Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


character of Death on the Black Horse, he rode

over the prostrate Ringwood ; and then, filling the

holy office of vicar, as a substitute for the Rev.

Dr. Cobb, he read the marriage service backwards,

and the Devil appeared bodily to forbid the banns

of marriage between Raby Tyrrel and Grace

Rivers. Anon the brown woman appeared to him

transfigured as one of those ambulatory sextons,

with a cart and bell, as described in Defoe's His-

tory of the Plague, exclaiming with a loud voice,

" Bring out your dead," and the livid corpses of the

Baronet and his sons, and of Davis, along with the

carcases of two horses, were cast out as part of

the lading of the miscellaneous hearse. Other

images, still more incongruous and fastastic, gradu-

ally crowded into his visions, and when he woke

in the morning, it was from a spectral congre-

gation of frightful demons, accompanied by one

fair face and form, like the apparition of Faust's

Margaret at the Witches' Sabbath, in the Hartz


A short time after the occurrences recorded in

this chapter, the three collegians returned to

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