Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


charge, and my sentence shall send you to the

same Bridewell. But God forbid that the mean-

est should be denied a hearing, in due time and

place, so stand back, and when the present case

is disposed of you may speak."

" It is my pleasure to speak now," said the

woman ; " the proper place and the due season

are better known to me than to yourself. Listen,

then, for the sentence becomes my mouth better

than yours. Release that poor destitute creature,

who has no more blood on his hands than in his

cheeks !

" Woman, you are raving," said the Justice

"what would you have—that I should discharge

a common assassin ? "

" I have been mad," answered the woman, " and

may be mad again ; but I am not mad now. If

murder was attempted, it was by my hand, and

this was the weapon." So saying, she drew forth

the knife and held it aloft, her black eyes flashing,

and her lip curling in scornful triumph, like a

second Judith, exulting in the slaying of another

Holofernes. " Yes," she continued, " faded as

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