Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



" How do you get your livelihood ? " enquired

the same stern voice.

" I was a post-boy aforetimes," said Joe, '• but

now Vm nothing, and nobody suffers from my

misfortunes but myself/'

" Now then," said the magistrate, with a man-

ner meant to be particularly impressive, " now

then, Joseph Spiller,—and remember you are on

your solemn oath,— pray tax your memory, and

inform us how you were employed during the

morning of Friday, the 21st/''

" Starving," was the brief answer, and it thrilled

every heart in the room, except those of the Justice

and his cock-fighting clerk; even the constable

winked as if something had been blown into his

eyes. The Justice noticed the sensation it had

caused, and turning round in his chair, addressed

liimself to the Baronet.

" Sir Mark, the reply we have just heard is

one of those artful touches which even the illiterate

know how to introduce as skilfully as as our best

orators, when they would appeal to the tenderness.

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