Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall




" Have whom ? " said Sir Mark, pricking up his

" Puss there," said Ringwood, putting his thumb

on full cock, and taking aim along his fore-finger,

at a hare that was running into cover.

The promised weekly visits of the young lady

at the Hall produced no better result; she only

grew more fond of poetry, and Raby became more

fond of copying it, to the usual exclusion of Nim-

rod, ramrod, and fishing-rod.

This congeniality of tastes did not escape the

notice of the Baronet, and, with some jealousy as

to its probable effect, he endeavoured more strenu-

ously than ever to drive Raby into the field, and

Ringwood into the library ; but without any other

effect than of reviving the old bickerings between

the brothers, each attributing to the other the

persecution he endured. By dint of importunity

Ringwood was induced to copy out something for

Miss Rivers, and he wrote out a portion of Somer-

ville"'s Chase ; Raby by the same entreaty was

persuaded to join in a day's coursing, and it is

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