Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


jumping up from his chair, and flourishing his

arms. " He don't believe in the saving power

of grace. But I'll tackle him V\\ thrash the

old man out of him, and he shall be born

again !


" I wish I could ! " exclaimed Joe, who, like a

great modern violinist, played wonderfully on one

string ; " but that's unpossible ; " and he dropped

his desponding head in its old position.

" Whafs impossible, you wretched Pagan

exclaimed the ranter, his voice rising from a gale

to a hurricane ; " what's impossible ? "—but he

suddenly stopped, and turned, with a look of

alarm, towards the door, while the sound of

persons in contention rose higher and higher.

? ''

" Slave, stand back," exclaimed a voice more

imperious than the rest : the door burst open,

and the brown woman entered, and walked

straight up to the table of justice. Of course

such an unexpected apparition struck the whole

assembly with amazement. The constable, inspired

by his old awe, involuntarily retreated behind

the magisterial chair; the clerk jumped to his

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