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Independent Consultant, National Vice President

Kristie Barry Nation; Georgetown, TX

I do not believe in chance; things happen for a reason. If you are thinking

Arbonne is not for you, I encourage you to give it some serious consideration. This

just may turn out to be your vehicle to an extraordinary life full of freedom,

fulfillment, purpose and hope.

I have always hoped and strived for a successful career, a full and rewarding

family life with friendships that would sharpen and challenge me to be better.

There was a time in my life just before Arbonne when I thought I would have to

choose between these dreams. I thought there was no way to have it all. Arbonne

has opened my eyes and expanded my feeling of hope. This journey has blessed

and transformed me in so many ways; I am grateful for the opportunity to share

this gift with so many others.

Since I have always had a passion for health and fitness, and helping others

pursue a healthy lifestyle, it seemed a good fit to become a nutritionist. When my

husband decided to pursue medicine and we needed to rely solely on my income,

I got excited about a career in pharmaceutical sales. As our family grew with the

addition of our second and third sons, I realized the importance of time freedom

and I made the choice to be fully present and devoted to my kids. The decision

to be a stay-at-home mom came with a lifestyle sacrifice we were willing to make.

This is when my Arbonne journey began, just about a year ago. My sponsor, ERVP

Michelle Rizzo, and I met in a mom’s club and play group. She had shared her

desire to make additional income with a home-based business by selling Swissformulated

skin care products. I was resistant to looking at this as an opportunity

for myself, but I wanted to support Michelle and agreed to try the NutriMinC ® RE 9®

anti-aging skin care line. What a first impression! The product line was truly

awesome and I was intrigued when she offered to show me how to purchase

products at a discount. Not only did I not realize what an amazing line of health

and wellness products this company offered, I was not aware Michelle did not

need to sell products in order to have the potential to make an income. How smart;

this simple system is based on sharing our products with other people and teaching

them how they can purchase them at their own discount; then showing them how

they can potentially earn an income by helping others do the same.

My second impression of Arbonne was even better than the first, when I met with

Michelle’s sponsor and girlfriend, ENVP Amme Weilert. Amme shared more

about the company’s impressive history, generous compensation plan, Mercedes-

Benz Cash Bonus Program and simple system for building an amazing business,

even on a part-time basis. She was the proof in the pudding, so to speak.

I just decided to do it! I thought, “Why not go for it?” I felt I had nothing to lose

and everything to gain. First, I had to gain the support of my husband, who was

a skeptic. Bubb was just finishing his residency in anesthesia and was preparing

to start his first official job in medicine, in Texas. Bubb has gone from skeptic to

being my biggest supporter. Within just a year, Arbonne is offering us options —

The Barry family: Jessee, Bubb, Kellan, “Baby” Reed and Kristie.

The Barry boys on a vacation in Idaho.

Kristie celebrating with husband, Bubb; friend, ERVP Jennifer Weber and EDM Mark Weber.

the option to not work the hours that many physicians work, and the option

to create a potential residual income allowing us to freely serve others

is extraordinary!

This journey began with a vision to become free to make our own choices

and create a life beyond the status quo. It has become more about helping

others discover their worth and potential, and becoming a servant leader.

It is so exciting to be presented with your Mercedes-Benz keys, but it is

even more rewarding to hand them to your friends and family who join

you at the top. Beyond all the potential financial rewards that have come

with this journey, it is the sense of fulfillment from helping others that is the

true reward. The day I made my decision to start with Arbonne, I did not

realize the positive impact my choice would have, and its power to change

so many lives.

What is your vision for yourself and your family? Where do you see

yourself a year from today? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you

want to be debt free? Do you want time freedom? Do you want to make

a difference in people’s lives? We all want a better life. Do not let fear

stand in your way. Take the steps necessary to live the life you always

imagined. You, too, have what it takes to be successful in this business, if

you are just willing to commit to it.

What are the secrets to success in Arbonne? They are the same as in any

other area of life. What is necessary for success is belief, commitment and

integrity. If you believe you can or you believe you cannot, you are right!

Believe this opportunity has the power to change lives and you are part of

this journey for a purpose. Your commitment means consistently taking the

action steps and not quitting before payday. Know that without integrity,

there is no value in any of this accomplishment.

I am so grateful for this journey, but most of all for the relationships built

and strengthened along the way.

To my girlfriend and sponsor, Michelle: I am blessed to have you in my life

and so thankful for your friendship! I am so glad you were persistent and

continued to “drip” Arbonne on me. You knew this was a fit for me long

success strategy:

“ Kristie

Build your belief, commitment

and integrity.

