. Children<br />

under 1 sitting with an adult £3.50.<br />

Booking at station (Weds, Sat or Sun)<br />

or visit www.mnr.org.uk<br />

Tel: 01362 851723<br />

14 and 15 December 2pm - 10pm<br />

16 December 12noon - 6pm and<br />

6pm - 8pm. Youth Party (age 11 – 17)<br />

6pm to 8pm.<br />


£2 per session <strong>for</strong> 20 minutes.<br />

Tel: 01760 722800<br />

Bollywood by bike<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d’s <strong>for</strong>mer Tourism Officer,<br />

Claire Treadwell, will be taking part in<br />

the 2009 Rajasthan Tiger Challenge,<br />

cycling 500km in India to fundraise <strong>for</strong><br />

St Nicholas Hospice. Following her<br />

mother’s stay at the hospice, Claire<br />

feels it’s time to give something back.<br />

Claire said:”I cannot say thank you<br />

enough to the wonderful staff at the<br />

hospice, they made my mum’s last<br />

couple of weeks com<strong>for</strong>table, peaceful<br />

and fulfilling experience,“ said Carol<br />

O’Neill, a natural voice practitioner.<br />

“I hear so many people tell me<br />

that they can’t sing but I always<br />

urge them to give it a go. Everyone<br />

has the right to sing and you’d be<br />

amazed at how easy it is to achieve<br />

a wonderful sound. If you’ve never<br />

had any experience be<strong>for</strong>e it really<br />

doesn’t matter.”<br />

The course is designed to be fun and<br />

accessible to people of all ages and<br />

abilities. People who are keen to take<br />

part should telephone 01328 838316<br />

to book a place.<br />

What’s on over Christmas<br />

and special. Without them, I really don’t<br />

know how my Dad and I would have<br />

coped. The nurses and volunteers are<br />

the closest thing you can get to angels,<br />

they were amazing.”<br />

Money raised will help them to continue<br />

to provide care <strong>for</strong> progressively and<br />

terminally ill people, and offer support<br />

to family and friends. All this is given<br />

without charge so fundraising activities<br />

are vital. To support her on this<br />

27 December to 3 January<br />


Dereham Operatic Society’s<br />

pantomime. Dereham Memorial<br />

Hall, Norwich Street, Dereham.<br />

Tickets available from Hallmark,<br />

12 Nelson Place, Dereham.<br />

Tel: 01362 851919. Or visit<br />

www.dosoc.co.uk <strong>for</strong> more details.<br />

28 December and 1 January 2009<br />


PiE SPECiALS<br />

Departing Dereham Station 11am and<br />

2pm. Mince pies and sherry<br />

will be served with biscuits and soft<br />

drinks <strong>for</strong> children. Tickets: £7.50<br />

adults – Children: £4.50. Booking<br />

advisable. Tel: 01362 851723 or<br />

call at station (Weds, Sat or Sun).<br />

challenge, you can sponsor by visiting<br />

www.justgiving.com/tigerchallenge.<br />

Donating through Justgiving is quick,<br />

easy and totally secure. St Nicholas<br />

Hospice gets your money faster and,<br />

if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving<br />

makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a<br />

3% supplement, are added to your<br />

donation. Why not help organise an<br />

event to raise funds <strong>for</strong> the hospice? It<br />

could be a quiz night to a head shave<br />

– anything can help. Claire can offer<br />

her services as an experienced PR<br />

professional in exchange <strong>for</strong> financial<br />

sponsorship. Email tigerchallenge@<br />

hotmail.co.uk <strong>for</strong> further in<strong>for</strong>mation.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 8 <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 9

Dragoons<br />

launch Pride<br />

Awards<br />

it was time to shout about the best of<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> with the launch of<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Pride awards 2008/09.<br />

