Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


The angler blushed, as he looked towards the

end of his line and discovered the deficiency.

" I

guess how it is," he said; "my artificial insect

imitated the natural one so abominably that it

chose to settle on yonder willow, and there it

hangs, no doubt, with its steel sting through one

of the twigs, instead of the gills I intended it to


" What !

you fish, in earnest?" exclaimed Grace,

with a mixture of real and mock astonishment, " I

can hardly believe my ears. You have neither

turned Catholic, nor is this Lent: what eloquent

old Palmer has converted you and made you a

disciple in his art?"

" The gout, Grace, the gout," answered Raby

" that has transformed every one at the Hall, It

has converted my good-humoured merry father

into a terrible tormentor, who has been riding by

turns on all our necks, like the Old Man of the

Sea. In obedience to his whim, I botched up a

May-fly with my own hands, and came hither to

catch a trout for his dinner. I wish he may not

have to make shift on a minnow."

VOL n. I

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