Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



in this ;—and, if ever your young ear has been

addressed with the titles of man's idolatry, from

mere woman up to angel, know that all those

terms of admiration and fondness have been

lavished on me. But the cane has been crushed,"

she added, with a sigh; "its sweetness is gone,

and I am nothing now but trash, for the trash-

house !


" Indeed, you must let her go," said Grace,

hanging on her parent. " You must grant this

request as though it were my last !

"And in gallantry, sir," said Mrs. Hamilton,

" you must grant me the same request, being my

first ;

" but, before the Justice could reply, the

woman made out her own discharge as charac-

teristically as her entrance.

" I have made a longer visit than strict polite-

ness would warrant," she said, with the air and

dignity of a duchess of the court of Louis XIV

" but my concern for an unfortunate criminal

must be my excuse. No compliments, I beg.

I will depart, as I came, without ceremony. Posi-

tively I will have no attendance; not even to


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