Local communities across the district<br />

will get recognition <strong>for</strong> their work<br />

thanks to a new initiative officially<br />

launched by <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> and<br />

officers from the Light Dragoons.<br />

Lieutenants Jonny Black and Guy<br />

Disney joined <strong>Breckland</strong> councillors<br />

and officers in promoting the Pride<br />

awards, which aim to recognise a<br />

range of special people from carers<br />

and children of courage to sporting<br />

stars. Lt Black said: “The regiment<br />

was very happy to see the welcome<br />

home we received on coming back<br />

from our tour last year. We were<br />

welcomed home as true heroes.<br />

“We are proud to launch these awards<br />

which will recognise the unsung heroes<br />

in our community and we hope people<br />

will take time to nominate people who<br />

deserve the recognition which will be<br />

given to them.”<br />

Nominations will be open until January<br />

31 and there will be a glittering awards<br />

ceremony at Lyn<strong>for</strong>d Hall, near<br />

Mund<strong>for</strong>d, on March 20. <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

leader William Nunn said: “We are<br />

looking <strong>for</strong> unsung heroes who in some<br />

way have made a major contribution to<br />

life in their neighbourhood, and we<br />

shall recognise that achievement in our<br />

awards. These are often ordinary<br />

people who have put themselves out <strong>for</strong><br />

others. The whole spectrum of life in<br />

the district will be covered through<br />

a range of award categories - all<br />

aimed at creating a greater<br />

pride in <strong>Breckland</strong>.”<br />

Anyone wanting to make a<br />

nomination can do so by using<br />

the <strong>for</strong>m in the last edition of<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice, downloading<br />

the <strong>for</strong>m from the website or<br />

by picking up a <strong>for</strong>m from your<br />

local supermarket, library or<br />

town council.<br />

Partnership keeping<br />

streets safe and sound<br />

An Anti Social Behaviour<br />

partnership operation run by the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Safer Neighbourhood<br />

Team has been recognised <strong>for</strong> the<br />

work on the Cherry Tree Car Park<br />

in Dereham.<br />

In an attempt to indicate the area<br />

on the Cherry Tree car park where<br />

the team would especially like<br />

people to show some restraint, they<br />

are trialling a “Respect Zone”, this<br />

will be a highlighted area on the<br />

car park that is clearly marked to<br />

remind the people using the car<br />

park to respect the quality of life of<br />

those people who live close by and<br />

over the next week distinctive green<br />

lines will start to replace the<br />

present markings.<br />

Stephen Askew, Executive member<br />

<strong>for</strong> Community said;<br />

“We are very pleased to be involved<br />

in this project. It is an excellent<br />

example of partnership working and<br />

shows first hand, how we take the<br />

concerns of our residents seriously,<br />

not only in identifying a problem,<br />

but also in finding a solution.<br />

The residents in the vicinity of the<br />

car park have been instrumental<br />

in helping us to help them.”<br />

This scheme is being closely<br />

monitored by the Home Office and<br />

other Safer Neighbourhood Teams<br />

around the country in order to see<br />

how effective it is as this could then<br />

be used elsewhere.<br />

Free garage<br />

and shed<br />

intruder alarm<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> is once again<br />

pleased to offer <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

residents a free battery powered<br />

intruder alarm. This special offer<br />

is open to any residents, whose<br />

garage or shed has suffered a<br />

break in or attempted break in<br />

within the last year and which has<br />

been reported to the Police.<br />

Please call the Community Safety<br />

team on 01362 656870 to check<br />

availability as there is a limited<br />

supply, then complete the section<br />

below and bring it along to:<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong>, Community<br />

Safety Team, Elizabeth House,<br />

Walpole Loke, Dereham.<br />

Please remember - we must have<br />

your Police CAD reference number.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Free Garage/Shed<br />

Alarm Project<br />

Dog-chipping service offered<br />

Steve O’Brien at Norfolk Dog Control<br />

Service (NDCS) offers around the<br />

clock, comprehensive dog warden<br />

services <strong>for</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> residents.<br />

Steve gained extensive experience<br />

whilst working at the <strong>Council</strong> and<br />

has dealt with over 4,000 stray dogs<br />

and over 600 dangerous dogs in<br />

his role as dog warden. As well as<br />

dog chipping sessions, NDCS offers<br />

promotional school talks and dog<br />

training classes.<br />

Flash, a whippet from the Midlands,<br />

had a happy reunion with his owner<br />

thanks to the dog chipping service.<br />

Flash had been stolen and was<br />

found straying in the Swaffham area,<br />

after being handed to Norfolk Dog<br />

Control Services his photograph was<br />

placed on the <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong><br />

website. Dogs Lost UK were able<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 10 <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 11<br />

