Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



mad, or worse than mad; but if you were all that

you pretend to be, and linked even with the enemy

of mankind, in the company of such an angel of

light as this I would defy even the powers of

darkness." So saying he drew the arm of Grace

within his own, and attempted to end the con-

ference by walking away ; but the ill-omened

prophetess removed at the same time, and still

confronted them.

" Miss Rivers, a wretch speaks to you," she said,

in bitter allusion to the epithet that Grace had

formerly applied to her; "but marry that man,"

and she pointed to Raby as with the linger of

fate, "and you shall be as wretched as 1 am.

Heed not his smooth words, and his soft

speeches,—they are but the sound of kitty-katties,

the empty clatter of sticks upon a board.

There is one loves you with a love as far sur-

passing his as a pine-apple to a sleepy pear."

"Let us go," shuddered Grace, "she is mad

and dangerous."

" No," said the woman, " my brain is sane and

sound. She is the mad woman who ventures her

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