Pasta- and Vegetarian - Hotel Sonne Wildhaus


Pasta- and Vegetarian - Hotel Sonne Wildhaus


Italian Antipasti

Fine marinated Mediterranean - style

vegetables Sfr. 13.50

Tomato salad Caprese

with mozzarella buffalo-milk cheese and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Served with freshly – baked pizza bread. Sfr. 12.80

Salad – Buffet – Freshly made every day

Self Service

(Salad Buffet – Evenings Only)

Small plate Sfr. 9.80

Large plate Sfr. 16.80

Corn salad Säntis

with chopped egg and bread croutons Sfr. 12.50


Homemade Soup of the day Sfr. 7.50

Cream of tomato soup

whipped cream topping with gin and basil Sfr. 9.00


Riche vegetable soup with chopped beef

served in a large bread roll Sfr. 10.50

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT

Meat specialities

Escalope Viennese style *

Bread - crumbed local veal escalope

with vegetables and french fries Sfr. 38.50

Calves liver

served with crispy hash brown potatoes Sfr. 35.00

Sirloin steak *

Locally produced sirloin with morel butter

served on sautéed mushrooms with

dauphines potatoes and grilled tomato Sfr. 41.50

Roast sattle of lamb

with crispy lime – rosemary crust, gratinated potatoes

and ratatouille vegetables Sfr. 36.00

Pork steak *

with a marjoram – mustard sauce,

fine local polenta and mixed vegetables Sfr. 29.50

Breast of poulard Hawai

Juicy poulard breast filled with ham and cheese

in an exotic pineapple sauce. With rice and broccoli. Sfr. 29.50


Made from locally – produced organic meat

(from the Brändle`s Farm in Wildhaus ), we serve it with french fries

and a salad garnish Sfr. 22.50

* Small portion available, price reduction Sfr. 4.00

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT


Fried trout fillet provençal *

with rice and vegetable garni Sfr. 29.50

Steamed Sea bass fillet *

with melted lemon butter on a bed of fresh vegetables

served with boiled potatoes and parsley Sfr. 33.00

Organic fillet of salmon *

cubed in a cream sauce with vegetables noodles Sfr. 34.50

King Prawns *

with potato and vegetable fricassee Sfr. 36.00

* Small portion available, price reduction Sfr. 4.00

Declaration meat/fish/pizza

beef/veal: Toggenburg Salami: Switzerland

pork: Switzerland Ham: Switzerland

lamb: New Zealand Bacon: Switzerland

Sea bass: Mediterranean Mostbröckli: Appenzell

Trout: Switzerland Smoked Ham: Switzerland

Salmon: Norway Smoked Salmon: Norway

King Prawns: Asia

Seafood: Asia

Breast of poulard: Switzerland

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT

Pasta- and Vegetarian

Spaghetti Napoli *

Classic freshly – prepared al – dente spaghetti

with a fine tomato sauce Sfr. 18.00

Spaghetti Bolognese *

Classic freshly – prepared al dente spaghetti

with a fine minced local beef sauce Sfr. 20.50

Spaghetti frutti di mare *

Classic freshly – prepared al dente spaghetti

with seafood and cubed fish Sfr. 22.00

Gnocchi Mediterranean *

Homemade potato gnocchi dumplings

with mediterreanaen – style vegetables and herbs Sfr. 22.50

Gnocchi Piemontese *

Homemade potato gnocchi dumplings

coated in a spicy tomato sauce Sfr. 19.00

Polenta Tarte *

with a fricassee of finely – sliced vegetables

and cheese sauce Sfr. 22.50

Crispy Röstizza *

This hash brown is baked with basil, tomatoes and

Italian mozzarella cheese Sfr. 18.50

* Small portion available, price reduction Sfr. 2.50

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT


WuKo-Pizza Create your favourite pizza. Fill in the special form

Mark the ingredients you’d like on the form provided

Margherita Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil Sfr. 14.50

Prosciutto Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham Sfr. 17.00

Funghi Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms Sfr. 18.00

Quattro Stagioni Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham,

mushrooms, artichoke ,olives Sfr. 19.50

Calzone Tomato sauce,mozzarella cheese, ham,

mushrooms,pepper Sfr. 19.50

Fiorentina Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach,

bacon,garlic Sfr. 18.00

Vulcano Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, anchovies,

capers,olives, green peppers Sfr. 18.50

Frutti di mare Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, seafood,

garlic Sfr. 20.00

Donnafugata Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese,

gorgonzola cheese, ham Sfr. 18.50

Bruscetta Tomato sauce,tomatoes,garlic,oregano,

parmesan cheese,basil Sfr. 16.50

Vegetariana Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese,

mixed vegetables Sfr. 18.00

Hawaii Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham,

pineapples Sfr. 18.50

Diavolo Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami,

green peppers, garlic Sfr. 21.50

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT

Toggenburg Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese,

Ploderchäs-special Toggenburger cheese,

Mostbröckli-local dried meat,mushrooms, Sfr. 23.00

Mira Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, peppers,

artichokes, gorgonzola cheese, green peppers

Mostbröckli-local dried meat Sfr. 23.00

- Smaller pizzas are also available, Sfr. 2.50 price reduction

- You can order all our pizzas as take aways with a Sfr. 2.50 price reduction

- When pizzas are served on two plates there is an extra charge of Sfr. 4.50

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT


„You have to offer your body something good

in order to make your soul feel at ease in it. “

Winston Churchill

Homemade caramel cream

with whipped cream and fruits Sfr. 9.50

Cocos Panna Cotta

on thin slices of sweet pineapple Sfr. 9.50

Cream puff

filled with a chocolate cream. Served with fruits. Sfr. 11.00

„After eight“

A refreshing homemade pepermint parfait of mince

served with a warm chocolate sauce Sfr. 12.00

Homemade cakes Sfr. 7.00

Ask to see our extensive ice cream menu

All our prices are in Swiss Francs and including VAT

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