Name:<br />

Address:<br />

Date your garage or shed<br />

was broken into (or attempted<br />

break in):<br />

Police CAD ref:<br />

If you suffer a crime please report it<br />

to the Police.<br />

For crime prevention advice, please<br />

call the Police on 0845 456 4567.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> and the police<br />

accept no responsibility regarding<br />

the use of this equipment.<br />

to check the website and matched<br />

the details of Flash who had been<br />

reported missing by his owner three<br />

months previously.<br />

For more in<strong>for</strong>mation on dog chipping<br />

and details of the next dog training<br />

classes please contact Steve on<br />

01362 853279 .<br />

Christmas opening times <strong>for</strong><br />

customer service centres<br />

As of Monday 1 December 2008 our<br />

Attleborough Customer Service<br />

Centre will be open 5 days a week<br />

9am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday<br />

and 9am to 4pm on Friday<br />

Attleborough<br />

Last working day <strong>for</strong> Customer<br />

Service Centre will be Tuesday 23<br />

December – re-opening Monday 29<br />

December to Wednesday 31<br />

December 9am to 12 noon – resume<br />

Normal hours of operation from<br />

Monday 5 January 2009 (closed 24<br />

to 26 Dec & 1 & 2 January)<br />

Watton<br />

Last working day <strong>for</strong> Customer<br />

Service Centre will be Friday 19<br />

December - resume Normal hours<br />

of operation from Wednesday<br />

7 January 2009.<br />

Swaffham<br />

Last working day <strong>for</strong> Customer<br />

Service Centre will be Tuesday 23<br />

December closing at 12noon –<br />

resume Normal hours of operation<br />

from Monday 5 January 2009.<br />

Dereham Peddars Way<br />

Last working day <strong>for</strong> Customer<br />

Service Centre will be Christmas<br />

Eve closing at 1pm – resume<br />

Normal hours of operation from<br />

Monday 5 January 2009<br />

Dereham Elizabeth House<br />

Last working day <strong>for</strong> Customer<br />

Service Centre will be Christmas<br />

Eve closing at 1pm - resume Normal<br />

hours of operation from Monday 29<br />

December to Friday 2 January 2009 -<br />

Closed Thursday 1 January<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d<br />

Last working day <strong>for</strong> Customer<br />

Service Centre will be Christmas<br />

Eve closing at 1:00pm – Re-open<br />

9:30am to 4pm Monday 29<br />

December to Friday 2 January 2009 -<br />

Closed Thursday 1 January<br />

Customer Contact<br />

Last working day will be Christmas<br />

Eve closing at 1pm – re-opens<br />

Monday 29 December - Friday 2<br />

January 2009 9am to 5pm - Closed<br />

Thursday 1 January New Years Day.

Dereham<br />

money fair<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> is organising a<br />

Money Fair to provide members of<br />

the community with the opportunity<br />

to get in<strong>for</strong>mation and advice on<br />

various aspects of housing, <strong>Council</strong><br />

tax, benefits, debt advice and related<br />

money concerns.<br />

The first event will be held at the<br />

Memorial Hall, Dereham on 27<br />

January, 1pm to 7pm. All attendees<br />

will be entered into a free prize draw to<br />

win a luxury hamper!<br />

Photographic Studio-Crafts<br />

Art Gallery-Framing<br />

Georges Road, Dereham<br />

Norfolk NR19 2DA<br />

01362 690969<br />

www.thegallerydereham.com<br />

(20% Discount on Christmas<br />

Portraits with this Advert!)<br />


SANTA<br />

AT...<br />


Audit Commission Act 1998<br />

Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003<br />

Notice is given that:<br />

(1) the audit of accounts <strong>for</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

