Planning Application: Development Agreement Lovett Lake Estates ...

Planning Application: Development Agreement Lovett Lake Estates ...

Planning Application: Development Agreement Lovett Lake Estates ...


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<strong>Planning</strong> <strong>Application</strong>:<br />

<strong>Development</strong> <strong>Agreement</strong><br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>, Beechville, NS<br />

PIDs 40049694, 40049884, 40160582<br />

40049728<br />

Armco Capital Inc.<br />

GENIVAR Project No. 111-26011 July 24, 2012<br />

GENIVAR Inc.<br />

1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive<br />

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia<br />

Canada, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone 902.835.9955<br />

Fax 902.835.1645<br />

www.genivar.com<br />

Contact:<br />

Kristin O’Toole, M.Plan<br />

Project Planner<br />

Kristin.otoole@genivar.com<br />



<br />

1 Introduction ................................................................................................ 2<br />

2 Site Characteristics .................................................................................... 3<br />

2.1 Location ............................................................................................................................... 3<br />

2.2 Physical Characteristics and Existing Land Uses ............................................................ 3<br />

2.3 Existing <strong>Planning</strong> Designations and Zoning .................................................................... 4<br />

3 <strong>Development</strong> Proposal ............................................................................... 5<br />

3.1 Proposed Residential Component .................................................................................. 5<br />

3.2 Servicing Capacity and Stormwater ............................................................................... 7<br />

3.3 Population Density ............................................................................................................. 8<br />

3.4 Parkland, Community Investment and Pedestrian Connections ............................... 8<br />

3.5 Access and Traffic .............................................................................................................. 9<br />

3.6 Heritage and Community Engagement ........................................................................ 11<br />

3.7 Phasing ................................................................................................................................. 12<br />

4 Conclusion ................................................................................................. 13<br />

GENIVAR i<br />

Armco Capital Inc.<br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>, Beechville<br />

<strong>Development</strong> <strong>Agreement</strong> <strong>Application</strong>

1 Introduction<br />

On behalf of our client, Armco Capital Inc., GENIVAR is pleased to make a full application for a residential<br />

subdivision of 306 units which includes a 0.87 acre local commercial component through development<br />

agreement in relation to PIDs 40049694, 40049884, 40160582 and 40049728. As shown on the attached<br />

concept plan, the proposed development will consist of: a mix of residential dwelling types, including<br />

single-detached, townhouse and semi-detached dwelling units; a small commercial site located in the<br />

vicinity of St. Margaret’s Bay Road for “local commercial” use; and a parkland including a trailhead, a trail<br />

corridor and lake frontage connecting St. Margaret’s Bay Road with the Chain of <strong>Lake</strong> Trail system.<br />

We understand that the subject properties are zoned Comprehensive <strong>Development</strong> District (CDD), and<br />

that single-detached, semi-detached and townhouse unit dwellings, as well as, local commercial uses are<br />

permitted uses through the development agreement process. Through this application, GENIVAR is<br />

seeking to commence the development agreement process to secure the necessary planning approvals<br />

for this development. To assist with the full application, the following supporting materials are enclosed:<br />

Completed <strong>Planning</strong> <strong>Application</strong> Form<br />

$2,600 <strong>Application</strong> Fee<br />

Detailed Concept Plan (11 copies)<br />

Building Elevations (4 copies)<br />

Preliminary Servicing Schematic (water, wastewater, stormwater) (6 copies)<br />

Traffic Impact Study (4 copies)<br />

Letter from Halifax Water, dated March 21, 2012 with respect to Wastewater Servicing (4 copies)<br />

Letter from GENIVAR, dated July 24, addressing Wastewater Servicing comments (4 copies)<br />

Letter of Variance from GENIVAR, dated July 23, 2012 with respect to road access (4 copies)<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

2 Site Characteristics<br />

2.1 Location<br />

The subject lands are located in the community of Beechville, approximately ten (10) kilometres to the<br />

west of downtown Halifax and directly south-west of Bayers <strong>Lake</strong> Phase 4 and Phase 5. The<br />

development site is generally bounded by St. Margarets Bay Road (Trunk 3) to the south, classified as a<br />

Major Collector Road, <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> to the west, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) multi-purpose<br />

trail to the west and land commercial property located within Bayers <strong>Lake</strong> to the north. The Timberlea,<br />