Kristie with her mom, ERVP Jeri Jessee and “Grandma Jeri’s” new Mercedes-Benz.

before I realized it. I am continually renewed by your encouragement and

your no-excuses attitude. During your chemotherapy treatments, you

continued to have hope and the courage of 100 women. I have learned

so much from you.

To Amme Weilert: Thank you for turning the light bulb on in my head. I

will never forget that day I met you at Michelle’s, when you got my

attention and opened my eyes to the possibilities with Arbonne. Thank you

for your mentorship, friendship and support.

To my mom and newest ERVP: Thank you for all your belief in me. You

have taught me so much about faith and unconditional love, and about

being a servant to others. I was so excited to see you drive up in your

Mercedes-Benz. You deserve all the blessings of this business.

To my husband: You are my Why and my rock. You have worked so hard

to become an incredible physician and I could not be more proud of you

and the lengths you will go to for our family. Thank you for your belief and

support. I am excited to be able to take some of your burden and enable

us to pursue more of what we love.

To my three precious sons, Jessee, Kellan and Reed: You are my team. You

boys give me a passion for everything I do. Not only do I get to be around

for you, I have the privilege of helping so many other moms grow a

business from home. You guys are the best. I love being your mom!

To my brother, EAM Ryan Jessee, and my awesome sister-in-law, Summer:

I am so excited you have joined me on this journey. Being a few states

away now, I know Arbonne will bring us closer and allow us to pursue

more of what we love … spending time with each other. I have no doubt

you two will move quickly to the top.

To my best friend, soon to be RVP Rebecca: I am so grateful to have the

opportunity to build this business with you. Your passion for people and

making a difference in other peoples’ lives is inspiring. I love that Arbonne

has been just one more reason for us to be together and encourage one

another. I love you.

continued ...

with her brother, AM Ryan Jessee and mom, ERVP Jeri Jessee.

Kristie, ENVP Amme Weiltert and sponsor, ERVP Michelle Rizzo,

celebrating at NTC 2006 St. Louis.

To my friend, ERVP Jennifer Weber: You are a true Ace! I am always

inspired by your determination and spirit. You are a natural leader and

your passion for helping others accomplish their goals is taking you right

to the top!

To my friend, ERVP Trish Rusch: I am so thankful this business brought you

into my life. I am blessed by your friendship and so proud of all you have

accomplished. Your spirit exemplifies the courage, faith and determination

needed to live an extraordinary life.

To my amazing leaders in California, ERVP Francie Shuck and RVP Angela

Gartley: I am so proud of you both and excited to celebrate your success.

To my girlfriend, DM Shanna Cahill: Spending time with you is a bigger

blessing than anything else. I was so excited when you finally decided to

beg me to join the team!

To my sister-in-law, EDM Maggie MacBeth: I am so glad you decided to

dive in. You are a natural teacher and leader. I look forward to celebrating

your success.

To my Texas team: You make this business so much fun. To think that a

year ago I did not even live here, or know any of you; I am so grateful! I

wish there was time and space to sufficiently honor the amazing group of

individuals who make up this Nation. You have all made this journey so

rewarding. To my awesome team in California, including, Rachel Clayton,

Viviana McDonald, Shelly Phelps, Jonathon Parker, Kimberly Bach, Lori

Walker and Page Malloy: I know you all have the vision that will take you

to the top.

To President Rita Davenport: Thank you for representing the true spirit of

Arbonne and for the integrity and passion you bring to this business! To

Founder Petter Mørck, Chairman & CEO Bob Henry, Executive Vice

President Stian Mørck, Sr. VP Product Development & Field Events,

Kristie with some of her Managers: Amy Mattson, Trish Rusch, Annette Thomas,

Meg Denyer, Rebecca Moellendick and Pamela Skross.

Kristie with President Rita Davenport and friend, RVP

Trish Rusch at a VP getaway.

Kristie; best friend, EAM Rebecca Moellendick and AM Cheryl Hotra

at NTC 2006 St. Louis.

Candace Keefe and our Executive Team: We could not do what we do

without such an amazing corporate staff.

To all of you who are reading this wondering if it could work for you: What

are you waiting for? Dive in with belief, commitment and integrity. Create

for yourself an extraordinary life! You have nothing to lose and everything

to gain.

Above all, I thank God for all of the blessings in my life. I am humbled by

the journey before me. May I honor my faith in all I do!

Kristie with her upline, ERVP Heather Jacques, ENVP Amme Weilert, ERVP Michelle Rizzo and

some of her Texas team at a Mercedes-Benz car presentation.

The future men of Arbonne.



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