Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


Peter,—where's John,—what the deviPs the use of

servants, if they're away when you want 'em

curse the Champagne !— Here's a pretty situation

for a man of my property !

" My dear, do only have a little patience —

" Patience be hanged ! Pve been standing so,

madam, this half hour—till I've got a cramp in

both thumbs. I told that rascal John never to quit

the tent,—and you, madam, you,—with your con-

founded she-gossips—why didn't you come sooner?

I'll tell you what— if ever I have a fete again

is any body happy—is any body lively—will any

body shoot at the target—or dance on the lawn

or play cricket ? No, says you, it's a failure, a

regular failure ; and as for pleasure, there an't a

farthing in the pound !"

The colloquy would doubtless have proceeded

much further, but for a succession of female shrieks

which arose from all quarters at once, whereat

leaving the champagne to take care of itself, the

perplexed pair rushed out, with palpitating hearts,

to enquire into the nature of this new catastrophe.

And truly they beheld a sight to London-bred

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