<strong>Council</strong> <strong>for</strong> the year ended 31st March<br />

2008 has been concluded; and<br />

(2) the statement of accounts is<br />

available <strong>for</strong> inspection by any local<br />






















1 Household Carpet – £45<br />

2 Carpets – £55<br />

3 Carpets – £65<br />

Your 3 Piece Suite and<br />

Lounge Carpet cleaned – £85<br />

Call Mike at Clean Tech<br />

01485 609223<br />

Credit & Debit cards welcome<br />

Sustainable<br />

Communities<br />

free training<br />

events<br />

008 – 009<br />

The Sustainable Communities Team<br />

will be holding and facilitating a<br />

number of training sessions and<br />

workshops aimed at members of<br />

the community, volunteers and<br />

town and parish councillors to help<br />

them gain in<strong>for</strong>mation and advance<br />

their existing skills <strong>for</strong> their local<br />

community projects.<br />

All of the training sessions listed<br />

are free of charge to those who live<br />

in <strong>Breckland</strong> or contribute their<br />

time to community projects within<br />

the district. There are limited<br />

spaces available so please book<br />

quickly to avoid disappointment.<br />

If you are interested in participating<br />

in a training event, or would like to<br />

know more, please contact Cat<br />

Lang on 01362 656870 or email<br />

cat.lang@breckland.gov.uk<br />

8 December 2008<br />

How to be Successful with<br />

Funding Applications<br />

Wayland House, Watton<br />

13 January 2009<br />

Parish Planning<br />

Wellspring Family Centre, Dereham<br />

21 January 2009<br />

Village Hall and Community<br />

Building Maintenance Planning<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d Guildhall Complex<br />

18 February 2009<br />

Child Protection<br />

Swaffham Community Centre<br />

24 February 2009<br />

Getting Started<br />

Attleborough Enterprise and<br />

Community Centre<br />

25 March 2009<br />

Using Church Buildings as a focus<br />

<strong>for</strong> Community Projects<br />

Wellspring Family Centre, Dereham<br />

Property to let<br />

Many people don’t know that<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> is also a<br />

commercial property landlord and can<br />

offer commercial properties <strong>for</strong> lease.<br />

These can range from 600 to 5,000 sq ft<br />

factory units to office accommodation<br />

in our business centres. We can<br />

provide flexible lease terms to suit all<br />

needs and if we haven’t got anything<br />

ourselves to suit your needs we<br />

usually know someone who has.<br />

With approximately 200 tenants in<br />

property throughout the <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

district, we offer accommodation<br />

to ensure businesses flourish and<br />

provide employment opportunities<br />

<strong>for</strong> our residents. We have all sorts of<br />

organisations renting property - from a<br />

beansprout grower to a gymnasium.<br />

We also partner large developments<br />

such as the Thet<strong>for</strong>d Enterprise Park<br />

and the Ecotech Business Park in<br />

Swaffham. We also purchase and sell<br />

BELA boost <strong>for</strong><br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> businesses<br />

Just as politicians are highlighting<br />

the importance of small businesses<br />

in the national economic picture, the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Partnership has launched<br />

a new scheme that will enhance<br />

work<strong>for</strong>ce skills and provide grants<br />

<strong>for</strong> small businesses and start-ups.<br />

Following on from the success<br />

of Phase 1 <strong>Breckland</strong> Enterprise<br />

and Learning Account (BELA), the<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Partnership has approved<br />

