Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


the ranter was fairly out of hearing ; " let him go.

There are such things as warrants in case of need.

As for this fellow, he is discharged ; and I feel

bound to say without a blot on his character."

'^ And the woman," enquired the clerk, " is she

to be at walk or in the coop ?"

" Committed,"" said the magistrate, assuming his

Brutus look, and a severe tone worthy of the look.

" Committed, were she my own sister. I have

yet to consider whether a nameless stroller, of

questionable means and notorious violence, should

be let loose on society, armed with an illegal

weapon, to the terror of his Majesty's liege


" Liege cowards !" said the woman. " Am I

responsible for the fears of the dastardly? Is it

wonderful that a lone female, like me, and a

wanderer, with no more strength than belongs to

her sex, should desire the protection of something

more formidable than her own weak arm? The

ruffianly blood, still crusting the blade, ought to be

my apology !"


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