<strong>Lake</strong>side, Beechville plan area district boundary follows the northern property boundary. The<br />

development site falls within the jurisdiction of the Timberlea, <strong>Lake</strong>side, Beechville Municipal <strong>Planning</strong><br />

Strategy and Land-Use By-law and is within the Water and Sewer Service Boundary.<br />

The development site is located less than 1 kilometre to Ridgecliff Middle School, a feeder school of Sir<br />

John A. MacDonald High School, and across from the established neighbourhood of Beechville <strong>Estates</strong>.<br />

It is our understanding after speaking with staff at the Halifax Regional School Board that there is<br />

available capacity within the local family schools in relation to the subject area.<br />

The subject area is just west of the Highway 103 interchange with St. Margaret’s Bay Road - making the<br />

site well connected to the regional highway transportation network. The area is also serviced by Metro<br />

Transit route 21 and 23. Both routes are equipped with accessible low floors and are designated bus<br />

routes.<br />

2.2 Physical Characteristics and Existing Land Uses<br />

The four subject properties have a combined land area of approximately 49.5 acres; however, the lands<br />

are bisected by the planning district boundary of Timberlea, <strong>Lake</strong>side, Beechville (TLB) and Halifax<br />

Mainland. In this regard, 43.1 acres of land fall within the TLB plan area while the remaining 6.4 acres fall<br />

within the Halifax Mainland plan area. For the purposes of the development agreement application, only<br />

the 43.1 acres within the TLB plan area are to be considered.<br />

The topography of the subject site is slightly undulating and slopes west toward <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong>. A wetland<br />

delineation of the site has indentified two (2) wetlands within the plan area. As per regulations set out by<br />

the Nova Scotia Department of Environment, alteration and compensation will be provided to develop<br />

these wetlands. A watercourse (stream) which feeds into <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> is located on the south-west corner<br />

of the property. The subject lands abut several properties, including a Cobalt Limited property (containing<br />

a gas station), Beechville Baptists Church and Burial Ground (registered heritage properties) and a 4.6<br />

hectares owned by Mr. Youssef Ghosn.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

2.3 Existing <strong>Planning</strong> Designations and Zoning<br />

The properties included in this application are designated Urban Settlement and fall within a Suburban<br />

Local Centre under the HRM Regional Plan, and Urban Residential under the Timberlea, <strong>Lake</strong>side,<br />

Beechville Municipal <strong>Planning</strong> Strategy (TLB MPS). Such designations support low to medium density<br />

residential development.<br />

The properties included in this application are zoned Comprehensive <strong>Development</strong> District (CDD) under<br />

the Timberlea, <strong>Lake</strong>side, Beechville Land Use By-law (TLB LUB). Single, two-unit, townhouse and multiunit<br />

dwellings are permitted uses in the CDD zone through development agreement. Furthermore, local<br />

commercial uses (C-1) are permitted via development agreement as the subject area totals less than 100<br />

acres.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

3 <strong>Development</strong> Proposal<br />

The proposed development, <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>, is a low-medium density residential development of 306<br />

units comprised of quality single-unit, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings. The development<br />

proposal also includes a 0.87 acre local commercial component at the entrance to the development off St.<br />

Margaret’s Bay Road. The commercial component shown will include local commercial uses (C-1) as<br />

enabled within the CDD zone. The development proposal and attached concept plan, shows the<br />

maximum potential development build-out capacity with respect to the proposed density cap of 20.0 PPA<br />

(described in section 3.3 of this report).<br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> will be located next to a major retail centre, enabling residents to meet their day-today<br />

needs at a local scale and potentially place them within proximity of employment. The development is<br />

also located along the DNR multi-use trail, enabling residents to be close to a major active transportation<br />

and recreation corridor. Parkland plays a significant role in this development, providing local recreation<br />

opportunities, amenity value and pedestrian and active transportation connections.<br />

Access to <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> will be provided from by a 16.0m wide right-of-way (ROW) extending off St.<br />

Margret’s Bay Road to the west of Sheppards Run. A potential future second connection across PIDs #<br />

40049777 and 40507725 has been shown on the concept plan at the south east end of the subject lands.<br />

For additional details on access and traffic, please refer to section 3.5 of this report.<br />