funding of £21,500 to support a new<br />

BELA 2 project. A small sum of grant<br />

money can make a big difference to<br />

a small business with limited funds;<br />

a grant from the original BELA 1<br />

scheme helped Beeston Brewery,<br />

a small independent concern,<br />

to purchase a labelling machine<br />

resulting in a doubling of production<br />

and increased profitability.<br />

An increasing number of requests have<br />

come from businesses <strong>for</strong> support with<br />

online projects, and BELA 2 offers 50%<br />

grants up to a maximum of £500<br />

property, buy and<br />

sell land, assist the<br />

private sector by helping<br />

to advertise their property<br />

and even manage property on behalf<br />

of other landlords. We have a good<br />

understanding of the local commercial<br />

market place and can help you start up<br />

a new business or grow your existing<br />

business into new accommodation.<br />

Obviously there are some uncertainties<br />

in the present economic climate,<br />

banks are being more cautious,<br />

cutting costs, debt recovery and credit<br />

control are becoming increasingly<br />

top of the management agenda.<br />

Practical measures like reviewing tax<br />

implications with your Accountant<br />

and using the BusinessLink business<br />

health check tool at www.businesslink.<br />

gov.uk can help, or calling our<br />

Economic Development department<br />

on 01362 656870 to find out what<br />

business support is available.<br />

to assist small businesses and startups<br />

with the purchase of ICT related<br />

equipment and training.<br />

Skills <strong>for</strong> the workplace and language<br />

training will also be on offer. <strong>Working</strong><br />

with the <strong>Breckland</strong> Partnership,<br />

representatives from the new<br />

communities have identified the need<br />

<strong>for</strong> pre ESOL (English <strong>for</strong> Speakers of<br />

Other Languages) classes. These will<br />

equip participants with the language<br />

proficiency needed to access services<br />

more effectively, increase employment<br />

opportunities and build up the<br />

confidence and skills needed to move<br />

on to more <strong>for</strong>mal, accredited training.<br />

More in<strong>for</strong>mation about the scheme<br />

to support businesses can be obtained<br />

from Lindy Warmer, <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

<strong>Council</strong> Economic Development<br />

Officer on 01362 656870. The pre<br />

ESOL training is administered by the<br />

Local Area Partnerships and further<br />

in<strong>for</strong>mation can be obtained from<br />

Rob Walker on 01362 656870.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 1 <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 1<br />

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<strong>Council</strong> Tax – are you exempt<br />

or entitled to a discount?<br />

<strong>Council</strong> tax is based on the<br />

assumption that there are two adults<br />

living in a dwelling. The charge can<br />

be reduced by 25% if only one person<br />

occupies the property. Certain people<br />

can be disregarded <strong>for</strong> council tax<br />

purposes. Some properties are<br />

exempt from council tax. Both<br />

occupied and unoccupied properties<br />

may be council tax exempt whether<br />

they are furnished or not. For further<br />

in<strong>for</strong>mation pick up one of our leaflets<br />

at any one of our customer service<br />

centres or call 01842 756495.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong> Notice of<br />

Conclusion of Audit and Notice of<br />

Inspection Statement of Accounts<br />

government elector, in accordance with<br />

section 14 of the Audit Commission Act<br />

1998, <strong>for</strong> the area of the above-named<br />

<strong>Council</strong> at <strong>Breckland</strong> House, St.<br />

Nicholas Street, Thet<strong>for</strong>d IP24 1BT or<br />

Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke,<br />

Dereham NR19 1EE on working days<br />

between the hours of 10 am to 4pm.<br />

Head of Finance

P&D<br />

Re-Upholstery - Parker Knoll Specialists<br />

• Tailor made loose<br />

covers – 100s of<br />

washable fabrics to<br />

choose from<br />

• Replacement<br />

cushion interiors<br />

in foam and fibre<br />

• 22 years experience<br />

Please call <strong>for</strong> a free quote and advice<br />

01362 637238 www.pdfoams.co.uk<br />

Your local furniture and appliance re-use centre<br />

Visit our shop at York Way, Abbey Estate, Thet<strong>for</strong>d, IP24 1EJ<br />

Thursdays and Fridays 9am - 4pm, Saturdays 9am - 2pm<br />

A great selection of quality second hand furniture, electrical appliances, clothes<br />

and other items at very af<strong>for</strong>dable prices. We will deliver to your door.<br />

We always require donations of good quality furniture and electrical<br />

appliances <strong>for</strong> re-sale and can collect from your door.<br />

Every item you donate will assist someone who cannot af<strong>for</strong>d to buy new.<br />

Every penny our customers pay <strong>for</strong> goods is used to cover the running costs<br />

of Green Ventures.<br />

Contact us now: 07917 395813 Email: enquiries@keystonetrust.org.uk<br />

Registered charity number 1093162<br />

Christmas at<br />

Strangers' Hall<br />

See this magnificent Tudor House<br />

decorated <strong>for</strong> the season.<br />

Costumed tours, period music,<br />

Santa (Sats only), cracker making<br />

Weds 3, 10, 17; Sats 6,13, 20 December<br />

10.30am - 4.30pm<br />

Tel. 01603 493625 www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk<br />

