Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


ing-, unless perchance on that mysterious block of

marble in the East India Company's Museum,

inscribed with characters which no human linguist

has yet been able to decipher. Sufl&ce it, then,

that mutual vows were exchanged, and had just

been ratified by an embrace, when an excla-

mation from Grace and a motion with her hand

directed Raby's attention to a shadow in the water,

and looking upward for the figure that caused the

reflection, he saw the brown woman standing watch-

ing them from the middle of the rustic bridge.

The presence of a stranger at such a time would

have been sufficiently annoying ; but there was

besides such a sinister expression in the dark

countenance that lowered on them, that had the

owner been younger, her angry frown would have

seemed to belong to jealousy and the hatred of a

triumphant rival. She soon left her station, and

approached close to the lovers, fixing her dark

searching eyes first on one and then on the other.

" So you have been wooing," she said, address-

ing herself to Raby ; " aye, and you have been

won," slie added, looking earnestly at Grace. " I

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