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Reading Ballroom Dance Scripts - Dance -

Reading Ballroom Dance Scripts - Dance -

2.9.11 Left Side

2.9.11 Left Side Position The lady is on the man’s left, both facing the same direction. This is the mirror image of Right Side Position. 2.9.12 Right Shadow Position This position means different things in different dances. In Rumba and Samba, the lady is in front of and slightly to the right of the man. In Cha Cha, the lady may be slightly in front of or slightly behind the man, and is slightly to the right of the man. (The ‘lady behind’ version is used in the Turkish Towel.) 2.9.13 Left Shadow Position This only occurs in Cha Cha and is the mirror image of Cha Cha version of Right Shadow Position. Unsolved Mystery: The lady behind version is used in the Turkish Towel. What Cha Cha figure uses the lady in front version of Left Shadow Position? 2.9.14 Tandem Position This position means different things in different dances. One partner is behind the other, both facing the same way. The issue is, who is behind who. In Rumba, the man is behind the lady. For example, Sliding Doors. In Cha Cha and Jive, either partner may be behind. For example, in Cha Cha, the Chase uses both forms. In Jive, the Catapult has the lady behind. The Development of the Overturned Fallaway Throwaway has the man behind, as does Spanish Arms. 2.9.15 Right Contra Position Both are moving, or positioned ready to move (as in the diagram), towards their partner’s right side. 2.9.16 Left Contra Position The mirror image of right contra position. 2.10 Latin American – Which holds can occur on each position? The answer varies by dance. The following table summarises the results. Where a cell contains only one hold, it is in bold type, and the position is defined as including that hold. Where a cell contains several holds with the first in bold type, the first hold is the default and the others are alternatives. Where a cell contains several holds, all in normal type, these are alternative holds with none being defined as the default. A greyed cell indicates the position is not defined for that dance. And no, I have no idea how one goes about memorising this information, or whether it is useful to do so. 10

Position Jive Rumba Cha Cha Samba Closed Pos. Normal Hold Normal Hold, LRH, RLH, No hold. Normal Hold, LRH Contact Pos. Normal Hold Open Pos. LRH, RRH, RLH, Double Hold LRH, RRH, No Hold, Double Hold Fan Pos. LRH Promenade Pos. Normal Hold Open Prom. Pos. RLH, LRH, No Hold LRH, Right hand on lady’s back. Counter Prom. Pos. (CPP) Normal Hold Normal Hold Open CPP LRH, No Hold LRH, Left hand on lady’s back Right Side Pos. Not specified. Left Side Pos. Not specified. R Shadow Pos. See note below Not specified. See note below Left Shadow Pos. Not specified. Tandem Position (man behind) Not specified. Tandem Position (lady behind) Not specified. Not specified. R Contra Pos. Not specified. Left Contra Pos. Not specified. Note: Right Shadow Position: For Rumba: 3 Right shadow holds. For Samba: Similar to Hold 1 from the Rumba holds. See the section on Right Shadow Holds for full description. 2.10.1 Which holds occur in each dance? This can’t easily be answered from the above table. The above table definitely tells us things like Normal hold occurs in each dance. But it doesn’t tell us that any particular hold doesn’t occur in any particular dance, firstly because some possibilities are hiding under the “not specified” entries, and secondly because a hold may occur at a point where we are not in one of the named positions given above. For example, the following table has managed to include an entry for LLH, which didn’t appear in the previous table at all. In terms of clarity of explanation, perhaps a more useful question is ‘Name a figure from dance x that uses hold y’. The following table gives such an example where I could find one. The remaining empty cells are mostly for the relatively rare LLH. There are probably no valid entries for these blank cells, but let me know if find one. The table excludes the rare shadow holds and Samba hand on back holds. 11

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