Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



" The Strong arm of the law will shield you,""

said the Justice ; " but at the same time it shall

protect the peaceable from your violence. You

are committed."

" Upon what charge?" said the clerk, looking up.

" Under the Vagrancy Act," said the justice :

" unless she will now condescend to inform me of

her name, her place of residence, and her means

of living."

" Ask me those questions," said the woman,

"when we are more in circumstances of equality.

Ask me apart from your myrmidons, in the middle

of some wide barren waste, where no human

beings are visible but ourselves ; or at dead of

night in some lonely ruin; and I will tell you

that I have the same natural privileges as your-

self: the same right to live where I will, or how I

will, to starve on wild herbs and berries in pre-

ference to a meniaPs pittance, and to sleep under the

bare cope of heaven rather than the roof of a poor-

house. Call me to account in some such spot, and

attempt, if you dare, to controul my choice. The

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