Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



secretly pleased with an opportunity of having

a Matthews-like "At Home," and performing the

characters of Solon, Draco, Brutus, and Judge

JefFeries, to a select audience. " The prisoner,"

he continued, "is below, in charge of Gregory,

the head constable, and the prosecutor is in

attendance in my study. If it be agreeable,

therefore, we will transform the drawing-room,

for once, into a Lit de Justice, and take the

evidence. I assure you, Mrs. Hamilton, you will

find it an interesting case, and presenting a moral

phenomenon perfectly new to me in all my

magisterial experience ; I mean the remarkable

indifference of the accused party, as to penal

consequences, or rather, I should say, a kind of

hankering to incur the extreme penalty of the


" Why, really, sir," answered Mrs. Hamilton,

*' I have so much of the curiosity of my sex,

that I should like to see the culprit, and to hear

what reasons he could assign for so very extra-

ordinary a taste.""

" And, for my part," said Grace, " I am curious

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