3.1 Proposed Residential Component<br />

The proposed residential development of 306 total units consists of a minimum of 155 single-unit which<br />

accounts for 51% of the total housing mix, which is in accordance with TLB MPS’s suggested general<br />

housing mix target within the Comprehensive <strong>Development</strong> Districts. The remaining units will be a mixture<br />

of semi-detached and townhouse dwellings. The overall density cap proposed for the development is 20<br />

persons per acre (see section 3.3 on population density).<br />

As shown on the attached elevations of possible home design options, typical dwellings will be twostories.<br />

Specific designs will respond to the character and capacity of the individual lots. Exterior façade<br />

finishes will include vinyl siding, window pediments and asphalt shingles. Decorative pillars will be<br />

incorporated into the façade where appropriate. The housing types proposed target entry level as well as<br />

second time home buyers.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

In terms of placement of dwelling types within the development, it is the intent of the Developer to<br />

integrate different unit types throughout the development and avoiding confining a particular dwelling type<br />

to one area of the development. For terms of simplicity to illustrate lot and dwelling type, the concept plan<br />

shows blocked areas of housing type; however, this does not reflect the intention of placement of dwelling<br />

types within the development.<br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> responds to the local character of the area, as single-detached units constitute half of<br />

the housing mix, while providing a greater diversity of housing options through the incorporation of semidetached<br />

and townhouse dwellings. In addition the proposed design of the development incorporates a<br />

curvilinear internal street network and lot fabric which is consistent with the adjacent neighbourhood of<br />

Beechville <strong>Estates</strong>.<br />

In keeping with the neighbouring community of Beechville <strong>Estates</strong>, minimum lot frontages for singledetached<br />

and semi-detached dwellings (per unit) will be 32 feet, with a minimum lot area of 3,200 sq.ft.<br />

Depending on the market, demand for larger single-detached lots may be desired. In such a<br />

circumstance, minimum lot frontages on larger single-detached lots will be 40ft. Townhouse lots will have<br />

a minimum lot frontage of 20ft (per unit) and a minimum lot are of 2,000 sq.ft (per unit).<br />

While the concept plan does identify a total number of dwelling units and specific range of dwelling unit<br />

types, it is proposed that the final mix and number of dwelling units be primarily a function of the proposed<br />

density cap of 20 PPA. In addition to the density cap, the final dwelling type mix would also remain<br />

generally consistent with the 50:50 single unit to non-single ratio suggested in text within the TLB MPS for<br />

development within CDD’s. The Developer would stay within the proposed density cap of 20 PPA, while<br />

having the ability to adjust the ratio of unit types (single-detached to other dwelling types).<br />

This proposed flexibility will allow the Developer to respond to evolving market conditions, provide an<br />

increase range of dwelling and lot configuration options and helps to ensure that the proposed community<br />

infrastructure investment being brought forward by the Developer can occur. A lower density within the<br />

proposed development would have direct implications on the ability of the Developer to provide for the<br />

proposed community infrastructure investment outlined within this application.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

3.2 Servicing Capacity and Stormwater<br />

The proposed development is within the Beechville, <strong>Lake</strong>side, Timerberlea (BLT) service boundary. Due<br />

to present issues relating to sanitary capacity at BLT Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Nova Scotia<br />

Environment has placed a moratorium on additional sanitary servicing through the WWTP until the<br />

present capacity issues are addressed.<br />

To enable the proposed development GENIVAR has been in discussion with Halifax Water with respect<br />

to pumping sanitary sewer across the service boundary and over to the Bayer’s <strong>Lake</strong> pumping station, a<br />

tributary of the Halifax WWTP. As per the attached letter, dated March 21, 2012, Halifax Water agrees in<br />

principle with this proposal and discussions will continue with them in this regard.<br />

As shown on the attached sanitary service schematic, sanitary sewer will be pumped across the subject<br />

lands via a pumping station, constructed by Armco, connecting to a gravity sewer which feeds into the<br />

Bayer’s <strong>Lake</strong> Pumping Station and ultimately the Halifax WWTP.<br />

Potable water to <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> will be provided via central water service throughout the<br />

development. Stormwater management on site will be accommodated through a stormwater management<br />

area (shown on the concept plan) designed and constructed to meet 5 year flows. As highlighted in the<br />

preliminary stormwater management schematic, the stormwater management area may take the form of<br />

underground storage or surface pond. GENIVAR is pursuing discussions with Halifax Water and the Nova<br />

Scotia Department of Environment with respect to potential opportunities to accommodate stormwater.<br />

