Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


plead, in accounting for his abrupt departure for

Hawksley. As he really looked jaded and dis-

tressed the excuse was well received ; the Baronet,

indeed, remarked on his languid appearance the

moment he entered, and prescribed a tumbler of

mulled wine, and an application to Dr. Bellamy,

the latter of which recommendations the Creole

declined. It was nothing, he said, but a headach

and dizziness which had made him hasten into the

air ; and, since the ride home he was better, and

should be well in less time than Old Formality

would consume in coming.

" Egad," said the Baronet, " you stole away

cleverly ; nobody but Ringwood saw you break

cover. We all settled down to it that you had

bolted after the gipsey, to get her to tell from her

conjuring cards what sort of hands you are to hold

through life."

" And here is your dog, St. Kitts, which you

forgot in your haste," said Raby, putting down the

little animal on the sofa beside his master, who

fixed his eyes intently on the speaker, and his dis-

tempered fancy whispered to him that a smile of

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