Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


besides setting you right in your technicals, when

you have to speak hereafter of the mysteries of the

angler's gentle craft.""

The young lady took the book with a smile, and

was soon deeply engaged with its contents ; whilst

Raby resumed his sport, if so it may be called, for

not a single trout would rise to his fly, though he

whirled it about, bobbed it up and down, drew it

backward and forward both slowly and swiftly, and

then let it lie motionless. He miffht as well have

fished in the zodiac, attended by " the man that

holds the watering-pot " to receive " the fish with

glittering scales." At last, in a desperate throw,

he dislocated the top-joint of his rod, which dived

endwise into the stream, then sprang up again,

and, settling on the surface, began to drift away

with the current. It was irrecoverable. He watched

the slender top-gallant till it whirled out of sight in

a bend of the brook, and then turning round to

address his companion, he started to behold her,

with a flushed face, hastily closing the volume he

had given her to peruse. The truth flashed on

his mind in an instant, and he stood aghast, in

I 9.

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