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Reading Ballroom Dance Scripts - Dance -

Reading Ballroom Dance Scripts - Dance -

Position Jive Rumba Cha

Position Jive Rumba Cha Cha Samba Normal Hold Fallaway Rock Closed Basic Movement Reverse Basic Movement LRH Link New to Left Side Position Criss Cross Voltas RLH Rolling off the New York to Right Side Position Rolling off the Arm arm RRH American Spin (The lead) Advanced Hip Twist Development 12 Sweetheart Contra Bota Fogos Development. LLH Contra Bota Fogos Development. Double Hold Windmill Shoulder to Shoulder No hold American Spin (The spin) Switch turns Chase Solo Spot Volta 3 Foot positions The ISTD Latin American books state that foot positions: ‘refer to the position of one foot in relation to the other when the foot has arrived in position; for example, forward, back, side, etc.’ That is, the important feature is where the foot finishes the step, not how it got there or where it started from. However, this is a tricky concept, so we’ll begin by describing foot positions in the simplest scenario, stepping out from close feet with no turn. 3.1 Stepping out from closed feet 3.1.1 Primary and Secondary Directions Stand facing North with your feet closed – that is, together – as shown by the two badly drawn shoeprints in the centre of the following diagram. (Donations of better drawn shoeprints or footprints will be gratefully accepted.) The arrows show some possible movements for the left foot. Take the mirror-image of the diagram to produce the corresponding steps for the right foot. In Rumba and Cha Cha, depending on the figure involved, the supporting right foot and possibly also the moving left foot may turn out as the step is taken. For the purpose of describing foot positions we seem to ignore this complication and instead pretend no turn out occurs. The diagram is not intended to precisely indicate the distance travelled; we are concerned with direction here.

LF diag fwd LF to side LF diag back LF fwd LF back 13 LF fwd in line LF fwd & across The simplest movements for the left foot, sometimes called the primary directions are: • LF fwd = Left foot forward • LF to side = Left foot to side • LF back = Left foot back It may seem odd that we say ‘LF to side’ rather than the more informative ‘LF to left.’ However, the repetition of ‘left’ in ‘LF to left’ makes it clumsy when said aloud, though it looks fine on paper. ‘to the side’ always means ‘to that foot’s side’. When stepping with the left foot, we can’t step through the right foot exactly to the right side. In LF fwd and LF back, the left foot is moving to a position directly in front of or behind its original position, not directly in front or behind the right foot. However, there is also the position: • LF fwd in line = Left foot forward in line with the RF.

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