Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


to behold Unlucky Joe, wlio has been described

to me as the mere foot-ball of fortune."

" So be it then," said the Justice, " Mr. Ferrers,

go and bring hither our tools of trade, and tell

Gregory to produce his prisoner in court."

The clerk accordingly fetched his writing mate-

rials, and installed himself at the table fronting

the Justice, who seated himself with much dignity

in a large easy chair. In a few minutes the con-

stable introduced his charge, who stared with a

vacant careless gaze at the company, but the

moment his eyes encountered the Baronet his face

twitched all over, and muttering a reflection on

" his luck," he dropped his head, and kept looking

downwards, as if for the bolt that was to be drawn

beneath his feet. The oath was recited by the

clerk, and Joe kissed the book.

" Prisoner, what is your name ?" asked the

Justice, in a tone which he reserved for the chair

and the bench.

" Joseph Spiller," answered the culprit, " and 1

wish I'd never been born to be baptized."

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