Further discussions may identify preferred alternative approaches for stormwater and current schematic<br />

and conceptual design may be revised in response to further input recognizing that however whatever<br />

option selected must receive Department of Environment approval.<br />

In response to the environmental sensitivity of the area as the proposed development abuts <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong>,<br />

erosion and sedimentation control measures will be used such as an enhanced silt fence. For more<br />

details with respect to wastewater, water and stormwater servicing, please see the attached preliminary<br />

servicing schematics. All of the environmental management measures will meet or exceed HRM and NSE<br />

requirements.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

3.3 Population Density<br />

The lands are designated a Suburban Local Centre under the HRM RMPS, which indicates that<br />

residential development in these centres should be a mix of low to medium density. Under the TLB MPS<br />

the plan area is designated Urban Residential which “encourages a mix of housing types within<br />

undeveloped portions of the designation” (TBL MPS pg. 74).<br />

As per Section II of the TBL MPS, “Environmental Health Services” indentifies a density of 17PPA due to<br />

sanitary sewer capacity at the BLT Wastewater Treatment Plan. As <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> is proposed to be<br />

serviced via the Halifax Water Wastewater Treatment Plan, and given that the lands fall within a<br />

Suburban local centre, it is our opinion that a density higher than 17 PPA is appropriate for the proposed<br />

development. The density proposed for this development is 20 persons per acre. As per HRM’s preapplication<br />

comments, it is our understanding that 20 persons per acre would be considered by HRM<br />

based on supporting rationale.<br />

As per discussions with HRM Staff, population per acre has been calculated using a 2.25 multiplier for<br />

townhouse and semi-detached dwellings and 3.35 for single-detached dwellings, with the resulting<br />

population of 863.5 persons over 43.1 acres which translates to 20 persons per acre.<br />

It is our opinion that a density of 20 persons per acre is in keeping with the character for this area. This<br />

low to medium density range is considered appropriate given that the subject lands located in area of<br />

transition between industrial park uses to established residential development. A density of 20 persons<br />

per acre is also required in terms of the feasibility of land development on this site, as the hard costs to<br />

install the required infrastructure to pump the sanitary sewer over to Bayer’s <strong>Lake</strong> are significant. In<br />

addition to justifying the infrastructure cost for the Developer, this servicing arrangement is of benefit to<br />

HRM as it would make efficient use of existing municipal infrastructure by using existing available<br />

capacity at the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Plant. This would mean that when the BLT Wastewater<br />

Treatment Plant is upgraded to address present capacity issues provisions will not need to be made to<br />

accommodate the future development of the subject lands.<br />

3.4 Parkland, Community Investment and Pedestrian Connections<br />

In direct response to community feedback gathered at an open house held by the Developer (see section<br />

3.6), recreation opportunities have played an important role in concept planning and have incorporated<br />

into proposed <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>. Members from the adjacent Beechville <strong>Estates</strong> community have<br />

indicated as desire for more playground equipment to meet the demands of the many families with young<br />

children in the area.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

To meet both this need and that of future residents of <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>, we propose building “tot lots”<br />

in both Beechville <strong>Estates</strong> and <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>. The development proposal includes 14.4% parkland<br />

dedication, 4.4% over the required 10% as per the HRM Subdivision By-Law.<br />

In addition to the dedication of parkland, the development proposal includes significant infrastructure<br />

investment. The following list summarizes the proposed community infrastructure investment that will be<br />

provided for through the <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> development:<br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> community “tot lot”;<br />

Beechville <strong>Estates</strong> community “tot lot”;<br />

Construction of major trail connection along <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> from St. Margaret’s Bay Road to the<br />

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) multi-purpose trail;<br />

Community parking area near the proposed new trail head for park users;<br />

Construction/upgrades to the Beechville Baptist Church Baptismal Path, which connects the<br />

church property to the lake;<br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> also incorporates an active transportation network and pedestrian connections<br />

throughout the development through the proposed trail system and parkland shown on the concept plan.<br />

This network creates a walkable development for community members which links into transit stops both<br />

at St. Margret’s Bay Road and Hobson <strong>Lake</strong> Drive (both within 500m radius of the development).<br />

3.5 Access and Traffic<br />

Access to the development will be provided by a 16.0m wide right-of-way (ROW) extending off St.<br />

Margaret’s Bay Road to the west of Sheppards Run. The ROW will include a 9.0m wide drive aisle, a<br />

