Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall




HoBBiNOL.—Diggon Da^^e, I bid her good day

Or Diggon her is, or I mis-say.

DicGON.—Her was her while it was daylight,

But now her is a most wretched wight

For day that was is wightly past,

And now at last the dirk night doth haste.

Spenser's Shepherd's Calendar.

" For my part I know not whether is best, to live thus or die out

of hand ; my soul chooseth strangling rather than life, and the grave

is more easy for me than this dungeon."

Her eyes are wild, her head is bare.

Christian, in the Castle of Despair.

The sun has burnt her coal black hair

Her eyebrows have a rusty stain.

And she came fai- from over the main. Wordsworth.

The representative of justice, as does not always

happen with Justice herself, was at home to those

who enquired for him. He had just begun to

lunch in company with Grace ; and by way of

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