Staff eat cake<br />

– all <strong>for</strong> a<br />

good cause<br />

Staff raised £216 <strong>for</strong> charity during a<br />

week of activities to mark National<br />

Customer Services Week. The total<br />

collected during the week was<br />

donated to East Anglia Children’s<br />

Hospices (EACH) and a cheque<br />

presented to Jessica Hiscocks,<br />

EACH fundraising co-ordinator.<br />

Various events took place at the<br />

<strong>Council</strong>’s Dereham headquarters from<br />

October 6 to 10. It began with staff from<br />

other services within the <strong>Council</strong><br />

learning about the type of calls taken<br />

within the contact centre.<br />

The week also included a raffle to win a<br />

teddy bear, a cake sale, biscuits, fruit<br />

and sweets were available all week <strong>for</strong> a<br />

small donation and a black and red<br />

theme day. Monica Coffey, Head of<br />

Customer Services at <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

<strong>Council</strong>, said: “Everybody had a lot of fun<br />

during Customer Services Week and<br />

raised money <strong>for</strong> a very good cause at<br />

the same time. We’re very proud of how<br />

hard our Customer Services staff work<br />

to provide the best possible help and<br />

in<strong>for</strong>mation <strong>for</strong> residents. Our latest<br />

satisfaction figures show that 99% of our<br />

residents find our staff polite, friendly<br />

and respectful. It was great to see staff<br />

from across the council joining in the fun<br />

and a great reminder that customers are<br />

at the heart of everything we do.”<br />

National Customer Service Week,<br />

organised by the Institute of Customer<br />

Service, is designed to raise<br />

awareness of the important role<br />

Customer Service professionals play<br />

within their organisation.<br />

Budget priorities: what you said<br />

in the last edition of ‘<strong>Breckland</strong><br />

Voice’, the <strong>Council</strong> encouraged<br />

residents to have their say on the<br />

spending priorities in 2009-10, using<br />

touch-screen kiosks in Post Offices<br />

throughout the district. Residents<br />

from across the district completed<br />

the online survey to let us know their<br />

views, and the results are now in. This<br />

is what you told us!<br />

We asked about <strong>Council</strong> Tax and the<br />

clear message is that this should not<br />

be increased by more than inflation.<br />

You told us that any improvements to<br />

services should be funded by working<br />

efficiently with partners and by<br />

generating income from commercial<br />

property.<br />

<strong>Working</strong> to improve the <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

environment is one of the <strong>Council</strong>’s<br />

priorities and you told us that your main<br />

concern is improving the cleanliness of<br />

the streets and open spaces. You also<br />

said that our main focus in building<br />

stronger and safer communities should<br />

be tackling anti-social behaviour.<br />

We asked where <strong>Breckland</strong> should<br />

commit resources to develop a<br />

prosperous economy; the measures<br />

Voice poster<br />

competition<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice is giving you the<br />

chance to be featured on the cover<br />

of the next issue.<br />

We’re inviting the children of<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> to enter a competition<br />

where you design a healthy living<br />

poster and the overall winner in<br />

each category will be featured on<br />

our Jan/Feb edition of Voice. You have<br />

until Friday 2 January 2009 to get<br />

your entries in and the best three<br />

posters in each category will then be<br />

decided upon by a panel of judges.<br />

Categories are<br />

• 11 years and under<br />

• 12 years and over.<br />

All 6 finalists will be presented with<br />

a professional art set and the<br />

winning designs will be reproduced<br />

gaining greatest support were action<br />

to help local businesses to start up<br />

and grow, protecting and enhancing<br />

vibrant town centres and safeguarding<br />

flourishing rural communities.<br />

When asked about the services<br />

provided by <strong>Breckland</strong>, you said what<br />

is most important to you is improving<br />

the quality of services. We were<br />

interested to learn that over a third<br />

of our residents who completed the<br />

survey would like to see the <strong>Council</strong><br />

involving residents in developing<br />

these improvements.<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> has already started to<br />

involve residents and local groups<br />

in their local area by setting up<br />

Neighbourhood Forums; these include<br />

representatives from the Town,<br />

District and County <strong>Council</strong>s and<br />

other partner agencies. The first, the<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d Neighbourhood Forum, was<br />

set up earlier this year and has been<br />

tackling local issues such as litter,<br />

flytipping and overgrown vegetation.<br />

Plans are underway to set up a second<br />

Forum in Attleborough next year with<br />

the potential to roll out the idea to<br />

Dereham, Watton and Swaffham.<br />

professionally with copies of each<br />

design displayed in our Dereham and<br />

Thet<strong>for</strong>d Leisure Centres. Posters<br />

should be A3 size and as they are to<br />

be printed please don’t use any glue<br />

or glitter!<br />

Please print your name, age and<br />

address clearly on the back,<br />

then send your entries to:<br />

Communications, <strong>Breckland</strong> <strong>Council</strong>,<br />

Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke,<br />

Dereham NR19 1EE<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 1 <strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong><br />

<strong>Working</strong> <strong>together</strong> <strong>for</strong> a <strong>brighter</strong> <strong>future</strong> <strong>Breckland</strong> Voice 15