1.5m wide sidewalk on one side of the ROW, and trees lining both sides of the street. There is a<br />

proposed future connection on the south east end of “Street A” to allow for a possible future connection<br />

across the adjancet Goshen and Irving lands in the future.<br />

As noted in the concept plan, one entrance is proposed for <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> along with a potential<br />

future second access noted above. Consideration has been given to the potential of providing a second<br />

access to the development by means of the construction of a road located between the Beechville Baptist<br />

Church property and <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong>. In light of a wide variety of planning, engineering and community<br />

consideration the provision of access to the development via a single access point is considered the best<br />

option.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

A Traffic Impact Study, conducted by GENIVAR, estimates the proposed development will generate up to<br />

238 vehicle trips (62 entering and 176 exiting) during the AM peak hour and 324 trips (203 entering and<br />

121 exiting) during the PM peak hour. Signal warrant analysis completed for the St. Margaret’s Bay Road<br />

indicates that signals are not expected to be warranted at the “Street A” intersection.<br />

Left turn lane warrants were completed for eastbound left turns from St. Margaret’s Bay Road into the<br />

proposed development at ‘Street A’. The Traffic Impact Study indicated that a left turn lane is expected to<br />

be warranted based on projected 2024 AM and PM peak hour volumes with the addition of site generated<br />

trips. In addition, Right turn lane warrant evaluation has indicated that a right turn lane will be warranted<br />

on the St. Margaret’s Bay Road westbound approach to the proposed ‘Street A’.<br />

The Traffic Impact Study indicates that consideration should be given to the installation of a marked and<br />

signed crosswalk near the intersection of St. Margaret’s Bay Road and Beech Tree Run. The crosswalk<br />

will better serve the increase in crossing demand anticipated due to the improved accessibility that <strong>Lovett</strong><br />

<strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> development provides to the adjacent DNR multi-use trail.<br />

The Traffic Impact Study has confirmed that the proposed development can be integrated into the existing<br />

road network and has identified considerations which will be integrated into detailed engineering design<br />

for roadways approaching and within the development. For additional information on the potential traffic<br />

impacts of <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>, please refer to the attached Traffic Impact Study. As supporting<br />

documentation the attached Letter of Variance from GENIVAR, dated July 23, 2012, addresses<br />

engineering rationale relating to the approval of the single access.<br />

In addition to being supported through the Traffic Impact Study, the use of a single access for the<br />

development addresses a variety of community concerns. The decision to provide one road access into<br />

the development, and preserve the lands between the Beechville Baptist Church property and <strong>Lovett</strong><br />

<strong>Lake</strong>, will both protect Beechville Baptist Church and allow the Developer to provide significant<br />

community amenities.<br />

The Church community has raised concerns with respect to protecting the cultural and heritage values of<br />

their land. Some of the graves in the burial grounds extend onto the Developer’s property. Without a road<br />

between the Church property and the lake the Developer will be able to provide greater buffering and<br />

privacy screening to the burial grounds and the Church. The Church Baptismal Path also runs between<br />

the burial grounds and <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong>. Building a road through this area would cut-off the church community<br />

from the lake. Due to the steep slope between the Church property and the lake, the Baptismal path<br />

would be interrupted by not only a road but also by a high retaining wall.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

Eliminating this road will allow the Developer to provide upgrades to the Baptismal Path and ensure the<br />

Church maintains their historic, cultural and religious connection to <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong>.<br />

Eliminating the second access road also lets the Developer provide uninterrupted lakefront parkland<br />

between St. Margaret’s Bay Road and the DNR trail at the north of the property. The cost savings from<br />

eliminating the unnecessary length of road will be put into constructing a trail along the length of this<br />

parkland, a trailhead parking lot, a neighbourhood-community park hybrid at the trailhead and “tot lots” in<br />

both Beechville <strong>Estates</strong> and <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong>.<br />

By providing one access to the site, and avoiding a second access in this area, Armco is able to provide<br />

greater parkland dedication and can make significant community infrastructure investments as described<br />

in this application.<br />

With respect to the TBL MPS policy around access into a CDD, Policy UR- 12 does not speak to the need<br />

to have two separate access points to a CDD <strong>Development</strong> and Policy UR-11 only requires that Council<br />

will have regard that a CDD <strong>Development</strong> has two separate access points. This language provides<br />

flexibility, as it only suggests that Council will consider that two separate access points are provided and<br />

not that they must be provided in order to move forward with a development. In this respect, it is our<br />

opinion that one access point into <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> is within the intent of the TBL MPS.<br />

