Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall

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I quite forgot her skill in palmistry. You ought,

Grace, to have shown her that little white hand of

yours ; and Ringwood should have had his fortune

told at the same time—and Raby too. I will not

pretend to say how it is done; but she certainly

can see the other side of the hedge. You should

have heard her M'ith my nephew when she told

him but what is become of St. Kitt's ?"

" Stole away, a few minutes after the brown

woman," replied Ringwood, " and by this time he

is, may be, taking turn about with Unlucky Joe in

learning his doom beforehand."

The Creole had actually withdrawn himself as

Ms cousin described. During the woman's pre-

sence he had watched for some secret sign of

recognition, or hint of an assignation ; but his

expectation ended in disappointment, for he could

not even catch her eye. Her injunction was for-

gotten. The approaching term reminded him of

the painful probability of returning to college with

the question which lay nearest to his heart still

unsolved ; and he determined at all hazards to

follow her, and to ascertain finally whether the

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