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Curriculum Vitae — Edward A. Lemke

Personal details

Surname Lemke

Forename Edward, Anton

Nationality German

Date and place of birth 26.01.1978, Berlin, Germany


Feb 2002 - Apr 2005 PhD student, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Department of Membrane

Biophysics (Department of Professor Dr. Erwin Neher), Göttingen, Germany

Aug 2004 Summerschool at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, USA (course

on statistical data analysis)

Aug 1999 - Sep 2000 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, USA

Oct 1997 - Dec 2001 Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Berlin, Germany


Feb 2009 - Independent Group leader at the EMBL Heidelberg, Structural and

Computational Biology Unit. Joint appointed with the Cell Biology and

Biophysics Program

Jul 2005 - Dec 2008 Joint Research Associate in the groups of Professor Dr. P.G. Schultz

(Department of Chemistry) and Professor Dr. A.A. Deniz (Department of

Molecular Biology) at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA

May 2005 - Jul 2005 Doctoral and Postdoctoral fellowship of the Max Planck Society

Feb 2002 - Dec 2003 Research Assistant, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

Jan 2001 - Feb 2002 Teaching Assistant (Technical University of Berlin, see teaching experience

May 2000 - Sep 2000 Graduate Research Assistant (University of Oklahoma, USA)

Aug 1997 - Oct 1997 Electroplating Assistant at Siemens Company, Berlin

Degrees and final examinations

Apr 2005 PhD rigorosum (Dr. rer nat.) at the Georg August University Göttingen in

Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biophysics

PhD Thesis: Probing vesicle dynamics within small synapses, Referees: Professor Dr. J. Troe

and Professor Dr. E. Neher

Diploma/Master’s Thesis: Biophysical Characterization of FepA mutants, Supervisor: Professor Dr. Dick

van der Helm (University of Oklahoma), Professor Dr. W. Lubitz (Technical

University of Berlin)

Dec 2001 Diplom-examination in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Technical

University of Berlin, Germany


May 2001 Master of Science, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of

Oklahoma, USA

Aug 1999 Vordiplom (prediploma-examination) in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry,

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Jul 1996 Abitur (leaving certificate), Kant-Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany


since 2010 Emmy Noether program of the DFG

Feb 2006 - Oct 2008 Feodor Lynen postdoctoral fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt


Feb 2003 - Mar 2005 Ph.D. fellowship of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fond

Jun 2002 Erwin-Stephan award for excellent and fast studies, Technical University of

Berlin, Germany

May 2002 - Jan 2003 Fellowship of the German Research Council (Graduate college: Neuronal

signaling and cellular biophysics)

Feb 2001- Dec 2001 Scholarship of the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des

Deutschen Volkes) until end of university studies

Aug 1999 - Aug 2000 Oversea-scholarship of the Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Dec 1998 Klaus-Koch-scholarship for excellent studies, Technical University of Berlin,



since 2008 American Chemical Society

since 2002 Biophysical Society

since 1998 German Chemical Society


Peer reviewed publications

Lemke EA, Precision Control of Cellular Pathways with Light. ChemBioChem 11,1825-7 (2010)

Lemke EA, Gambin, Y, Vandelinder V, Brustad EM, Liu H-W, Schultz PG, Groisman A, Deniz AA, Microfluidic

Device for Single-Molecule Experiments with Enhanced Photostability. J Am Chem Soc 38, 13 610-2 (2009)

This work is highlighted in Lab on A Chip (October 2009)

Lee HS, Guo J, Lemke EA, Dimla RD, Schultz PG, Genetic Incorporation of a Small, Environmentally Sensitive,

Fluorescent Probe into Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J Am Chem Soc 36, 12921-3 (2009)

Gambin Y # , Schug A # , Lemke EA, Lavinder JJ, Ferreon ACM, Magliery TJ, Onuchic JN, Deniz AA, The struggle for

conformational dominance: Direct single-molecule observation of a protein dynamically switching between two

alternate native structures. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106, 10153-8 (2009)

This work is highlighted in TSRI News & Views (June 2009)

Ferreon ACM # , Gambin Y # , Lemke EA, Deniz AA, Single-molecule Fluorescence illuminates α-synuclein structural

plasticity and membrane binding. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106, 5645-50 (2009)


This work is highlighted in TSRI News & Views (Mar 2009)

