Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



which invokes round the head of its object the

bright shapes of joy and promise, is apt to con-

jure up the dark phantoms of difficulty and danger

that encircle its feet. The brightest sunshine

throws the darkest shadow, and the horrible spectre

of Death could never frown so sternly and blackly

as when thus introduced into the full blaze of the

golden glorious light of love.

Moreover, the brown woman had spoken with

the decided tone of one who either felt confident

of the infallibility of her prediction, or possessed

the power and the determination of wresting the

event to its fulfilment. Although she had at first

repudiated the notion of fortune-telling, it had

been attributed to her so generally along with the

title of Queen of the Gipsies, that, like Mother

Sawyer, in the old tragedy, who, from being a

witch by repute, became one by habit, she gradu-

ally adopted the popular belief, and conceived

herself endowed with the spirit of prophecy. A

shrewd and subtle foresight, as to the probable

course of human affairs, which she had formerly

referred only to her own sagacity, experience, and

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