What’s on in <strong>Breckland</strong><br />

For even more events in the <strong>Breckland</strong> area, visit our website www.visitbreckland.com<br />

Please check details with event organisers be<strong>for</strong>e turning up in case of changes after going to print.<br />

1 - 23 December 10am to 1pm<br />


Thet<strong>for</strong>d Gallery, Guildhall Market<br />

Place Thet<strong>for</strong>d. Tel: 01842 766599<br />

Email: info@thet<strong>for</strong>d-gallery.org.uk<br />

13 December 1.30pm to 3.30pm<br />


Attleborough Library, 31 Connaught<br />

Road, Attleborough. Drop-in event<br />

<strong>for</strong> children. (All children to be<br />

accompanied by an adult).<br />

Tel: 01953 452319.<br />

Email: kathryn.boler@norfolk.gov.uk<br />

14 December 2008<br />


Shop <strong>for</strong> Christmas food and fayre<br />

and relish the smell of Victorian<br />

cooking on the farmhouse.<br />

Traditional entertainment and fun<br />

<strong>for</strong> all the family. Gressenhall Farm<br />

and Workhouse, Gressenhall,<br />

Dereham, Norfolk NR20 4DR<br />

Tel: 01362 860563. See our web page<br />

www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk <strong>for</strong><br />

further details and admission prices.<br />

17 December<br />



Watton Christian Community centre<br />

Tel: 01953 882813 / 881696.<br />

20 December 8pm to 11pm<br />


Queens Hall, Watton<br />

Tel: Mike Rix on 01953 889890.<br />

20 & 21 December 12 noon – 2pm<br />



Another opportunity to share your<br />

Christmas wishes with Santa.<br />

Traditional Christmas lunch<br />

available in the tea room 12 noon –<br />

2pm. Gift shop open <strong>for</strong> last minute<br />

Christmas shopping! Santa: £3 per<br />

child (includes present). Oxburgh<br />

Hall. Tel <strong>for</strong> further in<strong>for</strong>mation<br />

01366 328258 unless otherwise<br />

stated.<br />

31 December 8pm to 1am<br />


Queens Hall, Watton. Ticket only.<br />

Tel: Mike Rix on 01953 889890.<br />

You’re recycling better than ever be<strong>for</strong>e!<br />

Every six months the recyclables<br />

we collect from your black bins are<br />

checked and this time we found our<br />

residents are recycling better than<br />

ever. 93% of the overall contents<br />

of your black bins was able to be<br />

recycled. So well done to all those<br />

residents who recycle. We couldn’t<br />

achieve this success without you.<br />

This December, we are offering free<br />

cotton shopping bags to residents to<br />

help reduce the number of plastic<br />

shopping bags which often end up in<br />

landfill. You can collect your free bag<br />

from any of our Customer Service<br />

Centres or the Town <strong>Council</strong> in each<br />

of our market towns. Or why not collect<br />

your free bag from a recycling expert<br />

at one of our roadshows, we will be<br />

in Waitrose, Swaffham on Monday 15<br />

December, Sainsbury’s Attleborough<br />

on Thursday 18 December and<br />

Morrison’s Dereham on Friday 19<br />

December from 10am to 2pm.<br />

Christmas Workshops<br />

One person’s rubbish is another’s<br />

decoration! Let us show you how<br />

easy it is to turn your rubbish into<br />

Christmas decorations.<br />

Saturday 13 December - Attleborough<br />

Library 1.30pm to 3.30pm<br />

Monday 22 December - Watton<br />

Library 1.30pm to 3.30pm<br />

Tuesday 23 December - Thet<strong>for</strong>d<br />

Library 10.30am to 12.30pm<br />

<strong>Breckland</strong> Voice is printed on environmentally friendly paper.<br />

2nd January 11am – 2pm<br />


Ancient House Museum House Alive<br />

event. Play with toys from the past,<br />

hear some stories and make your<br />

own traditional toy to take home.<br />

Free admission. Ancient House<br />

Museum of Thet<strong>for</strong>d Life, 21 – 23<br />

White Hart Street, Thet<strong>for</strong>d,<br />

Tel: 01842 752599.<br />

Email: ancient.house@<br />

norfolk.gov.uk or visit our<br />

website www.museums.<br />


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