Brustad EM, Lemke EA, Schultz PG, Deniz AA, A General and Efficient Method for the Site-Specific Dual-Labeling

of Proteins for Single Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer. J Am Chem Soc, 52,17664-5 (2008)

“Recommended” by Faculty of 1000 Biology

Lemke EA # , Summerer D # , Geierstanger B, Brittain S, Schultz PG, Control of protein phosphorylation with a

genetically encoded photocaged amino acid. Nature Chem Biol 3, 769-772 (2007)

This work is highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News (Nov 2007) and Analytical Chemistry (Jan 2008)

Recommended as “Exceptional” by Faculty of 1000 Biology

Deniz AA, Mukhopadhyay S, Lemke EA, Single-molecule biophysics: at the interface of biology, physics and

chemistry. J R Soc Interface , 5(18), 15-45 (2008, review article)

Mukhopadhyay S, Krishnan R, Lemke EA, Lindquist S, Deniz AA, A natively unfolded yeast prion monomer

adopts an ensemble of collapsed and rapidly fluctuating structures. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104, 2649-2654


This work is highlighted in TSRI News & Views (Feb 2007)

Henkel AW, Dittrich PS, Groemer TW, Lemke EA, Klingauf J, Klafki HW, Lewczuk P, Esselmann H, Schwille P,

Kornhuber J, Wiltfang J, Immune complexes of auto-antibodies against A beta 1-42 peptides patrol

cerebrospinal fluid of non-Alzheimer's patients. Mol Psychiatry 12, 601-610 (2007)

Takamori S, Holt M, Stenius K, Lemke EA, Gronborg M, Riedel D, Urlaub H, Schenck S, Brugger B, Ringler P, Muller

SA, Rammner B, Grater F, Hub JS, De Groot BL, Mieskes G, Moriyama Y, Klingauf J, Grubmuller H, Heuser J,

Wieland F, Jahn R, Molecular anatomy of a trafficking organelle. Cell 127, 831-846 (2006)

This work is highlighted in Cell (Nov 2006) and J Cell Biology (Nov 2006)

Recommended as “Exceptional” by Faculty of 1000 Biology

Lemke EA, Klingauf J, Single synaptic vesicle tracking in individual hippocampal boutons at rest and during

synaptic activity. J Neurosci 25, 11034-11044 (2005)

This work is highlighted in J Neurosci (Nov 2005)

Recommended as “Must Read” by Faculty of 1000 Biology

Jordan R # , Lemke EA # , Klingauf J. Visualization of synaptic vesicle movement in intact synaptic boutons using

fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy. Biophys J 89, 2091-2102 (2005)

Recommended as “Exceptional” by Faculty of 1000 Biology

Chakraborty R, Lemke EA, Cao Z, Klebba PE, van der Helm D, Identification and mutational studies of conserved

amino acids in the outer membrane receptor protein, FepA, which affect transport but not binding of ferricenterobactin

in Escherichia coli. Biometals 16, 507-518 (2003)

# equally contributing first authors

Book chapters, other publications

Lemke EA; Site-specific labeling of proteins for single-molecule FRET measurements using genetically encoded

ketone functionalities. In Methods in Molecular Biology (2010, in press)

Lemke EA, Deniz AA; Forster Resonance Energy Transfer. In Encyclopedia of Comprehensive Nanoscience and

Technology (2010, in press)



Aug 2010 Summerschool on Single-Molecule biophysics (Leuven)

Aug 2010 3 rd Sino German Symposium (Kloster Seon)

Jan 2010 University of Munich (LMU)

Sep 2009 International Workshop on Single Molecule Spectroscopy (Berlin)

Jul 2009 EBSA meeting (European Biophysical Society Association, Genova)

Apr 2009 Nucleocytoplasmic Interactions, Les Treilles

May 2008 Helmholtz Zentrum München

May 2008 EMBL Heidelberg

Apr 2008 Forschungszentrum Jülich

Apr 2008 University of Düsseldorf

Apr 2008 University of Frankfurt

Mar 2008 University of Heidelberg

Oct 2007 Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (Göttingen)

Professional activities

June 2009 Organizer Symposium on “Light Microscopy meets Structural Biology” (EMBL, HD)

March 2011 Organizer 1 st EMBO Chemical Biology Practical Course


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