3.6 Heritage and Community Engagement<br />

The Beechville Baptist Church and burial ground, PID # 4004960, abuts the subject lands to the south<br />

west, and is an area of historical significance. Beechville Baptist Church is a registered heritage property.<br />

It is our understanding the baptismal path down toward <strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong>, crossing PID #40049694, and<br />

Church Community Centre are areas of heritage value to the community but are not registered heritage<br />

properties.<br />

Armco recognizes both the heritage and significant cultural value with respect to the church site and has<br />

been in on-going discussions with the Church Board of Trustees to ensure that they are involved in the<br />

planning process for this development. Several meetings have taken place between Armco and the<br />

church trustees to promote open communication, transparency and community involvement in the<br />

planning process. Discussions have been positive. Open dialogue and meetings will continue to take<br />

place with the church throughout the planning application process. It is Armco’s intention to provide the<br />

church with land around the burial ground (as shown on the concept plan) to serve as a buffer and<br />

provide privacy screening from the development. The Developer will invest in the construction of, and<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

improvements to, the Baptismal Path trail in recognition of the cultural value and historical significance of<br />

this area.<br />

In addition to discussions with the Beechville Baptist Church, Armco has held a self-initiated open house<br />

at Ridgecliff Middle School on June 28, 2012 with respect to the proposed development. Both an<br />

afternoon and evening session were held for residents. The purpose of the meeting was to share<br />

information about the development openly with the community and gather feedback to understand the<br />

community’s desires and concerns. The concept and development proposal provided has been directly<br />

influenced by the comments of community members and works to address concerns raised with respect<br />

to lack of local recreational opportunities, amenities and pedestrian and active transportation connections<br />

in the area.<br />

3.7 Phasing<br />

The Developer intends to award a single contract for the construction of all services. Commencing<br />

construction will be contingent upon the timing of planning approvals and the completion and approval of<br />

detailed engineering design. The Developer is eager to begin construction as soon as appropriate<br />

approvals are in place. Full build out for this project is anticipated by 2019.<br />

In anticipation of potential construction related constraints and to respond to market influences, we<br />

propose that the development agreement include provisions for phasing construction if required. If<br />

required, the identification of an appropriate approach to phasing would respond to engineering and<br />

construction requirements.<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

4 Conclusion<br />

<strong>Lovett</strong> <strong>Lake</strong> <strong>Estates</strong> represents a unique opportunity to provide a quality residential development with a<br />

mix of housing choices in an area which is well connected to regional transportation networks, trail<br />

networks, transit and is within close proximity to amenities, services and employment. The proposal will<br />

make efficient use of existing municipal wastewater infrastructure and will not require resizing the BLT<br />

WWTP to accommodate development on these lands.<br />

The proposed density of 20 PPA is in keeping with the nature of the adjacent residential neighbourhood<br />

of Beechville <strong>Estates</strong> and is appropriate as the subject lands are located in an area of transition between<br />

industrial development and established residential development.<br />

The development proposal involves significant investment in park infrastructure which will enhance<br />

recreation opportunities for residents in the area. Enhancing local and area community assets was<br />

identified as a major community desire through the Armco open house process. Additional parkland<br />

dedication will provide important connectivity to the regional trail system. The trailhead parking lot and tot<br />

lot will be an additional amenity. This parkland will also serve to buffer and enhance the church property.<br />

The proposed development respects the historic and cultural significance of the Beechville Baptist Church<br />

property by providing the Church with additional land around the burial ground as well as other lands to<br />

serve as a buffer and enhance the Church property. The Developer will also improve the Baptismal Path,<br />

which is of religious and cultural significant to the Church.<br />

The proposed development is consistent with the intent of the Municipal <strong>Planning</strong> Strategy and will<br />

provide an opportunity for the continued growth and enhancement of the Beechville community through<br />

the development of a planned community which responds to a wide variety of community interest.<br />

Should you have any questions please contact the undersigned.<br />

Yours truly,<br />

GENIVAR Inc.<br />

Kristin O’Toole, BA (Hons), M.PLAN<br />

Project Planner<br />

attachments<br />

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

GENIVAR Inc., 1 Spectacle <strong>Lake</strong> Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7<br />

Telephone: 902-835-9955 ○ Fax: 902-835-1645 ○ www.genivar.com

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