Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



would be shed on them by the new Baronet, Sir

Ringwood ? "

" Cloudy enough, heaven knows !

the Creole.

" answered

" But again," said the woman, " if Sir Ringwood

also should break his neck, for he too is a follower

of Nimrod, and that pale-faced youth, his brother,

should succeed to the title and the estates, would

your hopes be brighter then ? "

" Not a whit," said the Creole. " If the first

of November were foggy and gloomy, I should

hardly look for better weather on the second.

My two cousins, with respect to their love for

me, are equal shareholders in a very small capital."

*' And if Raby should die too," said the woman,

" what would happen then ? "

" The estates would go to the heir-at-law,"

said the Creole ; " and Tylney Hall would have

a new master."

"Yourself, Walter Tyrrel; your own self;"

said the woman. " Has it never entered your

mind to inquire into the order of the succession ? "

" Never," said the Creole. " As a natural son,

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