Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



So saying, he kissed the important packet, antl

deposited it in his desk ; and with a prouder step

and a haughtier air than the dependent St.Kitts had

ever been known to assume, he descended the

stairs, and stalked off to the stable, for it still

wanted two hours of dinner-time, and he chose

rather to ride out alone than to spend the interim

in the drawing-room. He addressed the groom in

a peremptory tone that matched with his humour,

" Saddle Cadeau, fellow, and be quick."

" Cadeau— Sir""—said the man, hesitating and

stammering, as if each word was jolted out of him

by a hard-trotting horse. " Cadeau— Sir— did you


" Yes, fool!" answered the Creole. " You

know my horse, don't you? Quick, bring him


" I can't," replied Davis doggedly; at the same

time resuming the cleaning of some harness which

he held in his hand.

" And why not, you scoundrel ? " asked St.

Kitts, who never condescended to restrain his

temper with a menial.

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