Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



rod, in practical imitation of Southey's dismissal

of a volume of poetry :

" Go fortli upon the waters, little Book

I cast thee on the waters— go thy ways P'

" Grace— Miss Rivers," lie stammered, " upon

my honour—by

all that is most sacred, I thought

it was another book. Here it is —Walton's

Angler;" and he pulled out old Izaak's work with

a crash that told his precipitation had been fatal

to his pocket.

" I am afraid— I hope—there has been a mis-

take," answered Grace, equally embarrassed, and

with her face averted towards the brook. " My

eyes caught a few sentences; but they are ba-

nished, forgotten, like words read in a dream."

As she spoke she rose up from the stone, as

if to depart, but Raby detained her by seizing her

hand. " My dear Miss Rivers," he said, " do

not leave me in anger. However you may con-

demn the sentiments which accident has disclosed,

say—oh say that you forgive me. Leave me the

comfort of thinking that my inadvertence has not

forfeited the favour i formerly enjoyed."

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