Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


" I'd give a guinea," exclaimed Ringwood,

" the Squire liad been here ! It beats badger-

drawing !"

The ranter had drawn himself up to his full

height ; and, like a lion at bay, turned his shaggy

head from one speaker to another, as if estimating

his own powers to cope with them all, and deciding

where to make his first spring. But the odds were

against him. Lion-like as he seemed, be was

confronted by a being as wild, as fierce, and as

daring as himself, and whose calm smile expressed

hate quite as fearfully as the savage grin to which

it replied. He turned from her with a growl, and

then, looking round the room, bellowed out a

general curse, waving his arms abroad, as if to

assist in the distribution of the malediction.

" You'll all be consumed—all on ye !—and if I

stays here I shall be consumed along with ye !

whereupon he bolted through the door, and his

powerful harsh voice was heard muttering far, far

away into the distance.

" Let him go, Gregory,"—said the Justice, to

the constable who put himself in motion as soon as


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