independent, professional, committed … with your support medienhilfe


independent, professional, committed … with your support medienhilfe



Building peace bridges

of communication

� Reality is a perception of the world communicated by media. What media

communicate and how they do it, shapes our comprehension of reality.

� Professional media dedicate themselves to rise the awareness about the

complexity of life. By offering a forum, media facilitate orientation.

� The pluralism of opinion and analysis has to be reflected by a pluralism

of media. Especially in situations of conflict or crisis, independent infor-

mation and professional communication are crucial to address the pro-

blems and to find a constructive way out of them.

� Media can stir up conflicts through inaccurate and agitational reporting.

Through responsible and adequate programs and by challenging stake

holders with arguments, media contribute to conflict resolution.

medienhilfe supports professional and independent media in this

struggle for peace and democracy.

medienhilfe aims to...

� strengthen freedom and variety of press

� give minorities a voice and identity

support responsible and critical journalism

� facilitate comprehension and conciliation through crossborder communication

� contribute to peaceful coexistence of people and nations

medienhilfe facilitates...

� further education for editors and journalists

� chaperonage for challenging productions

� financing of technical equipment and specific programs

� improvement of management and financially solid structures

� extension of crossboarder networking and cooperation

Professional journalism and

independent media production

Working with media in partnership

medienhilfe works with media partners...

� who are not owned or controlled by state or para-state structures, by

political parties or individual politicians

� whose editorial policy is independent

� whose coverage complies with the professional and ethical standards

of a responsible journalism

� whose coverage and language takes a clear stand against nationalism

and chauvinism

� who contribute to political understanding and dialogue, peaceful

cohabitation and social tolerance

� who actively promote civil society and democratization processes

� who look for cooperation beyond ethnical, religious and national borders

� who give minorities a voice

medienhilfe has partners such as...

� Privately owned electronic media and productions groups

� Newspapers and journals as well as news-agencies

� Media-organisations and journalist associations

Broad support and active networks

medienhilfe is supported by the following institutions

� Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Political Division IV (Human

Security) and Swiss Development Cooperation SDC

� the Open Society Institute – Network Media Program (Soros Foundation)

� foreign governments and foundations such as the German Foreign Ministry

or the National Endowment for Democracy (US-Congress)

� Swiss municipalities and communities

� Individual contributions and donations

medienhilfe is a member of...

� the Stability Pact Media Task Force

� the International Media Funds IMF

� KOFF, the Swiss Center for Peacebuilding

� an international coordination of media development organisations

medienhilfe informs you...

� on its website with background information and analysis

� by electronic mail on media-news (

� in the form of remittence work with specific expertise and consultancy

� through the printed German language mh-info with news, reports and

indications and its bi-lingual German/English Annual Report

medienhilfe works with experts...

� a large advisory council of representatives from politics, media,

science, private companies etc.

� a pool of prominent international experts with specific fields of

expertise in the media, in the geografic regions, in legal affairs etc.

� a team of professional and highly committed staff

Ms. Micheline Calmy-Rey, Foreign Minister of Switzerland:

My department highly estimates medienhilfe, especially in the field of peace

promotion. During our long-lasting cooperation, medienhilfe has proved to be

a very competent partner. Based on its extraordinary network of contacts and

its many years of experience, medienhilfe possesses the expert knowledge to

correctly assess opportunities and threats in the media field.

medienhilfe knows how to use this expertise precisely and effectively when

elaborating its country programs. I am convinced that with our assistance

we are making an excellent contribution to promoting peace, to freedom of

the media, plurality of opinion and reconciliation. This will also have a positive

effect on the democratization and stability of the countries involved.

For this undertaking I wish you all the best and trust in a further good


medienhilfe – a non-profit, non governmental and tax exempted

organisation supporting independent media and professional

journalism – working to support the media building bridges of

communication and contributing to democracy and peace

independent, professional, committed



with your support


PO Box, CH 8031 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)44 272 46 37

Fax: +41 (0)44 272 46 82,

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